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10 Video Games That OFFENDED Entire Countries

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Video games (and their stories and locations) don't always go over so well in certain countries. Here are some instances. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Billy BOBz (2 days ago)
When I played Splatoon 2 and my little brother got me because he is a sonic fanboy
Luis S. Cruz (3 days ago)
My mom got offended because I played Overwatch...that was when I was 17
Viking 2121 (4 days ago)
Im not really offended by a game, but im offended by some of the developers who release broken and glitchy games and they leave it that way for years and still charge ya full retail price (Call of duty cough cough).
prong1968 (5 days ago)
I think that all the other ones except the 'fight of gods' is acceptable. After all it is just taking the settings of a country just like some movies. But the fight of god offends many religions from catholic to Buddhism to India religion stuff. This is because they take the representation of the religion to fight which they shouldn't because, base on the stories I learn during my religions study, those 'gods' never actually fight with brawls. Jesus uses some healing magic and Buddha just sit there educating people not punching the crap out of them. That is why they shouldn't be shown fighting each other because it is the wrong representation of the story and the deity itself which could cause people who take religion very seriously such as the priests, the monks and the ISIS to get really pissed off and probably go against the game developers, even to the point of assassination.
Malcolm Swoboda (13 hours ago)
So what its not real, banning is pathetic and shows how unreal the religions are that they can't take a contrary piece of media. The priests, etc, are not the game developers, so make your own religious games.
SOLID RAID (6 days ago)
CSGO and FT2 trading has been canceled by the Dutch government in a similar branch as of the German thing listed in the video. So RIP Dutch market
jan ugur (6 days ago)
This happened to Battlefield 1 to. Not that much of controversie it created but it was stupid enough to piss you off. In that Galliboli level of the story you were playing as an Australian soldier and you had to kill Ottoman men to complete your objective. Some people thought that an 100% real thing, such as both sides died in that landing, would be wrong to portrait. But thank god it didn't grow that big. Even though the Ottoman soldiers oftenly say "(in Turkish) Give mercy to the remaining enemy soldiers."
jan ugur (6 days ago)
My god... that Minecraft ban whrmmmmmmm. I live in Turkey and i'll tell ya, everything happened because of the parents that doesn't know SHIT about games. In a couple months ago a child, 7 years old, tried to hang himself from the balcony because he saw this on Minecraft (yes, a swing in Minecraft) and they didn't blame the parents for being regardless, no. They blamed the game... whwwehhrhrhwhrhrhwhrmrwhrwmmnfesunvajwyedghawawadhagwfdhawfdh
YARN-dere (6 days ago)
Considering it's us White Westerners technology and we make the games, why would we have ourselves as the enemy?
TheDragonKnight (7 days ago)
now that i think of it, has germany done anything about nazi zombies? [cod] . i love cod zombies so please leave it be
Faris Zurub (8 days ago)
Just a bunch of Butthurt nations. Like that time the EU tried to ban memes because of “plagiarism” and other stuff. Although Cuba does have somewhat of a reasonable reason (If that makes sense) to be upset and ultimately banning a game.
Ahmed _ Noor (9 days ago)
REALLY U EVIL BEAST?? you live in a country that makes fun of other countries and love offending them in many ways, even by VIDEO GAMES, now tell me honestly, all of these video games, they r published in usa right?? and almost all the countries offended in this video, in reality usa is against them right?? china, russia, pakistan, japan, and etc, usa hates them , right?? and in all these warfare games, you r fighting on the side of america, know what this means, it means that usa actually means this offence unlike this youtuber said, "ITS JUST A FAKE GAME", if u americans think that ITS NO BIG DEAL, like this bloody youtuber already mentioned, Y THE HELL DO YOU AMERICANS MAKE THESE GAMES AGAINST REAL COUNTRIES AND Y R U ALWAYS ON THE SIDE OF AMERICA
Ahmed _ Noor (9 days ago)
BTW, i live in Pakistan
Viking Wolf (10 days ago)
All the censures in games offed me an all Viking games where they have horns on there helmets they didn't had horns on there helmets.
CMC_gUy (11 days ago)
I just wanna say that this video is a strong argument on why the US is the GREATEST country in the world. Releasing games is in a way a freedom of speech and expression and while people we'll get offended and I'm not always behind a plot of a game, it's nice to know that I formed that view with my own thoughts and not government sensorship. 🇺🇸
kaiydor tyktony (11 days ago)
basically "war games based on the middle east" are banned on the middle east.
