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Smash Bros Switch: Ridley, Ice Climbers, It's A Sequel [RUMOR]

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Smash Bros Switch heats up with a new rumor regarding characters! How excited would you be for Ridley, Ice Climbers, and Simon Belmont to join the fray? And apparently it IS a sequel after all! Let us know YOUR take in the comments down below! Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Kappa/comments/8k0li1/here_are_some_big_smash_leaks_for_those_that_care/ Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Text Comments (740)
Purkskrr (1 day ago)
it is a fake
Smash Gamer (1 day ago)
Most of his romour is true. I want simon Belmont to be true also.
Ike Reviews AEBG (4 days ago)
Bring in goku
Ike Reviews AEBG (4 days ago)
Star fox grand prix is not real
Ike Reviews AEBG (4 days ago)
Ridley is in
Zack Marsh (4 days ago)
The fact that all of the characters (and I literally mean ALL) have been confirmed and Ridley was confirmed at E3 pretty much gives off the fact that Simon is gonna be in the game.
Jason Ramirez (2 days ago)
Zack Marsh The question is, which design are they gonna base him on if he ends up being in Smash Bros. Ultimate?
Fire Dude (5 days ago)
JustAHare (5 days ago)
*Applaud* good job on the rumor. you were right.
Cowkill (9 days ago)
We shouldn't trust this rumor guy. Of course some of his predictions were true, but a lot of them were false too. Even a broken watch gives the right hour twice a day.
Dimitri Sánchez (12 days ago)
*D O U B T*
Nitwit's World (4 days ago)
Dimitri Sánchez (12 days ago)
*D O U B T*
Nitwit's World (4 days ago)
Corbin Jose (13 days ago)
If we were getting simon Belmont, we would be getting MGSV(pt3) and silent hills. There's your D I S P R O V A L
D T (15 days ago)
They need more sonic characters like shadow or tails or knuckles.
Maranico Mario (16 days ago)
If Ridly ever end up joining smash bros I just hope people who did not agree of him being in get piss off over it and whine. Same is said for those who will whine if he don't make it. I am more into the fact who will be joining next. As guest and fighters we would never expect. The hype is real!!
Urasitti (4 days ago)
It's real!
Seshio (19 days ago)
I would like nanashi from smt iv apocalypse it would be cool but never happen
Aaron Alexander (21 days ago)
When did it become cool to say “Ridley has no chance” Sakurai said villager AND mii were not characters he’d ever want to include and we got both as newcomers.
Connor Morris (21 days ago)
I dont belive it ridley seems unlikley and ice climbers are amost guaranteed to come back but with Simon belmont I say no why would they him over Bomberman? Who has had way more nintendo rep infact why would they choose a harder company like Konami over someone like Ubisoft whos really buddy buddy with the big N right now Rayman seems like a way better and more likely choice for a 3rd party rep so all and all I dont believe this is real just because hes gotten a couple right in the past.
Russian Bot (22 days ago)
I have this feeling Ridley is in
Zachattack1021 (22 days ago)
Ridley? Hahaha.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Don't make me laugh. If he does make it in, I’ll gladly eat my words.
grand m'boi (23 days ago)
Ridley sucks
Urasitti (4 days ago)
Deal with it
Leo C (23 days ago)
No smash leaks are legit
Mahran Islam (4 days ago)
Well this one is except for simon belmont being in smash
Mahran Islam (4 days ago)
Leo C most of them are true
Leo C (4 days ago)
Mahran Islam I stand corrected
Mahran Islam (4 days ago)
Leo C it's true
Leo C (23 days ago)
All fake
Griffin Farrell (23 days ago)
I want shrek
Sugar the Cat (23 days ago)
Ridley sounds like a bad idea
FTLs productions (23 days ago)
Yeah I don't by it
FTLs productions (3 hours ago)
Fucc you Ridley.
FTLs productions (3 hours ago)
When you had a baaad daay. But I still don't buy Simon.
