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Dreams PS4 Gameplay - How To Make A Platformer (Media Molecule Tips!)

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Dreams! A world where you can make anything you desire become a reality... Join Hollie, Dave and Media Molecule's designer, Peter Field, as they dive into the world of Dreams! Showing you a mere handful of ways you can make your level designing fantasies become reality! PlayStation Access brings you PS4, PS3 and PSVita news, features and gameplay every week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest titles on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub All music featured courtesy of epidemicsound.com (http://www.epidemicsound.com) One On Onesie jingle created by Pelle Kuipers / http://youtube.com/sketchysong Want more? Rob's Twitter: http://bit.ly/RobPearson Dave's Twitter: http://bit.ly/DavidJackson Nath's Twitter: http://bit.ly/NathanDitum Hollie's Twitter: http://bit.ly/HollieBennett Dan's Twitter: http://twitter.com/dan_wheeler90 Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetAccess
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Text Comments (115)
Nafis Zaman (21 hours ago)
The best cheapest game engine with a game, and with much better user interface.....this is too good of a deal tbh
Tom Morgan (1 day ago)
I'm not really interested in playing this game, it's not exactly my speed, but I'm so incredibly impressed by what this game is and what it can do.
Bob omb (1 day ago)
Dreams will be the last game i ever buy
Tha Milkman (1 day ago)
the rpgs will be amazing
SolidusOcelot (1 day ago)
If Sony make a good promo on this game, they will become the king of kings, dadly stomp on indie producers, even on some medium platformers from nintendo
Black Parade (1 day ago)
I'm definitely buying this a year after release
DUBcars411 (2 days ago)
Why do they always show the same levels
JoshSword (2 days ago)
MrSec84 (1 day ago)
I'm pretty sure there will be a beta later this year, but the full release will be 2019.
Jake Gordon (2 days ago)
I remember thinking how ambitious LittleBigPlanet was the first time I saw a demo of it, but this really takes it to a whole new and unprecedented level. The sheer amount of options here is almost overwhelming.
Yul Scott (3 days ago)
I hope when this game comes out, that someone recreate the P.T. demo.
Jeahboy72 (3 days ago)
Playstation access do you know if this game will support a USB music keyboard for music editing?
MrSec84 (1 day ago)
I think it was said that Keyboard will be supported, but PS Move has more buttons and can work in 3D space, so it's a better option for Dreams than a Mouse would be. Dreams sounds like the kind of game that will have a lot of tweaks and additions after launch. Maybe Media Molecule will add mouse support if enough people request it. Personally I don't see why MM wouldn't add Mouse support as an option for those that want it.
Arcade (3 days ago)
wondering the same thing
Sophie Edgar (3 days ago)
oh okay. this is pretty cool.
Me Also (3 days ago)
I could spend hundred of hours just messing around with the music.
Ramesses (3 days ago)
When is it coming out?
Danila Likhachev (3 days ago)
oh my god. if this is not revolutionary, I don't know what is
Masterffc (3 days ago)
Please Sony stop stepping on Xbox corpse lol
elcazadorhunter24 (3 days ago)
I have many "dark" dreams and I just hope to made them in this game :D
alexkid1 (3 days ago)
I'm just gonna make music to people.
Andrew Stephens (3 days ago)
Damn...yet another re-run from the EGX livestream stuff
Alz Dee (3 days ago)
Alz Dee (3 days ago)
This game will end world hunger.
Abraham Lincoln23 (3 days ago)
*Dreams* looks amazing! Thank you *PlayStation Access* you guys asked some really good questions and got some really good feedback! 👍
Ben and friends (3 days ago)
I can’t wait for the beta this year! I will be buying this STRAIGHT AWAY! I would much rather you take longer but make it better than take less time and it being not so good
Bebo18 (3 days ago)
I've been waiting since 2013 E3.
Ape Z (3 days ago)
I just love Media Molecyle! They have made amazing games that i can play so many times again and again! Can't wait what they are doing next :3
Kaizo Audio (3 days ago)
I really didn’t care about Dreams one iota... but NOW.... woof, Media Molecule did an incredible job. It seems they’ve thought of EVERYTHING.
anajjar456 (3 days ago)
Is this PSVR capable?
Deejmodin (3 days ago)
It will be on day 1! I have PSVR myself so when Dreams comes out... goodbye real world lol
This game is insane.
Sad Ken (3 days ago)
Stop trying to sound surprised by every little thing!? Not everything is amazing, even a ball with legs and arms. Plus, a game developer who is actually good on camera and explains things well and you talk over him at every opportunity!
blakefish80 (3 days ago)
One thing in the gaming industry that is sadly lacking, is there just aren't many games aimed towards personal narrative. This looks like pure fuel for the imagination.... love it!
