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MORE PlayStation EXCLUSIVES Coming! 3 NEW PS4 Remasters CONFIRMED!

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Support us with Humble Monthly! - http://bit.ly/2DkRJjl Subscribe here! - http://bit.ly/GameCrossSubscribe Follow us on Twitter! - http://bit.ly/1QYqnTp Support Us by Using this Amazon Link! - http://amzn.to/1eQsQy2 Sources- 00:46 - Yakuza 3,4 and 5 Remasters Announced https://gematsu.com/2018/05/yakuza-3-4-and-5-remasters-announced-for-ps4 03:00 - More PS4 Exclusives on the way https://www.vg247.com/2018/05/22/ps4-final-phase-of-life-cycle-says-sony/ 06:30 - Detroit Become Human Reviews Live on May 24th https://www.resetera.com/threads/detroit-reviews-will-be-go-live-on-may-24th.42490/page-7#post-8172584 08:18 - PSN Extended Play Sale https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/STORE-MSF77008-EXTENDEDPLAYGG/1?platform=ps4 Listed deals by r/weebae- https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4Deals/comments/8laygk/extended_play_sale_psn_na_ends_529_at_8am_pt/ Credit for Outro Music- Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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GameCross (1 month ago)
Time Stamps- 00:46 - Yakuza 3,4 and 5 Remasters Announced 03:00 - More PS4 Exclusives on the way 06:30 - Detroit Become Human Reviews Live on May 24th 08:18 - PSN Extended Play Sale
Sir Galahad (1 month ago)
*#Adam** Hollingsworth / that would be up to **-EA-** & if they do that most likely be filled with microtransactions & lootboxes*
gh (1 month ago)
PS4 is destroying XBOX right now w/ it's content. I ❤️ YAKUZA. It's amazing. They have to release YAKUZA 3, 4 &. 5 very soon b/c PS5 is very likely to release in 2020. I can't imagine what a PS5 PRO will be like. I wish they would remaster the old EA SPORTS title of SSX, SSX 2 & SSX 3. I ❤️ those ski games.
Sir Galahad (1 month ago)
*#GameCross** / dude please cover Agony*
M1 - MonarchOne (1 month ago)
GameCross thank you for Time Stamps
Adeel Raza (1 month ago)
Now PC Beggars Please don't Cry ok 😭
Paul Wenzel (1 month ago)
Oh yeah!! He mentioned The legend of Dragoon. Please let this happen
James Gangale (1 month ago)
Sony has reported that ps4 has about 3 more years of life sooooooo I don't think it's at it end just yet.
Nishit shetty (1 month ago)
I want motorstrom remastered
clownavenger (1 month ago)
make a new tenchu.
ThePopculturefanatic (1 month ago)
A new chrono game, a new legend of dragoon and a remaster of the first one, a new arc the lad, and a new breath of fire game.
Jazz Khan (1 month ago)
Yakuza baby 😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😛😍😛😛😛😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
John James (1 month ago)
Resident Evil 4, 5, 6 were released a month apart by Capcom on each for PS4 so yeah SEGA probably will release all 3 Yakuzas in the West every 2 months, theres also 2 new other Ryu ga Gotokus yet to be released in Japan.
Rene Alonso (1 month ago)
T Jones (1 month ago)
I can't wait for the Yakuza 3,4 and 5 remastered. I played the first Yakuza on the og ps2. I'm excited
Chris Webber (1 month ago)
I want jak and daxter!!
Francisco Schai (1 month ago)
It would be awesome to see Sly Cooper back!
Mark Gipson (1 month ago)
Bring back Tenchu!
PAragon Bytes (1 month ago)
Colony Wars: Red Sun. Epic space battles with today's graphics👌🏼
Andrew Plays (1 month ago)
I want more ps2 games on ps4
Brian P (1 month ago)
Legend of dragoon anyone?
stoat73 (1 month ago)
Syphon filter
Richard Lugo (1 month ago)
Legend of Dragoon was so fire, bring it back!
paul woodward (1 month ago)
Onimusha trilogy remastered
Skip Bayless (1 month ago)
I wish we can get Yakuza Tag Tournament game like Tekken Tag
Skip Bayless (1 month ago)
I Been having a PS4 since 2013 and a Job at a Pie Shop
Skip Bayless (1 month ago)
I Like to see Tomba come back
Skip Bayless (1 month ago)
I Like to see a Legend of Dragoon 2
Skip Bayless (1 month ago)
Yakuza 7 PS5 Launch Title game
Skip Bayless (1 month ago)
PS5 not coming to 2020 or 2021
TheNewFakk28 (1 month ago)
I would like to see SOCOM come back! Any Socom'ers in the house? :) Reply here if so! On a side note: I would love to see HD Remasters or sequels, or both, of the following games: Rule of Rose, Haunting Ground, Twisted Metal, The Getaway, and of course no other than SIREN series! Bring Siren 2 to the US already! It SUCKS to have to buy a PAL tv set and play Siren 2 on my BC PS3 just to play the game in the states... just sayin'
Travelling Gamer (1 month ago)
With x-com 2 being successful I hope squareenix will make a true console sequel to FF tactics. However I would like to see some old jrpg’s make a. comeback like: ogre battle, breath of fire, vandal hearts, suikoden. Ooh and we need a new panzer dragoon saga!
