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SHADOW OF WAR - Funny TV Commercials Trailer

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Text Comments (995)
Blackeye games (11 days ago)
they missed i dont what your fort
Mainak Dev (15 days ago)
Too bad the game flopped 😂
skeleton king (17 days ago)
Thank you for making me smile
MultiMangaGuy (19 days ago)
Best game Commercials Ever
Kenaan Khaddage (23 days ago)
God dam I wish I hade someone to throw my mom across the room right before she is going to beat my ass and say to me Not today kenaan
무마니 (27 days ago)
무마니 (27 days ago)
이게 뭐야
Lord of Jonkeys (27 days ago)
Today... is the day we dine if Valhalla
His Memenes (28 days ago)
Now this is a fucking commercial.
save an orc, save your life. But fuq ya, why every orc over level 60 would betray me ?
original character (1 month ago)
Exactly how it feels in game
Michael Decker (1 month ago)
Wtf i dont remember the ending part. Lmao thats awesome how the get both the good and the little assholes that keep killing us
micah blank (1 month ago)
wtf is this?
POOP Train (1 month ago)
micah blank a commercial
The Best Weirdo Meow (1 month ago)
Whenever I open PS Store and go to the Shadow of War game page and think about buying it... *NOT TODAY*
gohan9294 (1 month ago)
The ironic part is that everyone will forget this
mo kushtiwala (1 month ago)
Is it like mass effect where I can have a romantic scene with my orc friends.
oshundahgamer PS4 (1 month ago)
Subzerox (1 month ago)
“Nothing will be forgotten” The ads won’t be forgotten The game however is a different story
b u b b y w u b b y (1 month ago)
*_so sweet so sweet very very sweet sweet_*
Joshua Speaks (1 month ago)
Not today satan.
Ninetails (1 month ago)
Wait... Check the background of the second part of the Jerry and Noruk commercial, the one with the catapult and boat. The building on the far right looks SUSPISCIOUSLY like a rather well known building in Gothenburg, Sweden. Hmmm
LITZ BLITZ (1 month ago)
thanks to this game i found my husband the grate grate ur hakon the ravenger
ameteuraspirant (1 month ago)
I want to find an orc named zerg now
Yami Bones (1 month ago)
Thrak, toptier husbando
fulcrum 29 (1 month ago)
Not today tovarisch
Kthonoth (1 month ago)
Is it just me or Thrak here 0:24 looks like Goldberg?
hazard1244 (1 month ago)
Not today but tomorrow
Sir Doggo (1 month ago)
If only my followers were this useful
PS4sos21 (1 month ago)
How much of the microtransaction money did they spend on this ad I wonder.
General Amsel (1 month ago)
Almost all of my original orc follows are dead and i mourn over every single one and as a result the one that is still alive i refuse to send on any missions
*What do we say to the god of death?*
Frazzles (1 month ago)
Mac made a friend after Afghan, it seems.
Need of the Overhaul (1 month ago)
For 1 dollar a orc will live another day
Mid Air (1 month ago)
shitty Commercial for an even more shitty game.
ForemostCrab7 (1 month ago)
I wish you could make those moves, tackle them off the cats and stoping them from being executed.
Head Hunter (1 month ago)
When you save an Urk ... You save a new friend .
Hurricane (1 month ago)
Where were was this guy when Az-Lar died?
Makuta Depresserix (1 month ago)
Not today Brian
MuddzyPlays (1 month ago)
I guess Gary's stuff got swept under Narûg
communism (1 month ago)
Not today Brian.
Red Gambit (1 month ago)
*slowly pushes knife into his chest* "today brian"
Torz Tinder (1 month ago)
COOLBEANS375 (1 month ago)
Not Today
Bryson Banks (1 month ago)
Eat it uruk overlord pet dies
Lanchenba Waikhom (2 months ago)
LoL video
Вова Вова (2 months ago)
лайки поставили тока те кто не играл в это говно )))
Ter ranova (3 months ago)
мелодрама короткометрашка
Michael Gillette (3 months ago)
But the was that saved the guys from dying was the good one.
Adine the Wyvern (3 months ago)
Marauder tribe, best tribe.
Beeko (3 months ago)
Legend says Gary was viciously molested one day Wanna know what the criminal said? *”eat it Gary”*
KageNoTenshi (3 months ago)
Australian Bucket (3 months ago)
Did this mother fucker just travel back in time?
kholood almegadi (3 months ago)
cool as thrak
communism (3 months ago)
What a lad...
