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Top 5 : Turn Based Strategy Games

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Our Top 5 : Turn Based Strategy Games list was created by TGN Partner CaptainShack. If you enjoy this genre of games, this Top 5 turn based strategy games list will aid your selection of the next game to consume countless hours of your life. Last TG10 Video ➜ http://goo.gl/LdARYg TG10 Content ➜ http://goo.gl/v1tx9B CaptainShack's Channel ➜ https://youtube.com/TheXPGamers =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-= #BreakIntoTheGame: Partner with TGN ➜ http://tgn.tv/youtube-partner/ TGN's Website ➜ http://tgn.tv/ TGN YouTube ➜ http://goo.gl/B8ile1 TGN Army YouTube ➜ http://goo.gl/dlOMbU On Twitter ➜ https://twitter.com/tgntv On Twitch ➜ http://www.twitch.tv/tgn On Facebook ➜ https://www.facebook.com/TGNTV On Google+ ➜ https://plus.google.com/+tgn On Our Forums ➜ http://forum.tgn.tv/ =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-=
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Text Comments (232)
Fran Dávila (3 months ago)
Professor, write the titles on the screen, please.
Florian Ragaz (5 months ago)
Uhm Divinity: Original Sin 2??!!
deljuan winton (8 months ago)
Thank you for talking
Megalo (1 year ago)
Never EVER! EVER forget Brigandine, Legends of Forsena and Brigandine Grand Edition aka. The BEST! PS1 Turn Based hexagonal game EVER! Trust me, it's the best!
ZonmobTech (1 year ago)
Hey guys, let's check my new Tower Defense game in 2016 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zonmob.invasion.towerdefense
Matt W (1 year ago)
advance wars: days of ruin, zone of the enders: fists of mars and battle nations
wtf no civ 5!!!
Drwdae Druída (2 years ago)
wtf you forget ROME TOTAL 2 \o/
brad tyler (2 years ago)
Total war is not turn based strategy, its more rts imo
0raivec (2 years ago)
Not sure why this isn't in the video description. 5. Banner Saga 4. Civilization: Beyond Earth 3. Age of Wonders 3 2. Xenonauts 1. Endless Legend
Joseph Sin (2 years ago)
elven oakshield (2 years ago)
dude i'm from chile and i do not understand what is the name of the number 1 game .
Fabian Zalazar (2 years ago)
Endless Legend
Michelle Sanctuary (2 years ago)
Suggestion: please create a video based on future games all we as players would *dream* and love to see them done right in next years: Warcraft 4, Left4Dead 3, FarCry 5, X-Com 3, Witcher 4, Rise of Nations 2
jos vido (2 years ago)
for me Xenonauts and not it's namesake Xcom enemy Unknown, is the real true sucessor to Xcom global defence, the original legendary classic TBSG game which arguarbly defined a genre,....and is prob still better than almost any other..
Babylon Rocker (1 year ago)
yes and no, i played the shit out of UFO and Terror from the deep back in the day, but i enjoy xcom/xcom 2 way more than xenonauts, the problem i have with xenonauts is just that the battlescape missions are often just tedious to play through. But in the end of the day its just personal preference i guess...
AstarothDeathSeeker (2 years ago)
I'm very surprised, and also glad, that there's no any heroes of might & magic game on this list.
Annette Ayotte (1 year ago)
HOMAM is on a Wikipedia disambiguation page, that's it for top search results, it's about some Indian fire god and some movie of that name: try googling HOMM, you might as well have typed in Heroes of Might and Magic, it'll ask you what number Heroes of Might and Magic are you searching for. The 'a' isn't capitalized, nor is the 'o' but it needs a vowel there to make a simple one-syllable word, HOMM.
Ah123rock (1 year ago)
its because TGN is made up of 14 year old who never experienced Homam because they were still too busy playing cod
Petr Novák (2 years ago)
Im not glad, because Heroes VII is the best HOMAM in years, except for the bugs. People just dont know what they want. Its as close as you can get to HOMAM 3 with a modern twist as you can. Also to Mike van Veen, HOMAM is not an RPG, its a strategy game, its not going to be in any other video.
