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Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Two cinematic trailer

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With Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Two due out on June 28, we’ve been given an exclusive early look at the latest instalment of The Commander Chronicles series of cinematic shorts from the world of Elite Dangerous. Chapter Two brings back the light fighter Krait, though the Krait Mk II is a bigger vessel, now supporting multiple crew. The Thargoids won’t know what hit them. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/pcgamesn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (518)
PCGamesN (26 days ago)
Want to get in the cockpit of a Krait Mk II?
Caffeinated DaVinci (7 days ago)
No. More specifically I want OUT of the cockpit of any ship. Let me walk!
LycanTroop 3 (21 days ago)
PCGamesN I wanna WALK into it.
aTTaX Media (23 days ago)
SPARTAN300 (24 days ago)
PCGamesN now thats a cool looking ship
Marlon Pineda (25 days ago)
It looks like a dream ship...but, then again, so does the Federal Corvette. I honestly don't know how the Feds get around in that ship with its jump range. In short...only if the jump range is at least 43LY, fully laden. I do a lot of back and forth between Colonia and the bubble, and want that jack of all trades ship.
tanatos5 (13 days ago)
Disclaimer; Awesome ship (IMHO) but don't fly out of the mailslot with your aweomsomely 45 mil ship (+ expenses for equipment) like the bro commander does in the trailer.
Uriel Sepsis (16 days ago)
If this isn't supposed to be a space-legs-teaser then s/b at frontier needs a stern kick in the butt! ^^
vidstarr (17 days ago)
Did they say there were new aliens in this game?
Judes Von (19 days ago)
you can't move around as a person in elite, you are cockpit pilot seat bounded for the whole time, i mean, even professor xavior is more mobile than us!
tei187 (21 days ago)
...space legs, space legs, space legs...
Илья Ионкин (22 days ago)
обновка для питухов ебаных
Conker King (22 days ago)
The Krait then.... It's just this side of a 'not getting sued by Disney', Millenium Falcon..... Ship kit plz.. :)
Florido Paganelli (22 days ago)
that was a crappy millennial trailer.
Jeronimo Collares (22 days ago)
bulshit, no walk... no legs... a terrible update! Frontier forget ED!
TheFilthyGoTDirt (22 days ago)
Walk much...
DLDrillNB (22 days ago)
Space legs?
DRaven4135 (22 days ago)
the challenger really good ship...the krait well left behind in combat
Jeremy Alexander (22 days ago)
Oh wow, a couple new ships. Yawn. This game hasn't mattered in years. Add something interesting and leave the spaceship pimping to that Star Citizen fraud.
raztastic (23 days ago)
If using full room VR you can waltz about your cabin using virtual space legs quite a bit. The level of detail in the cabins is astounding.
Feaner21 (23 days ago)
Are space legs comming?
Friglite 2006 (23 days ago)
Time to trade some slaves.
Juno Berries (23 days ago)
frameshift drive charging!!!
Raymond Martin (23 days ago)
Did he seriously just hyper jump while he was in an astroid field. That dude was mass locked
Infrosor (23 days ago)
Looks like... LEGS
n h (23 days ago)
This wedge is more flat.
Warhound N7 (24 days ago)
There’s so many many things wrong with this trailer. The only thing correct was him hot dogging it out the airlock but then again the beluga liner isn’t there nor a cutter to block the airlock and give out a massive fine and wtf is up with jumping to super Cruze while clearly mass locked?.
Braydyn Jahraus (24 days ago)
Dat middle exit though.
NexoBite (24 days ago)
Hold up they don’t have a warning that this isn’t gameplay I think frontier just said that space legs functionality is coming soob
Claymore2408 (24 days ago)
Faker than Star Citizen.
No Man’s Blog (24 days ago)
At least you can walk around in no man's sky
Luke R (24 days ago)
At least update the camera so we can look around the whole inside of our ships in detail if space legs are too much to ask.
Lucky Yolo (24 days ago)
Cant explain how much I hate when company's make misleading shit like this. They should just show off the ships and a screen talking about the thargoid attacks. You do NOT walk around in this game. You are pretty much a ship from the time you turn on the game to the time you turn it off.
Genesys1040 (24 days ago)
If they ever implement space legs, it'll be like in X: rebirth
PriestDK PriestDK (24 days ago)
yup there is no Dev. Version with Space legs they also had a cinematic trailer a year or 2  ago were they had people walk around.....lol this is way any confirmation of anything other then that this is a cinematic trailer no more no less. also if anyone have actually played the game they will now this is not how the game plays or how the Visuals are ingame..
Theo Priestley (24 days ago)
Space Legs are coming for the sequel.