Red Max (11 days ago)
1:29 it's a cross
Taymor Hussain (11 days ago)
You are imposing in a international market, your own western standards as the only correct one.
Smart Toosh (12 days ago)
I’ve seen too many people offended by games, AND with Wildlands the initial loading screen says THIS IS A FICTIONAL GAME AND DIES NOT PORTRAY BOLIVIA
danii 5614 (12 days ago)
Everyone is getting mad that there’s a girl in the front line of battlefield 5
Undead Soldier747 (12 days ago)
A couple years back my school tried to ban assassins creed black flag because it was apparently messing with the things the kids have learned in history class
diyagheith1 (13 days ago)
One thing I hate about movies and video games. Is that America are always the good guys...
TheRussianPT (13 days ago)
Well Russians are the bad guys in almost every american movie and a lot of games. so what? its all fictional.. Me as a Russian I understand that
JohnyS _CZ (13 days ago)
Germany is offended even by more thinks than EU... For example, They put 18+ rating on Flatout serie, because when you hit wall or anything indestructible fast enough driver will fly out car....
Kiwi (14 days ago)
But Castro was bad
Squidward Tortellini (15 days ago)
Its just stupid like " we don't like the game because it shows something bad and *FICTIONAL* about our country " ...literally no one cares about this stuff because everyone knows that it ain't real. And everyone in comments is like "why not make a game where america is bad" ...really? There are tons of games like this and still... Why people care about this stuff
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz (15 days ago)
I love how almost all lf these are Battlefield or Call of Duty... and nearly all of the countries (including Mexico and Germany) either are now, or were and still slightly are; totalitarian, socialist, or communism dictatorships... and yet no matter what ALL of which are still or have always been supremely hellbent on the control of their citizens... and all are anti-gun rights. Hmm... correlation much. No, that was not a question... correlation much. :-P What's REALLY funny thouh, is that all this bullcrap censorship garbage is sooooo easily bypassed by THOUSANDS of free internet tools. Using a VPN, not getting internet service through a service provider you know records everything, or at least through one that does so lazily or crappily, using anti-tracking browsers like Onion, manually setting your IP address, using dynamic IP addressing, using anti-sniffing tools, updating your systems regularly, updating and maintaining your anti-virus and anti-malware, doing even some basic searches to see what each new update actually does, using Linux instead of windows or mac and virtualboxing legit copies of either of those with any tracking software uninstalled or cracked and reworked. Sooooo many ways to game the system to bypass government censorship, it is ridiculous. Even my Grandma could do it with only a couple days of reading up on and practicing with the tools. :-P lol.
Dylan Logan (15 days ago)
Wolfinstein offended me by the difficulty I am a baby or something like that
Yun-Tong Yuan (19 days ago)
2:03 those are Chinese soldiers wtf
Kamil Soltan (20 days ago)
Man... gameranx is very ignorant
CozmBatman (20 days ago)
Spec ops the line was banned in dubai i guess
Doctor A (21 days ago)
I'm not surprised that Bolivia had problems with Ghost Recon Wildlands and a particular episode of American Dad insulted me this is the conversation with Stan and Claus about Roger becoming independent. Claus:Stan don't worry about Roger, he can't do anything by himself. Stan:Yeah your right ,he's an idiot, he can't do anything by himself he's like (forgot what he said), or Africa
Ripper whale (22 days ago)
Guys I hope to be a major game developer one day and if that day ever happens, im going to make a game where the murican are the main antagonist and the Russians or the Muslims ( heck,even Jews) are the main protagonist. Imma gonna publish it and won't give a damn on whoever criticises it.
joesashiify (22 days ago)
I love wildlands.... & i haven't even played it yet!
nemanja marjanovic (24 days ago)
company of heroes 2 ?
Ben Blevis (25 days ago)
Never been offended by one but have definitely seen people get offended... *cough *cough anita sharkeesian
HackerAssassin 0 (26 days ago)
O f course Greece didn't ban God Of War 1, 2, 3, or 4 or any of the other God of War Games
mr Stap (28 days ago)
I was offended cyberpunk 2077 gameplay was not shown to the fans.
yahya arbab (29 days ago)
Yep iran is offended as hell even having a copy of game has prison times i mean yeah !!
vanillathunder (1 month ago)
What abaut cod mw 2?
doctor mash (1 month ago)
Wolfenstein and germany
dammy Hendrix (1 month ago)
fortnite offends construction companies
OptimisticPrime1 (1 month ago)
Hey what about that American game Call of Dodo game where terrorist were shooting up an airport? That offended Amerikkka! (Sarcasm)
ItsRecker (1 month ago)
there are actual "people" that got offended at fallout 4 because you cant choose shawn's gender
Karl Stewart (1 month ago)
Not sure if it counts as being offended however, my rather religious mother laughed when she first saw DOOM and specifically killing one of the monsters. Followed by a moment to regain composure and "I want this game removed from the computer" which was obviously followed by tech savvy children hiding it and making up excuses to not goto church so we could play PvP. Good times.