Geoy Baney (23 days ago)
Fake news, ridely won't be in smash
Geoy Baney (4 days ago)
Urasitti I know right?I literally still cannot believe he's in there
Urasitti (4 days ago)
Too bad!
Wolf Namina (23 days ago)
Where is Shovel Knight? Where is SORA!?
eviljester91 (23 days ago)
Now I know this is fake. Cause come on lol Ridley? Get real
Mahran Islam (4 days ago)
eviljester91 ridley is in
Massimo Perotti (23 days ago)
ice climbers are o v e r r a t e d
Karama kameon (23 days ago)
rumors was ridley was gonna be in the last smash game. All these rumors are fake unless confirmed by nintendo
Benobonob 321 (23 days ago)
... Where’s Sans?
Sugar the Cat (3 hours ago)
Benobonob 321 Sans is overpowered.
Crazybro_868 (23 days ago)
I want a full on story for smash, you've got a bunch of universes colliding and everyone fighting. But why?
1drewhunter Main (23 days ago)
If Konami is getting a rep again why not bring back Snake
Urasitti (4 days ago)
You got your wish
Inklingboy2046 (24 days ago)
My mind: seems very suspicious..... Seems Legit
EthanDoes Random (24 days ago)
All I want is A New Game and Bandana Waddle dee
ScienceProject 88 (24 days ago)
I want daisy to be a newcomer !
ScienceProject 88 (4 days ago)
Urasitti certainly did! 🤩🤩🤩
Urasitti (4 days ago)
You got your wish!
sonicspeed323 (24 days ago)
I want Dillon that armadillo cow boy
m3melle3 (24 days ago)
i just need waluigi XD
Urasitti (4 days ago)
Still an assist trophy
Chad Henderson (24 days ago)
Who else got a switch ad?
Just A Tool (24 days ago)
What do you guys not understand? Ridley won’t happen. You’ve seen the size of him in SSB4, it wouldn’t make sense for the past games to have him big and the new Ridley to be smaller. Plus, Masahiro Sakurai keeps telling us repeatedly about the size of Ridley and why he can’t join smash. Note: If Ridley actually IS playable, you can spam comments saying “I Told You So”.
ThePizzaBox (24 days ago)
Huh that's funny. Could've sworn there's been leaks about Crash, Spyro, King K Rool, Waluigi, Captain Toad, and Bandana Dee were leaked for e3. Gosh its like as if they only do this to create up hype.
Wieczorek (24 days ago)
I highly doubt that this game is a new installment. I believe it will be a port with some extra features.
MegaManNeo (24 days ago)
I really hope we get Snake back also. Namco needs some love too! How about Lloyd Irving or Klonoa for instance? Also if we ever get Crash Bandicoot at some point, the 90's would collapse.
Urasitti (4 days ago)
Snake is back
Lock Owl (24 days ago)
Putting aside what i think of Konami, i think Simon Belmont is a fitting choice as the Castlevania series used to be the big 3rd party series on Nintendo consoles. The Netflix show may have also brought back interest.
Stephen O'Brien (16 days ago)
As much as I like the Belmonts, if there is to be a Konami representative, I think it should be Goemon.
warhammer/Metroid (24 days ago)
Please let rundas be in smash bros :(
MonsterKat (24 days ago)
It better be a god damn sequel otherwise I will never forgive nintendo for building hype for a port. They would actually be a joke at that point.
Sugar the Cat (23 days ago)
MonsterKat gauuu
GamerNation (24 days ago)
Nero Biblios (24 days ago)
Yo, for real? No mentions of Rex from XC2 but Simon Belmont? Yo, thats fake. Cuz, Let's be honest Rex has a way higher chance of being in SSB5 than Belmont, seeing his game is ON THE SWITCH already.
Stephen O'Brien (16 days ago)
True, they wouldn't have to make all new character models but putting Rex in the game above some other choices would just be lame as hell.
mario9785ify (24 days ago)
3:20 noctis as in final fantasy 15 ?
Raspberry James (24 days ago)
why does the thumbnail say LEAKS when the title of the video says it's rumors?
