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Afrika Korps Review - Panzer Corps

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This is a review of the new expansion pack for Panzer Corps titled Panzer Corps, Afrika Korps. If you are wondering about some older game play elements not touched on here check out my original review here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqzQS3uWPDY where I talk about the original game. My Twitch: http://twitch.tv/thehistoricalgamer My Twitter: http://twitter.com/historicalgamer
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Text Comments (45)
Tricky Boy (30 days ago)
Hopefully by this time next weekend I'll have this game
Vida Ilustre (2 months ago)
Panzer Strategy is a better game https://store.steampowered.com/app/769950/Panzer_Strategy/
Shawn P (1 year ago)
Just taking a look at your reviews/games since they are on sale in Steam - might be worth it. :) appreciate your videos...
Emeengor (2 years ago)
Panzer general a *TWENTY TWO YEAR OLD* game had better animations and 360 degree movement of the sprites (if they were shotting a target ton the upperleft corner the canons were directed towards that side etc)... I hate the new era of "alpha" and "preorder games" they serve you an unfinished pile of dogshit and ask your money... Unfortunatelly kiddies these days dont have any problems to use their parents CC so yea as long as they buy the "devs" will do half assed jobs.
kpb96m1 (2 years ago)
+Emeengor I think it was just a small group of guys with a limited budget trying to bring back the original PG so people who liked it then could enjoy it again. I don't think it was half assed. I half ass shit all the time. I know what half ass looks like. Panzer Corps isn't anything like that.
Emeengor (2 years ago)
+kpb96m1 what do you mean "a modern looking apreach?" this fucking animations exist since decades ago!that was my initial point! they just halfed assed them
kpb96m1 (2 years ago)
+Emeengor I can understand how a more modern looking approach like Order of Battle: Pacific's unit animations would be a nice touch. Panzer Corps for me plays like the original. I like that. It's a simple old school turn based strategy game. It's cool.
Emeengor (2 years ago)
+kpb96m1 Do you even listen to yourself? you are defending crapy animation work thats done on a 2016 title about a 2D game!!!!! just hit yourhead one good time on the table or something that will fix things...
kpb96m1 (2 years ago)
+Emeengor Yes, I am retarded. The fixed positions don't mean the game is crap. PG 2 had hand painted maps that lent itself to a canted overhead view. Panzer Corps is stated as being an updated version of PG 1 NOT PG 2. Why do you have so much butt hurt over the fixed positions? It's like you are retarded too.
Bernard Tremblay (3 years ago)
You were playing back when with Panzer General?! kewl! Do folk know that for a while there was an online verion of it? IIRC 1998 ... maybe 2000.
Bernard Tremblay (3 years ago)
I'm sure you're familiar with the PBEM system, yaa? well heh ... put your geek hat on. So: play a turn. grab the data packet and instead of EMail? upload it. Buddy downloads it, and plays his term. Crude, nae? /*grin*/
thehistoricalgamer (3 years ago)
I did not know that!
Martin (3 years ago)
Just picked this up in the steam sale - already enjoying it and much thanks for the cool tutorial
ReviewGameX (4 years ago)
Why dont u play hearts of iron3?
Sharky (4 years ago)
oh shit, i'm sorry guys. I thought  they cancelled it! my bad!
thehistoricalgamer (4 years ago)
+ReviewGameX I was going to say I didn't think they canceled HOI.
ReviewGameX (4 years ago)
+sharky0922 dont u mean east vs west? That is a different one from hoi4.
Sharky (4 years ago)
+thehistoricalgamer Hoi4 wont come out. Paradox changes their mind about it.
thehistoricalgamer (4 years ago)
I don't own HOI and I've never honestly been that interested in it. I will however probably get HOI 4 when it comes out.
Agrippa Maxentius (4 years ago)
I'm getting this as we speak, Allied Corps was a blast and this looks even SEXIER :).
ludeman (4 years ago)
panzer general remake
KingSNAFU (5 years ago)
Panzer Corp of Panzer Corp Afrika Korp first?
Guilherme Machado (5 years ago)
Where can i buy this game ???
Mark Maeots (5 years ago)
ha ha ha u wish apple lover
Richardsen (5 years ago)
If you have not yet, you should try Advanced Military Commander (known also as Advanced Daisenryaku) It was developed by System Soft in 1988 and then ported to SEGA Mega Drive in 1991. In essence, it is the grandfather of Panzer General, although it has more attention to detail and larger unit base, more historically accurate (you can have He 177 equipped with HS-293, for example) It was only released in Japan, but an english tranlsated version exists (fan made)
Richardsen (5 years ago)
Recently, Poland has banned Communist symbols, much in the way Nazi symbols are banned in Germany.
Casey Rojek (5 years ago)
is this game available 4 the mac?
Steve Rossi (5 years ago)
you did a great review and the game is awesome, i dont really understand the 6 thumbs down? Maybe they don't appreciate the game style?
Steve Veasey (5 years ago)
The point about Germany invading India is irrelevant, this isn't a hard core simulation of WW2, its more like Axis and Allies ...a lot of fun but not for somebody that likes War in The East or something.
kendraco (5 years ago)
It reminds me of the old Panzer General for the Play Station back in the 90's.
WysteriaGuitar (5 years ago)
Nice review, but I was wondering, would you recommend this or the original Panzer Corps to start with? Is the gameplay/Ai better in Afrika? Also, can you play as the Americans in any of the scenarios or is it only Axis? Thanks
Nicolas Kliwadenko (5 years ago)
wow!... thanks for the reply, i wasn't aware of that legal thing in Germany, it is a surprise.
Nicolas Kliwadenko (5 years ago)
why censoring the swastika? it's only historical symbol... is like censoring the communist party symbol, but they don't... my only complain... this game is great!!! i love it!!!
JAN (5 years ago)
looks like 1992
ANSARULISLAM (6 years ago)
this is exactly like the steel panthers series of games. I remember Steel Panthers from when I was a kid
Vampire Rising (6 years ago)
that describes MMORPGS very well
Zsavage1 (6 years ago)
ikr... it's like point click point click..ZZZzzzzz
Zsavage1 (6 years ago)
swamiwasabi (6 years ago)
Is this a full priced game? And im not trying to be the 10 yo cod fanboy here but isn't it a bit retarded to still make a game like this? You see dem graphics? Unless it's an indy or freetoplay game i dont realize why you would make this game. But if you like it, go ahead
pellman87 (6 years ago)
Is the orginal campaigns included in Afrika Korps? And the DLC? Or is it just Afrika.
CgPallaeon (6 years ago)
What is your email? I'd like to contact you about more games!
canuck97 (6 years ago)
Thanks a lot for this very good review - just convinced me to buy it :) Keep up the good work!

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