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20 Best Games of 2018 (First Half)

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Every year we stop midway through to take a look back at our favorite games for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. What are your picks? Let's talk! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv 20 Into The Breach Platform: PC Release Date: February 27 2018 19 Detroit Become Human Platform: PS4 Release Date: May 25 2018 18 Shadow of The Colossus Platform: PS4 Release Date: February 6 2018 17 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4 Release Date: February 13 2018 16 Subnautica Platform: PC Release Date: January 23 2018 15 Sea of Thieves Platform: PC, Xbox Release Date: March 20 2018 14 Celeste Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch Release Date: January 25 2018 13 Ni No Kuni 2 Platform: PC, PS4 Release Date: March 23 2018 12 A Way Out Platform: PC, PS4, XB1 Release Date: 3/23 11 Vampyr Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4 Release Date: June 5 2018 10- State of Decay 2 Platform: PC, XB1 Release Date: 5/22 9- Frostpunk Platform: PC Release Date: 4/24 8- Warhammer Vermintide 2 Platform: PC, PS4, XB1 Release Date: 3/8 7- Mario Tennis Aces Platform: Switch Release Date: 6/22 6- Yakuza 6 Platform:PS4 Release Date: 4/17 5- Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Platform: Release Date: PC May 8 2018 Platform: Release Date: Xbox One, PS4, Switch Q4 2018 4- Far Cry 5 Platform: PC, PS4, XB1 Release Date: 3/27 3- Dragon Ball FighterZ Platform: PC, PS4, XB1 Release Date: 1-26 2- Monster Hunter World Platform: PS4, XB1 Release Date: 1-26 1- God of War Platform:PS4 Release Date: 4/20
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Text Comments (2004)
gameranx (1 month ago)
Looking forward to hearing what you've been playing. If you guys have your own Top 10, let us know!
V.B.S GAMING ZONE (4 days ago)
Red&Black Flag (29 days ago)
Pillars of Eternity 2. The first expansion is coming out August 2nd too!
Pinball Wizard (1 month ago)
Ship of Heroes RELEASING SOON!!! Finally a super hero MMORPG.
coolertuep (1 month ago)
Venture Gaming (1 month ago)
Detroit: Become Human should've been much higher. That game is excellent.
Rosy Gaming (1 day ago)
Thank god he didn’t add Fortnite
Piotr X (1 day ago)
"the witcher is based on real history" buahahaha
Laiba Khan (1 day ago)
Wht about fortnite!
Belike Royce (2 days ago)
Where is fortnite
Raven (3 days ago)
BEST GAMES RDR 2 BO4 BF5 FORT.... nevermind
Raven (3 days ago)
The first game looks dogshit
Enis Gaming (3 days ago)
Fortnite is the best
Nathan Chalmers (4 days ago)
I wish Sea of Thieves was better, such a massive let down.
stangel ross (5 days ago)
When you need to get a solution to gather card you just have to try to find " *pranaholistico steam* " in the search engine. I hope its not patched already.
Niklas .D (5 days ago)
dude detroit become human on 19. oh boi
King Daniel (5 days ago)
Hol up what about fortnite
Doesit matter? (5 days ago)
you sponsore some games only that's why you showed them.
Jehan Martinez (5 days ago)
Detroit Become Human was one of the best games I've ever played. It got me up on my seat, I was interacting with the TV, I felt like I was watching a movie but got to be part of the story. The best part is the choices that lead to different outcomes and you feel and care for the characters. I actually teared up and I never do that in games! Definitely top 5 games in my book.
TazerNips (5 days ago)
You guys tend to give little spoilers in your videos. If people are paying attention to the video clips they can see somewhat major plot points kinda frequently.
reed (6 days ago)
So far 2018 has been a bit underwhelming. I've mostly been playing through my backlog. My list would be 1. God of War 2. The Red Strings Club 3. Yakuza 6 4. Shadow of the Colossus 5. Ni No Kuni 2 It's been a good year but not a great year in my humble opinion.
reed (5 days ago)
Well fortnite came out in 2017 and also i'm not into the art style.
