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Monster Hunter World - Worth Your Money?

525 ratings | 31703 views
Monster Hunter World finally releases tomorrow for PS4 and Xbox One! Will you be playing the latest Monster Hunter come launch? Do you agree with the positive reviews the game is receiving? Let us know in the comments down below. Thanks for watching! Official website for more details on Monster Hunter World- http://www.monsterhunterworld.com/us/ Reviews mentioned in the video- http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/01/25/monster-hunter-world-review http://www.gameinformer.com/games/monster_hunter_world/b/playstation4/archive/2018/01/25/majestic-monsters-and-where-to-find-them.aspx https://www.psu.com/reviews/monster-hunter-world-review/ Support us with Humble Monthly! - http://bit.ly/2DkRJjl Great Games in this Humble Bundle! - http://bit.ly/2EzRyQX Subscribe here! - http://bit.ly/GameCrossSubscribe Follow us on Twitter! - http://bit.ly/1QYqnTp Support Us by Using this Amazon Link! - http://amzn.to/1eQsQy2 Credit for Outro Music- Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (325)
Delirious (2 months ago)
not gonna lie this game gets real repetitive real fast... just go and kill the same monsters over and over for like 20 mins+ each fight and get new gear ...final fantasy 12 was like 10x better than this poop
TheBritishTwat (3 months ago)
First time playing a game in the series. I regret it. It was so boring
Larry McMorris (7 months ago)
9.5 out of 10 shows these reviewers are pussies!
muchini guima (8 months ago)
DON'T BE FOOLED..Do not faqing buy this game..the story mode is too faqing sh0rt you can finish it in a week and yet it's so expensive..they should have made the story m0de much much longer to give a sense of purpose while hunting..post story hunting is not fun at all and you fight the same faqing monsters over and over and over and over and over again..FAK U capcom..GIVE US BACK OUR MONEY..
Jo (9 months ago)
Chuck Alexander (9 months ago)
Someone tell me, does this game have the same concept as The Witcher 3? As in open world, alchemy, crafting armor and weapons, etc.
Layla donovan (9 months ago)
Have the game and so far I don't like the idea you faint 3 times and boss fights are 50 mins timed oh yeah when you faint 3 times you fail the quests game play choppie as fuck.... Not to mention wasn't not what I thought it was.
Jose Bruno (9 months ago)
Yes yes yes!
Sir Grotto (9 months ago)
I’m completely new to series and I’ve been playing this game so much I forgot to take care of my hygiene.
Aaron Duran (9 months ago)
Is this even a question at this point?
Jesus C (9 months ago)
Guys is this worth getting please respond I’m really having a hard decision on getting this game or not
Golden Freeza (9 months ago)
Game is worth it's not much to do in the endgame yet but they will add events, new monsters, weapons, armor and just more content in general
DovBlood (9 months ago)
I've never played a MH title until World, but I was always interested in the series and I'm honestly upset that I couldn't get into it until now because of accessibility restrictions. So far I'm enjoying almost every second of the experience.
D Liggo (9 months ago)
More 💩 from Japan...A complete waste of time & money..Full of problems too many to mention..not for me..🗑👎🏻
adybli36 (9 months ago)
Wtf is the point of this video if you just take trailer footage and read other people's reviews?
J. E. Blake (9 months ago)
This game is like a mix of Dark Souls, Shadow of the Colossus, and the show Survivor Man. This game is hilarious and challenging. I can see this getting game of the year.