Mike (24 days ago)
Wow. The game is nothing like that.
Bike Rider Central (24 days ago)
Very honest trailer. Apart from the legs. You leave the station and there is absolutely nothing meaningful for you to do out there. Tons of nearly identical missions and grinding, grinding and more grinding. Yes, some beautiful views. But no life, no adventure. Just glorified Google Earth.
Bob Pants (24 days ago)
Great trailer of nothing that actually happens in the game
Crainshaw83 (24 days ago)
*let's see what's up there* empty systems filled with dust and nothingness...
nfineon (24 days ago)
*** DISCLAIMER: footage in this trailer is for promotional purposes only and does not reflect actual in game footage, characters or gameplay*** Wow nice its looks great, much like the cover of an 80's video game box but too bad the actual game won't allow you to do pretty much anything we saw there.
tilemacro (24 days ago)
Elite, do your self and me a favor. Dont move into star citizen territory, you will smash your face really hard against a wall. ( especialy if this monologue is an example of writing ) You are your own game. Do your own stuff and improve upon it. People like you for what you are.
Victor VonDoom (25 days ago)
Wow, the video is DOMINATED by all the things we *dont* have and probably will never get, space legs and npc crew. Screw the Krait, give us those things!
Pissed Off (25 days ago)
i know whats out there.. a big fat nothing just grind and boredom oh and griefing if you join the wrong game
Hyperlovesyou (25 days ago)
this is an entirely new low in false advertising! literally nothing about this trailer is representative of the game. even little details like looking behind himself at a copilot seat you actually cant do that since headlook only goes slightly above 90 degrees, or jumping right next to an asteroid, boosting inside a station and not becoming part of it. i mean please PLEASE prove me wrong by adding all these things Fdev! but i defy anyone to blame me for my pessimism given past trailers.
Kepano 808HI (25 days ago)
more grind, more grind and nothing new.....game is worthless...uninstalled this grind fest of nothingness
CrazyTopper (25 days ago)
This dude is hacking... He jumped within the asteroid field.... HE SHOULD OF BEEN MASSED BLOCKED WTF
Jackal the Bat Pony (25 days ago)
Does this update let us earn money without having to fly in a straight like for 2 hours just to earn 800k?
John Streutker (25 days ago)
When the commander did his barrel roll through the port I seriously expected him to bounce of the edges and hear one of Yamick's squeeks.
Morpho (25 days ago)
Elite Feet WHEN?
Kalas Mira (25 days ago)
FuZion DCA (25 days ago)
So good to see that Frontier are working on space legs. They're not going to do what others before have done & throw it out there without thinking about it. Awesome.
Martin Hague (25 days ago)
Nice to see a classic ship return
Marlon Pineda (25 days ago)
Hey what happens if the elevator breaks? There a fire pole to climb up/ slide down? Also I'm jealous that guy can walk. Mine never learned to walk --can only sit down. I hope there's a wheelchair ramp.
Marlon Pineda (23 days ago)
Ah good catch. I want a fire pole to slide down. That's it...I'm not buying the ship. I want a pole...
Vectura (24 days ago)
Well, you can see a long staircase up the front of the nose landing leg. I don't blame him for wanting to take the elevator though :P
Marlon Pineda (25 days ago)
Hey you!!! 500cr fine! Reckless flying in the space port!!! Someone restrict that man's access! I think the trailer would have been more funny if he had smashed into the wall and didn't make it through the mail slot.... "shields offline...eject...eject...eject..." Ka-Boom!
TheMsdos25 (25 days ago)
Did he just jump *in* the asteroid belt? Is the krait immune to mass lock now?
Pete Ainsworth (25 days ago)
If only the game was as good as the cinematics...
Zoomer30 (25 days ago)
Z1gguratVert1go (25 days ago)
I have spaceship wood now.
Eagleeye Jones (25 days ago)
Oh cool, a new ship! I wonder what I can do with that? *goes back to deep space exploration on his good old ASP:X*
Kexin (25 days ago)
Hilarious trailer that shows the only good thing about Elite Dangerous. Leaving the station.
Alex Smith. (25 days ago)
Psebcool (25 days ago)
0:26 Teaser for spaceleg inside the ships confirmed ! (Let me dream).
Wasteland Graver (25 days ago)
The poor mans star citizen
asahala (23 days ago)
Star Citizen? What is that? Never heard of such playable game.
SoloTOV (25 days ago)
You can't even leave your ship what a disgrace of a game.
