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Everything Wrong With Fifty Shades Freed

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Sorry. Technical difficulties. It's back now. Well, at least no one has to sit through any more of these things... until they reunite or reboot in 10 years. And even those soulless remake/sequels would be better movies than this Fifty Shades Freed garbage. Anyway... here are its sins. Thursday: Remake sins. Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Podcast: http://soundcloud.com/cinemasins Sins Video Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy-v4c4is-w&list=PLMWfZxj1nTkQBy4AeRGG4xH5d2IIApNPj Tweet us: http://twitter.com/cinemasins Reddit with us: http://reddit.com/r/cinemasins Tumble us: http://cinema-sins.tumblr.com Call us: 405-459-7466 Jeremy's book: http://theablesbook.com
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Text Comments (2987)
this charming woman (8 hours ago)
I haven't watched this movie. I haven't watched any of the fifty shades movies. But this was still entertaining.
Brett Barker (11 hours ago)
Best Everything Wrong Yet!
Tippi B (11 hours ago)
Everyone in this movie acts like and sounds like they're 75% asleep at all times.
annnie vong (17 hours ago)
Lonely Square (23 hours ago)
Am I middle class if I have a 550,000 house? Genuinely wondering.
When Christain said he "wasn't ready" to share Ana with their potential children, I had to pause the video. Out of all the creepy things in this series that's probably the creepiest. If Ana didn't need to get out before she definitely needs to get out now, or she's gonna end up in his freezer.
Michael M (3 days ago)
Just please tell me this means that there are women out there that want something different. Like, a relationship building off of a close friendship. Yes, I’d go see a movie with this girl, but we’re not holding hands yet. Oh dear, I don’t have money for a movie? Easy fix. We walk to the closest convenience store, collect items of our choosing, go get a $5 DVD if we don’t already have the movie, and then head back to chill on a couch for the movie. That’s what I want. I know this movie is bullshit, but if women really drool over a guy for his sexual punishment, his money, clay-sculpted body, or his dominant tone and nothing else; then it really discourages those of us less privileged to go looking...
Tallie Ritchie (6 days ago)
Her husband sucks balls and is anybody not gonna acknowledge that the security guard is Really good looking and that Christian is Really ugly. It would have been better if she left him and gone with the body guard. Also how did the baby not die. She was kicked in the stomach probably really hard and kept being beat.
Paddy 2890 (6 days ago)
I'm sure they'll find a way to make the retelling trilogy from Chirstian's perspective into a movie trilogy.
Armenian_boy2000 (7 days ago)
God, worst movie history in the whole history
Avery Teoda (8 days ago)
I'll add like 20 local sins for the R8 tearing through Seattle streets completely ignoring geography.
bea ysabel (11 days ago)
why does she talk like she’s whispering
J M (12 days ago)
Trump making smart decisions...not words you hear grouped together very often.
SnowFox 2074 (12 days ago)
“The original title for this movie was “50 Shades EVEN DARKER!!!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Battle Kitten (12 days ago)
This bitch is so unattractive. I cannot stand to look at her dumb cunt face. She is always standing around slacked jawed
Uhleesee Uh (13 days ago)
I found one of these videos on accident, and now over an hour later, I’m watching the 5th one, and have a bunch saved to be watched later. Best YouTube rabbit hole EVER 😂
Karishma Changlani (13 days ago)
Ok I do not deserve that Rose shade. I don't care what Anastasia and Christian I will drink my damn Rose goddammit. *cough* *cough* I mean haha so funny
Ava Tracey (13 days ago)
Can you do the death note movie
theartisthasarrived (11 days ago)
didn't watch that garbage since light looked like a emo school shooter instead of the cool hot perfect highschooler psycho he was in the anime.
Fletcher Reed (13 days ago)
Who is responsible for this franchise existing, let alone making so much money?
Booker Jones (14 days ago)
God, she is the whiniest-voiced drab slug. At most she should be the best friend in a Lifetime movie who gets killed early.
Jonathan Garcia (15 days ago)
Rant time! So in addition to being a sadist to a ridiculous degree *cough* *cough* sorry "dominant", slaver, abusive person and secretive, he also has an intense case of Oedipus Complex.Then there's Anna: one of the dumbest fictional female characters ever. She is submissive, ridiculous, and as everyone already knows and was stated in the Sins video she keeps breaking her principles and manipulating herself! On another note, I wanted see Bear v Anna.
