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Tony Hawk's Underground Pro: Worst Levels in THPS History Commentary

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Well, not all of the levels throughout the Tony Hawk games have been perfect. In this video I'm talking about the levels that simply didn't get it right, or are just hated for what they are. Play Tony Hawk's Underground Pro online today: http://www.thmods.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=423
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DicloniusGames (1 month ago)
Tokyo in 3, even though it was a competition level, was a nightmare especially if you were going for 100% game completion and wanted all the decks and stat points.
Kameron Waddell (2 months ago)
Suburbia philadelphia mall Hollywood Berlin skatopia carnival hangar Beverly Santa Los Angeles proving ground skatopia casino zoo san Diego and all of thps5 are the worst
Cptn. Wolfe (2 months ago)
I hated Chicago from Pro Skater 4
Straws Over Sips (2 months ago)
can you remake this video in 2018 with the new thug pro update
Evanswift (4 months ago)
Pro Skater in THUG 2 is still my most hated level. I know it’s a secret level so maybe it doesn’t count but I still count it
DrewPlaysTHPS (5 months ago)
Bullring, Rio, Zoo, Atlanta
Aiden Evers (6 months ago)
Mall is my favorite map ever
phoenix & his channel (6 months ago)
The hangar level is in Montana
phoenix & his channel (6 months ago)
5. Bullring (THPS2) 4. Streets (THPS1) 3. Baltimore (THPG) 2. Subway (THPS2X) 1. Sky Lines (THPS2X)
subway from thps 2x must be the worst level in the series
Joe Ferreira (8 months ago)
I don't like Australia because the beach makes you instantly get off your board. That can fuck up your combo and it makes the level feel kind of small
Jimbo 2: Revengeance (9 months ago)
Am i the only one that likes downhill jam? The linear structure makes it perfect for me to practice my lines, and despite not being that skilled at the game, i can pull off really long combos on it.
Aleksandar S (10 months ago)
Stretching the video to 10+ minutes by just rambling, really reactionary boarding (nothing planned, bad landing etc), first 2 levels are awesome, fuck this channel
Nyz free thinker (10 months ago)
thats so weird man before you even went into the map selection the first map i thought of as being bad was downhill jam even though personally its one of my favorite maps. i dont even know why i thought of it but it just manifested into existence
Stanky Wieners (10 months ago)
jdp 90five (10 months ago)
Did you just rip love park?
Trevor Donegan (10 months ago)
A level i despised the most was little big world. It was a unlockable level on the play station one version of Pro skater 4
That's all I can take
Jesus dude get to the point
MC Apophis (11 months ago)
Dude, you really need to record some gameplay first, then write a script so you're not just rambling on about shit. This video would be half as long with proper planning. Also, writing a script would give you an opportunity to research some stuff. As others have said, Kona is a real skatepark, as is skater island (or they were when the games were produced). You also wouldn't have to hazard guesses as to which games the courses originally appeared in. I'm not trying to disrespect or discredit your video, but plenty of people will try if you have issues like this present. I'm typing this with the video actually playing because all the tangents you go off on make it hard to maintain interest.
ShadowOfDreams (11 months ago)
Venice beach is terrible it is way to much street. In my opinion the best levels are a good balance between street and vert.
Awesome Guy Videos (1 year ago)
Shitty Tony Hawk Levels Downhill Jam Boston Berlin The Mall Philadelphia Venice Barcelona Downtown Minneapolis Pro Skater
Jane Lillington (1 year ago)
IMO: 1.-Santa Cruz 2.-Philly 3.-Downhill Jam 4.-Hotter Than Hell 5.-Mall
TheBluFalcon (1 year ago)
tbh my least favorite level is school from pro skater 1 and my favorite is warehouse (but the thps3 remake version)
Nathan Johnson (1 year ago)
what game are you playing ? and does it have every level?
Erik Harper (1 year ago)
Skater island and kona are real skateparks
Cobradabest (1 year ago)
My least favourite level is definitely Practice from pro Skater 4. It's just a single half-pipe closed off. I found that you can to a flip trick at the corner and go beyond the boarders, but of course even when you do that, nothing's really skatable.
232 Reloaded (11 months ago)
Doesn't count.
Cobradabest (1 year ago)
CHARMY 9 Awesomeparodys It doesn't matter what it's for, it's an environment built to skate in, it's a level. Besides, THUG pro lists it as a level.