Mike (2 years ago)
He mentioned at the very start those are in a different video.
Emo Penguin (2 years ago)
Says he cut out tbs rpgs, firs one on the list is tbs rpg. LOL
CHAT JAKK P. (2 years ago)
Final Fantasy Tactic and Brigandine!
Jerwinwashere (2 years ago)
south park stick of truth lol
The True Upgrade (2 years ago)
Just my opinion but i didn't enjoy Civ Beyond Earth that much
merly coquilla (2 years ago)
Disgaea series is amazing :o
Colonel Smartarse (2 years ago)
jos vido (2 years ago)
totally inferrior to xenonauts my freind...that's where the fuck.....
total war games are way better than any of this crap imo
86niisan8686 (2 years ago)
+Luis Fernández del Castillo Kasten total war isnt really turn basedif you play the battles... campaign map is only thing thats turn based.... thats half a game!
Joseph Hu (2 years ago)
Dislike for no FE
GD N1troking (2 years ago)
Heroes saga man? Heroes of Might And Magic 3 wtf one of the best
How to Make (2 years ago)
You have 1 DISLIKE from me because you dont add the NAME of Nr.1 GAME
XstOm NarakKiku (2 years ago)
+LAW “LAW and PEACE” Peace Yes yes yes , me too.
FearlessP4P1 (2 years ago)
2:45 made xcom sound retarded lol
Haidar Mahmoud (2 years ago)
what was the last game name?
-endless legend, was hard to find due to pronunciation
buybuck (2 years ago)
why there's no list of game names??? how should I guess the spelling?
Rabid Pixel (2 years ago)
+buybuck 5. Banner Saga 4. Civilization Beyond Earth 3. Age of Wonders 3 2. Xenonaughts 1. Endless Legend if you needed it
Kysier (2 years ago)
i think this is a "best of the year" type of list guys. (to every1 bitching about no civ # or xcom or w/e)
marked150 (2 years ago)
Tharsis is my fav turn based game right now 2016
플래그식스티 (2 years ago)
battlion nemesis
Mitchell New (2 years ago)
CIV VI to come out some time before summer this year.
Alan McDonald (2 years ago)
Edward Olsoe (2 years ago)
I just finished playing Blackguards 2 and although some of the battles were brutally difficult, the ability to restart them when failed made them bearable. The decisions you make for the main character affect which quests are available, and although some people stated that the game had bugs, I had Patch 2.0 (or 2.1) when I started and only came across 1 bug in the final battle. Prior to this turn-based strategy game (for PC), my favorite for years had been HMM3, and I never played Blackguards 1. Overall I have to give Blackguards 2 an 8 out of 10. Lots of fun, adjustable difficulty levels, and some super-challenging battles even on Normal setting.
MrDcofjapan (2 years ago)
le sigh. these are not the turn based you are looking for.
MC HAMMERPANTS (2 years ago)
plz remake with more HOMM 3
Jake A (2 years ago)
Endless legend is amazing and this is coming from someone who loves turn based games and not 4x games so much.
Raife Foster (2 years ago)
where is civ 5 aghhh
James (2 years ago)
And no total war games???
Jake A (2 years ago)
+James Yes but not while you fight so its not a regular real time strategy. Buildings are just for campaign map. So if i were to play vs you or a pc battle buildings dont matter. Building are usually much more important in a typical RTS is all im saying.
James (2 years ago)
+Jake A no buildings? i mean, most of the times, total war is all about constructing and upgrading new buildings..
Jake A (2 years ago)
+James Total war is under RTS which is a real time strategy over a turn based strategy. Total war would be in RTS line up although its hard to compare due to TW having no buildings which is really lacking.
Niklas Gustafsson (2 years ago)
the earth is not a globe...