Mr. g00n (9 months ago)
I just wish the controls weren't cancer they're some of the worst I've ever had to deal with in any game, I wasn't really giving this game a chance after playing the lackluster beta but I bought it anyways after playing the purchased version can't say it's bad but definitely not amazing I think a lot of people are getting blinded by nostalgia and not taking into account some of the weird and clunky features in this game, for example in expedition mode which is essentially free roam if you try to kill a monster for extra parts so you can build armor or weapons you'll be rudely surprised when you're about to kill your target and it just disappears for no reason with no explanation (this literally happened every time I tried to kill a monster in expedition) which makes me question why there is even a free roam mode to begin with. The controls are just bad I really can't express that enough I just don't understand who made these controls and who decided to approve them on top of that I've gotten killed and took hits so many times because of the bad item selection system, and getting into a multiplayer match with your friends is far more difficult than it should be. The characters in the story are pretty cringey as well but I don't give half a Shit a bout the story or what's going on in the universe so I don't mind to much. I guess the one real complain and thing I cannot stand about this game is the fact that they lied about the open world part. it's not true open world it's more like destiny where it has these small open sections that you can roam around in if you want to to another area you need to go through a loading screen it also has a hub like destiny. However the one thing that really bugs me is the fact that these "open world" areas have literally no reason to exist from what I can tell I went into them several times looking to farm missing pieces for armor without having to deal with the pressure of a time limit, only to find out that when you try to do this the game will not allow it the monster will vanish every time before you can kill it. I would love to know they built this giant Fuck you to players I mean the game doesn't even explain this will happen if you try to kill a monster in expedition mode so I literally wasted hours of my time trying to get material for my gear, it's not like there's a benefit from killing them in expedition mode either you're not getting money or bonus rewards because you aren't doing a mission soo? Why? Seriously other than being a fuck you to players why does expedition mode aka free roam even exist? There's literally no point I feel they just added it so they can say they're game is open world. Other than that the game's OK it has a few combat mechanics that are literally retarded but I've mostly been fine with them.
Just A Fan of Fantasy (9 months ago)
Still not finished with this games
HEY THIS IS FILL (9 months ago)
Yes. I saved you 6 minutes
THE WALKINGDUCK (9 months ago)
Don’t need to watch this review , YES go buy it NOW
Titan Slayer (9 months ago)
It was worth my mani.
Justin Gridley (9 months ago)
This is not even a question yes yes it is worth the money
THEwed123wet (9 months ago)
i am missing something or this guy sounds exactly like cultofmush?
James Somogyi (9 months ago)
Easily the best random buy I've ever made on a video game. I've never played monster Hunter before but when u saw the gameplay I knew this game was gonna have that nice loot grind and always something to unlock and improve. It has a learning curve for sure but it really suprised .
NoWiFu (9 months ago)
I'm 43 hours in and it's amazing for vets and newbies it's a must pick up!
Blake Angiano (9 months ago)
The Thing that makes me not want to buy it. Is that gay anime voice acting and shitty story.
Dark God (9 months ago)
minute 2.45 but you can do all quests with friends I believe there is only 1 quest you can't now you need to wait until your friend has seen the story cutscene to enter.
Moonlight Penta (9 months ago)
Im 30 hours in and its absolutly worth 60 euros. The last time i had so much fun with a game was with dark souls. Not trying to compare though. Amazing game!
Ti Richardson (9 months ago)
This game is garbage. Dull, slow, crap animations, redundant battle system. Just pure rubbish. Every review compares MH with OTHER MH games. But they're all the same repetative garbage. It shows the lack of good games recently but doesn't make this a GOOD game. It''s the "most accessable". Yeah but it still sucks and feels like a PS2 game , something that feels like it's over a decade behind in battle sensibilities hit marks, overlays, Enemy interactions. It's a dead eyed, corny Japanese game that feels amateur and foolish.
Lasciel (9 months ago)
Nice bait u cuck
Arif Gunawan (9 months ago)
Bad b8
Arth Lev (9 months ago)
Bad b8 m8
stpote FCC (9 months ago)
bad b8
Tryhardblackguy (9 months ago)
Bad b8
T Sama (9 months ago)
Yes this game is really fun. I'm new to the monster Hunter series and this game has me hooked
Tyler Carney (9 months ago)
T Sama so you’re saying I should buy it?
Pana Lo (9 months ago)
Bloodborne & DS lovers will find this tactical action grinding game to be fun. I enjoyed the first 2 mh, and the new mhworld brings some nostalgia and new things to the game. But honestly, play with friends! Its more fun playing with people cus monster gets more hp, gives u a new way to fight as u learn to coop with ur teammate according to ur ability and class. Nothings more fun than taking down a giant beast with ur buddies. Plus u get all the ingame contents online if u chose to party or not, so sure go online to get all the benefits
The Alt Knight (9 months ago)
You can play all missions with co-op. Some you have to find the monster but as soon as you do it opens the quest up to your friends or a SOS.
