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Batman: Arkham Knight - Batarang Replica (Unboxing)

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Check out my unboxing of the GameStop exclusive Batman: Arkham Knight - Batarang Replica by NECA! Get your own Batarang: http://j.mp/1Ia5jzK The Music You Heard: Tuan X - "We Get Lifted" (Dubstep Remix) http://j.mp/mahdix Spinelli Salem - "Impure" http://j.mp/lcjhoy Follow CrazyDopetastic™ Online: http://www.instagram.com/cdtastic http://www.facebook.com/crazydopetastic http://www.twitter.com/crazydopetastic Follow Tuan X Online: http://www.instagram.com/tuanx http://www.facebook.com/tuanx http://www.twitter.com/tuanx Check out these other YouTube Channels: http://www.youtube.com/tuanx http://www.youtube.com/themeandtushow http://www.youtube.com/therealmellyb ——————————————————————— If you'd like to send products, items or fan mail please use the address below. Tuan X 924 Bergen Ave #241 Jersey City, NJ 07306 I may unbox it in a future video! This is nerd culture! #nerdculture
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Text Comments (128)
Angel Pitts (8 days ago)
I like it and it look cool
Exploring With Cam (5 months ago)
Wish uk had these.
Brendan Sielinski (1 year ago)
You are so funny I am definitely going to subscribe
Pooh Bear (1 year ago)
These are being sold by wish.com for $19.00 Nothing exclusive about it. https://www.wish.com/search/Comic%20Batman%20Arkham%20Knight%20Replica%20Action%20Figure%20Light%20Collectible%20Model%20Darts
Ivan Smith (1 year ago)
Dude that batarang looks so realistic 😍😘😉
Lps Ace (1 year ago)
does the boomerang come back
Melvyn Refahi (1 year ago)
U are boss I love batman to I'm a batman fan😃😉
Hugh Jackman (1 year ago)
It looks better without any of the caps on in the center
Danial Aizat (1 year ago)
how u turn on the light?
Hector Martinez (2 years ago)
R. Senal (2 years ago)
da batarang was epic
Boca Negra Vlogs (2 years ago)
I love batman
Megasteelflexable (2 years ago)
Bruh I'm subbin
Megasteelflexable (2 years ago)
Seth Mccarver (2 years ago)
diamond creeper gaming (2 years ago)
Really cool
vc pode dar pra alguém?
Anne Hichens (2 years ago)
that is such a cool baterang
TheDeadPooler Novak. (2 years ago)
At game stop
heather spriggs (2 years ago)
oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!😶😵
MiraculousDesigner #1 (2 years ago)
awesome I love arkham knight
EskimoQ (2 years ago)
Dude... YOU ARE HILARIOUS LOL, I could watch you all day
Just Some Clown (2 years ago)
wait so you can walk into game stop and straight buy one?.. now?!
no estas para hacer vídeos primero baja kilos sin ofender
Izagani Ocampo (2 years ago)
Oriru Bastard (2 years ago)
It looks cheap and it looks plastic. That's what I think of it.
Sara dawson (2 years ago)
My birth day is on June 23
Isaiah miles (2 years ago)
can u get me one plz
Lou Ciamillo (2 years ago)
the only reason i wanted this was to cut an onion with it but i guess if you cant...
Masood Sediqi (2 years ago)
Iike IT!!
Supersaiyan AJAY (2 years ago)
I thought that was sharp like a knife
Lil Homie The Hoodlem (2 years ago)
I'm gonna make these but they will be a real throwing knife from the movie
Yousuf Hadi (2 years ago)
Very very good and fantastic
Gazi Musa Ahmad (2 years ago)
so damn cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MAVERICK FAN (2 years ago)
ENIGMA Ops (2 years ago)
Nice vid! Did you also know that they also sell this at ThinkGeek?
Dana Cooks (2 years ago)
can you send me one
Traeton Kirsch (2 years ago)
hi this is traeton I'm 7 I'm a big fan 100 dollars deal
Aiden Bowen (2 years ago)
Gaming Shark (2 years ago)
can you get the Arkham Knight - Batarang Replica in uk
Max Brain Devices (2 years ago)
pcebby (2 years ago)
THE WHOLE POINT IS GONE. You have to use it
Diego Canales (2 years ago)
How much was it
Andrew Moon (2 years ago)
30 dollars.
Jelay Valle (2 years ago)
I like that
Goji (2 years ago)
How the fuck can Batman keep multiple of these in his pocket?
Bennett N (2 years ago)
+Pool Noodle eeeey
Andrew Moon (2 years ago)
Maybe it bends and when he takes it out, it goes into full size.
Pool Noodle (2 years ago)
+PlayingGoji subspace, i suppose?
Michael De Santa (2 years ago)
+CrazyDopetastic how much did u pay for it?
Michael De Santa (2 years ago)
+Andrew Moon ok thanks that's affordable
Andrew Moon (2 years ago)
Cord Johnson (2 years ago)
Don't ya mean the remote controlled batarang
Cord Johnson (2 years ago)
No O meant it locks EXACTLY like the remote controlled batarang
Jeovanni Landaverde (2 years ago)
TheCoolGamer 732 (2 years ago)
Cool bro
Mental Fantasy (2 years ago)
I met you at Star Wars 7 I'm josh
skull 728514 (2 years ago)
Spazzsticks (2 years ago)
I wonder how batman can throw these batarangs without stabbing them badguys. I mean it can cut ropes. But when thrown at a thug it just bounces off and knock them out xD
Chicken 4 Life (2 years ago)
ikr !!!!
lil Adrian (2 years ago)
I need one of those
Daniella Barros (2 years ago)
quanto que custa
Daniella Barros (2 years ago)
aonde você comprou eu que roudese
evan 11 (2 years ago)
i want one
wallace waters (2 years ago)
jimmy fiddler (2 years ago)
EliteShadowSlayer21 (2 years ago)
Tayshaun Hill (2 years ago)
does it come back when you throw
Andrew Moon (2 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait, you were serious?