TheRookie121 (3 days ago)
How long has it been since we heard of Dreams. Everytime I have seen it, I am amased by everything they show. This time it is no exception. Cannot wait for this game to come out!
Photo_ Filmmaking (3 days ago)
I loved Little Big Planet and i cannot wait for this.
Adam (3 days ago)
Debug's awesome. I want all games to feature Debug. Hail Debug.
satellite964 (3 days ago)
Jaw dropping! Unreal Engine 4 and Unity should adapt some of these ideas.
otterpoet (3 days ago)
Truly stunning work. I simply cannot wait to get my hands on this glorious system and play and create.
StephBe_ (3 days ago)
New feature idea, race eachother on viewers' tracks :D
HAL NOVEMILA (3 days ago)
I really want this game on the PS5 because right now my PS4 is in another city with my brother and I don't feel like buying another one so late in its life cycle...
Alicia Furman (3 days ago)
Making one now. Seriously, if you dont know how to code...use an engine with an embedded language. Godot, game maker studio. Something like that. This is making a game same as little big planet was lol.......ahem....in other words....its not. Edit: i am so sorry....first dislike ever....improperly titled and misleading video....im sorry.edit2: dave your absolutely correct. Theyve definitely made making something a lot less of a headache. To do all this i need several programs. Animations made through spriter or dragonbones....everything put together through the engine. Coding sucks lol
The_Dang_Man (3 days ago)
all hail the holy PS4
You cant beat K (3 days ago)
That man looks dead inside.
SirLaughAlot70 (4 days ago)
Release it!!!!
Robin (4 days ago)
That guy didn't look very happy when he said he was happy
Namajaff (4 days ago)
this game is waaay too ambitious to work, the most important part of the success of little big planet that its simple, this is so complex i don't think that the kids would understand it (the fanbase of Mm games are mainly children) but it can be good tho
Chanunnaki (2 days ago)
Too ambitious to work? It’s already working.
Marco Milan (2 days ago)
Namajaff dude, it worked for lbp... There are a lot of people who like to create and dedicate themselves to a community, plus there will be story levels and others created by actual game developers
Clvrkz (3 days ago)
well I think you're wrong. you don't *have* to use the complex tools, they're there for people that want to make more advanced creations. plus like marco said you don't have to create either, just play community levels once you're done with the campaign like how LBP was (:
Namajaff (3 days ago)
Marco Milan how can I play levels if the biggest demographic for this game can't understand the mechanics (btw I mean kids between 6 to 9 years old) Ps: I really want to be proven wrong
Otterly Strange (3 days ago)
Hi, I am a kid. I can confirm that I am, in fact, interested in this game.
Daniel X (4 days ago)
I feel like this game is gonna be so underrated but just by looking at it and seeing the depth and creativity that is present makes me feel like this is gonna give way to many designers in game design, music, animation, character creation, and literally the possibilities are practically endless. It's almost worth buying just to play other peoples levels once its been out for like 6 months to a year :D
I'm Gazzo (4 days ago)
Does it have a campaign or some sort of main story levels though? I don't see myself creating levels. I hope it's like LBP where I can play the campaign then move onto user created levels
PlayStation Access (4 days ago)
Yes! It does :)
KOBY MUELLER (4 days ago)
Yes! I was so excited to see this video! I can't wait to start playing around with Dreams! It looks amazing!
Ghoulish Gamer (4 days ago)
How is this the first I've heard of this?
The First of Us (2 days ago)
Only answer I can think of is that you've been living under a rock.
Lukáš Kus (3 days ago)
you don't play games?
BlackAce (4 days ago)
Platformer was my jam when I was a kid. And this makes me want to play some again.
Me Also (3 days ago)
BlackAce should check Astro bot rescue if you have VR.
Ghost (4 days ago)
This is just impressive! Huge well done to the developers!
Prexto Rex (4 days ago)
My god this is the new roblex ladies and gentlemen. And that is not a bad thing. This is Roblox for Adults! YES BITCH!
KingDonWahed (4 days ago)
Is it possible to make PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal with actual damage meter?
KingDonWahed (3 days ago)
MrTophatreaper I seriously hope the community of this game will be like that. Active and communicative.
MrTophatreaper (3 days ago)
Omg mah man!! Let's all colab and make it happen
KingDonWahed (4 days ago)
Poor Quality Gaming YES!!! With all Playstation Icons from PS1 over to PS4. The big ones and little ones. Crash, Spyro, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Nathan Drake, Kratos & Atreus, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, Aloy, Joel, Ellie, Ash from Concrete Genie, Jak & Daxter and everybody in between. Literally every one. We got alot of work to do PlaystationNation. And we shall do it.