KamonKaz (3 years ago)
And Dofus ? (more strategic than wakfu, less know, same creator)
charlix1214 (3 years ago)
Advance Wars?
XXB00tYL0rD69 (3 years ago)
can anyone recommend a turn based strategy game where you control individual units(like XCOM), new to the genre; so far i've enjoyed a couple of games and honestly would like to see more
Ze Vun (3 years ago)
5, 3, and one are tbs-rpg's and beyond earth isn't as good as 5 but you know fuck logic
quinn mollow (2 years ago)
+Coal Hacks Minecraft No the guy who made this video has no logic
Jake Fernandez (3 years ago)
Hi did you ever do the top turn based rpg list?
gert goemaere (3 years ago)
Disciples 2 is my absolute favorite, the dark atmosphere leaves HoMM far behind it imo. I've never found anything close to it, still searching. Also the music in this game, mmmmmm.
Michael Tseng (3 years ago)
"Mythiventures (Heroes Tactics)" is pretty awesome, it's a combination of HOMM, FF Tactics, and Heroes Charge. Just recently launched on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.camexgame.heroes. Their website is www.heroestactics.com
BenjL (3 years ago)
Lol, turn based sucks. real time is much better.
itaibh1 (3 years ago)
Anyone who puts in such a list a Civ game instead of Alpha Centauri is either brainless, or never heard of the game, both which are pretty serious.
Viktor Kabanov (3 years ago)
what the name of 1st place game???
Nukubu (2 years ago)
It sounded more like English Legend or In This Legend.
Mustafa Gürsoy (3 years ago)
+Viktor Kabanov endless legend
Spiros Pagiatis (3 years ago)
I tried Endless Legend and liked it. Didn't play with many races but I didn't like that there is only one map. Or did I just not notice the other maps??
Hender (3 years ago)
5:Civ IV 4:Civ II 3:HOMM 4 2:HOMM 3(don't kill me) 1:HOMM 5 TOE
Costin Halaicu (3 years ago)
5. Master of Orion 2 4. Panzer General 3. X-Com: Terror from the Deep 2. Master of Magic 1. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 That's my list of preferred TBS of all time.
Baaaarrrt (4 days ago)
+for Panzer General, but I would change it for Open General
onasis garcia (2 years ago)
I would just change #3 with X-Com: Apocalypse
ERNESTO MORINEAU (3 years ago)
truly good vid
Slither_OBT (3 years ago)
you totally forgot the "total war" games
Stefan Denchev (3 years ago)
WHERE'S XCOM!?!?!?!?
Stefan Denchev (2 years ago)
+jos vido ok... Where is XCOM???
jos vido (2 years ago)
have youi played xenonauts?....play it first then start asking....
ricijs2000 (3 years ago)
ohhhh i get it these were top 5 worst turn based strategy games ok never mind
Kongen (3 years ago)
Top 1: South Park: The Stick of Truth
Callum Thompson (3 years ago)
Why Total War Series of Creative Assembly aren't on this list?? They got the best turn based Series ever!!
Dank Potatoes (3 years ago)
Fire Emblem overlooked once again... (sigh)
Juan Cantu (2 years ago)
+Dank Potatoes I feel you sadly :(
Hybrid Vitae (3 years ago)
so... top 5 turn based rpgs later this week?  not the only person to leave this comment...
shiaba (3 years ago)
Heroes of might and magic!!!!!!
Jair Alarcón (3 years ago)
Idk, I guess Heroes of Might and Magic series are great too and are missing in the list!
romeo gomes (3 years ago)
What's the name of the last game
HUN Facal (3 years ago)
top 5 : Heroes of might & magic 2 top 4 : Heroes of might & magic 6 top 3 : Heroes of might & magic 5 top 2 : Heroes of might & magic 4  top 1: Heroes of might & magic 3
M7MD L-3ESAWY (11 months ago)
HUN Facal you are boring
Age of Wonders 3 is much better.
koisumaz2000 (2 years ago)
+HUN Facal HOMM3 first, HOMM5 second, HOMM2 - third
samuel garcia (3 years ago)
+HUN Facal Civ is also great, and hmm4 is the best!
