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We Rebuilt THE OLD MAP in Fortnite Battle Royale

138159 ratings | 5888167 views
muscle k - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd534c_ehOvrLVL2v7Nl61w SUB TO BE A LEGEND - http://goo.gl/HXwElg FOLLOW ME! • Twitter - https://goo.gl/Amqx54 • Discord - http://discord.gg/LazarBeam • Instagram - https://goo.gl/gGzFf1
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Text Comments (9994)
I AM INSANITY (11 days ago)
"Infinity war is the greatest crossover in history" Me: *Lazarbeam and Muselk in the same video*
ZANDER Frost (8 hours ago)
I AM INSANITY Infinity War wasn’t a crossover...
Carson Grenade (22 hours ago)
No 6 mil vuew for you
Papa John's Pizza (1 day ago)
Marion Parham (2 days ago)
Cody Nutkiss (2 days ago)
Jose Sanchez don't you mean bloody legends
iFearfull (13 minutes ago)
You forgot the truck with the crates on top with the chests
Fucking hell
Natalia Perez (41 minutes ago)
Anyone notice lazarbeam has muselk blocked on epic games? It shows on top left corner with x besides his name
MarQuis Lucas (1 hour ago)
Aww... 5.8 Million Views
Emily Zalisz (4 hours ago)
Stan talent stan (4 hours ago)
But.. you didn't rebuild the mini grandma's house...
Brice Chapman (5 hours ago)
It actually it 6 million views
Honey Inia (7 hours ago)
His mike is muted😂🤣
JustArcher (8 hours ago)
Nah dude season two was the best tbh
_TrueToBeReal _ (8 hours ago)
Almost 6 mil
CaptainCrev JO (9 hours ago)
5.8 million views
Deftpark 3087660 (9 hours ago)
Only 5 8 mill
Teena Ladher (9 hours ago)
You are the best at that your sooo good.
Themagictntpenguin (9 hours ago)
5.8 mil views
Kaan Suleyman (9 hours ago)
Love u
MK Fortnite (9 hours ago)
This video was beautiful
Evan Shumaker (10 hours ago)
Lol ur almost at 6mil
bling_ _brute (10 hours ago)
Muselk + LazerBeam = tachanka + montange + blackbeard
Dirtmonkey20 (11 hours ago)
What happened to random shit
Braden Roscoe (11 hours ago)
I've covered dusty tilted and loot lake
Jake Stramler (11 hours ago)
The season 1 map was the best.
Adam Anwar (11 hours ago)
Close to 6 million views
Theofficial colino (12 hours ago)
5.8 almost there
Cameron Casey (13 hours ago)
You’re both Aussie af. Damn!
FaZeGAMER 1080 (13 hours ago)
Will 5.8 million work???
SniperGod06 (13 hours ago)
i done it all my self muselk
Super Bash Games (14 hours ago)
Hooray almost 6 mil views!!
lorttexwolf (15 hours ago)
6 million views!!!?!!!??!?!? Maybe!?!??
Zero (15 hours ago)
Meh, 5 million views is close enough to 6
Officialgamer05 (16 hours ago)
Tilted is where we went wrong
Bryan Sage (16 hours ago)
itsyeb0i Gd (16 hours ago)
5.8 MILL
Pepperr (16 hours ago)
No no no no I want vanilla fornite
hype star44 (16 hours ago)
Who else realized that the size of the crater compared to the map would actually cause the end of fortnite
hype star44 (16 hours ago)
theres only one man that can do the job it's the one that's gotten a minimum of 140,000 market gardens in TF2
Caleb Kately (17 hours ago)
Well you can’t have 6 million views but you can have 5.8
Reese Erhardt (17 hours ago)
Fuck you
Dut (17 hours ago)
So 6 Million views huh?
