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Pokemon Moon Black 2 Nuzlocke Part 5 STOP RESTING! Pokemon NDS Rom Hack

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Pokemon Moon Black 2 Nuzlocke Part 5 STOP RESTING! Pokemon NDS Rom Hack Pokemon Moon Black 2 download - https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=405031 Follow me! Twitter - https://goo.gl/T1KEDh Twitch - http://goo.gl/sEG4pC Daily Pokemon Videos ranging from Pokemon Rom Hacks & Pokemon Fan Games to Pokemon walkthroughs & Nuzlockes But you will also find Pokemon Top 10 like Top 10 Best Pokemon fan games and rom hacks also Pokemon Fan game showcases We will also be doing a full walkthrough of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra moon starting from Choosing our starter to post game and beyond. Sometimes we dabble in covering the latest Pokemon Ultra sun & Ultra moon news and leaks aswell as opening new pokemon tcg products. So if youre a fan of Pokemon then subscribe! Pokemon Playlists & Videos Pokemon Top 10 best fan games - https://goo.gl/WVAH34 Pokemon Top 10 best rom hacks - https://goo.gl/bTuQ7d Pokemon Moon Walkthrough - https://goo.gl/UE44be Pokemon Ultra Moon walkthough - coming Nov 17th Pokemon Fan Game showcase -https://goo.gl/CPPtyP Pokemon rom hack showcase - https://goo.gl/7vTxdY Intro song - Ash Greninja theme
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Text Comments (51)
Daniel Nyitrai (4 months ago)
Rest and Detect are the worst.
Patrick Star (4 months ago)
how do i evolve my porygon in moon black 2?
Jashaun Bailey (4 months ago)
Wasn't he a Fletchling?
Minipierre (4 months ago)
Jashaun Bailey game isnt complete so since he evolved the fletchinder isnt complete
Jashaun Bailey (4 months ago)
What the hell happened to Pyro?
KarlyKom (4 months ago)
Why is that swablu purple?
Wertty Po (4 months ago)
is moon black 2 a full version hack ?
Borsalino ! (4 months ago)
Wertty Po No the creator is still working on it
Edwin Akwaboah (4 months ago)
4 pokemon died not 3
Will Damron (4 months ago)
confuse ray
Saner Doradreyt (4 months ago)
I Hate Splash and String Shot
Wrench IT (4 months ago)
how to cross avenue
Androoo kavvkazz (4 months ago)
The story is the same ?
Pikatube (4 months ago)
Brawly’s scraggy killed kenny, and also pyro but kenny is more important, he will BURN in the endless pits of HELL!
jerome ronaldo 10 (4 months ago)
black 2 is one of my favorite games , I miss it 😭
Jack Albat (4 months ago)
You just made the comeback of the year with these 3 videos
rahul karanth (4 months ago)
qotd:teleport(especially when abra uses)
Jamie Lees Dodger (4 months ago)
Should change this playthrough to the pokemon moonblack2 waterlocke ahaa
B2kDarksages (4 months ago)
*QOTD: Stone edge accuracy sucks* Edit: r.I.p
olleke Bolleke (4 months ago)
#QOTD destiny bond. Especially in nuzlockes
MysticMaxx (4 months ago)
QOTD: Status inflicting moves (Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis as examples)
kok ziyang (4 months ago)
Venoshock I hate that move so much
Kaits F. Raymundo (4 months ago)
hey guess what you can get pikachu in rockruff ranch
Zinadra (4 months ago)
I just started recording a moon black 2 at the weekend and by roxie all I had was a nidorina and a datrix, that seviper took ages to bring down!
Shary Khan (4 months ago)
After the fourth gym game will be end because the game has only four gyms and its incomplete
DIY, CRAFTS AND GAMES (4 months ago)
Shary Khan (4 months ago)
QOTD:Volt swith
Ayush Barnwal (4 months ago)
QOTD: Splash
Ichigo Kurosaki (4 months ago)
I think 100% viewers said the move splash
Surendra Pareek (4 months ago)
Surendra Pareek (4 months ago)
Two episodes later there is a wall invisible can't walk through
Borsalino ! (4 months ago)
Surendra Pareek That's cause the beta ends there
Splash i really really hate splash
Wilfredo Vega (4 months ago)
I hate Confuse Ray!
Shakil Dossani (4 months ago)
QOTD: Any move that can inflict status effects because I have terrible luck
Ultimate KillerKombat X (4 months ago)
You got lot of water types bro.
Ultimate KillerKombat X *_DON'T READ MY NAME_*
Blaze night (4 months ago)
How are you voltsy
Blaze night (4 months ago)
lmao 😂😂
ヌソレヤマextra *_DON'T READ MY NAME_*
Uta 06 (4 months ago)
esta completo este hack..this hack is complete
bukus vardo (4 months ago)
jose paz no
Blank Blank (4 months ago)
Don't read my profile picture wow
jose paz *_DON'T READ MY NAME_*
TheOp King (4 months ago)
First who ever say that there are first there not
TheOp King (4 months ago)
Vy Trung WTF
Vy Trung (4 months ago)
your team will be defeat by elec Pokemon
TheOp King (4 months ago)
I'm ok
Megan Kanitz (4 months ago)
Awesome video voltsy 😃
Megan Kanitz *_DON'T READ MY NAME_*

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