Dingo (1 month ago)
2:22 i played both of those games all the time in 2015
Mehmet Mohammed (1 month ago)
2:01 that's not even japan lel
Adriano Bezerra (1 month ago)
When the game asks you to lower the dificulty, yeah, that's offensive. Or you just suck
deadtpol (1 month ago)
No Russian because I am from Russia
Canadian empire (1 month ago)
America ain't offended by games they still allow gta 5 of that no Russian thing
PCLHH (1 month ago)
4:47 sorry, but this is just so TRUE!
Shadow Creeper (1 month ago)
Why you’re so mad
Vincent Rowe (1 month ago)
I was offended by Overwatch: the voice over sounded to sexual and the poses should be mature rated.
Dan CeEse (1 month ago)
They banned tropico in Thailand for no reason. But hey I’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that the country is run by a military government. (LOL) My point is that if they banned games for some political reasons, there might be some partial truths in the games
Rock (1 month ago)
I've seen people get offended by Hatred... I dont see why.. its very educational
Sarim Sohail (1 month ago)
Cod Black ops 2 and Medal of Honour aren’t ban in Pakistan i still play multiplayer mode along the Story mode
Mehryar Jafari (1 month ago)
Hey Dear Falcon! Please try to pronounce the name of "Iran" right from now on. The way you said it is wrong. "I ran" . It is pronounced like "E run" . Thank you
Patta Kraikha (1 month ago)
...dude,Buddha isn't even god or relating to god in any means. I think banning the game might stop making people believing that he,Buddha has something to do with god. Buddhism is about learning hard truth and accept the laws of life and live with it. Buddha is no god,no son of god,super power being,he's man sitting under the tree and realized that instead of looking for a way not to die to accept the death and live a life fullest peacefully. There's no god in Buddhism but he said that it's okay to believe in other religions because Buddhism is more a way of life than religion,it's not about doing right or wrong,it's about you should do this and that instead. He's guy who's telling you hey,you shouldn't drink and tell you stories of drunk person and bad things that came to him not "drinking dudes are bad" He said "we shouldn't kill" but he isn't vegetarian,he just said,he would eat anything that people give him,he's beggar that's good at telling good stories. Extra There was a time when some people from other religion asked me why you can't kill but you can eat meat. I would answer because they're different thing,once you did something,there will be karma,some consequence but one action can only give one consequence. well,being match is 1 = 1 and isn't 1 = 2,because they're different thing,don't try to relate the,killer is not the same as buyer. One get meat by killing get that killing karma and another losing money to get that meat or you could say he use money and meat is the karma I'm not expert and there are more than one kind of Buddhism and I'm not talking about all of them but there're people that think Buddha is god is...ridiculous and some of the claimed to be Buddhist.
kraus hellbound (1 month ago)
im really offended with fifa...it's the same awful shit every single year! also thos fucking gams that are made only for online pourpuses, no story, no single player, no nothing! really?! i live in mexico by the way and never ever saw the government never tried to take down ghost recon, there where people who loved the game when they saw the chapultepec castle or even el angel de la independencia
Halo Warriorz (1 month ago)
Fallout 3 was also banned from India because of the Brahmin in the game being able to be killed.
Gaz Matic (1 month ago)
Pakistani genocide simulator... New idea for a game
Khaled Houssary (1 month ago)
Your games“ attack Arabs
JhavaBeans (1 month ago)
3:10 uhh Falcon...Mexico isn't a state lol
JMK (1 month ago)
JMK (1 month ago)
Chris Johns (1 month ago)
Games for fun why the hate, If you think of god of war as an example he killed alot of gods why didn't Zeus get offended and stroke us with his lightning power ? cuz it's just for fun idiots
Admiral General N.N. (1 month ago)
Every Game is so offensive! They force people into actually doing something and not just sitting and watching. ewwww
Kurayami (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who never thought about where are the villains or heroes are from or where the game takes place? I just play the game to have fun but I guess people these days get offended even if you fart
RW : V (1 month ago)
the only games i find offensive are cell phone games and ones with micro transactions and pre order bullshit attached.