Hell Is change 23 (1 month ago)
Motorstorm 1, 2 and 3
Len Gobetz (1 month ago)
Will Mechwarrior 5 be available on the PS4 ?? Does anyone know.. Thanks
Mohaned SIFER (1 month ago)
Stop saying Yakwza.....STOP
Some One (1 month ago)
Best thing i ever done is trade in my xbox 1 for God of War !
lfslight susi (1 month ago)
Heavenly sword
Cloud K0 (1 month ago)
Last week got Dragon Age Inquisition on sale.This week Witcher 3 as a RPG fan I can't be much happier.
Leo Conant (1 month ago)
I should have taken a shot every time you said Yakuza in this video
HopOnTheHype (1 month ago)
You wouldn't release them this year? Then when? We still need Yakuza Ishin, Hokuto ga Gotoku, and Shin Yakuza (yakuza 7?) As someone who's played these games on ps3, I don't want to waste a fucking year just on some remasters. They are remasters, not remakes, they shouldn't be held to the same level as yakuza 0, kiwami 6, ishin, hokuto ga gotoku, etc. Release them all at once for all I care. Bring back Folklore sony, screw generic shooters like resistance, bring back stuff like Folklore and platformers and so forth. Anyway these older games getting new ps4/ps5 games should be done by new studios, for example it's rumored that a new studio is working on the next uncharted game. I don't know the studios to go back to old games that are making fresh and innovative ideas now, like I never want to see sucker punch go back to inFAMOUS unless it's just a hard reboot after like 3 more games after ghost of tsushima where they can make inFAMOUS truly top tier. Give the games like uncharted, killzone, inFAMOUS, etc to fresh studios to prove their merit, as test run games. Leave naughty dog to making games like the last of us part 2 and new ip, along with other studios.
SuperFNSCAR (1 month ago)
New Jak n Dexter game. Onimusha getting new game along with the older games getting a SOTC style remaster. Resistance revival. All wishful thinking I know but one can hope.
wguevara86 (1 month ago)
Great Legend of Dragoon shout-out. Very underrated game
Raziel Valentine (1 month ago)
A proper HD collection of Silent Hill and a new Legacy of Kain T.T
Harley Donaldson (1 month ago)
Legacy of Cain, especially soul reaver
Superman Fan (1 month ago)
I really want legend of dragoon 2
Trey Tewelow (1 month ago)
If Sony really wants to revive dead PlayStation franchises, then start with Jak and Daxter and Sly Cooper. Fuck what EA, Activision, and all the other juggernaut third-party publishers say. This industry needs more character focused action platform games.
Johnny Emezie (1 month ago)
Wasnt Beyond 2 Souls good?
Johnny Emezie (1 month ago)
Onimusha HD Collection Ps4
tomkat69pc (1 month ago)
manhunt 3 would be nice, psi-ops 2, blood rayne, shadow of rome, and a new socom game ..
Rene Morales (1 month ago)
Jet Motto
Justin Summers (1 month ago)
I want suikoden 6 or a suikoden remastered.
THE VITO (1 month ago)
Deejay Roundhead (1 month ago)
Resistance trilogy remaster let’s get it!
Peter Coombes (1 month ago)
I would love to see BluePoint do a Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver collection remake and then have a new Sony studio run by Amy Hennig do a sequel to the series as a PS5 exclusive
DAN FLEX (1 month ago)
Eric Lam (1 month ago)
Past franchises making a comeback- Chrono Trigger and Brave Fencer Musashi. PLEASE.
Jovic Oliver Blazo (1 month ago)
All Yakuza games will be released on the PS4?! I have played no yakuza game so far. Gonna wait for a yakuza marathon in the future. 😎 (0,kiwami, kiwami 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)
Anthony Hilliard (1 month ago)
I would love to see Chrono Trigger as a remake. One of my favorite childhood games
TheSpiral01 (1 month ago)
Socom series not part 4 but yes combined assualt, Conflict Desert Storm series, yes...Syphon Filter, Remaster Splinter Cell.