Hey really Awesome Batarang you got!!!! Hey i was in a gamestop over close where i live at to and seen this really cool weapons for batman too. Question for you. Have you ever thought about dressing in a Batman costume and making Batman fan films for your youtube channel ???? Anyway love your video and u make me laugh all way through it great job!!!!! Hey i know i really good idea u could use this on your Batman costume like make a slot out or wood or metal or other stuff and install the slot on your Batman belt by mount using black Velco or or you could mount on with screws but not sure if could drill holes in the belt and install it with screws because it could damage your belt. If i was doing it i would try using Velco because the glue on the back really good and i don't think it will not come off. See when you go to Comic Conns dressed up as Batman you use this Batarang for a just a very good prop just the costume or if u wanted to you could use this prop for cosplays u do at the Comic Conns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) And i think this would make a great prop for your costume too!!!!!!!!!! :)
Morgan Hernandez (2 years ago)
omg stupid auto correct i mean batman...🙌🙌🙌🙌
Morgan Hernandez (2 years ago)
omg im a big batmab fan and i cant wait to get one and unbox it....😁😁😁😄😄😄cant wait....thanks for sharing it with us
Tucson (2 years ago)
it is cool
Sky High Kyky Green (2 years ago)
Thanks, man. I was wondering if these existed. Imma get me one. Also, great video. Thumbs up
brandon rendon (2 years ago)
gamestop exclusive... i can make tht 1:1 in my garage... but honestly I would rather make a metal one xD
King Capo (3 years ago)
plus I subed you
King Capo (3 years ago)
King Capo (3 years ago)
do a give away I'm poor
De vi (3 years ago)
i pre ordered the game from gamestop, but i didnt get the batarang
Recca (3 years ago)
okay.. that is CrazyDopetastic
HECKLER 2002 (3 years ago)
The funny part of this video is ther is so much tape
Ivan Maxwell (3 years ago)
Dang, I want hmies at Nica
Chris Couch (3 years ago)
batarang awesome!!
Mr Singalindin (3 years ago)
Amazing where did you get it
MultiShaun1989 (3 years ago)
Aaaaand you cant get these in the uk, great :(
Fabricio rodrigues (3 years ago)
Shit, i'm from brazil :(
erick Guijarro (3 years ago)
So cool
ReneeNme (3 years ago)
When I saw that NECA ( get with the program, people. it's pronounced Neeka, not Nekka ) had this as a Gamestop exclusive for a mere $29.99 I knew I was going to have one. Travelled 40 minutes to my closest Gamestop store and picked one up and love it. Nice little display piece. Now, NECA's 1/4 scale Arkham Knight will be my next purchase. Gotta have one of those bad boys.
ReneeNme (3 years ago)
+CrazyDopetastic NECA currently has them ready to ship on eBay for $120.98 with shipping included at that price.
Sdephan Phan (3 years ago)
You are freak in ansome
iAMKO (3 years ago)
Awesome bro
DANIEL hernandez (3 years ago)
All 3 games were game of the year
SquidDoesMinecraft (3 years ago)
There are like 7 game of the year games per year xD it doesn't really mean anything at all.
Jazzy_cali (3 years ago)
Your awesome
Jazzy_cali (3 years ago)
He's funny
Arda Kaçmaz (3 years ago)
Türk izleyen yokmu
It's not sharped :(
Iydo Vercy (3 years ago)
Mine was damaged it had a cut but other than that it's frigging awesome
Strength & Honor (3 years ago)
BATMAN BATARANG REPLICA Bought one of these and had it sent to Australia, instead of receiving the actual Batarang I received a Seizure Notice from the Australian Government (Customs Border Protection Service) claiming it's a replica throwing knife (weapon). I didn't know that a toy made out of plastic and lights up is considered a weapon! So now I have lost the toy & the cash I spent on it! Very upsetting!
MORTAL CREED (3 years ago)
Fuck the Australian gov.
Harold Jones (3 years ago)
Your Trash (3 years ago)
This is my first vid im subing
BoxDesire (3 years ago)
Pretty cool! Also, great video, you just earned yourself a new sub!
leyward morris (3 years ago)
How much does it cost to get one
MORTAL CREED (3 years ago)
Dad Who (3 years ago)
Does it come with a stand?
M310dy (3 years ago)
Love this video and the rest of your vids
SillyGasmask55 (3 years ago)
Where did you get that shirt? I love it
karokrot 99 (3 years ago)
So you just buy the batarang thats it or do oyu have to do something else?
karokrot 99 (3 years ago)
+CrazyDopetastic thx
karokrot 99 (3 years ago)
I mean do you have to pre order the game
Kevin Teran (3 years ago)
Preordered mine CANT WAIT !!!
Reckreational (3 years ago)
When i got mine, the spring feature doesnt quite work as well. Sometimes it doesnt open at all, sometimes it does but not all the way
emily corpin (3 years ago)
can I have it?
Carlos Quezada (3 years ago)
I wanna buy this so bad now
Adim Smith (3 years ago)
Is it easy to break like the assassin creed blade were if you did it to many times the blade falls out

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