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SHADOW OF WAR - Funny TV Commercials Trailer

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Text Comments (928)
Babamanga 16 (9 hours ago)
don’t be so bad with orcs
Turbo Autism (1 day ago)
Is it just me or does Brian look like summit1G
Livino Yatar (2 days ago)
Hahaha omg if I saw these commercials I would have pre-ordered the game 😂😂
KDingo81 (3 days ago)
I really have to thank the inventors of this series that we may look into a future of games where whatever we do will have an impact on the world and create a different game each time we play through. I really love this the most about the shadow of mordor and shadow of war.
super storm (3 days ago)
0:20 i approve of this.
Kevin (7 days ago)
Take any connection to Tolkien's world out of this and it's all in good fun. As long as they slap "middle earth" on this.... I am not amused.
shrek the brogre (8 days ago)
Not today brian
? ¿ (8 days ago)
Not today wallet not today
Cameron Bentley (9 days ago)
Why does Brian sound like he has a scrotum in his mouth.
а потом ему наскучит и он кинет тебя прямиком в бою)
carmineglitch (10 days ago)
Omg these are great
Cuphead Gaming (10 days ago)
Forthog in a nutshell
E Blits (10 days ago)
This game is now forgotten. :)
I'm an idiot (11 days ago)
My favorite orc betrayed me...
Schatten Land (13 days ago)
So ein Schwachsinn
Salvador Duarte (15 days ago)
WTF !!!
yasoof02 (16 days ago)
If I get bullied at high school again I'm gonna look for thrak
IssenKai (17 days ago)
hahaha have to love how pathetic these commercials are that dont even use game footage and use cgi instead for the gameplay scenes....just pathetic
Ryulin18 (18 days ago)
Nothing will be forgotten. Everything can be bought with credit cards through a micro-transaction menu.
Red Gambit (24 days ago)
Thrak is best boi
Max O kill (25 days ago)
Not today
Kharn526 (26 days ago)
You actually expect us to sit through one of your fucking ads just to see a ad ? I mean this literally when I say I hope you fucking die in a car accident you vile ,selfish greedy rat.
SneakGaming X (29 days ago)
2:24 the sound of an Orc getting stabbed to death 😂😂
Steven Cuiffo (1 month ago)
guy sounds​ like A GAY SQUIRREL (there's nothing wrong with being gay)
VIRUS OUTBREAK (1 month ago)
The guy in the hospital is me after hearing al of the orcs of mordor, and not being able to skipp their dialog
Franthony (1 month ago)
Best game ever, more than the first. An uruk literally saved my ass from certain death and said "On your feet boss, you are not alone!"
Launauge Central (1 month ago)
The guy in the first one is Scottish he’s in still game and two blocks down and in bluestone 42
Mr.Kabobles (1 month ago)
But this isn't math
Paguo (1 month ago)
Ahahah these are awesome
Rares Fetti (1 month ago)
Wtf thrailer 😄😂😂😂😂
Ramazan Yilmazturk (1 month ago)
That smile
that one guy (1 month ago)
Not today Brian
Jonathan Bothi (1 month ago)
not today brain
rexmage (1 month ago)
The unexpected feels.
Scott L'Heureux (2 months ago)
anyone know the song used in the first trailer
P K (2 months ago)
Come on, we all know the orcs would kill us lol 0:07 is romantic wishful thinking
ME 0123456789 (2 months ago)
Not ever Brian
Payday Productions HD (2 months ago)
Haha, I don't know whether to laugh or cry watching him throw the doctor away
Max Fri (2 months ago)
Need oscar
Max Fri (2 months ago)
mi mi so sweet
dominic gonzales (2 months ago)
One second an orc is your worst enemy. The next, your greatest friend. I'll never abandon any orc in my army,
Luiz Gauziski (2 months ago)
Not even the loot boxes
general pain (2 months ago)
Carrying the battlefield squad AMIRITE FELLAS
Nova_Supreme (2 months ago)
OrcLivesMatter <3
Tayvin4042 (2 months ago)
Annnnnnd welcome to my favourites list.
MrProteeus (2 months ago)
Ima get the game just cause of the trailer lol
SleepyDoopy Gaming (2 months ago)
They totally banged after the video.
OverwatchTheater (2 months ago)
Anyone else shed a tear 😢 Show less
Quirrel CZ (2 months ago)
L. Ryuzaki (2 months ago)
I just wanted to recruit an orc named Thrak. But my fkn Bodyguard killed him brutally... :-(
Xsident (2 months ago)
morale of the video:dont piss of an orc unless you want to be annoyed by him for the rest of your life (who were able to see that in both cases players gets younger and younger...xD ).
