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Top 10 Must Own PC Games! ESSENTIAL PC GAMES!

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In this video, I take a look at the Top 10 Must Own PC Games. Do you agree with my list of the Top 10 Must Own PC Games? Let me know what you guys think in the comments section down below! #10-Mass Effect Series #9-Crysis Series #8-Walking Dead S1+S2 #7-Elder Scrolls + Fallout Series #6-Battlefield Games (3,4,Hardline) #5-Rocket League #4-Grand Theft Auto V #3-Witcher Series #2-Counter-Strike:Global Offensive #1-ARMA Series Support me by Using my Amazon link!- http://amzn.to/1KMXO7I Follow Me On Twitter!- https://twitter.com/cultofmush1 Deus Ex Mankind Divided DX12 Confirmed!- http://bit.ly/1Fj04mu Top 5 PC Hardware Deals of the Week 9/18/15- http://bit.ly/1FwWeGd Awesome $1000 SKYLAKE Gaming PC Build 1080p Gaming PC- http://bit.ly/1MsPHvY Why Are You A PC Gamer?- http://bit.ly/1VbTq8y
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Text Comments (3930)
dusttale sans (4 hours ago)
is there offline games
STAR WARS (10 days ago)
Crysis 3 is better than Crysis 2 what are you talking about.
alex (13 days ago)
Do you know what is call of duty??
Bro Planet (17 days ago)
Need a pc. I recommend buying a pc with at least a gtx 1050ti or above and a intel pentium and above. And to play all the latest titles at pretty good settings by this one https://www.amazon.com/CYBERPOWERPC-Xtreme-GXiVR8100A-i7-8700-GeForce/dp/B0757FV6Y4/ref=sr_1_7?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1540857195&sr=1-7&keywords=gaming+pc.
Thirteen Banger (20 days ago)
How do you not mention half life?
Red Pilled At Birth (27 days ago)
Bulletstorm is orgasmic
Agent Marshall (30 days ago)
If you own a computer, get a Bethesda game then mod the heck out of it.
robert randles (30 days ago)
Project igI, quake1. Cossacks, half life 2, command and conquer, lords of midnight
NintendJones 64 (1 month ago)
Tbh these games are amazing for pc*Note*-this is my opinion and my personal list and its not in any specific order just games i enjoy on pc. *13 Half Life trilogy's* *12 Rainbow 6 Siege* *11 Overwatch* *10 Gmod* *9 Final fantasy(all of them)* *8 Fallout 4* *7 Skyrim(or any elderscrolls except online)* *6 Left 4 Dead 2* *5 Battlefield 4 to 5* *4 Shadow warrior 1 to 2* *3 Borderlands 1, 2 and pre* *2 Monster Hunter World* *1 Darksiders 1, 2, 3*
Ivan Kovacevic (1 month ago)
Yeah bit late but Rocket Leage no Half Life
Ross Mclaughlin (1 month ago)
Would agree with most but not telltale games or gta5 but am aware that they really popular but not ma taste n the battelfeild games ma favourite is bad company rather than 4 or hardlines but awesome video 👍
KostasNotKolsas (1 month ago)
https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/232/Valve_Complete_Pack/ ez
Mad Man (1 month ago)
got killed by *morekillsthencancer*
ATheifsEnd (2 months ago)
Best games for the playstation 1. The Last Of Us
BLAST (2 months ago)
Mr Paul (2 months ago)
pubg ???
GrassHopper (2 months ago)
no half life2? are you retarded or what? that was and will be the best game of all times.
clorox bleach (2 months ago)
CONsolE foR LiFE
clorox bleach (2 months ago)
RobLOx noObS whEre is iT😡
equilibrium 814 (3 months ago)
Other great games: Metro series, Dishonoured series, Bioshock series, TheEvilWithin, Resident evil series, Dark souls series, Nioh, Dying light,Doom,Dead space series, Nier Automata and many more. Emulators: ps3, citra(3ds), dolphin(nintendo), ps2, switch
equilibrium 814 (3 months ago)
Actually a good list, finally!
Jeeses99 (3 months ago)
Battlefield is garbage
amir m (3 months ago)
were is terraria?
MooSe PlayZ (3 months ago)
Arms is dead tho
Mayhemsnow Games (3 months ago)
Ok soo the first thing you put on the list is a trilogy
Cadon Irwin (3 months ago)
#1 Overwatch #2 also Overwatch #3 still Overwatch There is my top 3 games
Futuristic Visionary (4 months ago)
What about minecraft?