Noctis Kami (9 months ago)
final fantasy 15 was $60 when it first came out and it was only a demo. Two years of dlc and season pass.
BellowD Gaming (9 months ago)
Kills a giant monster gets only 3 carves and takes more retry to get the perfect armor set. It's a fun game!
Jeremy Conley (9 months ago)
This game is excellent buy it all the stuff that made the old ones good plus some good overhauls that improved the mediocre
Meidach Nate (9 months ago)
Is there a way to paralyze other hunters while I am in a party with them? And before anyone gets offended by this question, allow me to explain. I am a scientist and my life's work is the trapping of the various monsters in this world. I take great pride in what I do and I'll have naught come between me and my research. Recently I have endeavored to take up quests with the help of others. Reluctantly I may add, as I typically regard other hunters as a nuisance and a bothersome bunch to keep track of. They are far too rowdy, reckless and violent. Far too often, the creatures I am interested in scurry off as a result of these savagely unrefined antics. Be that as it may, other hunters are undeniably great distractions to keep the pressure off me when I am collecting samples, plants, and critters. So I suppose these people do have their uses. My problem is that many players do not heed my warning, not to kill the beasts on our hunt. They are all too eager to slay. Such a barbaric group presents quite a foil in my purpose, you see. Therefore I would like to know if there are poisons/paralysis/trapping technique to inflict on the other hunters once they have outlived their usefulness in my expeditions. I will be clear, I do not want to kill them. Not if I do not have to. I simply wish to immobilize them long enough for me to capture the weakened beasts and be on my way. But if another monster happens to wander in while these people are still bound or incapacitated...so be it.
FD AJ (8 months ago)
Dislikes Help Me Grow Big and Strong It sounds alright, it's that on the "dope" (millennial talk) side if I may add. Though you should know I am not an avid listener of music. I am of course familiar with the "hippity hop" and "electronics" genre in music, so I do have a bit of knowledge on the subject and hope that makes my opinion of your music (that you created while you may and or may not have been under the influence of cannabis) irrelevant.
Meidach Nate (8 months ago)
I have a better idea. Listen to a song I made that I did or didn't create after smoking marijuana: https://soundcloud.com/meidach-nate/no-touching-policy
FD AJ (8 months ago)
Dislikes Help Me Grow Big and Strong Well for starters, you could start by saying "Donald Trump is a great president" and maybe start blabbering about how "Being Vegan is the future" and ummm... Oh! When feminists start blaming all their problems on men, now that's a good one if you really want to get me going. Please don't cast me aside, I want to be relevant to you and your "experiments" (rawr), I'll even call you "daddy" if that suits your needs while you preserve my tenderness.
Meidach Nate (8 months ago)
FD AJ Oh my! Such pointless hatred is so deliciously rare these days. I almost cannot contain myself! I hope and pray you and I cross paths in this world. Your sensitivity will make you the perfect specimen for number of experiments I happen to be conducting. Namely I am interested in knowing whether monsters from the Wildspire Wastes enjoy their meat loose and relaxed or more tense and agitated like you. They haven't been responding to my tender meat baits as much...this could be the break through I've long sought. Please tell me what else I can say to increase your butthurt! I must preserve your meat grade. You are utterly irrelevant to me otherwise.
FD AJ (8 months ago)
I read your question and instantly hated you, but then I read you reason... and hated you even more.
Prince Noctis (9 months ago)
Not really.
Know Nothing (9 months ago)
This game was so worth the 60 dollars. This is my first MH and loving it.
Renzo Lockhart (9 months ago)
A struggle buddy is why I love Co-op games, not a OP Partner😞
Michael Almaraz (9 months ago)
Of course it fucking is theres no question😂😂😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Rick Schmidt (9 months ago)
Two questions. Does the game get too repetitive and about how many hours can one put into this game?
Rick Schmidt (9 months ago)
In that case, I’m in. It was a tough decision, but I’m going to hold off on FighterZ for this. Now I have to decide if it’s worth paying the extra ten dollars for the ultimate edition. Hmm.
Know Nothing (9 months ago)
Even when fighting the same monster again the fight will never be the same. Sometimes other monsters jump in etc. Myu first time playing the series and I typically am not into grinder games but loving this.