Joshua Phillips (17 hours ago)
You got those 6M views you wanted
GetPermBanned (17 hours ago)
6 million views
melissa leigers (18 hours ago)
So close
BlitherMaster 05 (18 hours ago)
Sub to me
Genguise (19 hours ago)
it got 5.8mill so 6mill is close
Guillermo Vazquez (19 hours ago)
All most 6 million views but 5.8mil is still good
JOSHUA COX (20 hours ago)
close i`ll say
dark Zone Pro 85 (20 hours ago)
Yo i subscribe
Samuel Schulman (20 hours ago)
5.8 million views
Blazing Chamber (20 hours ago)
Hey I Subbed
Jaiden Fulsos (20 hours ago)
Ollie Hayes (21 hours ago)
Why didn’t you get craytor to help
Rowan O'Reilly (21 hours ago)
"This better get 6 mil views" 10 days later is has 5.8
M R Twedt (21 hours ago)
Lazar: I hope this video gets 6 million views. Me: *checks views* It's 5.8 mil, I'll give to ya.
Martial 7 (21 hours ago)
6mil? Fuk u here's 5.8 mil
Kalishaly Hernandez (21 hours ago)
Muselk i love tour videos and yours
Starfe (22 hours ago)
the factories were my favorite im dead
Starfe (22 hours ago)
5.8 million views lul
Look its DrewDaBoss (22 hours ago)
i miss season 2 dusty
EggoGames (23 hours ago)
Close to 6000000 views
Shew (23 hours ago)
I feel ashamed to be in the same country of a clickbaiter
D.O.N.N (1 day ago)
Missed 6 mil views by 200 thosand!
Singh Is King (1 day ago)
Let's get him to 6m views
No you pooselk no dusty divot is back dusty Depot is back
E Komsic (1 day ago)
Almost 6 mil. views
DivideByPie (1 day ago)
Almost 6 million views...
Daniel Laakso (1 day ago)
Can you stop click baiting
KoalaExtra (1 day ago)
Daniel Laakso Can you watch the video before commenting?
Aarab Malik (1 day ago)
Whats the big deal? I did this BEFORE you even HAD the idea... NOB!!
TheCoolGamer IL (1 day ago)
no 6m 5.8m views
RoyalEZ y (1 day ago)
When you forget about the other factories Rip dusty depot
muhannad al naqbi (1 day ago)
It's now 5.9 mil views
did u do the voice where it says mate on the channel mate??
mckenzie sage (1 day ago)
i done everything you said
KtmEnduro (1 day ago)
I do same thing about 3 weeks ago😂😂
Jake Freese (1 day ago)
He is almost at 6 million views
Kasper Bondesson (1 day ago)
2 aussies One map
Spikie Games (1 day ago)
Museum said dusty divot is back 😂
HaizBro GamingYT (1 day ago)
Get this to 7M views not 6 cmon
Beamer490 (1 day ago)
Dusty holds a special place in my heart, for it was the first place I ever dropped
Gabe Boi (1 day ago)
He said season 3 but it was season 4
Adamie Menarick (1 day ago)
Rip 200k off 6 million views
Thetacomadness 24 (1 day ago)
Almost 6 mil
Bobby Big boys (1 day ago)
You built factories wrong there should be two Chimney on one
FoxyTheFirefollower (1 day ago)
So close to 6 million views
Glitchy Gamer (1 day ago)
You messed up on the 3rd building at the bottom corners of the building there are two arches at the corner and not one with a long hall way it's like a small indention kinda like if you had a cube and took away two corner sides and replaced them with arches,that's what it should look like 👍
Glactix (1 day ago)
Only 5.8 mil veiws. Rip ur hard work
Riley Gallagher (1 day ago)
Rip .2 mill away
Java Junky (1 day ago)
*”this better get like, 6 million views”* Gets 5.8 mil in 10 days
Does enyone realise that muselk is muted
rosienick101 (1 day ago)
He says this better get 6MIL views and gets stuck at 5,999,999
Charlie Sexton (1 day ago)
Pulling out muselk was lit
GD (1 day ago)
“ This has to get 6 million views “ 5.8 million views later lOLOL
Legendary sniper (1 day ago)
Wow, 5.8 million not 6 million
Lisette Arizmendi (1 day ago)
Miguel Aguirre (1 day ago)
Can any one sub i have 5
Blaze 1108 (1 day ago)
I actually am 11 years old
.2 mil
Papa John's Pizza (1 day ago)
And than me and my friend we destroyed it and we rebuild it
Papa John's Pizza (1 day ago)
I have covered it
Papa John's Pizza (1 day ago)
I rebuild dusty depot
Madan Anderson (1 day ago)
It’s not really season three map because of the small meteors

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