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Secret Globe Easter Egg in Super Mario Odyssey

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Super Mario Odyssey has so many tiny details it'd be difficult to put them all in one place (although that may yet happen, hmm), but we've been shown one so adorable we just had to give it its own video. Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (226)
I hav Watr bottels (15 days ago)
I founded it out today it’s really heartwarming
TheMaggot64 (1 month ago)
Not that sneaky but neat
William Xu (3 months ago)
I got a switch ad
slender cameron A.12 (4 months ago)
Found it my self
slender cameron A.12 (4 months ago)
I knew it
Leo179 (6 months ago)
Press B while jumping and you hear the mario noise less
Shaan The Man (6 months ago)
The globe song sounds like the end game when you get the last three moons in the darker darker side of the moon
ScorpionsFatality (6 months ago)
Extremely excited to see this Easter egg! Tried it out for myself and it is the most beautiful thing. Also it'll play until the globe stops. Then you just jump on it c:
CookieDough (6 months ago)
I found this on my own, it felt great honestly
That Weeabo Kid (7 months ago)
BUT it's very simular to one of the songs to super Mario galaxy
Knuckles the Echidna (7 months ago)
Sorry already knew about it, it's kinda cute isn't it!
Lucky (7 months ago)
How do you get those rainbow dots around the globe
Marx the purple jester (8 months ago)
I found this when I was in seaside kindom
mr.kitloin (8 months ago)
you actually can hear the music box of fossil falls without mario going HOO HA HA HOO HOO HOO HOO (spoiler alert) After beating the darker side and climbing the tower, (or you could do the frog glitch) but after climbing the tower get on the needle and eventualy it will play
The dweller of st james (8 months ago)
Oh I thought it was Rosalina’s story book theme
ACUAL T H I C C (8 months ago)
Me when I first found it: this is literally the cutest thing I’ve seen in a video game.
Mc_grrr (8 months ago)
Go Tom the moon kingdom and you won’t here Mario say “hoo” as much
McGaming (8 months ago)
2 additional pieces of information When in lost kingdom with the destroyed odyssey the song is played distorted When in cascade the odyssey is destroyed no sound is played
Ricardo Marquez (8 months ago)
I found it then found this XD
Common Engram (8 months ago)
if you hold B you can hear it better because mario jumps higher
the spider headquarters (8 months ago)
what the point of the little lights around the globe? (plz tell)
lazyy (8 months ago)
I actually started jumping on the globe out of anger because of the Darker Side, and the music box really calmed me
Reperak (8 months ago)
I discovered this myself and wanted to know if I was the first :-( Stupid me.
rpd (8 months ago)
i want to freestyle over that, mario is doing the ad-libs for me.
Just discovered this by myself, right now, when I landed in the Luncheon Kingdom! Hmm... sounds familiar... Oh yes, the narrator says it's the Jump Up Super Star (aka 1-Up Girl) song!
Isaiah McIntire (9 months ago)
What are those Colored dots around the globe mean??
DogecarMLG 12 (9 months ago)
Oh yeah
Paw (9 months ago)
Great! Now if only i could hear it over mario...
Geometry Dash AgentJDN (9 months ago)
After seeing the thumbnail, I went to bounce on the globe. I like the lullaby version of Jump Up Super Star that's played when jumping up on the globe. Also, I found the ground pound secret while playing the game, and I also found out you could enter the Odyssey by entering the big engine pipe as if were a warp pipe xD (Note: A slower version of the second music box song featured in the video can be heard once you climb the New Donk City Hall-like building at the end of the Darker Side. It's more depressing, isn't it?)
Bloody Blue (9 months ago)
Guys I found out that Mario can jump. That's how fucking stupid these videos are, we already knew these and you're just telling us just for money, great job dude.
Jalen Goode (9 months ago)
BloodyBlue Gaming to be fair, I didn’t know it was a thing before this
Ayden Smith (9 months ago)
Found this myself My favorite version of JUSS
Kirisan 05 (9 months ago)
Whhhhaaaattttttt that beautiful song I always knew it knew it from somewhere but is it actually from fossil falls
Thomas Maryniak (10 months ago)
Uhhhh. What is this??? Everyone knows this
Awesomespore (10 months ago)
What a pleasant little easter egg
Brash Crandicoot (10 months ago)
Yeah, I found this one myself, and damn was it cool to find it out without someone pointing it out.
fadumo roble (10 months ago)
I already found it
Autumnal Blake (10 months ago)
I miss the bloopers at the end.