Irsyad Asyraf Mohamad (1 month ago)
If you think Fight of Gods is not offensive,then American gaming companies should make games about America too.From building the wall in Mexico,the gun violence and racist community in Charlestonville,I think they can make games about those aspects...
Its funny because legit if there was a game about killing the united states, legit nobody would care. Shit we would be the ones laughing at it 😂
Dragon4568 (1 month ago)
I play Minecraft because it is a survival game. 😂
Xudus 19 (1 month ago)
Mass Effect 3 offended the world first
TooDamnRight (1 month ago)
Can we have a triple a game where the american military are the bad guys and you just shoot up a bunch of them for the whole game
Emperor Greninja (1 month ago)
Britain has probs banned a game Roblox is banned in some areas
sarbajit hazra (1 month ago)
Fallout was banned in India for brahmins.
Ardantop132 n/a (1 month ago)
Weirdly, even though i'm Malaysian, never even heard Fight of Gods. Probably its was banned here so no cultures get offended since its multi-racial nation (that just me)
Ice (1 month ago)
Lol Number 6, they just said it but they didn’t confiscate any copies.
Domandol (1 month ago)
I would be proud if my country was in videogame no matter in what way
Yuri Gagarin (1 month ago)
Why no far cry 3/4 its banned on Indonesia
Water Breaker 96 (1 month ago)
I got offended by Who's Your Daddy because of how bad it is
TDawg (1 month ago)
While banning media in general is a stupid fucking thing to do and I in no way support it, I DO understand some of those bans (kinda). You know what makes ABSOLUTELY no sense? Minecraft in Turkey and Dragon Age Inquisition in India. DAI was literally because of "homosexuality". Let that sink in.
JR Smith (1 month ago)
Different cultures fool.
Dj_framo (1 month ago)
Farcry 5 offends me and should offend all true Christians as it portrays 'The Father' as Jesus and has him killing a lot of people and being helped by God (YHWH) to escape imprisonment
Brandon Chase (1 month ago)
What about MW2 No Russian?
GuardianPyro 2k6 (1 month ago)
i was born in iran andlived there for about 7 years and there are soooo many games that ate banned
Othoniel Muñoz (1 month ago)
Dude have they ever told you sound just like Louis CK
Sina Bayat (1 month ago)
No mans sky offended the whole world
jack the ripper x (1 month ago)
My brother was offended by the Friday the 13th game cause of something that happened to a player in game
Hitler Balkan Parodies (1 month ago)
#1 MUST be Active Shooter.Go to steam and it will tell you everything about game.
Farhan Arief Ramadhan (1 month ago)
Rly turkey?
WakeupGrandOwl (1 month ago)
I think a lot of the problem is that many of these countries receive no global or American media attention or presence, and then America uses them but almost as a fictional place in order to carry out the 'American saviour' fantasy they love so much. Often North American people are highly ignorant to these cultures, and this is the only sort of opinion they are going to form around that country, their people and cultures.
Nuclear Drift (1 month ago)
SJW get offended
Kai Kai (1 month ago)
You should have done fucking hotline Miami 2 in Australia. The only game I've genuinely been excited for, and our country bans it because of a pixelated, skippable and fake movie scene at the start of the game.
RokuroCarisu (1 month ago)
Hotline Miami? Pfff, take a look at Getting Up!
squid asasassin (1 month ago)
Germany when they see wolfenstein 2 “The Americans made this ,why”. A American playing German wolfenstein 2 “What the heck”.
Luca Rosu (1 month ago)
1:12 bc in turkey PEGI is more serious and is respected more so that makes minecraft more accesible than other games
Ayush Prasad (1 month ago)
Pakistan! The front line of terrorism in the east. Gets offended when they see Lahore in Ruins, which may happen actually coz they support terrorism.
ryx1993 (1 month ago)
Idk if it counts but my mom wouldn't let me play GTA because she was afraid I would learn how to steal and car and go out and do it
Anthony Prince (1 month ago)
Black ops is not historically accurate, they portray castro as an inherently evil person qho brainwashes whores into dying for him and grabs them to be his human shield
noam hattav (1 month ago)
Israel banned wolfenstein because natzi symbols
Anuka Seneviratne (1 month ago)
The Buddha isn't a god lol
Yamaiko Hiro (1 month ago)
02:21 - Truth hurts I guess.

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