Michael Almaraz (9 months ago)
Rick Schmidt this game is really fun I highly doubt yll get bored all the monsters are totally differebt and amazing to fight
Jason Burke (9 months ago)
Rick Schmidt never gets repetitive especially since it seems they boosted some of the drop rates making you have to kill the same monster less (despite those fights being fun AF), and you can easily drop 500 hours into this game before the free DLC content
Toby SK (9 months ago)
I can't decide if I should buy or not because is not my style but looks great
mumbo wumbo (9 months ago)
Supreme Galaxy from monster huntr to hunter hunter XD
paul slade (9 months ago)
Supreme Galaxy (9 months ago)
IF it only had some pvp i would buy it right now..when i earn gear in a game i want to use it against players. You beat the hardest monster in the game and thats all u really can say about it, but its better when u can hold a record of beating certain amount of players and make rivals
ra119241 (9 months ago)
Fare warning if you never played are questionable about getting it but not 100 percent if you want it or like it and think youll like it dont bother the combats not as solid as it really should be this game is more over hype then it is fun i gave it a try and try hard to like this game but im not impress and only wish i could get a refund so yea that my rating maybe a 6 out of 10
x Ririio (9 months ago)
Sure the combat system may look like it's shit, but in actuality it isn't. Spamming triangle or circle because the enemy stopped moving is not a great way to fight a large boss. The combat system in the game is great and probably one of my favourite combat system on games that I played. The only thing that makes my head boil is when the enemy leaves the area during an expedition. Leaving that aside, the game is great, fun combat system, great character customization, great environment, meh story line, and awesome enemy mechanics. The game takes time to get used to and because beginners guide in the game is pretty much non existent, it might be hard to get used to playing the game in a short amount of time.
Mr. Bean (9 months ago)
ra119241 and no, it isn’t overhyped, mo star hunter has always been one of the best game series to date, and the fact they don’t casualties it from its Asian release, makes it definitely stand out from westernised game series. Also, the combat is magnificent, it isn’t all about hacking and slashing, its about timings, knowing what the monster is going to do when it makes certain movements, hell, knowledge alone plays half the battle in terms of combat. Even in MH worlds they have westernised certain parts, like giving infinite wet stones instead of having to buy/craft your own, infinite nets, and other consumables (far better when you had to craft them). So for veterans like me, it’s sort of ruined, but still easily worth 9/10, and if a slightly ruined monster hunter gets 9/10, that sort of says something about the rest of the game series.
Mr. Bean (9 months ago)
Supreme Galaxy .....this is why pve games aren’t doing well because all everyone wants is pvp ffs.
Supreme Galaxy (9 months ago)
I was thinking about getting it, but idk....I need pvp in a game to keep it lasting.
Alejandro Cabral (9 months ago)
Just wondering how many hrs will it take to beat it?
Oscar Lima (9 months ago)
Your vídeo is not on 60p ??????
Bloody Baron (9 months ago)
GameSpot review score is 8 that's lame.
JF Landry (9 months ago)
nope its complete trash
Mr. Bean (9 months ago)
Le Capitaine any reason for that rather than just spewing out ITS TRASH? I can’t think of a single thing wrong with it, aside from a few changes from the older ds games,but still an amazing game, easily goty so far.
PHELTHY49plus20 (9 months ago)
PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE... tell me what the background song he is playing
Goku (9 months ago)
man i really want to get this game and sea of thieves
Ryk Deezy (9 months ago)
Good video! I appreciate it, this game reminds me of Dragon's Dogma and slightly a bit of Phantasy Star Universe :)
Radec UglyGamer1955 (9 months ago)
Hunting Monster Worlds
Radec UglyGamer1955 (9 months ago)
The Dark Side Monster Hunting Horizon Zero Dawn
The Dark Side (9 months ago)
Radec UglyGamer1955 world hunting monsters
HardcoreGator (9 months ago)
There's a handful of things you can bet on in gaming. Some negatives are Ubisoft, Activision, and EA trying to wring your wallet dry. Some positive ones are Naughty Dog, CDPR, and Monster Hunter delivering worthwhile value.