Nodin G (1 year ago)
It's not really a level it's for practicing
Richard Benjamin (1 year ago)
"this map is the worst map" "is one of my fav maps" what
Richard Benjamin (1 year ago)
why dont you just talk over the gameplay and not play and talk at the same time cause it seems your constantly slurring off whem your doing a combo and you just keep going on and on and on and on without getting to the point
Jake Lancaster (1 year ago)
What is this game that you are playing? I have a PC, but I don't know where to find this collection that you have. Is it free?
Xane Myers (1 year ago)
THUGPro, a mod for Tony Hawk's Underground 2. It is free.
Nathan Abbs (1 year ago)
is THUG pro on steam? how do i get this? i love tony hawk games.
Xane Myers (1 year ago)
It's availiable here: http://thmods.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=537 It requires THUG2, though. Wish it was still standalone.
HamQM (1 year ago)
Worst map is Montana from the custom maps in THUG2
phoenix & his channel (6 months ago)
not to mention that when you try to edit the park, it’s almost at full capacity
HamQM (1 year ago)
Xane Myers it would have to be
Nodin G (1 year ago)
i think it's a joke park
Xane Myers (1 year ago)
That map IS stupid...why did they come up with the idea to just put a tree in a custom park then put a gap over it (THPS2 only, removed in THUG2)
Daddy Mysterious (1 year ago)
philadelphia is better in proving ground
ChelseaGrinMan001 (1 year ago)
William (1 year ago)
I looooooooooove hangar in THUG since you can wall plant and sort of loop around the main U-shaped HP of the level, but in THPS2 you didn't have that so the best you could do is wallride. I think one of the worst for me is Venice Beach. there are just practically no good lines in the map, it has horrible flow and is very compartmentalized. School II is iconic AF, but its just way too sparse and likewise diffucult to get combos going.
KoolGuardrailBoy (1 year ago)
10:18 fucking moscow it was so fucking hard
Tony Peluso (1 year ago)
I think they tried to GTA-afy some of the levels while forgetting what makes the levels fun to skate to begin with.
Dan McCarthy (1 year ago)
There's a lot of levels that are fun in the context of doing the missions/challenges, but in freeskate aren't very good at all. I feel like when you have 3 minutes to do your best in the level is a lot different than when you've got forever to do crazy lines, and that difference can really skew how the map feels. That said, I actually really like a lot of levels, and the ones I don't care for so much are typically just not very good for freeskate (but I otherwise enjoy them in their original story context).
NSNOfm78 (1 year ago)
Boston was almost a clone of Manhattan for me. Basically Manhattan without the cool spots.
Mr. Everyman (1 year ago)
Is the game you're playing a mod, and how is it possible to play a skating game with a keyboard and mouse
zukodude487987 (1 year ago)
Least favorite levels are burnside, the first level in thps1, roswell, philadelphia, bull ring, the vert ramp with the helicopter in thps2.
EisteeWOB (1 year ago)
i hate skater island.
Bradley Pollard (1 year ago)
I think the best version of the warehouse is the training level from THUG 2
Andrew21397 (1 year ago)
I wanna get thug pro but THUG2 is SOOOO EXPENSIVE on PC
holidayonion (1 year ago)
San Diego from THUG. It's not that it's a bad level per-se, but I do not like the design at all. It's bland and boring and doesn't really fit its title very well.
Slip Amo (1 year ago)
it's also a disappointing level because you win the tampa am, get signed, and you expect the game to really get going now that you're legit..but instead, we get that san diego level. Game picks up again with the Hawaii level
Grind3r (1 year ago)
It seems like almost all levels in thps1 are bad
Sheldon Cooper (1 year ago)
In Kona they had THPS4 and if you got to Kona you get a free board.