Poor Quality Gaming (4 days ago)
PlayStation All Stars: Ultimate?
Matthew Hardwick (4 days ago)
Is it possible to dream about Dreams?
MrTophatreaper (3 days ago)
Yeah little did we know this game's always been out and so easy we play it in our sleep
Ben and friends (3 days ago)
Dream ception
Jonny Mentology (4 days ago)
Oh my good God, Hollie is so beautiful she hurts my eyes.
Jonny Mentology (3 days ago)
+qqq yyy Huh?
qqq yyy (3 days ago)
Film Ambassadors (4 days ago)
I can’t wait for this game is looks absolutely stunning
TheTownHero (4 days ago)
Media Molecule. I just have to say Bravo. Bravo. Wow. This game has surpassed what I dreamed it could be. I can't even believe how amazing this is. I was an avid fan of LBP1 and LBP3 (i didn't get LBP2) I want all of you at MM to know that this game is beyond what it should be. This should really be a teaching tool as well in every school. I love the passion you guys have for this and I'm glad this is something that has been made. Thank you so much.
Cutter Elf (2 hours ago)
+Alicia Furman I only played lbp2 but it had great story mode and level design. Also they don't just make engines at least in the case of lbp they make assets and all the related art.
friedtoast (1 day ago)
Alicia Furman: TL;DR Sandbox games are bad. Creating/Expressing your ideas are bad in a sandbox-main game.
Alicia Furman (2 days ago)
Imho media molecule cant make good games.....they make decent game engines. They put a bunch of fun stuff together and make it very easy to assemble a game with all their assets.....but its like they fall flat on their faces after that....they just leave it to the consumer to create their own game.
Radix Lecti (4 days ago)
Amazing, can see a whole generation of game devs citing Dreams as their starting point in years to come...though it'd better be playable on PS5 when it turns up, would be a shame for it to be lost to a generation change...
Ahmar Camacho (18 hours ago)
I'm pretty sure sony isnt stupid, ps5 is gonna more than likely be backwards compatible
Mporse Agree with everything you said👍
Alicia Furman (2 days ago)
Wonder if windows 12 will be backwards compatible....oh lol...thats right....pc doesnt have that problem...why does the xbox? I get the ps....i mean its sony....they made vcrs and the walkman....but microsoft?
Alicia Furman (2 days ago)
+Mporse i remember the reasoning for the ps3 NOT being directly backwards compatible was because the software architecture was not compatible. The ps3 was a move to a 64 bit OS wasnt it? And i remember there being an atm mildly confusing article about the x86 and x64 architecture making it absolutely impossible as was. The ps2 used the same architecture as the ps1 so it read the disks fine or something....
Mporse (3 days ago)
I mean, I want to believe the rumors and I hope they turn out to be true, but until we get an official statement from Sony about this, I'll still remain sceptical. I get what you're saying - I looked some of this up myself and there's several things pointing towards the PS5 being backwards compatible with PS4 games. For instance, the system architecture in the PS5 will probably be quite similar to the PS4, whereas the PS3 was waaaaaay too different and more complicated compared to the PS4 (which, among other things, might explain the lack of backwards compatibility between PS4 and PS3). There's also the fact that Microsoft is focusing a lot on Xbox backwards compatibility, which might pressure Sony into doing the same with their next console. Another thing, as you mentioned, is that Sony filed a patent which presumably concerns backwards compability. So, again, I'll remain hopeful but sceptical.
Isaac Sosa (4 days ago)
Looks pretty cool and it also looks easy to use, can't wait till it comes out
2067792332977602 (4 days ago)
Man they really went beyond and evolved what they where already cool at.
coverandoacasa (4 days ago)
the beta?
Oliver Bath (4 days ago)
I was amazed most by how amazed Dave was by a balloon 😂😂 Kidding it looked great
Michael Dust (4 days ago)
Michael Dust (4 days ago)
Dave is a balloon tho😂 jk
awesomejf03 (4 days ago)
This is my dream come true
Brennan Martinez (8 hours ago)
It is called Dreams after all lol.
NeBurner (4 days ago)
Simon Vin (4 days ago)
Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with cause there's no way I can come up with and create anything myself in this game.
Alicia Furman (2 days ago)
This conversation alone proves my point. Media molecule doesnt make games....they make game engines.
Adam (3 days ago)
If you're good at any aspect of creation, then you could collaborate with someone else on a project.
MNB (4 days ago)
I'm sure you'll be able to if you try. Or you can just play what everyone else makes.
Pugen (4 days ago)
First lol
Pugen (4 days ago)
+Crippling Niles ligma balls wannabe
Crippling Niles (4 days ago)
nope lol
NeBurner (4 days ago)
Jerek Headrick (4 days ago)

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