RED KING (9 months ago)
Gonna wait for discount i feel like god of war 4 and farcry 4 are more worth my money
PsyGnosiS (9 months ago)
first monster hunter that is not downgraded to dirt because of ninbendo weak consoles
Clint Jackson (9 months ago)
Add me DigiVamp21
SAT0M1 R3NTAR0 (9 months ago)
Clint Jackson ok man
Jameel Far (9 months ago)
yes its worth and can't wait to play it
morris jan Javier (9 months ago)
I will wait for PC because I do not have any gaming console. I wish the port would be great.
Tj Weber (9 months ago)
I know this is Capcom but the Monster Hunter team hasn't ever let their games release in a shitty state, they are delaying it til fall just to make sure every aspect it good to go when we do get it.
traxxas544 (9 months ago)
I don't have a console, that is what I think.
Ken Shin (9 months ago)
iPick Panda (9 months ago)
Abidinator 12 (9 months ago)
Been playing for 10 hours(12am to 10am)... ITS AMAZING BUY IT NOW!!!
toni bryant (9 months ago)
This game got my attention.
Chaser Fang (9 months ago)
Same guy from CultOfMush. Bro you are awesome and helps me out a ton!
Wed Stein (9 months ago)
Lol im sold since they announced it last year.
Noctis Futuka (9 months ago)
Awnser to the title yes
David Munoz (9 months ago)
Timothy Nunes is a fool. The story quest can be done with friends and repeated. All you have to do is watch the cut scene in your own first. Then shoot an sos flare or just go back after watching it and ready up the quest.
Greggy D (9 months ago)
Waiting for the PC release, it's going to be a long wait though..
STG 44 (9 months ago)
the only letdown for me is the framerate
Mr. Bean (9 months ago)
A Sturmgewehr 44 to me, playing the series on a handheld for many years, it feels at home at 30 fps, I’m fine with it.
Fluffle Nuggit (9 months ago)
Monster rhymes with Hunter. 10/10
Antwone Madison (9 months ago)
I'm sure it's a great game. Obviously not for everyone
Neil Feng (9 months ago)
1.so many kinds of weapons but no abilities or special skills.2 typical combat system but also boring only can roll around for defense.3.have to play with someone otherwise it will be a very repetitive and boring journey.
Mr. Bean (9 months ago)
Neil Feng only rolling around for defence? If you are using dual blades or something that can’t block, yeah. Want to know another defence? Knowledge of the monster. When you see a monster prepping for a certain move, you can dodge right out of the way. You clearly haven’t played the game enough to fully understand it. And no special moves? That’s because monster hunter is more about player skill, than pressing 1 button as the game playing itself. And if you need special moves to like a game? Then you suck at the game, simple as that.
The Stinko (9 months ago)
Neil Feng meh your lost, have fun with those boring LoL games and sitting in your chair just spamming your mouse and buttons that have “special” attacks.
Jesse Ibarra (9 months ago)
Neil Feng I too felt like the combat was repetitive after hunting two monsters.
Cruelwraith2 games (9 months ago)
The only problem I have what system should I buy for Xbox or Playstation 4 are the Xbox x or the PlayStation Pro and I was being sarcastic
Soranort (9 months ago)
I already pre ordered I'm just waiting on the timer to hit 00:00:00 so I can start playing it woooh!!!
NetBirth (9 months ago)
Glad I preordered the monster hunter PS4 pro limited edition now
Alejandro Rodríguez (9 months ago)
It could cost the double and it will still be worth of the price.
De Charmanderz (9 months ago)
Having played Monster Hunter since 4U, i’ve been ultra hyped for this game since it was announced way back in july or august of last year
Soul of Death (9 months ago)
I've been playing the games since 2004 And yes this is a fully complete game with upcoming free dlc This game has no season pass or shit boxes The game isn't for everyone but who like killing monsters this game is for u. Have fun Hunters.
FOR8HOPE (9 months ago)
So there are DLC‘s coming for MHW? Where did u read that?
