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Top 10 Upcoming VR Games 2018 | PS VR , HTC Vive

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This is a liste of trailers and gameplays of the best new VR games upcoming in 2018 including PS VR and HTC VIVE's games . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List Of Games ( GAMES VR 2018 ) : # 1 : star child (PS VR) 00:00 Release : 2018 # 2 : payday vr (HTC vive) 00:52 Release : early 2018 # 3 : the inpatient (PS VR) 02:03 Release : 23 jan 2018 # 4 : Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown (PS VR) 02:38 Release : 2018 # 5 : alvo (PS VR-HTC vive) 03:55 Release : 2018 # 6 : moss (ps vr) 04:21 Release : 28 feb 2018 # 7 : Megalith (ps vr) 05:59 Release : 2018 # 8 : Bow to Blood (ps vr) 06:59 Release : 2018 #9 : Bravo Team (ps vr) 07:53 Release : 07 mar 2018 #10 : Transference (PS VR - HTC vive) 08:31 Release : 2018
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Text Comments (17)
robo recal is a good game
Streamz N Dreamz (8 months ago)
This is all ps vr
Sun set (8 months ago)
Hi Gamer SBR! I love your info!<3<3 Would you like to make an video of VR games more? If you do, add " Throw Anyting " plz! https://youtu.be/HKQQyhzj4aw
Sun set (8 months ago)
awww thanks <3
Gamer SBR (8 months ago)
thanx for your message bro , our next VR video will include your title
Sky (9 months ago)
What is the soundtrack for the first game in the list? Or any list of songs for this? I really like it. Thanks! Great video!
Yarimir Bocharov (9 months ago)
damn ubisoft. i feel so much love and anger at the same time. first they create the game i ever wanted, and then at release its tainted with bullshit mainstream ideas or EA like money making methods... there is so much potential in so many ubi games and then ubisoft destroying so much of it with implementing stupid ideas for making money or making it more accessable for the casual mainstream user and sacreficing to much in my opinion, just for beeing interesting foll everybody. if they just would make games, they would do the most innovative and greatest games possible.. but nooooooooooo... there always some stupid shit making me outrage.
Katana622 (10 months ago)
bad video bad title
bowlofarthritus (10 months ago)
Im worried about these games being shorter than 6-8 hours due to the amount of data is needed to make vr games, assuming theres a lot more used than standard games
Robert Siegfried (10 months ago)
The last Ace Combat game I played was 4. I'm excited for 7 in VR.
Alex Castillo (10 months ago)
Nothing for oculus all for ps vr. A lot of people got oculus rifts for Christmas. Don’t ignore it
Alex Castillo (9 months ago)
DRS (9 months ago)
And more people got nothing for Christmas. Don’t ignore it
SETH WHITEHURST (10 months ago)
Payday VR = Bank Robber Training Simulator 2018
blades7558 (10 months ago)
Yeah this is mainly for PSVR. Not helping...
Younes 0660260032 (11 months ago)
crazy. game it's .....
Ben Klock (11 months ago)

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