King Daniel (5 days ago)
reed no 1 is fortnite
Nikhil Parker (6 days ago)
rust should have been there
Tom (6 days ago)
when you said dark cloud, i got happy. :)
VillainousRashid (7 days ago)
God of war was amazing I completed it, and the storyline was incredible
dragon ball figterz is the best yeaaaaaaah
Christopher Sewell (8 days ago)
Finding big money locks u up
Christopher Sewell (8 days ago)
I found money it locked me up
Christopher Sewell (8 days ago)
Christopher Sewell (8 days ago)
That’s it
Christopher Sewell (8 days ago)
Ok ok Shaun
Christopher Sewell (8 days ago)
Oh shit I’m using blue in India
Christopher Sewell (8 days ago)
My pot dealer run great
Christopher Sewell (8 days ago)
U like Kyprtonight girl
Christopher Sewell (8 days ago)
It’s a pet cop said
Jake Reinhardt (8 days ago)
Abdalla Ahmed (8 days ago)
fornite lol
I been playing str8 outta compton the game
MAarshall (8 days ago)
It's called Vampyr, not vampire. Silly American.
HopOnTheHype (10 days ago)
"Sea of Thieves.... released content light" Sea of Thieves to this day has less content than early access games. I genuinely think that state of decay 2 and sea of thieves are only on this list to appease xbox fanboys, because holy shit is state of decay 2 just state of decay 1 all over again, it might as well be the same game. To say that state of decay 2 is better than subnautica, kingdom come: deliverance, ni no kuni 2, detroit become human, vampyr, etc is pure bullshit =w= Far Cry 5 doesn't deserve to be in the top 15, let alone above fucking yakuza 6 (which is honestly the best game so far this year)
JustGitGud (10 days ago)
No Fortnite ;_; jkjk
Salomo Elfdahl (11 days ago)
Vyouforgott jurassic World evelution
Nenea Nico (12 days ago)
Knack 2 baby !!!!
Bugy.BangyBFH (13 days ago)
The Jingo (13 days ago)
your list is trash only 2-3 game is actually good in here
Malice of Madness (14 days ago)
Another video showing the same shit as the rest of em
Damian Lopez (14 days ago)
God of War, game of the year for sure. Just incredible.
Play Time (14 days ago)
3:19 Strong wrist game
Lucas Awad (15 days ago)
Subnautica is amazing....
PewPew Lasers (15 days ago)
Divinity Original Sin 2 not here, but flops like sea of thieves are.... What a shit list!
RoarinShots (16 days ago)
did this guy voice conner!? holy crap sounds just like him
Austin Rose (17 days ago)
Hades Q6 (17 days ago)
Vampyr is underrated
ZIZONDO :-D (17 days ago)
This is the first time someone tells me that I live under a rock...
GT700 (17 days ago)
This dude likes nerdy ass games
Adi Lazarciuc (18 days ago)
:)) how about pillars being a complete shit show ..being ridiculously stupid easy ..you can just let ai combat do everything
None of your biz (18 days ago)
Dark legends try it
Sociopatu' (18 days ago)
As a God of war series fan, God of War 4 is very overrated. At its core, is a weak game, with a weak story, weak gameplay, tehy sacrificed everything else just to make it open world and longer.