Richard the pastamancer (9 months ago)
Something to appeal to veterans where you can killed easy even with maxed gear, made to be difficult
Richard the pastamancer (9 months ago)
Michael Almaraz the G rank is the true end Game of most MH, you can see it as a mode with super boosted monsters with new weapons and armors (not just different colours, totally different sets)
xXBladeMaster1337Xx (9 months ago)
Soul of Death What? Realy? Where or when did they confirm this?
Michael Almaraz (9 months ago)
Soul of Death whats g rank
Some Stoner (9 months ago)
Some One (9 months ago)
Finally a real AAA game and good to see a studio take pride of making game and their product !
Mic Dy (9 months ago)
there is no words to sum up the excitment i feel for this game
super saiyan (9 months ago)
Propaganda,if IGN give it 9.5 score all other rewiews make the same,9.5 for boring répétitive game,
Akanome (9 months ago)
super saiyan I bet you never play monster hunter game before that you could say that...
Afonso Pinto (9 months ago)
Is it good for someone who likes Dark Souls?
Clayton Dement (9 months ago)
Actually I kind of dislike it it feels like it's an empty game there's not really a plot or anything it's 6 small maps and very few monsters to actually hunt I think more people will dislike it than like it. I'd say most of the ones that do like it will be the ones that played the other monster hunters
Verticom 1 (9 months ago)
Theres two kinds of dark souls players though. Both might play it, one will like it and the other will put out many expletatives on every MHW video with dissatisfaction. The 1% i dont count as theyre rare, they are the tried the game and say it was ok or didnt like it, but respect the opinions players.
Clayton Dement (9 months ago)
I love dark souls and this is pretty similar
LegBreakingNora (9 months ago)
Its as Additive but hitboxes are Like Dark Souls 2
Spidey 2099 (9 months ago)
The Dark Side i have you ever heard of an opinion?
Sparka (9 months ago)
So you cant play any meaningful content with friends? Ummm and you want over $100cdn for it plus PS plus? So I grind forever doing the same combo over and over and get stale loot? Why?
Grim SorrowxX (9 months ago)
Buying this game when the price goes down, First Monster Hunter game. Can't wait
Tiger Festivals (9 months ago)
ozz I don't think hours of content is necessarily akin to value. Bayonetta has like 15-20 hours of gameplay and I'd say that it's still worth full price.
Julian Savaris (9 months ago)
Well...Warframe is FREE and it offers months of content, so I will wait till price drop too. I belive it is a GREAT game, but Warframe changed my opinion on games.
Michael Almaraz (9 months ago)
Andrew M well said!
Michael Almaraz (9 months ago)
Grim SorrowxX its worth 60 just but it otherwise ull end up being a christmas noob
Akidra 0 (9 months ago)
everyone's entitled to their opinion, but to be fair, if you haven't played it, you aren't exactly an authority to say whether or not it's worth the buying price. Especially since this series, way more than most others, is a "not for everyone, but it's for you, you'll love it forever" kind of game series. And you certainly can't say it isn't worth just because assassin's creed and shadow of war weren't. It's not even by the same company.
Rico Wanca (9 months ago)
wohooooo,, hope newcomers know how multiplayer works.. don't carted too much, use lifepowder to save ur teammates, elder dragon can't be trapped, don't wake up sleeping monster before putting a bomb, etc..
Michael Almaraz (9 months ago)
Rico Wanca ur ponts are shit mate
Rico Wanca (9 months ago)
Sparka J errr, what? mh is all about multiplayer, of course u can single.. but it's boring af.. especially when u know how the monster move.. lol can't wait to grind for costume or weapon from crossover dlc like street fighter, or even one piece (if just not exclusive for jpn) on multiplayer~
Legolas Greenleaf (9 months ago)
Ha yea I am new so I am looking up everything I need to know before hand so I learned all that so far as I would hate to be the new guy who fucks everything up.
Sparka (9 months ago)
its ok, they said theres no meaningful content in the multiplayer lol
Richard Reyes (9 months ago)
Looks good but gonna wait for a discount, loved everything about it till I played the beta and wandered 30 minutes looking for a monster and got bored as crap so just turned off
Richard Reyes (8 months ago)
Miguel Cruz "little big planet"you mean keyboard warrior, and why you so angry? Lol
Miguel Crz (8 months ago)
Go go play little planet piece of shit
Richard Reyes (9 months ago)
x Astolfo why you so quiet? Have you realized your a lame with bad taste in games ...lol
Richard Reyes (9 months ago)
x Astolfo if your having trouble with end game use ember,trinity and chroma and you'll be ok ;)
Richard Reyes (9 months ago)
x Astolfo and if you have the gear mods and right weapons then you just energy syphon and ember spam and can last hours including pee pee breaks, not for me... Oh I own Witcher 3 and the last of us as well but haven't gotten around to playing them yet.