Junglist82 (4 months ago)
Diablo 3, overwatch, Bioshock series.
anonymous (4 months ago)
Wow, with my fairly decent game library, I own only 1 of these games, CS:GO.. the rest aren't that interesting for me.. i think the best games would be mafia games like mafia 2, mafia 1, L.A Noire etc. And these are the games that interest me the most
Deno Playz (4 months ago)
Left 4 dead
Sergio Sequeira (4 months ago)
Rocket League, is NOT just CASUAL HAHA
Test Meme (4 months ago)
Bad video. Where is minecraft?
Anna Malai (4 months ago)
Hitman series
Anna Malai (4 months ago)
Dishonored series
Aayush S (4 months ago)
Nice video but where is my civ 5?
ExtremeBolt (4 months ago)
Where dafuk is half life 3?
SafwaN_ (4 months ago)
U dont play CSGO u dont know shit about teamwork! BEST FPS out there. Just play once and ull instantly get addicted. PS : In a good way tho
Zohaib Ahmed (4 months ago)
I feel like Just cause 3 should be here it’s in my opinion a masterpiece of game design
Joe Kamouh (4 months ago)
Cs go Bully Cod mw3 Far cry 3 BioShock infinite The walking dead all seasons Crysis Doom 3 Fallout 3 Pubg
THAC0MANIC (4 months ago)
the witcher series is over-rated 100%
Scrublord (5 months ago)
What makes this list completely irrelevant is absence of likes of Civilization V, Starcraft II, Cities Skylines, Planet Coaster, Divinity: Original Sin, Stellaris, Endless Space/Legends, CK II, EU IV , etc, etc.. Not just these games are some of the best but they are also PC exclusives.
Connor Leveille (5 months ago)
no half life?
HiperLynx Gaming (5 months ago)
1.Rocket League 2.Garry's Mod 3.Call of Duty WW2 4.Just Cause 3 5.C.S.G.O 6-10? Remember, I'm new to PC.
Michiko Hamasaki (5 months ago)
1.original battlefront 2 2. kotor 1 and 2 3. Morrowind 4. thief: gold 5. skyrim 6. baldurs gate 2 7. I DON'T KNOW I DON'T EVEN HAVE A PC YET BUT GET THESE GAMES ANYWAY (Thief is really great, try it out with headphones (the original, not the 2013 reboot))
The 17 Bruinbeer (5 months ago)
Look at the name of the Guy on 9:20
Evan Flynn (5 months ago)
We don't talk about Mass effect Andromeda
Jan Banan (5 months ago)
4:03 you have unlimited content in gmod as well if you count all the addons
Tony Lewis (5 months ago)
Rocket league is not a casual game...
Hank Olson (5 months ago)
Rocket league....... casual.......
Dimentive (5 months ago)
I bought GTA V for the singleplayer story mode. Fuck GTA Online.
Dimentive (5 months ago)
Add Team Fortress 2 to that list. _👌🏿_
Dimentive (5 months ago)
Chill out with that title, man!
Proxy (5 months ago)
https://www.instant-gaming.com/igr/Ramingo/ Website sell cd keys at low price,100% secure
Itz Musa (5 months ago)
far cry
Tiberiu Gherasim (5 months ago)
Incredible how you make a PC exclusive list and you forget RTSs, MMORPGs which are mostly PC exclusive games but you put in games that are widely available on all consoles.
MamaAIDS19 (5 months ago)
Just negates half life 2
jmacsss (6 months ago)
Rocket league is in no way a relaxing, kickback game.
Saint Legna (6 months ago)
Great video , in my list i would add some Dos games like “assault , simcity classic , arena/daggerfall, hertic , pac man , 1988 wasteland , “ then id add as regular wasteland 2 , pillars of eternity , diablo (S) , FO/ES (S) , Gta all of them not just the newer , star war galactic battlegrounds , original star wars battlefront 1/2 (not the new garbage) simcity 4 , sim’s any of them ,
Ebeoji (6 months ago)
kids will say including me "you forgot minecraft"
DevaLand (6 months ago)
'nobody takes rocket league that serious' let me tell you, its one of the most toxic communities out there xD
AWDTH1111 (6 months ago)
The only game you need on PC is No Man's Sky
RetireRuddy (6 months ago)
my list 1.Warframe 2.Warframe 3.Warframe 4.Warframe 5.Warframe 6.Warframe 7.Warframe 8.Warframe 9.Warframe 10.Warframe
Elliott Olson (6 months ago)
Fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite
Matthew Burnett (7 months ago)
Yeah the fat guy playing pc is bull. I played witcher 3 on mine for about 300 hours and I’m still really fit. Hell even when I started playing and got addicted I was in the middle of losing 30 pounds at the same exact time!
