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Dying Light 2 vehicles, co-op, and dark zones | E3 2018

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Ben chats to Dying Light 2 producer Gosia Mitrega about the game's improved combat, new dark zones, and vehicles. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/pcgamesn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (20)
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Would you brave tackling an infected nest in the day while they sleep?
{]orgrant battalion[} (1 month ago)
No. Hesitation.
my name jeff (2 months ago)
PCGamesN No hesitation.
Diarmuhnd (3 months ago)
The Infamous (3 months ago)
yeah but only if my buddies go in first...
heatchamps2011 (3 months ago)
PCGamesN yea I’m savage af
Ryder Dog (24 days ago)
Wish there is de the zombie and vehicles
WavesOnWhite Sand (1 month ago)
Yes! Thank you for keeping co op!
Cyberboy 1245 (1 month ago)
Killer kl-rt (2 months ago)
Spoiler alert.... Kyle Crane is a villain
Mcmuffin 420 (2 months ago)
Night wasnt really scary in the first game after the first few levels
Emir Husic (2 months ago)
Always talking. Offer us something new. You are becoming annoying!
Jay Passero (2 months ago)
Is there still Kyle crane
Ryan Platt (3 months ago)
interesting ty for sharing!
Spicey Sharp (3 months ago)
Will the main character talk in cutscenes and side missions like Kyle crane? Or will it be like nearly every first person games where the protagonist never talks and is just quiet all the time!?
Spicey Sharp (3 months ago)
Joluk ok good
Joluk (3 months ago)
No it was already confirmed that the protagonist will get a voice
Ryan Platt (3 months ago)
I thought the story of DL was done well. Several didn't tho. Never understood that.
Count Robo (3 months ago)
bring it
Max Quick (3 months ago)
Looks great, can't wait to play it. Thank you for this video

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