False Knight (9 months ago)
I don't enjoy Monster Hunter anymore, especially after having to defeat monster after monster which can take 30 minutes to an hour solo. I Find it extremely tedious and unrewarding because the only incentive is new gear and a new monster to fight, in which you can rinse and repeat until your hands get tired. It's all about hunting the monster, no hype built up, no genuine story to build up motivation, just hunt the damn thing, that's pretty much it. Environments are meh, monster AI is decent but too much health. Others will enjoy the challenge of being able to hunt all these monsters, gain bragging rights, and playing with friends. But not me, I need more of a purpose to hunt.
Verticom 1 (9 months ago)
In old world lore, these monsters are pretty much either inconveniencing people or murdering entire civilizations. To keep it Teen i guess, story is either null and void ingame, or just enough to piggyback to the next monster.
alonzo black (9 months ago)
False Knight get good
RubberDuckyKutKut (9 months ago)
False Knight everything 2 shot or 1 shots you in high rank if its not chip damage so newbs usually give up a highrank
Mr. Bean (9 months ago)
False Knight i hunt for the challenge, i sometimes undergear myself on purpose (in terms of armour) so its a little more interesting for me. And when i kill a monster i think, where is the next big bad motherfucker at? :P And even if i gear myself properly, i play for the satisfaction of capturing/killing a monster 100x the size of me. The story as ever is meh, but mh has always been about the gameplay more than anything else
Argenis CLC (9 months ago)
False Knight monster hunter is not for everybody buddy and that’s ok
KingJeremy77 (9 months ago)
I'm sold.
This game is worth 60$ unlike Sea of Theives that looks empty as fuck , boring with Nintendo 64 graphics.
Younes Haffadi (9 months ago)
xGodspeedz Nice try generalizing folks.
Know Nothing (9 months ago)
I enjoy both. And you can't even compare these games to eachother. One is hunting monster and grinding gear. The other is a game where your a pirate.... I enjoyed both so far so to each their own.
Ahima 64 (9 months ago)
Adam Collier really
Adam Collier (9 months ago)
Fuck the Oscars this gameplay is on Ps4 that's why the graphics are shit to much saturation
Orange Man Bad (9 months ago)
I played the closed beta, everyone enjoyed it unlike Monster Hunter some people get bored on it. I never played the game but I think it looks great and might get it. You’re judging Sea Of Thieves even though you haven’t played it. Some people have different play styles and taste. “Nintendo Graphics” dude Borderlands has cartoonish graphics but the content is fucking great. Don’t just judged a book by it’s cover.
The Ultimate Code (9 months ago)
Nah I can wait till its half price even if thats 6 months from now
Admyr 6 (9 months ago)
the platinum trophy takes about 300-400h a LOT of grinding. I think you can have a lot of fun with this game
ベヒモスRyan (9 months ago)
Deon L I'm in the same boat lol. 5 hours in and I still haven't unlocked Wildspire wastes 😂
Deon L (9 months ago)
Ryan ベヒモス true true. I love to explore and I honestly think the one that will take the longest is the online stuff.
ベヒモスRyan (9 months ago)
Deon L It can take that long or less depending on the player. Some will blitz through content with friends, others will take time since they like to explore or don't have too much time to play due to obligations in life.
Deon L (9 months ago)
Admyr 6 why do you say it will take that long? I'll do it in less than 100.
Gio Dude TV (9 months ago)
No because it's not on PC yet. Not playing a game like this on a capped frame rate machine.
Ilias A. (9 months ago)
Discord_ the_Hunter Who said anything about graphics?
xDiscord x (9 months ago)
Lavar Ball who even cares how it looks. Even back in 2004 the first one didn't look that great but I had a blast playing. Graphics aren't always everything.
