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10 Video Games That OFFENDED Entire Countries

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Video games (and their stories and locations) don't always go over so well in certain countries. Here are some instances. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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ulli_ulli (6 hours ago)
Fallout 3 banned in Germany? Well, someone does not understand the difference between "banned" and the german term "indiziert". Fallout 3 was NOT banned in Germany but Bethesda had to change visual violence in the game, so there was no gore in ghe game, to dismembering. That was all, no ban, just minor cuts in the display of violence. But the game WAS banned - in Australia because of its use of drugs and booze.
Dishan Hossain (23 hours ago)
You guys are just ignorant. Disrespecting a country isn't cool. These games had to be banned
MR CREEPY GUY (1 day ago)
I have To disagree With this That's bc You're American and Always think that everything its funny or its just a game
Evil Babai (1 day ago)
Company of heroes 2 banned from Russian retail for totally stereotypical Red Army representation? What makes it even worse, developers promised to base the game on real war documents, misleading the players and implementing the Hollywood vision instead...
Rockstarskolas (1 day ago)
Pakistan portrays Pakistan badly
GET NO SCOPED (1 day ago)
Wtf bolivia it says at the beginning that this game does not represent the reality of boliva !!!
Sir Sleepy (2 days ago)
Wildlands literally shoves a disclaimer into your face saying that's it's a fictional Bolivia and in no way accurate to reality before you even get to the main menu.
Devon Campbell (3 days ago)
i understand the offence for the Korean one more though since in those games such as war thunder and the other war gaming games remove the swastika but not the imperial Japanese flag i personally believe both should be added but removing one for being 'evil' and the not the other is offensive to be who have suffered under that banner.
hovsep melkonian (3 days ago)
i am not offended by any game , instead i am offended by your stupid comments about countries that ban games for whatever reason.this is how it works in some places buddy , you don't need to commentate about how stupid some countries are just because you don't like it .love your channel but this video is just stupid and ignorant
Akagra Srivastav (3 days ago)
FALLOUT 3 is still banned in INDIA. Please find out the reason on google & you will laugh :D
Angry Corn (3 days ago)
I was offended by dark souls because it glorified killing me. So I banned it.
Mesut Bektaş (4 days ago)
It's Minecraft!...actually our goverment does not ban a game like 'Ethnic Cleansing' or anything else.
Stab39 Devel (5 days ago)
Fallout 3 and New Vegas are banned in India for a "ridiculous reason" ... I was dissapointed to not see it on list :(
PhenixTV (5 days ago)
I got a bit offended by postal 2
xKryoxMan (5 days ago)
You forgot to mention how India got offended by Fallout 3. It was based on naming one of the creatures a Brahmin.
xKryoxMan (5 days ago)
I'm Indian and I didn't get offended.
De Rusher (6 days ago)
You can say that it really offended Malaysia due to our country has multiple religions And they afraid that the game will release more god's from other countries and including malaysian too
Random GUY (6 days ago)
really Malaysia,did you just turn into Saudi Arabia
Greggory (6 days ago)
China, get over yourself. If a game made the USA an evil terrible enemy, I'd still play it and enjoy it. Sad that some countries have such insecure governments. *ugh*
xkingx26 (6 days ago)
I am offended by people who are offended by video games
G_Odu Of the North (7 days ago)
Ok, this is a goooood bit of devil's advocate, so understand I'm not trying to give them excuses, but to be tooootally fair, Of the "violent games," that turkey didn't ban, all of them were M rated. At the very least, a small part of their argument had validity. Still pretty crazy, cuz we use that game as a learning tool here, but I uhh..... I guess I'm just addicted to playing devil's advocate.
I was offended when super meat boy killed the meat monster/ the second boss
Marek Drozd (8 days ago)
Hi! Awesome video! 👍
Zarni Maung (8 days ago)
The real reason why Bolivia didn't like Wildlands was because it IS secretly ruled by the Cartels. Just kidding. The Cartels don't rule countries. They just bribe the officials to keep their business alive.
Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz (9 days ago)
Diablo Immortals announcement offended me
BoFoenss (9 days ago)
I am surprised to see that none of the Hearts of Iron games made it to this list. Granted it is a grand strategy game series but China banned or severely restricted the game forcing the local version to be altered because they didn't like that by 1936 (where all the games start) the Communist faction of China is not the only one in the Chinese country...