Avery Patrick (24 days ago)
Nintendogs for smash
All I care about is... The Bayo Nerf!!!
J Riley (25 days ago)
Wouldn't be too upset if the wii fit trainer got dropped... Just saying
PaleBlueDot (25 days ago)
This is probably not true, but I would still prefer not to have potential spoilers in the title/thumbnail. I hated having characters leaked in previous Smash games
King K. Rool (25 days ago)
Ridley will never be put on the roster. Why can't you people get that in your thick skulls.
Sugar the Cat (2 hours ago)
Urasitti Sad...
Urasitti (4 days ago)
You lose. Deal with it.
Teasing It In (25 days ago)
Unless Waluigi is involved I refuse to believe
Urasitti (4 days ago)
He's involved, as an assist trophy, again!
Logical Juan (25 days ago)
What if, just to spite leakers, they scrap these characters? Like they just flat out remove them. Ever think about that?!
Simply Ravalox (25 days ago)
Crash and Spyro > Those three
Azur3Phoenix (25 days ago)
Please, for the love of everything holy, do NOT put what the leaks/rumours are in the video title or thumbnail. Just leave it as Smash Leaks/Rumours or something like that.
[神]GŌD (25 days ago)
I believed it for a second. Then you said Ridley.
yeti (25 days ago)
>no doom x smash related news thog no care
DarkVolt 123 (25 days ago)
Why no wolf 😭
Urasitti (4 days ago)
Wolf is back
Variety Entertainment (25 days ago)
I appreciate you pointing out possible inaccuracies!
Sm0kin_sick_StyLe (25 days ago)
Ok stopped listening after "the whole roster from wii u will return". The main focus of a new smash entry is the roster. New characters coming, older characters leaving. If the entire 50+ roster returnex thatll leave hardly any space for newcomers unless they add like 15 or more newcomers to the next game. I would like to see simon tho
Sm0kin_sick_StyLe (4 days ago)
Mahran Islam lmao just shut my whole comment down
Mahran Islam (4 days ago)
Stephen O'Brien (16 days ago)
I'd like to see Bomberman, Goemon & Banjo-Kazooie get in. We need more legendary reps & less choices like Bayo & Corrin, which were just marketing ploys.
metalfaust19 (25 days ago)
I liked the addition Mega Man last time around since I'm a huge fan of the games, would be really cool to see them add X so you could have a similar dynamic to what they did with Link and Toon Link in the past. X could have some really great moves for Smash like his dash-jump and being able to damage people by jumping under and into them with his helmet (have it be a special move not just apply to any jump), plus they could go really deep considering how many X games exist so you have a lot of Maverick powers he could be wielding. Also since I'm already on Capcom, I seriously want a RE character like Jill or Chris. But one of my dream characters would actually be if Eidos would let Nintendo put Lara Croft in Smash. The recent trilogy reboot of Tomb Raider has been wildly successful and now would be the right time to do a surprise newcomer like Lara.
The Clash Brothers (2 hours ago)
How many times do we have to confirm Ridley is too big Edit: Well Nintendo Did it Ridley is now in the game
the Tortilla man (25 days ago)
What about shrek
Plague 229 (25 days ago)
The ice climber part is real but the other parts are fake
ShadowOfNexxus (25 days ago)
Didn't Doctre originally say that metroid prime 4 is developed by Bandai
Recording24YT (25 days ago)
And he was never seen again...
Rosa Nintendo (25 days ago)
I'm not believing shit until E3.
Axolotyl Thanxalotyl (25 days ago)
You watch there’s gonna be Ridley, dark Ridley, metal Ridley, dark metal Ridley, shadow Ridley, dark shadow Ridley, dark metal shadow Ridley, Ridley jr, dark Ridley jr, Ridley senior, dark Ridley senior and wire frame Ridley. All with separate character slots. Ridleys too big
TitaniumToxic (26 days ago)
Rumour my ass, fake
Serenity Love (26 days ago)
Gosh...every time smash comes around Ridley always becomes a topic of discussion lol
Logical Juan (25 days ago)
Just goes to show how decisive the character is.
a person (26 days ago)
...but what about Waluigi?