Michał Suntharam (3 years ago)
HoMaM4 is the worst game from HoMaM collection.
Zaefnyr (3 years ago)
HarimauMalayaHM (3 years ago)
Fire Emblem 5 Thracia 776 is the best turn based strategy game ever :P Terengganu, MALAYSIA.
Nick of the North (3 years ago)
Civilization 5 Still rules them All! Sorryy
Malsanity (3 years ago)
So where is the TB RPGs list?
Davis Nelson (3 years ago)
Age of Wonders III is my fav.
The Crimson Fucker (3 years ago)
Don't get me wrong but AOW 3 was kinda fucking boring. In the beginning,as I was discovering new things I got that old, near forgotten feeling of "holy shit, new game!". Naturally, I went for Dreadnaught, faken faeries can go hug a tree...preferably as I'm chopping it down with my chainaxe! Did a couple more as such, then did some short ones with the other affinities to see if they're any fun. Nope. They're pretty much all the same spare for some specific moments of awesome. The Empire management is, basically, non existent, the strategic aspect can be explained with "me bash hard with club". Yup....that's about it. Furthermore, I fucking HATED the 6 unit stack cap. It's a decent game, but doesn't really have much to keep you going, the races also don't really have a lot of variety or identity. They're all, pretty much, the same thing with minor tweaks here and there to make them seem different.
Scott Coulson (3 years ago)
Haven't even watched the video, but I can tell that XCOM is on here.
Scott Coulson (3 years ago)
+Scott Coulson Although it should've been EU or EW and not the original...
dylem77 (3 years ago)
Nr 1 for me is Might and magic heroes 6 , maybe i'll give endless legend a try after watching this clip
The Ben (3 years ago)
Where's pokemon? :(
Patric Larsson (3 years ago)
What was the game called in first place?
Phan Huy Đức (3 years ago)
+Patric larsson Endless Legend
Stephen Springberg (3 years ago)
No lords of magic????? omg that was the best of all time imo
tarziq (3 years ago)
XCOM Long War.....its a mod i know...
The Traveler (3 years ago)
Fire Emblem Awakening should have been on this list. It's accessible, for one.
Scott Bangs (3 years ago)
Is there a written list of these 5 games, cant hear the video right now
Hassan Obeid (3 years ago)
any heroes of might and magic ?
Kaupo Rebane (3 years ago)
A very interesting take on Turn Based Strategy is implemented in Frozen Synapse (available on... everything with a colored screen I think). If you haven't already, then you should definitely give that game a chance - it's a turn-based game, BUT both players "make" their moves "at the same time" - difficult to explain, but it works so unbelievably well. The entire game consists of making your characters of different classes move for 5 seconds at a time, trying to guess the movement of the enemy (and to outsmart him/her in the process, obviously), which is also what your enemy is doing. Superfun in multiplayer.
margrab1 (3 years ago)
heroes 3
Abhay Singh (3 years ago)
can u plzz mention the name of 1 postion game
piqla (3 years ago)
loved the music background. any chance you can give me details about composer/band/title/whatever? cheers.
Alanonful (3 years ago)
Great video! All game are amazing and i loved them all.
wulinhao (3 years ago)
Interesting, so none of the HOMM series are top 5.
T.O.D Talk (3 years ago)
where was total war 
Wrath Is Me (3 years ago)
I cannot believe Beyond earth is on this. There are so many things wrong with that game, I'm not talking about glitches either. There isn't a reason in the world to play Beyond earth over Civ 5. That's in of itself a problem. I do agree with your choice for endless legend though.
Zander (3 years ago)
Because they actualy try to fix that multiplayer, atleast thats what my friends say.
Steve McNamara (3 years ago)
Yeah I couldnt either, until he said for this year. It is a smaller version of Civ 5. But considering that turn based strategy is seemingly on life support and that it still has all the mechanics of civilization, I think it is worth making the list.