HI, BILLY MAYS (1 year ago)
rkr402 (1 year ago)
Venice. Terrible Level. Terrible lines. Just plain awful. Hotter than hell is terrible too.
loldude334 (1 year ago)
im pretty sure you know this, but skater island looks like a skatepark because it actually was a real skatepark back in the 00's
threeballbanger (2 years ago)
Yo Icebears! How are you playing this Tony Hawk? Like that you can pick any level and what engine and system is it on?
beunjoris (2 years ago)
this game is THUGPRO, a mod for THUG2 please join the community! tutorial on my chann
oIntact (2 years ago)
I HATE fun park in THP8
normal_boy (2 years ago)
I really dislike Philadelphia. There are barely any lines or flow in the map which makes it really difficult to get the sick score in THPS2 (which for some reason is 250,000). I also sort of dislike that 40% of the map is a secret area.
zeoalexo (1 year ago)
_nyaaa_ kinda unrelated bu if you dont have all gaps, is the game really completed 100%?
_nyaaa_ (1 year ago)
And I've done classic mode both on normal and sick difficulty in THUG2 (and to be honest, when i completed sick mode, i haven't play THUG2 for next 2-3 days because my thumb felt really bad after getting 3M points on The Triangle). Also, making 250K points in THPS2 is not very difficult, but you need to upgrade your stats all the way up to maximum. I say that mainly because I completed THPS2 100% with 10 skaters (gaps not yet included) plus additional like 5 times with another 5 skaters long time ago.
Syntheus (1 year ago)
dude i agree with you so much, I couldn't beat thug 2's classic mode cuz of philly
Pumpkin Smasher79 (2 years ago)
Alcatraz in THPS4 sucks, in my opinion, especially the final goal. Most of Underground 2's levels are even worse. Australia, New Orleans & Skatopia are terrible. And why must every level have a forced in go-kart character...
Pumpkin Smasher79 skatetopia is based of a real skatepark
D3ADL0CK3D ツ™ (1 year ago)
Pumpkin Smasher79 wtf is wrong with you? :D (do not take srsly) Those levels are the BEST!!
Pumpkin Smasher79 (2 years ago)
+M3TV I guess I overreacted, but I really dispise some of its goals.
M3TV (2 years ago)
haha alcatraz is my all time favourite :P
Joshua Holder (2 years ago)
I honestly liked the thug2 maps... however it might be my nostalgia glasses as thug2 was my first Tony hawk game... also does anybody remember the escalator glitch/trick on airport where you grind the bottom right of the escalator and keep on doing tricks and keep on grinding to get infinite points
Trevor Hoadley (2 years ago)
Downhill Jam was in Thug 2.
Burdy (2 years ago)
originally in THPS 1 tho
Jinseng (2 years ago)
My least favorite Tony Hawk maps: Every THPS5 map
Boots (2 years ago)
how does he have all the levels in one game
Boots (2 years ago)
+xjakku I got it
Penguins (2 years ago)
It's a project called THUGPro
Zealious (2 years ago)
All levels I dislike 1. Shipyard 2. Carnival 3. San Diego 5. Chopper drop like srsly wtf 5. School 1 6. Thps2x extra levels 7. Chicago 8. Skater island
normal_boy (2 years ago)
Why do you dislike Skater Island? It's personally one of my favourites because of all the cool grind combos you can do on the lamps and such
Michael Duke (2 years ago)
Does the glitch in THPS1 Downhill Jam still work? Towards the end you can hit the canyon wall and you fly into the air and continue to do air tricks.
Michael Duke (2 years ago)
It's a good idea to hold on to original game releases even if they get rereleased.
Penguins (2 years ago)
It does not.
Dan Zhukovin (2 years ago)
I hate Marseilles, France a lot
Dan Zhukovin (2 years ago)
+Icebears4ever Yeah well that's you. It's a small map with choppy lines. I like maps with lots of flow, like Manhattan (THUG), School II, Moscow, etc. 
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+Dan Zhukov I like it.
Mathieu St-Gelais (2 years ago)
hey what game is that ?! selecting old levels, playing with the underground engine ?! need that man
Xane Myers (1 year ago)
Does this mean the best way to get the latest THUGPro is to, if a full download can be found, get it that way? Old THUGPro versions were standalone but then they started requiring the actual game for some reason in later versions...
CozmicVideos (2 years ago)
+SpiderMax95 Indeed. The PC version of THUG 2 is nearly impossible to find. Even Pirate Bay has no torrents for it, which is quite surprising.
Mathieu St-Gelais (2 years ago)
+SpiderMax95 aight thanks mate 
SpiderMax (2 years ago)
Welllllll. google the first; easy to find. the second: mhhhhhhhhhhno
Mathieu St-Gelais (2 years ago)
damn i need this ASAP, where do i find the mod ? oh and do i need a legit copy of THUG2 ?
demoncamel703 s (2 years ago)
down hill jam sucks
machr293 (2 years ago)
4:44 Wauw, I've never noticed that about the background and I live in Denmark!
