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The Day After Tomorrow Android Gameplay l Multiplayer Survival

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The Day after tomorrow multiplayer survival android & iOS gameplay l VinIsHere Servers are finally open for android I was keeping an eye on this one for long time, really cool multiplayer survival game worth to check Download:- Android-http://mrzh.163.com/m/ Or https://www.taptap.com/app/59520 iOS-https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/明日之后/id1435567000?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8 Size:- 1.4GB Requires internet connection to play You can directly login though guest or netease account Sometimes it may give error message like wait for 2-10 min as server are fully loaded so keep trying Developer:- Netease
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Text Comments (247)
Masume Hio (3 days ago)
When English version on the playstore
Triss The Great (4 days ago)
When will it be released in english
Lleyton H Habimana (4 days ago)
Thaught it was fortnite because of how trash it is
Its sad that we cant change it to english...
龍獅黒岡 (8 days ago)
Great game. Can't even leave the main screen. Sure, I set up account correctly and successfully. It logs me in then takes me to the main menu. then at the main screen I'm asked (I think) to choose a location. But since all the choices in both lists have red box I can't move into the game.
jack kecix (8 days ago)
No english? 😒😒😒
Toffie145 Lambino (10 days ago)
Guys i have a question how to leave a place i tried helecopter but didt work
Furious Gamer (10 days ago)
1000th liker
Tambari Johnson (10 days ago)
Ellie of the East
mj#22 Gaming (10 days ago)
I want to play but its not english translated i cant understand
Kian M. (11 days ago)
It doesn't feel like what I expected. This game feels like some MMO like Dead Rivals. I was expecting like DayZ, Rust feeling of sandbox like making friends or foe.
CroLegendary Gaming (11 days ago)
Do have english version? And if don t have when will be relased ?
Sufiyan Ak (11 days ago)
Netease games are taking gaming in android to another level... But problem is another language as well
Seby Kichu (11 days ago)
The game looks great and all but there's the slight language problem
Gamer King (11 days ago)
Anybody knows minimum specs
zhou zhou (11 days ago)
China is NO.1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Viray (11 days ago)
betterthan pubg and fornite
jc gaming hack (11 days ago)
DarkMKWii (11 days ago)
Yo the map better be as big as gta v on global release
Righthandyt 87 (11 days ago)
Wait that car is from last day on earth in the beginning were it is being destroyed
9Savior (11 days ago)
Can you do top 10 survival games?
wтғ вro (11 days ago)
Annnnnnd wait forever for ENGLISH version 👍
Achraf Elmorabet (12 days ago)
Langues ?
F. B. I. (12 days ago)
Wish they release it English soon, hearing Chinese all the time is so annoying and also reading the language that i dont understand 😛
Steven Iven (12 days ago)
Ching chong ching chong
john michael reyes (12 days ago)
idk get the main reason why you should stay online in game that can be played by a single player..... most mobile games can be played offline and go online for events, achievements and ingame purchases..... so many good mobile games ruined by this concept
Achmad Fauzan (12 days ago)
Server full
Freak Prince (12 days ago)
I have this it is hard to play in Chinese
The Last Commander (12 days ago)
Just a quick thing, is it another battle royale on mobile again?
Just a chanel (7 days ago)
The Last Commander no
joseph Lai (12 days ago)
Cannot download
hacked by mus (12 days ago)
Why Chinesese
Ekas21 (12 days ago)
Wow nice game
romelito remion (12 days ago)
looks like a badass but i need english ver
devin wicaksono (12 days ago)
Just Android (12 days ago)
Have you done or can you do top sports games??
Just Android (12 days ago)
If this is day after tomorrow.... Where's Jake gyllenhal
Yurl (12 days ago)
Looks dope
Gamers soul (13 days ago)
Hey vin i Hafen a Problem i downloadet it and if i wonna install it it says data can not open why?
Shani Cabx (13 days ago)
When will be the global release!??
vulpix 90881415 (13 days ago)
I deleted the game because I got banned for hacking
BigOleBagOfChips (12 days ago)
xD how dare those clowns not let you hack in peace how dare they I say!
blue slime (13 days ago)
Hmm making gameplay video now on😅
امیر مقدم (13 days ago)
what your name game?????
Gamer Addictions (13 days ago)
Awesome game and pretty easy to play language barrier is obviously a thing but alot of it is self explanatory.