Hakudoushi Numbernine (16 days ago)
see, in the book, the chick she tells off does it everytime she meets to discuss the house this is three times if i remember correctly and the meetings go on longer than five minutes so it's alot of inappropriate behavior from a "professional". i take it this only happens in the one scene thus it's entirely unnecessary
visitjessiechan (16 days ago)
plot twist ladies, when a guy says he doesn't do girlfriends - he does not marry you. don't wait for it.
Shawn Lewis (17 days ago)
Bombed, or hacked, or hack-bombed. Lmaoooooo.
Netochukwu (18 days ago)
Never watched the third movie but I can see it was a total let down. Free porn, my ass
Victoria Jennings (18 days ago)
I loved all five books and the movies. Have seen none of the Harry Potter books or movies and I don't want to. To each his own.
missSs (19 days ago)
14:03 "Ladies and Gentlemen ACTING!" HAHAHA
Old Cat Lady (20 days ago)
Why is there got to be a "everything wrong with...." every good movie? Can't you just enjoy other people's work and stop complaining about it?
Emrys (20 days ago)
This is probably the closest I will get to actually watching the movies lol
GRFan322 (23 days ago)
Ok I’ve watched this several times because I adore anyone bashing these shitty movies and books but OMG her wedding hair clip changed sides mid wedding and how their continuity director...HAHAHAHA of course they don’t have one of those. They fired said person when they pointed out the awfulness back in movie one. *ding!
Grace F Ulloa (23 days ago)
...dude CinemaSins is lowkey woke as fuck
Vonshelle Baldwin (24 days ago)
How were there not hundreds of people protesting these stupid movies?
Dougie Doug Doug
Mar gar (25 days ago)
The last two minutes of this video had me laughing so much !! 😂😂😂😂😂 hilarious
jessie richie (25 days ago)
thank you for making these, it saved me many hours of boring movies...
Mermaidgirl 20067 (26 days ago)
“That was a sexy”
Zef ie (27 days ago)
50 Shades of Grey without Christian beeing rich would be an other episode of Criminal Intent
Ava Seeley (27 days ago)
5:09 you know it’s bad when there’s fifty sins at five minutes
Me'em Miester (27 days ago)
I’m disappointed I thought these movies were going to be all about sex.... guess not?!?!?
Joe 3040 (28 days ago)
The best thing about this movie franchise is it’s fucking OVER!!!
Mabel Yankuba (29 days ago)
5:04 I love his reference to AHS!!
Nicolas Russo (29 days ago)
The Howard Stern name game reference made this worth watching
tea leaf (30 days ago)
for real thought there was only two shades of gray movies wtf
Jennifer Kersten (30 days ago)
Thanks for calling out all the b.s. in an entertaining way!
Rylan Chudleigh (1 month ago)
this makes me feel bad for kind-of loving this movie...
Christina Mary Stewart (1 month ago)
I laughed so much during this video. dude you are the best narrator!
Malena Sander (1 month ago)
Well just go watch the porno version of this franchise. Better story and two people who actually consent in sex
The Lemony Bard (1 month ago)
This somehow looks far worse than the first two, which is saying something.
Alžbeta Horecká (1 month ago)
I am simple woman. I hear The Name Game, i hit like
Locket Angel (1 month ago)
This movie didn’t deserve so few sins
Krabby PatTEA (1 month ago)
*I'm watching this because Im to lazy to watch the whole movie*
Tee Jay (1 month ago)
That picture in the background creeps me out.
Trash Boi (1 month ago)
5:05 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I AM THE BOSS (1 month ago)
where are the bonus sins
Snowdrop 65 (1 month ago)
This movie is painful to watch even through this video.
Maia Giacobino (1 month ago)
5:03 I died😂
Sea Pancake (1 month ago)
That kid doesn’t realize how messed up his parents are.
Redvines69 (1 month ago)
When she said sabotage I expected the song to play lol
Deborah Karp (1 month ago)
So ultrasounds are not easy to read all of the time. Do not sin next time!
Sam A (1 month ago)
Fucking love the movie edits at the end of each episode
Ben Weagle (1 month ago)
Don't know what I hate more. How abusive and controlling Christian is or how stupid Ana is.