NSNOfm78 (2 years ago)
Boston is basically a recycled version of Manhattan from THUG with a few tweaks. Never liked it.
ChelseaGrinMan001 (1 year ago)
yeah except manhattan was awesome
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+Tvtech9's Stories Agreed.
migueeeelet (2 years ago)
I always disliked san diego in T.H.U.G. It just feels big, but with so many buildings that there are barely any big skating areas/connectors. In THPS4 I always liked the concept of Kona, even tho it's kinda a disappointment. T.H.U.G. foreva!
migueeeelet (2 years ago)
I gotta admit that the T.H.U.G. levels are nice, but San Diego, I don't know, it doesn't feel great for me. I feel like it's too open and there's not that much connection between areas (because of the corner shape, I guess). Anyways, I only have one request, NO LIMIT IN LEVEL EDITORS.
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+migueeeelet I like that level quite a lot.
Alejandro Ramirez (2 years ago)
new orleans would probably on my least favorites. biggest skating areas are at the tops mostly
Nodin G (1 year ago)
+Alejandro Ramirez and zombies
Nodin G (1 year ago)
+Alejandro Ramirez the roooftops
Alejandro Ramirez (2 years ago)
+Icebears4ever what about it do you like?
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+Alejandro Ramirez I love that level.
Alejandro Ramirez (2 years ago)
downhill is iconic though
Alejandro Ramirez (2 years ago)
+Icebears4ever you could do everything in it I think. it was tough getting a high score when playing the original but it was fun for me getting a good start and just going through it.
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+Alejandro Ramirez It is but still very boring.
The-Buzz-Show (2 years ago)
I know I'm very late but I can say for everyone that Asteroid Belt from THPS5 is the worst level in Tony Hawk history.
William (1 year ago)
that whole game is like in another league of bad, and the levels are no exception. isn't literally every map like a giant L shape or something?
BAPExSUPREME (2 years ago)
my user name is killaaKYLE21
BAPExSUPREME (2 years ago)
hey icebearsforever can you add me on ps4
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+The-Buzz-Show It's shockingly bad indeed.
bloodstainDew (2 years ago)
To be honest... I thought the PS1 version of College sucked. Looks less nicer and interesting than the next gen one.
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+Stratostorm Yeah and there are no pedestrians around.
Guss Bus (2 years ago)
How did you get all the maps for every game in one?
Acetonio Cartagena (1 year ago)
Icebears4ever b
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+Jacob Rodriguez https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcFuZM7WWhw
bloodstainDew (2 years ago)
A mod for THUG2 called THUG Pro.
ronin244 (2 years ago)
I've stopped to agree with you after dhj. Those levels you show after aren't just 'theres nothing to do here, boring'. In my opinion it depends on which game you played. You showed us thugpro and you got right - kona ain't fun anymore, but travel in time. Remember th4 kona? Top 2 th4 level imo. The same as thps2 hangar. And if we are talking about thug1 to thaw age - the worst level depends on your playstyle. Let's take thug2 as example. I play whore, the worst level for me is triangle cause it's tight. I can't maintain combo for too long cause i hit obstacles. Also there are no any big jumps, so scoring is even more difficult. You got right - I can't go anywhere. For prov players the worst level will be proskater, why? Prov is about showing how good your style is. This map actually contains of 3 small maps. You can't really show your skills if you don't have enough space. Imagine freestyle footballer practicing in a small and tight room. Impossible, right? My picks: THPS1: DHJ - same reason as you THPS2: Chopper drop - it doesn't need commentary THPS3: Oil rig - thaw version is pretty cool, but I remember the horrible th3 reality on this one THPS4: it doesn't have any bad maps, depends on if practice counts THUG: HTH - same reason as you THUG2: Triangle THAW: Ruins - it's a teenager injury. Classic mode here was terrible THP8: (x360) Factory - Everyone who played will understand. THPG: Subway/bridges. Those locations are just more like connectors beetwen real maps. It's like in thaw single player mode. Those tunnels beetwen levels, nothing to here except passing by.