Blender Dumbass (9 days ago)
I hate age restrictions, I'm offended by every each and one of them. I want to go see The House The Jack Built in cinema with entire class of 10 yr olds. And I can't. It's unfair.
Kebab Remover (9 days ago)
So what happens when I make a game simulating the 911 or Pearl Harbor bombing?
Glitzy Guy (9 days ago)
Why isn't Spec Ops: The Line included?
Tzeff NL (10 days ago)
6:10 WTF, man! These games are rated "M" in the US and "16+" in the EU. Why the F&*^ are ..."children"...playing these games for adults?
VHudsOfficial (10 days ago)
Idk why these countries would ban anything. Half the countries in these games are meaningless, wouldn't even know half of them exist if it wasn't for these games.
Lion El Jonson (10 days ago)
In assassins creed 3 you play as a native and kill redcoats but nowadays if you had a game where you played as a redcoat and killed natives then there would be mass uproar
Arrieta 187 (10 days ago)
As an American, if Americans were portrayed as the Villains, I would be offended. If the game was trash.
Kadarius Williams (9 days ago)
As I mean gansters it still need to be banned😠
Kadarius Williams (9 days ago)
I was offended by a game name Gta it boring it teach kids that they can become hamsters and get away with it I don't know why people would play that game anyway it a bad influence on kids and other people and I really think It should be banned for good god DAMMIT😠
Elected Bandit1 (11 days ago)
Did Germany ban sniper elite 4
Bryce Williams (11 days ago)
I feel like this is fake
Charles Cyphers (11 days ago)
I remember when devil may cry first came out. And I was so hype to get it and play it. And finally I did and just remember being in love. And the next day I was trying to explain it to my friend and he just kinda. Ignored me🙄 But I keep playing. And had more stories. And he got more and more distant. And finally I offered to come over and show him... And he almost pissed himself and was so against it. I didn't know why. Till finally he said he can't play it cause it said devil... 😱🤣
Sathapana Rongthong (12 days ago)
To think about it, A story of a Chinese or Afghan etc. soldiers fight against the evil Americans to would be really really interesting. Like a really deep, dark and intense story about the secrets(that we all knew) why America invades other countries etc. I bet the villain will be super racist too.
RRW (12 days ago)
Apparently nobody in the comments section has played Red Alert 3. The president is literally a Japanese robot that made Mount Rushmore into a doomsday weapon and almost used it when the Allies started being friendly with the Soviets.
NovaPrime1869 (12 days ago)
You missed a BIG one. Command & Conquer Generals. It was completely banned in China, and Germany went so far as to make all of the characters look like robots/cyborgs before they allowed it to be sold there.
Lava Yuki (12 days ago)
The minecraft one is pretty strange, and Swastika symbols are pretty common in temples in Japan, which surprised me at first until I found out the real reason.
Graham Kavanagh (13 days ago)
I've never really been offended by a game, exactly. But I've been annoyed at the sheer amount of Terrible Irish accents in games. At that rate, just cut out the middle man and hire an Irish VA. There are plenty of 'em. I know plenty of people who were offended by the "No Russian" mission in Modern Warfare 2 though. Which I get? Although the game allows you to skip it, so the devs clearly anticipated the backlash.
Trizone -X (13 days ago)
Bro minecraft didnt do anything wrong the mobs Look Like Lego So Kids Wud Just Think That theyre bad guys
BossGAMIN LORDYT (13 days ago)
6:21 when the school blocks all games
wu1ming9shi (13 days ago)
Well tbh i kinda agree with war of gods removal because they are the most known icons of most religions. if they had used their prophets r wisemen instead i wouldn't have been against it.
xd Lixdy (14 days ago)
Postal 2 prob went a bit 2 far
Rema Rame (14 days ago)
I was offended by number 2
The Lego game called roblox?
Peter Terranova (14 days ago)
Um, Bolivia not only is diverging into a narco-state, but is also strengthening ties with China, following the steps of Venezuela. Instead of complaining, Bolivia should give a shit.
Nil Fabra (15 days ago)
wait pakistan was in BO2!!!!?
UrBrainOnSports (16 days ago)
10 video games I must buy
Dylan Richard (16 days ago)
Everyone country that has banned a game is PROVING that they are a shitty country lol.