Chloe Eve (10 months ago)
I found this a little while ago and wondered how long it would take before other ppl found it too
Azariah Dennis (10 months ago)
I figured this out before I watched this I was just jumping on my odessy and started jumping on the globe and it made the sound and I was like what. the reason I jumped on my odessy was because I tried to jump on the top of the odessy and I started to run around and jump on my odessy and I found this.
Isak Hansen (10 months ago)
Hahaaaa... found this myself
Muffintendo :3 (10 months ago)
I did this
Ken M (10 months ago)
Can someone please link me to the original fossil falls theme in as shown in the video? I can't find it...
emrah şimşek (10 months ago)
its like a piano rhythm nice.
JJmanrulez1 (10 months ago)
Beat the very last level, then you can listen to this song without hearing Mario hoo ha because it plays while you climb the tower
Unlocked Beans (10 months ago)
Isn't that globe gonna break.
Freeze Burn (10 months ago)
What I hate about this is that these 2 two themes are my favorite in the game but I can't put my controller down and relax because Mario will slowly slip off the globe if I don't check on him every half second
Freeze Burn (10 months ago)
Thank you for telling me the songs that play on that globe
That Nintendo Gamer (10 months ago)
Trombone Slider (10 months ago)
JonJon2627 (10 months ago)
Christopher Lefont (10 months ago)
What a coincidence I found this yesterday
Alessandro Domeisen (10 months ago)
In case you hadn't realized yet, once the globe is spinning properly you can get off and still have it play for a few seconds. So if you want to hear the music with a little less... less... solo improv by Mario, just jump on the globe once every couple of seconds to keep it going =) (although it is rather entertaining to hear the Mario jump noises in actual rhythm with the song)
Trevor Robinette (10 months ago)
Just barely discovered this in cascade kingdom, tested it in the other kingdoms and then I saw you out up this video. How hilarious is that!
Doggo Alexander (10 months ago)
Isn’t the Rosalina and luma story book from galaxy im positive
lycanroc ocean form? (10 months ago)
I got a oddyssey ad before this lol
JM Revelo (10 months ago)
This is an awesome Spoiler
TheDryGuy (10 months ago)
Now we just need a clean rip of these without Mario going hoo ha
LittleNick (10 months ago)
I found this day of release no joke
That Random Channel (10 months ago)
Try butt stomping on itvto make it play faster then get off of it if you made it play fast enough itshould still play without marios voice throughout the entire song
SalFrosterGamer (10 months ago)
I found this and checked YouTube but no one made a video. I feel great finding an Easter egg before people post videos on it
安東尼熊Anthony Bear (10 months ago)
But why haven't the ending song Escape?????
Boardgamefan (10 months ago)
I tested this and you can jump on it a few times and then jump off and the music still plays
John Mapley (10 months ago)
Easter egg shown at 0:40
Morris (10 months ago)
Actually, the second song is the Orchestral Main Theme. Fossil Falls is kinda like a remix of it.
GreyWolf1600 (10 months ago)
That is cool
smallbluemachine (10 months ago)
Anyone else notice the shader artefact at 1:11 on the left side of the screen, it looks like a triangle is culled and doesn't have the texture filled.
Moon Medic (10 months ago)
If you jump on the globe until Nintendo releases Isle Delfino DLC, you unlock the ability to purchase Isle Delfino!
Kitty Chan (10 months ago)
I found that in the demo I even posted a video of it
Cameron E. (10 months ago)
Wait WHOAH isn’t that the EXACT same song this guy on YouTube made ??? https://youtu.be/26BfGXRVOZM
Djinn Hoopa (10 months ago)
Cameron E. Well I guess? It uses the same instrument on the same song.
Weegee Boi (10 months ago)
GX did it first
420 GMT (10 months ago)
I found that Easter egg on Day 1
B O N K O N T H E H E A D (10 months ago)
B O N K O N T H E H E A D (10 months ago)
Oh yeah that would probably be a wiser idea
Gamemaster64 (10 months ago)
Hate it how? Don't tell me instead of using the ParaGoomba like you should you try to jump to it?
Alex Thomas (10 months ago)
i hate that one so much
Popdjkid ! (10 months ago)
I found it out myself as well well accidently jump near the odessey
AlexTheHorrid (10 months ago)
Spoilers on that odyssey!
Hudson Childress (10 months ago)
hearing these as a lullaby makes me sad because it reminds me of the excitement i felt when i first saw the trailer.