ChelseaGrinMan001 (1 year ago)
factory was fucking awful dude it was just slapped in there and idk why it was so hard for career in that
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+ronin244 Holy shit Ronin! Wow I remember watching your 1 bil vid on Nawlins back in the day.
Daniel Morales (2 years ago)
Downhill on Tony hawk project 8
Hugh Jass (2 years ago)
shipyard in thps4 and the oil rig in thaw were extremely boring imo
Nodin G (1 year ago)
+William it was basically a loading screen you can't play it in free skate
Kobalt (1 year ago)
The Oil Rig was also in the Xbox version of THPS3 if I remember correctly.
William (1 year ago)
I don't think I had a problem with the Oil rig map, BUT OHMIGOD THE TUNNEL THERE WAS SO BORING. it was literally just a pipe or something.
Dominic DaSilva (2 years ago)
+MetalHead something tells me this guy doesn't like construction sites.
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+MetalHead I like both actually.
Will Martin (2 years ago)
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+Will Martin I LOVE that level.
Sora Hakatashi (2 years ago)
canda. it's nothing special yet it gets remade so much anything you do that was fun gets sucked dry.. also Rio. I understand it is a competition level but it's bare nothing but cars and ramps ..
shin (2 years ago)
I hate Philadelphia...
Garf2O (2 years ago)
+SenpaiShin' i liked the fountain gap but thats about it, they should have just done a love park level instead of the weird fusion they did there.
DarkflameX7 (2 years ago)
Boston is waaaaaaaay better than Berlin!
Daniel Krüger (2 years ago)
I always thought that the skate ranch in THAW kinda sucked
Cj Jones (2 years ago)
+ D it does -- an it looks shacky asf
Nick F (2 years ago)
Did you ollie twice or something at 4:34? or just two inward heels
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+Nick Fassino I did a buttslap.
Sapphire Blaze (2 years ago)
Venice beach. The flow was just all wrong and none of the lines worked.
ChelseaGrinMan001 (1 year ago)
i actually think that's why i like it. i remember seeing the movie on top of the electric line or whatever as a kid and getting pissed that i couldn't reach it at the time lol it brings back nostalgia
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+Sapphire Blaze Indeed.
I like Downhill Jam.
TwistOfFipsy (2 years ago)
What game is this?
Nodin G (1 year ago)
+Cj Jones thug 2 is great and thug pro is the best mod ever
Cj Jones (2 years ago)
+PerfectTube12 THUG 2 is ass fam .·/ huuuuuuuuuuge downgrade from THUG 1
PerfectTube12 (2 years ago)
+Filip Lukac THUG Pro, a mod for THUG 2.
Christ Ndri (2 years ago)
5:detroit sky lines:thps2x.4:subway thps2x.3:fun park thp8.2:chopper drop thps2.1:downhill (rio) thps3.
machr293 (2 years ago)
+Christ Ndri Yeah "Chopper drop" there wasn't much to do there, why did they even bother with that level?
bloodstainDew (2 years ago)
Now Asteroid Belt is definitely going in number one
This video should have been half the time it was man if you cut out all that fucking nonsense spam ur spewing
D Bechtel (3 years ago)
"the reason I like Kona is because it looks like a skatepark" That's because it IS a real skatepark!!
Gary Bloom (10 months ago)
A tenner says that the author doesn't skate....
davi4revenge (1 year ago)
yea mate, kona is like a "old school icon", you can see in tony hawk old school videos, always riding on kona ramps, as do tony alva, danny way, christian hosoi etc
Cj Jones (2 years ago)
+ D bruh , kona should have been in thaw as iggys skateranch imo
Mario NVS (3 years ago)
I hate Venice beach and.... I hate Warehouse ;_;
Kobalt (1 year ago)
What's your opinion on Training from THUG2?
Mario NVS (3 years ago)
+Icebears4ever I know it's the classic but is very boring...
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+Mariolol XD :(
182Moons (3 years ago)
5. Zoo I just felt that it was all over the place and it just felt weird 4 . Venice I don't hate the level blame it on thps hd it just destroyed that level for me 3 . Vans park again just like zoo I felt it had stuff that didn't need to be there like some rails and stuff I just did not like it 2 . Vancouver I felt like it did not have flow it could just be I am bad at the level 1.triangle it had like barely anything it had a half pipe a bowl and a secret room with a electric wire
182Moons (3 years ago)
Yeah but it could also be my childhood fear of gorillas there was a telephone book with a gorilla on it and my older bro chased me around with it I hated the thps 4 never soft logo I was really scared of it and I just never liked it as a child
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+Redyoshi64 Z00? :(
182Moons (3 years ago)
Weirdly I liked boston
Ton (3 years ago)
Whats the download in the discrition? is it safe?