PlayerUnknown (13 days ago)
There should be H1Z1 and SCUM for android!Also some Fallout games too...
John Viray (11 days ago)
PlayerUnknown in the scum take out the "s"
Troy Jan Marcial (13 days ago)
Did any one mention the truck f beggining and the zombies are like on rules of survival
Yo Bijuu Mike! (13 days ago)
Yansya Zasikha (13 days ago)
Devine power (13 days ago)
Hi vin please show 10 best gunship and warship games.
LunAtic FoX (13 days ago)
The truck looks like the one in LDOE
zombie beast0120 (13 days ago)
Ark update: Modern day Campaign w/ Zombies Bags Added Chinese language
Ruben Cabatay Jr (13 days ago)
This game needs more effort. Well..... You what i mean.
Fadlie Hidayat (13 days ago)
Best games... Never released in english 😂
Epic AppKnight (9 days ago)
Mobile Players (11 days ago)
It will just wait like contra returns from Tencent. It took hella long for sea released lol
Freak Prince (12 days ago)
Naki23 Me (13 days ago)
You May Love the Game.... But... You May *NOT* Love the Developers....
Archie Vinluan (13 days ago)
Is this a lan game?
Lord Ángel (13 days ago)
is online
Sparta Lee (13 days ago)
BigOleBagOfChips (12 days ago)
I'm tired of playing snake and brick breaker :(
BigOleBagOfChips (12 days ago)
Ah poo! So my razor flip phone can't download?
Lord Ángel (13 days ago)
my phone is a tablet ASUS memopad 10" with 1gb RAM and run perfectly :3
Lord Ángel (13 days ago)
my phone is a tablet ASUS memopad 10" with 1gb RAM and run perfectly :3
Nenen ZegeRrr (13 days ago)
Lord Ángel (13 days ago)
1.6 gb
portable gamer (13 days ago)
No English version
Ruslan Bayramov (13 days ago)
A piece of Minecraft + a piece of The last of us + a piece of Fortnite + a piece of Left 4 Dead + Kim Chin In sound = A piece of shit.
Fan cuồng anime (13 days ago)
Game is china
George Caplea (13 days ago)
Its a very very good game
Zezo Amr (14 days ago)
Plz is it offline?
Hitesh Hkn (14 days ago)
I love how much you put effort on finding new games for your subscribers :) Hope you reach million subscribers bro
Excalibur YT (14 days ago)
Is this app available on Japan or China?
MORTTZIA ME (14 days ago)
how download
togeun jung (10 days ago)
When you download this game you need a code for the game to be played
Munif Samudra (14 days ago)
Like battle royale
Sparta Lee (13 days ago)
@Munif Samudra Nope, its a survival game. Its like The Last Of Us on mobile 😉
Broishere (14 days ago)
How to play this game..? Here is the problem I'm getting :- I downloaded the game on my android , I installed it and run it . I log in and created my character. Then it sent me to Global Chat , I mean how to play it , It is just in the chat.
Dhany (14 days ago)
Made in china
Shahrukh Azeem (14 days ago)
#vinishere bro create a netest account I try many times
Yuri Lover (12 days ago)
Just select the rocket thing and u will join as a quest,if you deletd the game your data will be saved when you install the game again
DonQuixote The Kid (14 days ago)
What your app for record?
willyam souza (14 days ago)
Ae galera entrem no grupo pra si manter informado 🏃‍♂️👇👇👇👇 https://chat.whatsapp.com/EEr6TAYr3SK74bY7bvulEt
Ansh (14 days ago)
Top 5 Android Games Like PUBG https://www.top-android-games.com/2018/10/top-5-android-games-like-pubg.html
MR PUNCHヅ (14 days ago)
Hello Ihave problem in the game when I choose my character and Iclick next she tell me choose your dog but she tell me do a sound for your dog and after Im do all this the doesn't start he just tell record sound for dog pleas help me. Sorry for my english🙏😓😓💦
Avijit Dey (11 days ago)
Same problem..... 🙄
thunder player (14 days ago)
its that offline or onloione please answer my question
Sparta Lee (13 days ago)
@thunder player _Online_
NazarheneOsia Jhen (14 days ago)
I can't download this game😞😞
Sparta Lee (13 days ago)
@NazarheneOsia Jhen Android 6.0 and above 2gb ram and up. 😉
Ken Pacamara (14 days ago)
Is offline
kays animations (14 days ago)
What phone are you using
Faris Bibo (14 days ago)
how to login
TT XU (14 days ago)
Kaisar Nofal (14 days ago)
Is there English language in the game?