Urasitti (4 days ago)
Still an assist trophy
Essence (26 days ago)
Fanservice? Damn.....
Troy Boi (26 days ago)
I'd like to stay away from leaks... I recommend everyone else does too.. And Switch Force, if you're going to make leak videos for E3, please don't put them in the title. That's impossible to avoid. I'm unsubscribing for that reason. And I've been subbed since the channel was at 5k.
Vilainpabo (26 days ago)
I was rooting for Simon Belmont when Sakurai launched his Smash Ballot. But very unlikely because, you know, Konami...
IM_THE_GAMEKID_ YT (26 days ago)
Also this is basically SSB4: Gold edition/ Definitive Sequel
fightnight14 (26 days ago)
Smash Bros. Deluxe Reborn Remaked Remixed Remastered Definitive Edition Collection Part 2 Vol. 4
Classic Sonic (23 days ago)
Logical Juan and new funky mode
Logical Juan (25 days ago)
And Knuckles featuring Dante from Devil May Cry.
Jadzia Nazario Lopez (26 days ago)
2 words Ga-ay.
Technic 12 (26 days ago)
So I've been watching the Castlevania cartoon/anime amd can we get Trevor Belmont, of the House of Belmonts, last son of the Belmonts?
Isaac (26 days ago)
Can’t wait for Dixie Kong and I’m really hoping she’s in.
SSBK 65 (26 days ago)
If Sakurai finally creates & adds Ridley I'd be shocked, he just seems too lazy to put in the effort.
SSBK 65 (16 hours ago)
I'm so shocked he went though with adding Ridley, and it's amazing he's playable! Those never ending debates are finally over!
Esteban Gonzalez (16 hours ago)
SSBK 65 what were you saying about him being to lazy to put effort.
WrestlingReviews (26 days ago)
But....Ridley is still too big (SIRENS WAILING IN THE DISTANCE)
LegendaryWarrior (26 days ago)
there was a time when Ridley was most wanted in smash by the fans, Nobody cared about size until youtuber Shokio made the "Ridley is too big video meme" then everyone joined the "too big" bandwagon.
eric dawson (26 days ago)
who is ridley?
Doctor Minjinx (26 days ago)
Any leak with Ridley = 100% fake. Rule of thumb.
Doctor Minjinx (16 hours ago)
Esteban Gonzalez I'm sorry I doubted them. I legitimately thought that after 10 years of asking, Sakurai stating he was too big, it would never happen. But I was wrong, I hope Ridley fans are happy.
Esteban Gonzalez (16 hours ago)
Doctor Minjinx what about now
Sebastian Jasinski (26 days ago)
Honestly the leak/rumour could be true but I highly doubt that the clone character are coming back I rather have them as skins
Stratilex (26 days ago)
This sounds so fake. But we’ve already known it’s a new game
Man i just want jibanyan
Switch-CFW-when? (26 days ago)
We've know that Smash Switch is a new game since it was announced.
Jesse Perez (26 days ago)
Idk why people love Ridley so much he sucks 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Do Not Pass GO! (26 days ago)
I don't care if this leak is real or not. Just DON'T BRING PYROSPHERE BACK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!
Un tipo (26 days ago)
Mevans (26 days ago)
I'm still hopeful for Crash Bandicoot #CrashForSmash
가부토TV (26 days ago)
Alisa Tekken For Smash!
lonewalker (26 days ago)
i think it is fake i mean why would wii fit trainer return he/she was the troll character of smash 4 and Cloud was impossble to be in smash but he did and i think Cloud is the new Snake from brawl he seemed sooo impossble but it was in smash but in smash 4 nowhere to be seen and we all know Ridley won,t come in smash because of its seize just forget about it people
Daryl Caruthers (26 days ago)
SleepSheep (26 days ago)
I hope Geno's in it

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