Chichopuente (2 months ago)
I just realized that Brian and Thrak have aged together
Second Power (2 months ago)
Bright was pretty good
wierd pole (2 months ago)
Billy Yoder (3 months ago)
Not today Bryan
Matej Suga (3 months ago)
PARTY Wolf DK (3 months ago)
NOT today
Manderin 7 (3 months ago)
jona312312 (3 months ago)
thats what i call a good commercial dont be fooled though the game kinda sucks very much, too bad coded so weird and unwanted things are happening
jona312312 (2 months ago)
Its an essay not worth writing, some bugs are: Pit fights with 2 orcs not attacking each other. You can get stuck in walls during conquest missions. The game gets stuck randomly for a couple of seconds very often. I tried to forget the horrible game experience i had, so all in all my critic is: the game is not immersive and its a fuck ton of grinding and the fighting system also sucks imo, because you cant really control what enemy you are attacking (keyboard and mouse). The plot also sucked with calibrimbor and ranger splitting up (not getting into detail) but ranger still having all his calibrimbor abilitys and people calling him white lord (calibrimbor) anyway. So 2/10 points. But -4 for time wasted and -3 for combat, glitches, money wasted.
Troy Connar Morgan (2 months ago)
jona312312 Such as?
Depression (3 months ago)
In reality, that ork would betray you because you fell on a pebble and killed his blood-brother
Šimon Hájek (3 months ago)
Im saving 5 orcs a day and they are still betraying me Am i doing something wrong?
Michael Lake (3 months ago)
They be some shitty ass graphics on them xbox
Bill Cyferka (3 months ago)
I never gonna hurt any orc/uruk
ZachAttack 8912 (3 months ago)
Donate now to save an orc from his untimely demise at the hands of you
Nate Higgers (3 months ago)
Shadow of Wardor
christar331 (3 months ago)
They remain loyal to you untill the end..... Until they realized that you killed their blood brother.
Celebrimbor (3 months ago)
I have something to say to the people complaining about micro transactions. They are not shoved down your throat, they do not lock parts of the game if you don't get it, the difficulty is not so absurd you have to get them to make any rapid progress, they may as well not be f*cking there if you don't wanna use them. So chill.
Celebrimbor (3 months ago)
Oh shit wrong account. Just, imagine Celebrimbor saying all of this.
Nguyen Dong Hung Pham (3 months ago)
Stil aliveee!
Psycho Ch4os (3 months ago)
People saying eat it Jerry when it's larry....lmfao
Kitten in A bag (3 months ago)
Not today, but some other day where you betray me because I accidentally hit a guy that some how became your blood brother.
the dragon gaming (3 months ago)
Except you can't stop an orc from executing another orc when they do it.
Chestor Endou conan (3 months ago)
funny but the games ending now thats not funny
Blade25231 (3 months ago)
This is so true
The StoryBook Tree (3 months ago)
Got saved by my Olog body guard who's actually a decent guy. Had to come back here.
napkin seal (3 months ago)
Looking like a Faggot Gamer: Not today trek or threk...... Me: Wha?
protohunter1 (3 months ago)
khalid farah (3 months ago)
EAT IT!!!!!!!
SP00KY SL0TH (3 months ago)
Wow I wish my orks wouldnt stand around and watch me get killed
Psycrow (3 months ago)
Need me a man like Thrak.
Ninjac Darkin (3 months ago)
Makes me smile everytime.
Brick Johnson (3 months ago)
Too much estrogen in Brian's diet from the sound of it
Dominic Kellestine (3 months ago)
That one was pretty funny I like this one I well give this video a like
Michael Bdog (3 months ago)
Sexist trailer!
Thumbmaol the legend
the pretty average gamer (4 months ago)
It's called honor on the first one
This Guy (4 months ago)
Was that the catapult a primitive seige weapon?
Corey Jones (4 months ago)
Thrak DLC? Many of us want this.
Kadir Kizilay (4 months ago)
Musick Name pls? (Beginning)
PopukoLemon * (4 months ago)
I know that this just a commercial, but i will pay if someone make a movie out of it...
TheJollyG4mer (4 months ago)
Not today Brian
daniel mancilla (4 months ago)
*N O T T O D A Y B R I A N*
Largug Eul'champi (4 months ago)
Payday Productions HD (4 months ago)
The whispered Delivery of "Not Today, Brian" is immense... Dead Island Trailer level of Awesome.
System509 (4 months ago)
That first one almost makes you forget orcs are genocidal maniacs bent on wiping out the human race.
Ederd Stark (4 months ago)
This should be a story. Its a better love story than twilight!!!!
Joshua Ford (4 months ago)
Seriously a really effective commercial
titan warlord (4 months ago)
georges redas (4 months ago)
Looked like summit1g
Moral of the story: Dead Uruks can't take revenge
mehmet mert (4 months ago)
:D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://jehejavayezosiyap.tk/?youtube_vj1id_

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