Jack Harper (25 days ago)
Why are there no Europeans in this game. I don't like seeing ugly non white faces when this game is predominantly marketed towards whites in the west.
xpgx1 (25 days ago)
Like always, a looooot of polish that the game severly lacks ;D In my 1k hrs ive never entered a bridge like this....
mr unknown (25 days ago)
This is admiral Hackett lets kick them ass that's it
Gungan (25 days ago)
Why yes, yes I do.
Peanut Pete (25 days ago)
Probing Uranus....3...2...1...
Paulo H (25 days ago)
mehrio krait
Alter Vater (25 days ago)
another update with absolutely no content added ..... but it's ok I can't get more dissapointet at this point :(
Maximilian Y. (25 days ago)
whats the point of copying the exact same frontier trailor to your channel without adding anything...
David Mc Cartney (25 days ago)
seriously teasing space legs here more than anything..
matrixmod (25 days ago)
Did he... jump into the asteroid field?
Tjaekazuta (25 days ago)
thick boost sound
Aleczeratul (25 days ago)
WARNING: not actual in-game footage! In game, everyone is tied to a chair because of the low gravity!
HawkTheRagingHeavy (25 days ago)
Fuck you Elite. Now I want to come back despite the complete lack of real meaningful content, like space legs instead of bumper stickers for doing the cookie cutter CG
Steve Shaw (25 days ago)
Looks like a good ship, just wish there would be more variable content missions to go with it instead of the same old list. bring on friday!
CMDR Fly Auburn (25 days ago)
Krait MKII, cannot be mass locked by asteroid field.
Jason Zimmerman (25 days ago)
If I exited the mail slot like that I would be a 200 cr infraction and be blowed up for speeding.
Ben Russell-Gough (25 days ago)
Welcome back, Krait! We missed you! Oh, and Star Citizen? THIS is how you do it: Release the basic frame ASAP and start adding features, ships and story as and when they are developed.
Obside (25 days ago)
Reckless flying!!! Fined !
Laserbeto (25 days ago)
Merrick9999 (25 days ago)
Who the fuck is this asshole? He speeds in the mail slot, gives no fucks about mass lock, and he has space legs?
Gringadoor (25 days ago)
1 minute and 22 seconds communicating absolutely nothing and showing nothing new. A new ship, wow, that we can do nothing new in compared to any other ship in the game. When are you guys going to actually add something to the game?
DevilOwnpag (25 days ago)
1- cant walk in game, stuck in ship 2- that chair animation was sick 3- cant hyperspace jump that close to a ring Man FDev's logic is the best, surely this is a cinematic but still... Also, they made it look really fast, because of the visual and sound effects, lets hope it is a fast ship, fingers crossed
Gary Harrison (25 days ago)
Erm none of this is in the game 100% bullshit.
praetor47 (25 days ago)
so i see FDev still loves to put shit in their trailers that doesn't exist in game... why? jesus, what an awful trailer...
Curry Fury (25 days ago)
if you had no idea of this game and you watched this trailer & you were thinking the following: "sweet look at that I'm a captain I get to interact with the ship in this cool way, I get to get my friends aboard and we can walk around the cockpit . it'll be so immersive!!!!!" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BELIEVE 90% OF WHAT YOU JUST SAW. carry on.
wait a second.........The Ship Is still MASS LOCK how did he WARP?
CMDR Y-Fronts (25 days ago)
Looking forward to the Krait but it’s no Gun Ship!!
LycanTroop 3 (25 days ago)
Space legs?!?
Nick R (25 days ago)
What a shit video... gameplay is what you should show.. not pointless shit but scenes that mean shit...
Malachia (25 days ago)
i tell what s out there,,neverendind boring grind with no purpose at all
Luis Alfredo (25 days ago)
What? Legs? Fdev, better not be honey dicking us. We need legs, we want legs, get off your arses and give us gadamn legs. Tired of being a paraplegic space pilot who only knows how to sit.
Papel Depipel (25 days ago)
cockpit simulator
CMDR StarfireIX (25 days ago)
cv6ady (25 days ago)
forget the legs, you cant jump that close to a roid belt
Chaim Goldbaum (25 days ago)
It's a bit off putting seeing him with a jacket and spandex
pmcollectorboy (25 days ago)
Pack it in a Krait.
Cmdr Jägermeister (25 days ago)
Reminds me of the 2014 trailer. I wonder when/if we will ever be able to walk around our ships.
Pyra Firestone (25 days ago)
game doesnt allow walking yet, he was waay to close to the asteroids to jump and 90% of the game will be slooooowly flying around in supercruise. years and yet they keep putting it in trailers but not in game. also no fucking auto pilot yet, even eve has autopilot. smh
Airwolfr (25 days ago)
This should say does not include actual gameplay.
TankUni (25 days ago)
Let's see what's out there! Repetitive grind reliant game design is what's out there.

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