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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack #3 - Eredin, King of the Hunt

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack #3 - Eredin, King of the Hunt (Exclusive Track) Composed by Marcin Przybylowicz, Mikolai Stroinski, Percival. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Official Soundtrack - http://youtu.be/ckxd7HKhD54
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Text Comments (69)
luffy Ali (1 month ago)
Everybody when they talk about the hunt, cold and shivers rises, the world darkens with mystery and fear to those riding spectres that some believes they're legends
cyclothymia (2 months ago)
laabitres (3 months ago)
The Wild Hunt were great and all but the Eredin boss fight was a huge let down
Lyna Ckhilou (4 months ago)
Wow the beginning sounds so much like the dark knight theme
Gordone Uomolibero (7 months ago)
"Aaaaaaahhhh witchaaaa"(cit)
Mary P. (7 months ago)
Am I the only one to think it's very similar to this Harry Potter track? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb9ikICsBes I love this though <3 !
DireConsenquences (8 months ago)
the shivers and goosebumps I have right now.
Nessie Andrew (9 months ago)
Found it! Can't wait to play some more!
can agicovic (1 year ago)
very hans zimmerish. but maan... eargasm!
AWK 1997 (1 year ago)
I am boiling up.
deki631 (1 year ago)
Feast your eyes on the non-existent then.
Luis Vázquez (1 year ago)
where can i find this with the woman singing except the instrumental??
Jacob Long (4 months ago)
Iris von Everec “The Hunt is Coming” is the name of the track
Iris von Everec (5 months ago)
Did you ever find out?
Zach Stefanakis (1 year ago)
This could very well fit for a Batman theme
Aymen maf (1 year ago)
The beginning is almost identical to Hans Zimmer's score for the The Dark Knight.
alex2003super (1 year ago)
"Another rift"
Brandon Van Bergen (1 year ago)
this piece could not have been written any better to capture the essence of eridin
SagnolTheGangster (1 year ago)
EPIC! Reminds me of God of War ost!
CegeRoles (1 year ago)
_"I've long awaited this, and you, _*_White Wolf_*_."_
Tlot Pwist (1 year ago)
Sauron: hey bud i want to show you this blacksmith who makes amazing armors Eredin: OHMAHGAAAAAAD they're soooooo fashion!
Çağatay Sunal (11 months ago)
Eredin talks, Sauron does.
Vaze (1 year ago)
Liam Hughes Probably not very long. Sauron isn't the talkative type.
Toodles Mcguee (1 year ago)
Tlot Pwist I swear first thing I thought when I saw the Wild Hunt was: SAURON!
Liam Hughes (1 year ago)
Tlot Pwist We can only wonder what a conversation between these two would be like.
Connor Mac (1 year ago)
I edited this music to WOW Wrath of The Lick King trailer. It fits so well for some reason
Infinite Infinities (1 year ago)
Connor Mac Lick king huh? Sounds like an interesting antagonist.lol
cr4yv3n (1 year ago)
He even has the crown :D
66_greenrunner_77 (2 years ago)
A Gaiseric wannabe is all i see
Torbellino Mental (2 years ago)
Snape to Malfoy manor?
GenericYoutubeNameHD (1 year ago)
Torbellino Mental I noticed this too :D
Pixelgrapher (1 year ago)
I was just about to comment that lol. It suddenly morphed to Harry Potter at 1:14
ShadowSamuel (2 years ago)
This is just a remix of The Wild Hunt is Coming.
D T (2 years ago)
"Geralt, have some dignity. You know how this will end".
ShufflingShoggoth (2 years ago)
"Look into my eyes, d'hoine. See your death."
Gwynbleidd (1 year ago)
ShufflingShoggoth shut your trap and fight!
Make Aen Elle great again.
Visiting Lofoten after the Wild Hunt attack with this playing made it so much more ominous.
bloodspilla55 (1 year ago)
Kekistani Reichsführer SS I agree with you but you're a cringey fuck for having that profile.
Geralt of Vengerberg (2 years ago)
ciri take us home
T1B 2V3 (3 months ago)
ComeSweetDeath I'm just imagining how she cuts your head of :-)
Dylan Palmer (2 years ago)
ComeSweetDeath She really is though...
ComeSweetDeath (2 years ago)
+No Lollygagging No she's not.
No Lollygagging (2 years ago)
+ComeSweetDeath Come on, that's like our imprinted daughter of people who played and finished it.
ComeSweetDeath (2 years ago)
Ciri can take me anywhere she wants, as long as I can continue to appreciate her butt.
TheFallenJ (2 years ago)
Damn first time seeing that fucker gave me the chills and the music really intensified the situation. CDPR are freaking geniuses.
Sauschädl 2318 (10 months ago)
But i dare say he wasnt that tough to beat there were harder enemies like that fucking werewolve they wanted you to kill at level 14 or so that was shitty
AWK 1997 (1 year ago)
TheFallenJ Nearly had a heart attack when he was about catch Ciri.
Blue Moon1996 (2 years ago)
this playing when the hunt was even vaguely mentioned just made it all the more ominous
MillennianBeauty (3 years ago)
the wild hunt's soundtracks are just amazing
ShadowSamuel (1 year ago)
+Connor Mac Only Avallac'h says what the wild hunt are after but they don't, all they do is just walking and killing like plain a**holes. Eredin only walks and destroys. he's a shallow generic doomsday villain. Junior and Baron are deeper characters than Eredin.
Connor Mac (1 year ago)
Actually Wild Hunt arent plain assholes. Eredin's homeworld Aen Alle is dying. He needs Ciri's elder blood to "save" his kingdom and race. However by saving is using her elder blood to open multiple portals to launch a full-scale invasion to where Geralt and everyone else lives to take new land for them elves. But unfortunately for us Eredin didn't succeed on obtaining Ciri so we didn't get to see the "full glory" of The Wild Hunt
Christian Clyne (2 years ago)
+ShadowSamuel​ Yeah, but it has little to do with what the OP wrote.
ShadowSamuel (2 years ago)
+Christian Clyne But my post was about the titular antagonists.
Christian Clyne (2 years ago)
+ShadowSamuel The OP's post was about their ost, not the characters themselves.
Avenger85438 (3 years ago)
Someone should edit this with The Hunt is Coming, and whatever theme played before the fight with Imlerith and Caranthir's. Making an Epic Wild Hunt theme.
GenericYoutubeNameHD (2 years ago)
+GenericYoutubeNameHD during imlerith is 'Welcome, Imlerith'
GenericYoutubeNameHD (2 years ago)
Before caranthir is hunt or be hunted. Not sure about before imlerith
204863 (3 years ago)
It's a Dark Elf for information.
ComeSweetDeath (2 years ago)
Hahaha not Steroids, the Aen Elle ambassador they meet in their world is like 50% taller than Geralt, he looks fucking huge. Ciri looks like a child besides him.
Oliver 'Ava' Meyer (2 years ago)
+KLZChaos Aen Steroid.
KLZChaos (2 years ago)
+Garl Vinland Probably steroids. +Maxime Hamon The Aen Elle are rather high elves.
Garl Vinland (3 years ago)
+Maxime Hamon They're also super muscular for just elves.
Oliver 'Ava' Meyer (3 years ago)
+CrownPVP Aye. The Aen Elle, generally, seem extremely cultured.

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