Basketbomber Slackingson (10 months ago)
Didn’t know it changed depending on the kingdom
Sparx632 (10 months ago)
The pause menu has a couple of musical secrets too, if you pause and unpause very quickly it plays the 1up sound and if you pause, click options, click an option then back out again it plays the beginning of the comet observatory's theme from Mario Galaxy.
Jackson Billings (10 months ago)
The infamous "HOO HA" is back! Diddy is back to number 1!
spheriod (10 months ago)
I found this out myself lol
Ele (10 months ago)
Hey have you guys seen the secret ways into the cabin? Like this https://twitter.com/akarusayami/status/925878972906315776 or the flip gate on the roof?
Gamemaster64 (10 months ago)
I have, it was kind of obvious compare to the jumping on the globe one.
MintBreath (10 months ago)
The melody of fossil falls sounds so different here than what I hear...
MasterLord Universe (10 months ago)
This music is gonna be nostalgic for me in 10 years time.
Raptyrn (10 months ago)
I found this out on my own in the Lost Kingdom, and it's a memory that will stick with me for a very long time.
Hadrien Nouvel (10 months ago)
Go around the odyssey and groundpound on the biggest foaming thing, surprise ;)
SuperSwagGuy (10 months ago)
He called me a lovely person.
Bayonetta (10 months ago)
Daniel J Day (10 months ago)
Da Brando (10 months ago)
I found out u can enter the Odessy from ground pounding a part on the top of it and u can enter pipe like though one of the exhaust pipes from the back
Da Brando (10 months ago)
Hadrien Nouvel same
Hadrien Nouvel (10 months ago)
Skeet yeah me to but I thought I was the only one discovering this lmao 😂😂
Youtube Minute (10 months ago)
I knew this last week.
Domiyu (10 months ago)
Solar Julz (10 months ago)
I knew this on day one
Isaiah Cruz (10 months ago)
I found this when my baby brother 3 years old would it when I left
Dom Tiberio (10 months ago)
*hoo ha hoo hoo ha hoo hoo ha hoo ha hoo ha ha hoo hoo hoo ha hoo woo ha hoo*
Christopher Ilagan (9 months ago)
Dom Tiberio BOOTIFUL
FuegoYT (10 months ago)
The music box made me cry😭
Knuckles the Echidna (7 months ago)
Aviblax2425 .
Aviblax (9 months ago)
FuegoYT (9 months ago)
showing emotion isn't being pussy. but its actually kinda touching
Mistergamer9892 (9 months ago)
It's especially lovely once you beat the Darker Side after going through complete hell.
yoyo (10 months ago)
and what is the name of that song ?
Goudje Swimmy (10 months ago)
I've noticed something interesting about the globe though. Since I found this easter egg really eraly, I've been jumping on the globe for a long time. I heard the fossil falls theme every time I jumped on it, even in Metro kingdom, but once I completed the festival thing, it changed to jump up super star, and from that world onwards, it would be jump up super star, but the worlds before it remained as the fossil falls theme.
Christopher Ilagan (9 months ago)
Goudje Swimmy Same it did that to me too
Tomiro (10 months ago)
Wow I have already tried this, but this is the First time I got that the melodi is from this game.
pokédude583 (10 months ago)
If you didn't know about this, did you know that hitting the radios after you finish the game makes them play either Jump Up, Superstar in Japanese, or the escape theme in Japanese? Considering at that point you can listen to both of those through the music list, it's a little by the by, but it's still interesting. (edit: looks like I was wrong, you can't listen to them on the music list until you hear them through the radio, so it's less pointless than I thought.)
LegendaryG115 (10 months ago)
pokédude583 ahhhh, alright, i think i just got them both in the same timeframe after beating the game.
pokédude583 (10 months ago)
I checked, on my new file, I hit the radio in the mushroom kingdom (which plays JUS in Japanese), and didn't give any toads music, and I had the Japanese jump up superstar in my music list. So I think it's safe to assume that's what caused it.
LegendaryG115 (10 months ago)
pokédude583 you can listen to the japanese version of those songs in the music list, i think you have to give the toad listening to music a music track, and some will give you music. Not sure how i got it though.
Antonio Marapese (10 months ago)
The best easter egg in mario odessy is def the (L is real 2401)star statue from mario 64 in peaches castle garden where you play the chest memory game.Best easter egg every people tried to figure it out for 20 year before nintendo had to release a formal response telling people luigi isn't in the game
Jump On Everything (10 months ago)
I told gamexplain to make a video on this so Nintendo life did. What the heck
McKinlay Otterson (10 months ago)
Tits at 00:18

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