Ton (3 years ago)
+T&SGamingChannel Nvm
darkforces (3 years ago)
I really didn't like the bonus levels in THPS2X.
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+darkforces Indeed, they were pretty lame.
NintendoTV64 (3 years ago)
Oil Rig in THAW was really boring!
NintendoTV64 (2 years ago)
+Falafel I guess it was okay, but there were much better levels in the game, such as Kyoto, the Casino, the Ruins, and of course, Skate Ranch.
Falafel (3 years ago)
+Icebears4ever It's actually my favorite level in THAW. The vertically and the amount of lines you could creates makes it so awesome.
Mario NVS (3 years ago)
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+NintendoTV64 I actually liked that level, mostly because it originally appeared as a bonus level for the Xbox players when they purchased THPS3.
metalmario991 (3 years ago)
Have u done a video on the best Tony Hawk levels?
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+metalmario991 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uS7QhHX9MlU
Tyler Emmert (3 years ago)
So is this game you have downloadable on its own or do I need Thug 2? Also does it have all the levels from each tony hawk? Finally (sry) one last q, if I download it can I set up a controller (ex. PS4 controller) to usr for it like i do with emulators?
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+Tyler Emmert You will need THUG2 installed on your PC, where you got it doesn't matter. It has almost all the levels from each Tony Hawk game and you can play with a PS4 controller. This is what I usually write to people who are asking about the game: It's a game called THUG Pro, a free to play fan made Tony Hawk game which includes all levels from THPS4, THUG1 and THUG2 as well as several levels from the other games. If you're interested in playing, e-mail thugprocontact@gmail.com and ask for a beta. A version of THUG2 on PC is required to install the game.
CY On The Beat (3 years ago)
Kona looks like a real skatepark because it is lol
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+CY On The Beat No man don't worry. It's a good point. I kind of knew about it but wasn't sure.
CY On The Beat (3 years ago)
+Icebears4ever wasn't trying to be rude just thought I'd point it out
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+CY On The Beat This video is kind of stupid. Back when I made bad content. Will delete it soon enough.
Surface And Breathe (3 years ago)
In my opinion: 5: Subway (THPS2X) 4: Downhill (THPS3 PS1) 3: Mall (THPS1) 2: Streets (THPS1) 1: Chopper Drop (THPS2)
exploshi (7 months ago)
i remember liking mall and streets. Havent played them in thugpro tho probably because they're not in it
Jipsy (10 months ago)
I need to play thps2x i have it ive just always thought it was a thps remake for xbox with no changes
Surface And Breathe (1 year ago)
Jaren The subway guy Pedophilia
Mr. Everyman (1 year ago)
Cameron LambSAB whatcha got against subway
Alejandro Ramirez (2 years ago)
+Cameron Lamb mall is legendary. streets was a little all over the place though.
Ian O'Connell (3 years ago)
My opinion 5. Shipyard 4. Foundry 3. New York 2. Mall 1. Carnival
tom (2 years ago)
Foundry was great
myelim (3 years ago)
i think the level Marseilles from american wasteland collectors edition was one of the worst. sooo boring.
Xane Myers (3 years ago)
+myelim Unrelated but I still wonder why those brown lights with the two little circle lights appear in all the Create-a-Parks after the original game...
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+myelim It's from THPS2 originally, it works way better in that game.
Nikola Baric (3 years ago)
I thought everyone hated suburbia from thps3. It just seemed like a map that purposely went out of it's way to say "fuck you" and make lines hard to do.
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+Nikola Baric No, I like Suburbia. I think it's an awesome level.
Drew V (3 years ago)
San Diego was the most disappointing for me
Cameron Thomas (2 months ago)
I agree! San Diego has the worst combo lines because I end up crashing into everything due to it being so compeessed
Slip Amo (1 year ago)
Zealious (2 years ago)
Ikr San Diego had a cool design but skating around the level got boring

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