Mr.Goose Moose (7 months ago)
What about League of Legends
Communism96 (7 months ago)
Can i play these games with this specs? One laptop that can run Cuphead and The Darkness 2 without lag...
Flow Designs (7 months ago)
How tf can you not include club penguin island wtf
Ivan Benković (7 months ago)
Starcraft 2
GameEditor Che (7 months ago)
Bisids the witcher 3 on xbox one x is 4k. Naw days x and pro provide much bether more gaming exoiriense then pc.
GameEditor Che (7 months ago)
I got this games agrs ago on xbox 360. Pc gamers shuld play bether games on hagher grafics
No Scoper (7 months ago)
i dont like story games ><<><>
G.R Krishnamoourthy (7 months ago)
can i play gta5 on 2gb ram
Phantom Wind (7 months ago)
Ugh! Fucking pieces of shit (aka FPS), the others are not that bad.
Max Manfred (7 months ago)
imo the witcher 1 was the best in series
Adam Bernardino (8 months ago)
Diablo 3 is the best game on every console and is more rewarding and replay value beyond belief. Game has secrets and portals and just too much. These games on this list are boring sorry .
TROLL LORD (8 months ago)
I'm defiantly playing witcher when I get my pc.
Rugved (8 months ago)
Far cry not there!! You had one job bro but you still messed up.
Deep Singha Mahapatra (8 months ago)
Da fuck
FrequencyOo (8 months ago)
My pc is pretty good I can run solitaire on medium graphics
newgen all (8 months ago)
Where is life is strange😑😑?!
merio (8 months ago)
veck LTZ (8 months ago)
my top 5list gta 5 cod series far cry series battlefield 1 getting over it
Headshot (8 months ago)
With my potato I can only play Cunter strike condition zero..... Please like this comment if your PC too cant play these triple A tittle
Alan D1 (8 months ago)
I can't believe you included counter strike as a best game of 2015. Even though this post is 2 and half year old that game was old even then. It was released in 1999. Now it's 2018 and the game is still being played and I can't figure out why. I played the crap out of it 19 years ago and am so burned out on it. They say CSGO but I know those maps I see all the time an nothing but the visuals has changed. 3 maps 2 alternatives gets older than dirt after a year
Meowing Tortoise (8 months ago)
I have 2 Titan XPs in SLI and a Ryzen Threadripper with 64 gb of ram, will I be able to run minesweeper at 30 FPS?
Mr LloydVal (8 months ago)
bunch of boring shooter games.
Matt McG (8 months ago)
Blimey, can't you stop and breathe during narration?! Hearing your voice in such a way is an onslaught to the ear! Respect to the quality content though.
Jack W. (8 months ago)
Great vid 👍
Maniac BehindYou (9 months ago)
I dont want to play csgo anymore cuz ill break something in a sec.
Heh (9 months ago)
Can i ask you 1 question WHERE IN THE FUCK IS TF2
MrDarcyIsHere (9 months ago)
This list is terrible.
Ddd Ddd (9 months ago)
for me mass effect games were the best
JustMyUsername (9 months ago)
Ohh, no mention of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC, CS or CoP. Not to mention CoC or Misery. Hey ho.
lord Lancelot name (9 months ago)
Twd some of them die you mean all of them die
Re Juurii (9 months ago)
my top 5: 5.TF2 4.CS:GO 3.Minecraft 2.Brawlhalla 1.Realm of the Mad God
Luis Jaime (9 months ago)
/w/ Download PC Games http://tiny.cc/jxssqy
Luke Yznaga (9 months ago)
what do you think about the upcoming Bethesda Wolfenstein 2 Colossus game that is coming out soon?
Buster (9 months ago)
When he says "That you can actually put 2000hrs into" i remember that i have 3000hrs on it xD
Pick Burger (9 months ago)
that top 10 is God aweful. You lost me at "Battlefield Games" followed by "rocket League".... like... why would you even consider Rocket League on PC?! So you can play with a controller?!
MATTIA NICOLINI (9 months ago)

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