Alex T (1 month ago)
One word... Onimusha!
BobidyBilly Plays (1 month ago)
Can't wait to play the whole yakuza series, always wanted to play it but was put off by the multiple titles across multiple platforms so this is exciting for me!
FenrirLaeon (1 month ago)
Unlikely but I've love to see a new Goemon game but we'd have better luck getting Konami to hand the Metal Gear License back to Kojima for free lol
Jolo Sarmiento (1 month ago)
Games that need a comeback Syphon Filter - Sony Bend Legacy of Kain - Crystal Dynamics Armored Core - From Software Twisted Metal - Santa Monica Studio
Grab Life By Da Poosy (1 month ago)
HopOnTheHype Hell yea that was one of my favorites from my childhood. That and Metal Gear Solid but I kinda fell away from Metal Gear after the second one for the same reason I didn't play most Resident Evil games. I didn't enjoy trying to control the character's walking/running in third person. I'm sure I could've adapted to it but once I experienced the movement from first person perspective those other games just seemed clunky to me. Simple but frustrating simultaneously if that makes any sense lol Edit: I'm not saying I don't like 3rd person games. I just didn't like the way those 2 games handled after seeing there was a more freeflowing option. I wish Resident Evil hadn't waited so long about implementing a first person perspective finally in the last game.
HopOnTheHype (1 month ago)
Armored Core Reboot has already been confirmed.
LoliOnii-chan Senpai (1 month ago)
Open World Samurai 👌
Ivan Chavez (1 month ago)
Destroy All Humans!!
Donta Roberts (1 month ago)
Just remember guys save your money in case ps5 pro comes 😂
Jennessa Steffens (1 month ago)
New prince of persia game plus the trilogy on ps4
bhudamuu (1 month ago)
Onimusha because I’ve been trying to fill the void by playing emulators.
A Slice of Bread (1 month ago)
I'd like to see Onimusha or even Dark Sector.
Niko Blue (1 month ago)
I would love to see sony make a new MAG
studster87 (1 month ago)
Gosh, it seems that each new console release has less n less games to offer/ I bet with ps5 we'll get like 1 game a year, cuz games nowadays are " too expensive to make"
Haydropro (1 month ago)
The one game I want to be a PS4 exclusive is Maximo: Ghosts to Glory. It was PS2 game made by Capcom and was about a warrior trying to get to his evil uncle's castle to save his girl. That's one of the games I want have as a PS4 exclusive.
S. W. (1 month ago)
Yeah Maximo was great
THE VITO (1 month ago)
Haydropro absolute classic
kenterminatedbygoogle (1 month ago)
Legend of Dragoon remastered or the Resistance Collection would be awesome on the PS4. Listen to GameCross, Sony.
Brave Heart (1 month ago)
We need a ps4 boxing game. EA Ain't released a boxing game since 2011 Fight Night Champion. They should atleast remaster it!
Brave Heart (1 month ago)
Ufc is shit the movement aint as realistic as fight night champion and fight night champion is 2011 game lol. Way ahead of its time it just needs remastered. Xbox one and xbox 360 can play it and there is 3k pple online there Ps4 needs a remastered version.
realCeltics fan (1 month ago)
Play ufc 3 or stfu
realCeltics fan (1 month ago)
Brave Heart no
Grim Reaper (1 month ago)
Fuck ps5, ps4 ftw
Grim Reaper (1 month ago)
Just yakuza sigh
beardedshadow (1 month ago)
2020 would be good for PS5. Don't need one next year. I personally wouldn't mind paying a little extra, if it meant backward compatibility, etc.
Kenny Nicholson (1 month ago)
Where is an infamous remaster??🤔
Reginald Jackson (1 month ago)
I'd luv 2 see Legend of Dragoon, legend of Legaia, Alundra, Battle Arena Toshinden
Nick G (1 month ago)
I could not be more happy all of Yakuza is coming to ps4. WE NEED ONIMUSHA 👹
Monica Lebron (1 month ago)
God of War acension
Nicholas Taylor (1 month ago)
You get a like for acknowledging legend of the Dragoon!