Dzoni01 (3 years ago)
i dont like BE i still play Civ 5
Danilo ALves (3 years ago)
what the number 1 game name ?
KY Chong (3 years ago)
Endless Legend
BigDippas (3 years ago)
Why you no heroes of might an magic :'(
Maciej Podsiadło (3 years ago)
+Angreh Kittunz Yea that's true, it has some RPG elements, like leveling system, skillwheel, inventory and stats, but they don't really mean that much for the game. Of course, later your hero can be stronger than champion units, but still to do it, you have to use strategy and here it's turn based. I consider it an RTS (you can manage some things in real time) TBS (fights and developing are turn based) RPG (hero developing) and X4 (castle spheres) in one, but it has the most of TBS in it. Still, you are one of not many ppl on the internet, who actually admit that they've made a mistake, gj pal! :)
BigDippas (3 years ago)
+Maciej Podsiadło call of duty has a level system, stat tracking, and an inventory. I'll be gobsmacked to say a few features from an rpg make it an rpg haha.
Angry Kittens (3 years ago)
+Maciej Podsiadło My mistake. I confused it with the _Might & Magic_ series (same franchise, vastly different gameplay). That said a TBS and an RPG are not necessarily exclusive. _Heroes of Might and Magic_ is both a TBS _and_ an RPG (specifically in the way the hero characters have stats, inventories, and can level up)
Maciej Podsiadło (3 years ago)
+Angreh Kittunz LOL, and where did you hear that?! In any means Might&Magic: Heroes AREN'T any type of RPG. They are turn based strategy... They arent in there, because they countdown the games of 2014, and Heroes VI came out at 2011 while Heroes VII was pushed to september this year... Sorry, but saying that Might&Magic: Heroes (or Heroes of Might&Magic) are RPG games is just soo stupid that i had to react...
BigDippas (3 years ago)
+Angreh Kittunz I would consider Hero's of might and magic a turn based strategy game. At least the old ones I haven't played since 4
Jacob Gullick (3 years ago)
my favorite was warhammer 40,000 chaos gate
RainMasterXD (3 years ago)
Where are the rpg's you talked about? I don't see a video on them anywhere! Later this week my ass -_-
Kenneth Fox (3 years ago)
How Civ V is not on this list is beyond me
RainMasterXD (3 years ago)
+Kenneth Fox it basically is just in a reskin
ismail alger (3 years ago)
whire is disples man
copper4eva (3 years ago)
I'm at school so I only saw what games were picked not the reasoning. But seriously how did beyond earth get picked over Civilization V. Beyond earth is a crappier reskinned version of Civ V. Almost the entire competitive civ community has mostly stayed with Civ V instead of moving to beyond earth and for good reason.
Aarons Creed (3 years ago)
+RainMasterXD he is asking a question when he starts off im curious too why people like beyond earth ive tried and its basically that a reskinned civ V with a few neat new things but nothing that makes it feel as tho its worthy to buy.
RainMasterXD (3 years ago)
+copper4eva That's for competitive this is HIS list get over it.
Jplaysgamez11 (3 years ago)
Fire emblem?
D'-Kun (3 years ago)
What happened to Heroes of Might and Magic? :S I can't find the Turn Based RPG video, but even if it's there it was not the appropriated genre selection.
RainMasterXD (3 years ago)
+D'-Kun that's an rpg and i can't find the video either
Clash Bluelight (3 years ago)
i expected fire emblem to have a spot on this list. i haven't heard of any of these lol! are they all better?
Clash Bluelight (3 years ago)
+RainMasterXD ok thanks!
RainMasterXD (3 years ago)
+Clash Bluelight They said they are discounting rpg's in the intro saying there would be a video at the end of the week on them but it never came out for whatever reason.
Clash Bluelight (3 years ago)
+The Kawaii One it is turn based strat/rpg.
J H (3 years ago)
No fire emblem? awwwwww........

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