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top 12 Upcoming Games of December 2017 , PC , PS4 , Xbox one , Nintendo Switch , PS VR

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new games coming in December 2017, and this video is a collection of the top 12 Games scheduled to be released in the month of December 2017 in PS4 , PC, Xbox one , Nintendo Switch , PS VR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List Of Games December 2017 : # 1 : Resident Evil VII : Not a Hero (DLC) (PS4/PC/Xbox one) 00:26 Release : 12 December 2017 # 2 : Final Fantasy XV - Episode Ignis (DLC) (PS4/Xbox one) 02:08 Release : December 2017 # 3 : SpellForce 3 (PC) 02:46 Release : 07 December 2017 # 4 : Steep Road to the Olympics (DLC) (PS4/PC/Xbox one) 04:48 Release : 05 December 2017 # 5 : Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (nintendo switch) 06:08 Release : 01 December 2017 # 6 : DOOM VFR (PS VR/HTC vive) 07:44 Release : 01 December 2017 # 7 : Fallout 4 VR (HTC vive) 08:43 Release : 12 December 2017 # 8 : Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package (DLC) (PS4) 09:28 Release : 05 December 2017 # 9 : Okami HD (PS4/PC/Xbox one) 10:35 Release : 12 December 2017 #10 : Gear Club ( nintendo switch ) 11:40 Release : 01 December 2017 #11 : Bravo Team ( PS VR ) 12:14 Release : 06 December 2017 #12 : Nine Parchments ( PS VR ) 12:43 Release : 31 December 2017 ------------------------------------------------------------ Track: LFZ - Echos (Meikal Remix) Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/nMldNLiYzGU Free Download / Stream: Track: NIVIRO - The Floor Is Lava [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/iv7ZJecuu_o Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/TheFloorIsLavaYO
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Text Comments (48)
Straef (10 months ago)
Nice enough video, but the different volume levels were killing me, maybe work on that next time. Also, it'd be nice to see actual gameplay from all the games, rather than story/fmv such as with Spellforce.
Angelo Kraizzy (11 months ago)
FO4 VR on Vive only?!?!? 😢
JammyMonkey (11 months ago)
im here on december 1st
Hubert Cumberdale (11 months ago)
So much shit music
All Powerful God Enel (11 months ago)
lintlickerben (11 months ago)
These games suck. Some of them weren't even games
John McCormick (11 months ago)
Hard and fast Performance (11 months ago)
That magic dog thoe
Cosmic cowboy (11 months ago)
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Brandon Bowman (11 months ago)
nice try scammer/bot, a Russian speaking perfect English and your channel has no subscribers or videos or anything for a matter of fact, its to easy.
g3ars0fwar (11 months ago)
failbot is fail
Liam West (1 year ago)
Don't buy steep, it's horse shit
DrLucifer (1 year ago)
wait did i heard a voice of Geralt of Rivia
Scarred Praetorian (1 year ago)
Why did they do a remake of Okami...that game was like one of the worst in sales of all time...let it stay dead. Playing as a dog is lame af
ZONEX HAVEN (11 months ago)
Emanuel Rauter honestly it was trash and who cares dog wolf whatever. Trash is trash
Emanuel Rauter (11 months ago)
You have never played okami. It was bad in sales, but the game was amazing. And its not a dog its a wolf.
Fem Latra (1 year ago)
RE7 looks like shit... All the games are shit, besides maybe spellforce....
Aron 2018 (11 months ago)
You never played, you fucking child.
MrKratosndante (11 months ago)
definitely u never play okami
Mord fustang 6775 (1 year ago)
Mord fustang 6775 (1 year ago)
Resident evil 7: Biohazard
Cystic Coast (1 year ago)
most are just trash
KuvDabGib (1 year ago)
in short if you are not interested in Vr crap, remakes and relaunches, or japanese shit full of manga December will be boring according to this video.
chris bever (1 year ago)
they need to make syndicate 2
Paul Paul (1 year ago)
Nice track make a smile on my Face
Patrick Willian (1 year ago)
Brute912 (1 year ago)
My god, there's nothing to look forward to this year.
ZONEX HAVEN (11 months ago)
John Mcfirstley car simulation lol no thanks
Kevin Zaragoza (1 year ago)
Brute912 yea Roblox new update😂
Kevin Zaragoza (1 year ago)
John Mcfirstley trash
John Mcfirstley (1 year ago)
Brute912 need for speed payback is
Leon Courtney (1 year ago)
Dlc 's on re-released games besides like 2 games. Santa ain't coming this year. Oh the humanity.
Matt Hugh (1 year ago)
those games got no gameplay and they are THAT CLOSE????
Casey Torres (1 year ago)
Could you have fluctuated the volume between games any more? One second i can't hear the dialog and the other I'll never hear again.
Ed Girão (1 year ago)
Hey dude can you tell me the name of the openning sound?
Crow Fu (1 year ago)
Holy shit is Geralt narrating Spellforce 3?
SmytriXx (11 months ago)
Holy shit. Geralt from Witcher 3
William Rowe (11 months ago)
I know thats what I was thinking...
Fem Latra (1 year ago)
Deon Thompson (1 year ago)
y do dey put DLC's in these vids
Robert Brown (11 months ago)
Deon Thompson thats a pretty poor response,infact dlc's are a debate in itself
Gamer SBR (1 year ago)
some DLCs worth it cuz it's better than the games
Deon Thompson (1 year ago)
Gamer SBR if it say new games I expect to see new games not dlc
Gamer SBR (1 year ago)
The video contains three DLCs that have all new contents its a stand alone stories and for Resident evil 7 the DLC is a story from the perspective of Chris Redfield . Thanks for your feedback :)
Italo Wilson Salazar (1 year ago)
Horribles juegos para ps4 ..no hai juegos rpg ...o de rol para ps4
sam fisher (1 year ago)
wow the return of OKAME :o
Ulen Grau (1 year ago)
It's kinda weird... but... pretty sure my PS3 XMB has a game on it right this second, called Okami HD...... and it plays in HD (30fps)... So what exactly is Capcom doing? Making us buy it again at $20? For what? Unless you were a 360 exclusive owner, you probably already have this same game... buying it again for the 60fps(?) is crazy when there are so many other games you can buy for the same price tag or a little more.

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