I'm suffering. (3 months ago)
Not gonna lie, the game was a bit disappointing
にしむらひろと (3 months ago)
Thanos from an alternate demension
Rango pistacho (3 months ago)
Jammo th3 MVP (3 months ago)
First guy looked like fergie from still game
VladZary (3 months ago)
Эта реклама Лучшая доля этой игры -а вот всё остальное внимания не заслуживает
Samsunk Androit (3 months ago)
I thought it was deadpool ryan reynolds
andymatheson82 (3 months ago)
literrally raping the heritge of J R R tolkin
Haden Goforth (3 months ago)
Seth Leoric (3 months ago)
Not today brian
Unfunny Meme #248593872 (3 months ago)
That guy in the first one was gay asf
play Store (3 months ago)
My level 31 rash the killer became a level 41 rash the nameless one after he died in a rescue mission he betrayed me and gained iron will which nearly made me cry is I loved him so much he was my cirith ungol overlord
Palpatine (3 months ago)
Your first bodyguard will save you from anything 3 seconds later BETRAYAL
CC-3141 Pi (3 months ago)
Orcs are the best.
Acidpond (3 months ago)
Their marketing team had fun lol
Xelocon (4 months ago)
*Throws doctor out of the way* Thrak: Hi...
Grim ReaperTM (4 months ago)
betrayal..*pulls the plug out*
orlando kaufusi (4 months ago)
Time to die 👹
Gilbert Arevalo (4 months ago)
I swear the cinematic advertising SOW has done, is the most touching shit I've seen hands down.
Arthus850 (4 months ago)
Wait, are these orcs getting older along with the humans? I thought orcs were immortal.
wolf pack wilk (4 months ago)
the first bit got me emotional.NOT TO DAY BRAIN
PsychoTech ARMS (4 months ago)
great commercial.. shit game.
gekkokkid (4 months ago)
so yeah...i don't want to play anymore, i mean i am tired of them orc breaking my stuff because they hate losing.
JustSomeLeo (4 months ago)
Then... Boom! Betrayed!
Babamanga 16 (4 months ago)
don’t be so bad with orcs
Turbo Autism (4 months ago)
Is it just me or does Brian look like summit1G
Livino Yatar (4 months ago)
Hahaha omg if I saw these commercials I would have pre-ordered the game 😂😂
KDingo81 (4 months ago)
I really have to thank the inventors of this series that we may look into a future of games where whatever we do will have an impact on the world and create a different game each time we play through. I really love this the most about the shadow of mordor and shadow of war.
superstorm (4 months ago)
0:20 i approve of this.
Kevin (5 months ago)
Take any connection to Tolkien's world out of this and it's all in good fun. As long as they slap "middle earth" on this.... I am not amused.
palpatine the senate (5 months ago)
Not today brian
me me (5 months ago)
Not today wallet not today
Cameron Bentley (5 months ago)
Why does Brian sound like he has a scrotum in his mouth.
а потом ему наскучит и он кинет тебя прямиком в бою)
carmineglitch (5 months ago)
Omg these are great
Cuphead Gaming (5 months ago)
Forthog in a nutshell
E Blits (5 months ago)
This game is now forgotten. :)
Brig haM (5 months ago)
My favorite orc betrayed me...
Salvador Duarte (5 months ago)
WTF !!!
yasoof02 (5 months ago)
If I get bullied at high school again I'm gonna look for thrak
IssenKai (5 months ago)
hahaha have to love how pathetic these commercials are that dont even use game footage and use cgi instead for the gameplay scenes....just pathetic
Ryulin18 (5 months ago)
Nothing will be forgotten. Everything can be bought with credit cards through a micro-transaction menu.
Red Gambit (5 months ago)
Thrak is best boi
Max Okill (5 months ago)
Not today
Kharn526 (5 months ago)
You actually expect us to sit through one of your fucking ads just to see a ad ? I mean this literally when I say I hope you fucking die in a car accident you vile ,selfish greedy rat.
SneakGaming X (5 months ago)
2:24 the sound of an Orc getting stabbed to death 😂😂
Steven Cuiffo (5 months ago)
guy sounds​ like A GAY SQUIRREL (there's nothing wrong with being gay)

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