Dai Phat Phan (16 days ago)
just gonna dislike this
Dylan Richard (16 days ago)
Lol, is that because you're also offended by video games?
Spitfire 2103 (16 days ago)
I wonder if ubi make rainbow 6 siege dlc where the scenario is hostage situation in a school where there has been a shooting rampage. So it's agents vs school shooter
TitanSlayer (16 days ago)
I am sometimes offended by movies against Russia. I mean, it doesn't happen anymore that often, but I've seen a lot of good movies that are set against my nationality
Vfb Ghgb (17 days ago)
im from iran and am not afedd
Markchill2 (17 days ago)
There is only one game i have a problem with and that is outlast 2 but for some reason this world never attack games with this kind og content and if you have played it you know what i mean
NaysM (17 days ago)
You were completely wrong about some countries
Dylan Richard (16 days ago)
Doesn't matter, a banned game means the country is fascist shit.
Bolivia was not offended, it was our stupid president, who was offended by his policies so in favor of the coca leaf, because for most Bolivians see represented your homeland in an open world in such a beautiful way is a success for me.
AlternateRacoon (17 days ago)
I am from Pakistan
Afif Danial (17 days ago)
I still remember when Steam was banned. 😂
Spike Shartell (17 days ago)
So nice to live in a country that views free speech as sacred meaning that games and other media don't get banned because someone got their feelz hurt
•cheese• (18 days ago)
Hey lets ban games but not movies even that they have the same story that’s a great idea.
Warp Drive (18 days ago)
America is not the center of the world. Africa(Algeria/Mali) is, according to the world map that is.
pomodraw (19 days ago)
That México thing went like this... Mexican gamers: oh shit!! A big budget game based in Mexico!! Fucking yeah!! Can't wait for this to arrive!!!.... TV celebs and old politicians: OH MY GOD!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!!! THAT'S RACIST AND RUDE!! Mexican gamers: What??? Mexican pirates: OH hell yeah, nows my time to shine!!!!!!
Hamman Samuel (19 days ago)
Most of these games were just accurately showing the shitty aspects of the countries that banned them, so they got offended from the realism
Warp Drive (21 days ago)
Oh minecraft is not good for children but teaching the concept of 'JIHAD FOR ALLAH' is somehow good. I think I will have Turkey for dinner tonight.
Warp Drive (21 days ago)
If a game shows USA as an Invader and a genocidal war machine which supports fascist jihadist states and topples democratically elected govts and bullies other countries with its petro dollar empire, I am sure such a game would be banned in the US.
Maverick Jones (18 days ago)
That's because you aren't semi-educated on American *standard(always) procedure. If anyone tries to ban any piece of media for anything, double that amount of people will rise up to defend the people's right to that media and it will never be banned.
rikku2ryoga (21 days ago)
Relabel it to top ten FPS games you guys
ashblud92 (21 days ago)
I’d say I was offended by cod mw2 airport scene. That shit was hardcore, and to be honest I felt a bit pissed off after I realised you could play that part without shooting your gun. Obviously it was part of the game and the end of that mission was a catalyst for your own personal hatred/vendetta but I’m not sure the ‘good’ immersive approach outweighed the genocide in that mission.
RIP XXXTENTACION (21 days ago)
Gta5 is not on here really. I'm not saying it should be banned but thats like the most real it can get to the real world
DA NI EL (23 days ago)
hahaha. what about a game that will portray the United States of America as an evil force? I bet that the US will sanction the developers too. The US will do the same thing.
DA NI EL (14 days ago)
+Dylan Richardreally well the great!
Dylan Richard (16 days ago)
No because we don't ban video games in the US, enjoy your facism.
Aaron Tottman (25 days ago)
3:15 Mexico isn't a state it's a country and aren't you guys from America?
Ryan Bateman (25 days ago)
I know someones who would get offended, feminist frequency
Mohamed Ali Dakkak (26 days ago)
Roblox banned in uae ? Where is that mention ?
Gianfry Fedeli (28 days ago)
Out of the fps zone, in final fantasy XV people from insomnia were suppose to worship dark grim reapers deities, but China was not okay with that so devs changed that. There are also enemies in game that are basically small winged skeletons and in the chinese version of the game the models are changed to goblin-like creatures
EveryFantasyGame (28 days ago)
Fidel Castro was a dictator not a leader..