Spartan 0311 (18 days ago)
They need a top 20 that excludes the anime looking and 16 bit graphic games like celeste . I like these videos but I would never consider half these games
Yiğit Demirci HD (19 days ago)
I can't see fortnite in 1st
Energricity (20 days ago)
Where is Fortnite
retrovideogamejunkie (20 days ago)
so detroit become human will have bishop (lance henriksen in aliens) 01:32 nice clickbait
Yousef Corleone (20 days ago)
Kcd at 17 Hmmmmmmm
Martin Charles (21 days ago)
Take a shot every time he says satisfied
bernardo luis (21 days ago)
Sea of thieves above Detroit:become human, shadow of the colossus, subnautica and kingdom come deliverance?????
bernardo luis (21 days ago)
Nvm apparently it's not in any particular order
OBJ 99 (21 days ago)
THE FAKE DDG (21 days ago)
Ahmet Hakan Subasi (21 days ago)
Number 1 definitive god of war
SGustafsson (22 days ago)
1. God of war 2. Shape of the world 3. Celeste 4. Shadow of the colossus 5. Jettomero
MidoTV Adventure (22 days ago)
Silvio Roberto (22 days ago)
Any list of best games with sea of thieves on it deserve a... -_-👎
Elliot Walker (23 days ago)
i cant find state of decay 2 on steam. where should i look for it?
.goWa (23 days ago)
God of war
Desmond Miles (23 days ago)
Please for the love of god take out those wierd-ass 8 bit games and 2D looking games out of your lists. No one wants to play them and nobody gives a shit about them. Leave those for children man.
Enter Name (23 days ago)
Shadow Rune (24 days ago)
Subnautica one of the few survival game that actually scared me
Fury (24 days ago)
Susanne Linden (25 days ago)
why didint you include fortnite
Spicy Leonardo (25 days ago)
Supersonic (26 days ago)
13:31 KILLEd me with how that guy flew away
evil springtrap (26 days ago)
well some game s are in 2005 or 2013 like a shadow of the colossus you lie
Bjørn Erik Fjeld (26 days ago)
I dont think Dragon ball looks good at graphics... matter of taste i guess. Street fighter IV and V is way better for my taste. And they are old games..
im still waiting for wolfenstein return to caste remastered
Ahmed Almazmi (26 days ago)
Treacy Slawson (27 days ago)
Fd Gamer57 (27 days ago)
What about fortnite
Emily Koroumah (27 days ago)
I will get dragonballz,might get ni no kuni ii
Nicholas Bumgardner (27 days ago)
Question: I'm bored while I wait for Yakuza Kiwami 2 at the end of August. Should I get Assassins Creed Origins or Far Cry 5? I like both franchises about equally.
LOL Im Fat XD (27 days ago)
LOL Im Fat XD (27 days ago)
You should get persona 5 instead, that of Nier automata. If you have a ps4
df88dabomb (28 days ago)
I expected Kirby Star Allies to be on this list. Personally, I really enjoyed it and it is my most played Switch game at 105 hours.
Carinyc (28 days ago)
You're list is crap
ssga (28 days ago)
KING SHOOTER (30 days ago)
Fortnite is the best
KING SHOOTER (30 days ago)
Why don’t you say fortnite
commission work for sound design ??? reply / Ca
Hans Jürgen Teras (1 month ago)
what about fortnite
Chemotherapy Vin (1 month ago)
6:01 you hate to judge games by their visuals ? Visuals are a main component of video games. How can you judge one without fucking looking at the visuals of it
georgio kelaghbian (1 month ago)
What about fortnite
dombrox (1 month ago)
Basically most games released on pc aren't super awesome or has very specific genre . Far Cry 5 was good, I liked that free shooting :D it was quite enjoyable game. Talking about other game, I completed SOD and I can say that it was one big bug , if there weren't those bugs it would be quite a good sequel
Razor (1 month ago)
lucky not bortnite battle royale jk xd
tony gamers (1 month ago)
what about fortnite and rainbow six siege
J McC (1 month ago)
Honestly a lot of the games on this list were total shit.
Pchan (1 month ago)
you picked some really crappy games
Harvey (1 month ago)
Who else is triggered that he called Alice a young human? (Detroit: Become Human)
Slick Serpent (1 month ago)
You put sea of thieves above subnautica smh
Reynaldo Sánchez (1 month ago)
Fortnite not in the list?
TriFoxGaming (1 month ago)

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