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Top 8 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Kids (2017)

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Here are the 8 best Nintendo Switch games you can get for kids in 2017. Check out our main channel for sketches, let's plays, and discussions! https://www.youtube.com/user/Twinfinite http://www.twinfinite.net/ Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/2winfinite Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/twinfinite Music Used in the Video Stuff! Song: Dead Times by BrvtVs Website - www.freebackgroundmusic.co.uk YouTube - goo.gl/fFI0z8 SoundCloud - @freebmusic Facebook - goo.gl/2otgOU Twitter - twitter.com/FreeBMusic Google+ - goo.gl/TybZuK BrvtVs ► SoundCloud - @brutus-music ► Facebook - www.facebook.com/BrvtVs-297749050565249/ ► YouTube - goo.gl/TC0LhA ► Twitter - twitter.com/BrvtVs_PictVr3s ► Instagram - www.instagram.com/brvtvs_pictures/
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Text Comments (12)
Galaxy Gaming (3 months ago)
where's fifa 18?
Jog Last (9 months ago)
Get loz botw seen at 4:42
Jog Last (9 months ago)
Well some
Jog Last (9 months ago)
Why would anyone get arms at 30
AfifNemany (9 months ago)
Minecraft, mario odyssey, legend of Zelda and splatoon 2 is E10 all game is not for kids it's only for ages 10
The Guy Named Eli (6 months ago)
It’s a suggestion not a demand
SchoolHaterHyp (10 months ago)
Minecraft is number 1. Not super mario odyssey
SchoolHaterHyp (9 months ago)
Jog Last I mean Minecraft is number 1 for kids
Jog Last (9 months ago)
TheHyperiorKGH minecraft sucks bruh Zelda #1
mama jo (10 months ago)
Arms has bad reviews....kids and parents, I recommend you don't buy it.
Nejendary (3 months ago)
no dude arms is good
mama jo (10 months ago)

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