Sparta Lee (13 days ago)
قيصر نوفل @I'm afraid not bro
Crugger Spielmann (14 days ago)
Is it fully released or beta test
CelestrialGaming303 (14 days ago)
can this be played offline
XtremeGamerz 1778 (14 days ago)
Mixstar nope. This is online
Christ My (14 days ago)
Can you make video how to login please
DB RP (14 days ago)
How much space does this consume? And how much ram is needed?
Yuri Lover (12 days ago)
U need at least 2gb free storage and 2gb ram for smooth gameplay
Faris Bibo (14 days ago)
J arrivz pas a joier
Alvin Yufiano (14 days ago)
solo play but online? . bad
V- TECH YT (14 days ago)
Offline or online sir?
Yobani Luna (14 days ago)
Iqbal Muhamad (14 days ago)
Can i run this game on 2gb ram
Wellington Torquato (13 days ago)
+Iqbal Muhamad it worked without fps drops on my Samsung j7 metal, the problem is the ping 400.
Iqbal Muhamad (13 days ago)
+Wellington Torquato realy
Wellington Torquato (14 days ago)
Luan Ramos (14 days ago)
Offline or online?
Andrew Whitfield (14 days ago)
So many people trash mobile games. Mass Effect, Dead Space, The Deus Ex are among many games that most people don't even know they were available for Android. Mobile gaming has come a long way, I mean look at the game in this video. It looks much better than any game on Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, and even a lot of the original Xbox.
Mobile Players (11 days ago)
Dude if you know what an Android emulators. You never said mobile games are trash in graphics
Manuel Zantua (11 days ago)
Haze Wilson agree to many p2w MMORPG in Mobile
Andrew Whitfield (11 days ago)
+Ghost l I can agree. Thanks.
Andrew Whitfield (11 days ago)
+Haze Wilson Yes and it needs to change. These free to play games are just a crime when it comes to "pay to win." That needs to change. It has created a substandard that is going to be hard to correct. Personally I'd much rather pay the price for a game in it's entirety. Slowly we are seeing and increase of quality games, a lot of ports, that are more like the console counterpart. I don't even like PUBG but it has relevance to the evolution of mobile to pc to console. It is certainly not the first bridge of platforms but nether the less it has been one of the most popular ones. While free to play will always be lurking in the dark corners of gaming I really think it's decline has begun and while accelerate from here. Mobile is now being taken more serious than ever before. The day we can play our games anywhere on any device satisfactory is only a matter of time now.
Haze Wilson (11 days ago)
Dead trigger 2,ark mobile and I'm not even gonna start talking about how many good RPG games r exclusive to only mobile phones unfortunately to many r pay to win MMOrpgs
SHIKURIN™ (14 days ago)
Not my type of game but good video Vin *_:-D_*
SlusHy (14 days ago)
How did u log in
Mas Jengot (14 days ago)
It`s offline or online?
Gokul Raj (14 days ago)
Mr Games (14 days ago)
Great bro
Mr Games (14 days ago)
Awesome buddy
Future Glory Of Zion (14 days ago)
This game looks cool
Hiro Hamada (14 days ago)
Gokul Raj (14 days ago)
Wakacimalako Play (14 days ago)
Umm how many gb or mb bro
Gokul Raj (13 days ago)
+Wakacimalako Play all u need is a good gpu
Gokul Raj (13 days ago)
+Sparta Lee 👍
Wakacimalako Play (13 days ago)
Are this can play with ram 1gb
Sparta Lee (13 days ago)
@Gokul Raj IT'S 1.7GB plus. You need hella SPACE for the full package
Gokul Raj (14 days ago)
CGI Tomato (14 days ago)
Chinese is so spoiled
Hatsune Miku (14 days ago)
Do you really have to tell this. We are just talking about the game
Mithun G (14 days ago)
Can we play it in English version
Mithun G no
Thom J (14 days ago)
Tia Binnie (14 days ago)
Read the fucking description

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