Marshmallow puff (1 month ago)
I tallied all the of the sins from the triology and got 7795356
Linda Roane (1 month ago)
CinemaSins: That was the funniest video I have ever seen. A lot of my questions were answered.
fujoshi monster (1 month ago)
Wish I could be as witty as this guy
gallon o’ bleach (1 month ago)
now that I think about it the fifty shades trilogy is really just a trilogy of really long pornos with plot
Rebeca (1 month ago)
The movie is shit, but her shoes are to die for! xD
Sushi_IsLife (1 month ago)
100 shades grayer than the first film
Millie Barnett (1 month ago)
Damn it they dragged the iZombie zombie police dude into this didn’t they
dorking-too-hard 0.o (1 month ago)
Not laughing at "Marcia gay harden" DING
Maryam Selassie (1 month ago)
Funny is at the beginning of the franchise she says she doesn’t want to be barefoot and pregnant and how does she end up 😂 . There is no way there going to last 😆
Chloe Chen (1 month ago)
Random90sgirl (1 month ago)
I'll never understand how such oafish movies make loads of money while so many other movies that are a million times better & much more meaningful end up being huge flops?? Is that really what the mentality of people has come down to?!!!!!
Nightcore Natalie (1 month ago)
5:08 *chuck chuck buck buck banana-nana fuck fu-*
person of interest (1 month ago)
i’m more interested in “side plots involving bodyguards f*cking the literal assistant” than i am in the actual franchise.
igor fedorov (1 month ago)
9:10 what's the name of this actor?
rashmi singh (1 month ago)
Umm.. Maybe just try acting with your face. Ah😂😂😂
iluminacho (1 month ago)
I've read better sex scenes written on Wattpad by a virgin 12 year old about how she got sold to One Direction and now she is their sex slave
Ketreena Williams (1 month ago)
By this time I even want to see his Dick!!
TristanS321 (1 month ago)
Sweet Productions (1 month ago)
I'm only here to listen to the funny jokes and the clips at the end.
Nick Tr. (1 month ago)
"Dakota Johnson is hot as fuck" lol
Kaleb (1 month ago)
I feel bad that you has to watch this
FiddlebirdBlue (1 month ago)
5:52 Channeling Rick Sanchez so hard lmao
Sophie Jackson (1 month ago)
Is that the ‘hall of mirrors’ in Versailles? In France? In her dream? After the weird bath?
Reena Mohanta (1 month ago)
How come i didnt see that part 9:40 in the movie ......... I guess i got bored n just forwarded the whole movie .......
Ipek (1 month ago)
rei rocks (1 month ago)
Hey I can play that too hanna fa fanna banana idk it had me dyingggggggg
Kuutie 07 (1 month ago)
5:05 😂😂😂💎👅❤️
Christasisa Grey (1 month ago)
"Ana Hannah bo banna, banana fanna fo fannah" part had me dead
Lita Liny (2 months ago)
Can’t keep my hands to myself 😂😂 Man I just laughed my brain out
Michelle Lewin (2 months ago)
What a bs movie
iiDonutGamezz 35 (2 months ago)
The detective thing is hilarious around 13:10
iiDonutGamezz 35 (2 months ago)
What’s the point of the main vows
Taehyung Kim (2 months ago)
Omg the "Noh ur naht pooteen thihss ihn mai buht- THEY DONT GO IN UR BUHT." when the 'Sentence' popped up got me so bad 😂
Smiley Lol (2 months ago)
you certainly did not watch the entire movie , Ana told Christian she will get change before they will left duh!
Smiley Lol (2 days ago)
😑 cause i do duhhh
deffdefying (2 days ago)
Why do I feel like you actually liked this movie
Kozure Okami (2 months ago)
Is there even one thing that is NOT wrong with 50 shades of Grey? ONE.
xLaixplaysx X (2 months ago)
Christian is so dumb he doesn't want want to have a baby but he f***s her 24.7 like what the fuck does he expect when it only showed him putting a condum on in the fucking 2 movie like doesn't Christian know that when u don't use protection u fucking have a kid but kinda a good movie and kinda dumb
xLaixplaysx X (2 months ago)
Wait I just noticed something in the movie at first Ana didn't want to be called Mrs.Grey but then when Christian leaves and Ana and Gia talk Ana tells Gia that she wants to be called Mrs.Grey . And now I'm wondering does she want to be called Mrs. Grey or no

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