Adam Collier (9 months ago)
The Alt Knight not what I say what digital foundry said who does frame rate tests you butthurt little Virgin it's facts
The Alt Knight (9 months ago)
Adam Collier okay whatever you say mate.
Larry God (9 months ago)
There should be a way just to take pictures and film the monsters like a nature show without having too kill .
Tiger Festivals (9 months ago)
Paw Hunter what the hell
LegBreakingNora (9 months ago)
Larry God you can capture them you don't need too kill at all
Paw Hunter (9 months ago)
Larry God i would take pictures of there paws 💓🐾
adam death (9 months ago)
depends on the type of games you like. this is boring to me. not my type.
Kirk Douglas (9 months ago)
Runs great on PS4, can't wait either. Beta was fun
gh (9 months ago)
Monster Hunter World: Take Horizon Zero Dawn-HDR-resolution-framerate-speed+limited free roaming+time limit to combat+4x inventory+50x depth+free DLC+no lootboxes=Buy this game if you like timed precise gameplay that requires willingness to focus, learn and understand anything more than hiding in a bush hoping to spam your trigger finger on a unwitting opponent. 😁
The Stinko I agree with you
The Stinko (9 months ago)
Fuck the Oscars Mhw has better gameplay though. ;)
MHW has shit graphics and nowhere near as good as HZD.
Admyr 6 (9 months ago)
Adam Hollingsworth graphics wise MHW comes not even close to HZD
Kaleb Hancock (9 months ago)
Ill be getting god of war siege and red dead redemption 2 this year
ベヒモスRyan (9 months ago)
Solid games, enjoy.
Admyr 6 (9 months ago)
Kaleb Hancock get the season passes for R6 Siege. It will take you more then 60h to unlock just 2 operators
Is it online or just a huge world to yourself?
Paw Hunter (9 months ago)
Getting you Triggered you can play it online with 4 random people or with friends
Admyr 6 oh that makes me more interested then. I don't like playing huge games without playing with a few friends. Sure witcher is different. But this is gonna get me to buy it
Admyr 6 (9 months ago)
Getting you Triggered singleplayer and you can invite your friends to play with you or with random people. Story takes about 50+h
Kirk Douglas (9 months ago)
Getting you Triggered It is online but can be played singleplayer
Dorian Duracak (9 months ago)
Not worth 70 € for sure
Prince Noctis (9 months ago)
THE WALKINGDUCK are you the guy from the tree in Logans vlog? Have some respect for yourself. The Game is pretty bland and repetitive he was stating his opinion. Chill and pull the disc out of your mouth. No game is worth 60$ tbh. My gosh, humanity is Fucked. All unoriginal morons with the same uneducated insults. Why doesn't anyone stay in school.
THE WALKINGDUCK (9 months ago)
Dorian Duracak literally grab the gun out of your fathers cabinet stick it in your mouth and pull the trigger
Prince Noctis (9 months ago)
Their is dlc clearly no-one has looked at the add on section.
Toxic Anoxic (9 months ago)
Michael Almaraz pizza are good, you want to know a game that is worth 60 bucks star wars battlefront. Such a fantastic game.
Michael Almaraz (9 months ago)
Fuck the Oscars how is it trash u just cant afford it
If this game isn't worth $60 then nothing is No bullshit paid DLC, season pass, Lootboxes and microtransaction If you have even a little bit of interest in this kind of genre, give it a go, so far all review I've watched are rather positive 👍
macc2much1 (8 months ago)
にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien I’m new to the game and only bought it because of all the positive reviews now I’m about to dive into it albeit late lol 👍🏽
Titan Slayer (9 months ago)
MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン. It was worth 59,95€.
Takua Me (9 months ago)
MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン There are microtransactions. But I didn't even notice they existed till like 3 days after release lol. Oh gee I can have the team leaders haircut for a dollar! Or hey I can buy the useless guild card pictures for $3. The micros the game has are so miniscule their almost not worth mentioning, oh and the fact the game doesn't shove them In your face is good to.
RubberDuckyKutKut (9 months ago)
Jason Lane how
RubberDuckyKutKut (9 months ago)
MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン grank may be paid but im fine with supporting the team

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