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The 12 Best Games For MAC

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Our list of the 12 best games for MAC as of March 2, 2016. We'll be updating this list as new games bump off old ones, and will be adding videos for our other "Bests" lists as the year progresses. For a written list and an update history, visit: http://kotaku.com/5878890/the-12-best-games-for-mac For top-12 lists for more platforms, visit: Kotaku.com/thebests For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to http://kotaku.com
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Text Comments (35)
Quantay Peoples (2 years ago)
Top 2 games of all time on Mac is Life is Strange and Brutal Legend
Celeste Winter (2 years ago)
this is so lame
Tom Jim (2 years ago)
The only game I like is Civilization V. The rest are crap games. Just my opinion.
Nameless Hero (2 years ago)
What is that? I've played alien isolation and Bioshock infinite on my mac mini, so why are you showing my this? Lara croft tomb raider The whole bioshock series Alien isolation Hitman absolution Dead island Metro 2033 and metro last light That's what i'm talking about
J F (2 years ago)
More like the gayest games for mac
Brace110 (2 years ago)
Plus you can install windows 10 without any problems, or drivers needed. And then you can play everything... Mac wins..
Child of Bread (2 years ago)
+Brace110 for me, windows only had 32mb of dedicated Video Ram and you normally need 128 to 512mb to play games at minimum requirements :'(
Brace110 (2 years ago)
sure you can, just not on high settings
Child of Bread (2 years ago)
but you lose loads of dedicated video ram when you use windows on a Mac which means you can't play some of the newer and better games
Pie Crust (2 years ago)
lol i didnt know you guys did comedy
N I G H T S TA L K E R (2 years ago)
Chi-Ming (2 years ago)
"The 12 only games for mac" better title
Bram C. (2 years ago)
+Chi not true i have like 60 mac games on my steam and some not steam games.... and there are a lot more!
Avelier Plays (2 years ago)
Its always nice to see the PC haters talk about Mac gaming. Yeah I won't deny that the ratio of mac games is big when compared to pc, but Ive been a mac gamer since the 80s with plenty of good games. But its cool and trendy to be a pc gamer and hate on everything else that isn't pc (consoles included).
samsoulee (2 years ago)
Awesomenauts !!!! you forgot the best MOBA on mac
187Maiku (2 years ago)
There are only 12 games out for mac...
Vinny (2 years ago)
These all look absolutely terrible.
"Hearthstone" and "more addictive than magic" don't go in the same sentence.
SAge periwinkle (2 years ago)
Undertale is for Mac yay (gets game and starts to fap)
SAge periwinkle (2 years ago)
Portal 2 is also on it jerks off more
mcrazza (2 years ago)
Cannot dislike this video enough.
Skukkix23 (2 years ago)
+mcrazza wwhy?
Mücahit Şenol (2 years ago)
darkest dungeon?
Max Flannery (2 years ago)
this is more like best games for tablet basically all of these games are crap
Cody Marshall (2 years ago)
LOL you actually have to make a video to specify xD You should make one for PC, The Best Games For PC - ALL OF THEM
NameOfAllNames (2 years ago)
James Kimbie (2 years ago)
Hotline Miami?
Markobie (2 years ago)
MACster Race!... I'm soooo sorry... I had to do it :(
Markobie (2 years ago)
MACster Race! ....... I'm soooo sorry... I had to do it :(
MAXTRAXv2 (2 years ago)
+Markobie Bonarelli still a pc, just a crappyer ver.
Darker (2 years ago)
I used to game on a mac. It could run everything it was optimized to, but still out of my 60 games I could only play 27.
Akul BIG (2 years ago)
Skukkix23 (2 years ago)
+Luca Macedo dumb people + youtube = WTF ROFL WHY?
Mohamed Hijazi (2 years ago)
creative assemblies best is their free to play total war: arena it's still in closed beta but it's amazing
David Enns (2 years ago)

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