Michael Munnelly (1 month ago)
Sly cooper needs to come back
Fugitive69 (1 month ago)
I've been thinking about trying out these Yakuza games wouldn't mind some really old remakes either since they want to do Final Fantasy 7 I wouldn't mind Xenogears or Legend of Dragoon BloodRayne even Knights of the Old Republic it would be nice but I know it's not going to happen but at least I have shenmue 1 and 2 coming out
shawn Christopher (1 month ago)
No PS5 please because that means the games are going to be $70.00 dollars and probably playstation plus will be more to and unless the games are full games with multiplayer and split screen otherwise I'm going to computer
Gentlemen Gamer (1 month ago)
shawn Christopher why $70
Immortal Kdude (1 month ago)
The Witcher 3 complete on sale Bitch yes
Miguel Dos Santos (1 month ago)
they really need to bring back vagrant story a remake of castlevania symphony of the night another jack and daxter and make xenogears like part 1
Fallout Kush (1 month ago)
I would love to see Shadow of the Colossus make a come back
Idiotic Tirades (1 month ago)
Fallout Kush I like jokes
Lord Caim (1 month ago)
DID I JUST HEAR LEGEND OF DRAGOON? IF THAT EVER HAPPENS .. its gonna shake the world as it is
Exvalos (1 month ago)
Love to see Onimusha return, also Legacy of Kain
yea no, i just bought a ps4 so theres no way in hell im buying a ps5 in the next 5 - 8 years
Gentlemen Gamer (1 month ago)
Human Being of Planet Earth so what? Don't buy a PS5 then, but you should knew full well that PS4 is in its final years now and that a PS5 is 2 yrs away at most It will come whever you are ready or not
Rosencrantz (1 month ago)
Human Being of Planet Earth ....bought a ps4pro just last year and cant wait for a ps5....gonna buy one if its next year or two.
Sir Galahad (1 month ago)
*MediEvil!!!* *Rule Of Rose!!!* *Haunting Ground!!!* *Dino Crisis!!!* *Dino Crisis II* *Siren!!!* *Forbidden Siren 2!!!* *Siren Blood Curse!!!* *Fatal Frame!!!* *Fatal Frame II Crimson Butterfly!!!* *Fatal Frame Frame III The Tormented!!!* *Resident Evil Outbreak!!!* *Resident Evil Outbreak File #2!!!* *Resident Evil Code Veronica!!!* *Silent Hill!!!* *Silent Hill 2!!!* *Silent Hill 3!!!* *Silent Hill 4 The Room!!!* *Clock Tower!!!* *Clock Tower The Struggle Within!!!* *Clock Tower 3!!!* *Parasite Eve!!!* *Parasite Eve II!!!* *Lair!!!* *Twisted Metal!!!*
Hector De Jesus (1 month ago)
Onimusha NEEDDSSS to come back.
fluffyknight Player (1 month ago)
Thanks for mentioning Syphon Filter. Sony dropping the ball there. I saw no good sales. Why would I ever buy Street Fighter V until the 4th physical release? Plus the character models are hideous. Plus the download cost more than the disc currently. This generations Real downloadable (smaller/cheaper) games have been a disappointment. I'm not buying anything remastered when microsoft has shown bc can be given and for free. Sony meanwhile wants to double dip. They lie and copy. They'll cave and implement bc at e3 or some point. Ignoring all of ps1 and ps2 is despicable. It's even worst now that my 2nd 60GB ps3 overheated and died again.
GAME OVER HD (1 month ago)
Keep them coming Sony # PS4 is the best place to pay
V3V0 Sparkz (1 month ago)
I want Timesplitters to come back. Those were the glory days on PS2
Martin Ramos (1 month ago)
Def Jam fighting games
T Jones (1 month ago)
Martin Ramos yes. def jam fight for NY was one of my favorite games
DAN FLEX (1 month ago)
Martin Ramos 🙏🏾
Lucas de Sousa (1 month ago)
I still remember one choice I had to make buy FF7 or The Legend of Dragoon, I chose legend of dragoon, and I DON'T REGRET, if they bring a sequel Legend of Dragoon I will definitely buy it
BerrlettGaming (1 month ago)
Would love a Resistance trilogy remaster for the PS4 come on Sony bring it back.
TheNewFakk28 (1 month ago)
As long as they don't rip out the damn Stereoscopic 3D and ruin the "Remaster" like they did with Uncharted 3, and Shadow of the Colossus! That literally KILLED the remasters for me, and for many others with beautiful Stereo 3D OLED LG sets, Panasonic Plasma sets, and yes, even with the last Sony 4K HDR 3D sets made in 2016. The DEPTH you get from those games is immersive, you don't need a VR headset, (aka a motorcycle helmet), and you felt IN the game, and can accurately see things in proper perspective. That needs a revival big time!
Algernon Banks (1 month ago)
A new Legacy of Kain would be nice
Orlando Calder (1 month ago)
For the love of God, Sony, PLEASE bring back Psi Ops. I know it wasnt a platform exclusive but still
dj coolkid (1 month ago)
I'd like to see a new Dark Cloud
SLADE17 (1 month ago)
Ratchet and clank collection please take my money sony just give me those games!!!

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