DPM_Warlordz (29 days ago)
I hate how sensitive the world has become it's a joke xD
Despacito 2 (29 days ago)
People should just say attack the people from a *fake* country like wakanda make a fake country like wakanda
DevilsBlood999 Jr (29 days ago)
I'm offended by Simon Says...lmao...love your videos
Jarrod Tedder (30 days ago)
I had a friend when I was like 6 or 7 who's mom went insane over mortal Kombat. She didn't let him play the games, watch the movies, or even listen to the soundtrack of the movies. She especially was against the mortal Kombat theme song because, and I quote, "It will make children put on death fights because the sound of people getting hit make children fly into a violent rage." I kid you not. That is an actual thing I remember her saying for all these years. I'll probably never forget that.
what about freedom fighter lo–interactive huh?
MasterDisaster95 (1 month ago)
you forgot to mention that Syria banned call of duty 4
Sherguson (1 month ago)
This guy is so unthoughtful of other views :(
Sherguson (15 days ago)
+Dylan Richard "fascism", do you even know what that means?
Sherguson (15 days ago)
+Dylan Richard I will :)
Dylan Richard (16 days ago)
+Sherguson Enjoy your fascism
Sherguson (16 days ago)
+Dylan Richard You hold your own opinion mate, I hold mine.
Dylan Richard (16 days ago)
No he's being realistic, these are video games. If you're offended or even if a whole country is offended, tough shit. it's a video game. All the countries that banned games showed how bad they really are by banning games.
gthawkings (1 month ago)
So many a-holes not understanding what "American" is..... do they not know majority of "Americans" comes from other countries?!?!?! If you are against "Americans", then you are against yourself and your countries!!!! Think about that you A-HOLES!!!!!!
Moiz Ahmed Khan (1 month ago)
I'm a Pakistani and I enjoyed playing Call of Duty Black ops 2 and still playing it till this day with my siblings. I don't think the intention of the developers of the game is to offend any country, it is just for entertainment so enjoy it. But it is true that I have never seen a video game which shows Americans as "bad guys".
Andy Osborne (1 month ago)
Lol but Bolivia is basically run by drugs, so...
Emil Vennerberg (1 month ago)
Caugh caugh far cry 5 and muricans caugh.
macaak (1 month ago)
you should not have made this video.. it's better to remove the comments from this video now. cuz a lot of hate will be here now..
Hashen Chamal (1 month ago)
Fight of Gods is a really offensive game. I for one support the decision of Malaysia banning the game.
Dylan Richard (16 days ago)
Who cares if it's offensive? The countries that banned games showed how shitty they really are for banning games. Worthless places to live.
Vahid Haidari (1 month ago)
Well america made it so there would not be made trades with iran. At all. Which might be a bad idea making everything worse. Im just saying...
Thread Fazer YT (1 month ago)
Im offended because you are supporting battle of the gods. 👎
Daeva83B (1 month ago)
remember Portal 2? Eventually the maincharacter was a gimp, just like pulp fiction, suit and all. and a open ass pants. Offended? Nah... being offended is for pussy's. You do it entirely by yourself. I can say fuck god, right? If i offend someone with it.. well.. good for you, feel offended, not my problem... but... if god is real... he will whoop my ass right? So who cares? Fuck god, fuck mohammed and jesus etc etc etc... if the gods are real, they know where i live.. Stop feeling offended.. puss.
Dani Sleight (1 month ago)
You get to play as GLA in Command and Conquer: Generals and nobody batted an eye though.
Gordon Freeman (1 month ago)
lol, I remember that shit about Ghost Recon and "killing mexicans", I'm from Mexico and I thought it was some cool shit. Old farts shouldn't be in control of video games nor the Internet.
Bradex21 (1 month ago)
And I thought feminists were crazy- wait no, they are still worse
US is the most disgusting country ever made
Dylan Richard (16 days ago)
Because we don't allow ourselves to get hurt by video games?
Weißbrot Waigmann (1 month ago)
There are 2 easy steps how you can play EVERY game banned in your country 1st VPN 2nd Use other steam region
Greatest Ever (1 month ago)
At least you get to play as Castro in the zombies map "five" he is pretty badass
I want to add to my other comment although it's off topic , gamers who select their gamer. Tags to be set to private are actually creepy people in general let's make like a watch dogs game where we have to kill the a anonymous gamers in the story line ha ha offend thrm.All these low lives

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