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7 MAJOR Reasons to BUY a PS4 PRO Instead of an XBOX ONE X

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SUPPORT GAMECROSS and CHAIRTY and Get GAMES CHEAP with HUMBLE! Get Civilization VI and more for Just $12 with Humble Monthly!- http://bit.ly/2DkRJjl Killing Floor 2, Red Orchestra 2 and MORE in Humble Bundle!- http://bit.ly/2EzRyQX So in this video we take a look at 7 BIG Reasons why you should purchase a Playstation 4 Pro over an Xbox One X. What do you think about the upgraded consoles? Do you have an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro? Let us know in the comments down below. As always, thanks for watching! Subscribe here! - http://bit.ly/GameCrossSubscribe Follow us on Twitter! - http://bit.ly/1QYqnTp Support Us by Using this Amazon Link! - http://amzn.to/1eQsQy2 Credit for Outro Music- Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (5821)
Enrique Suarez (6 hours ago)
This is so funny because I own an Xbox one x and I went and pick up a switch,
Foxeh Playzᄎᄒ (14 hours ago)
Pray for poor person who can't even afford a ps1. *cOugH cOugH* me *cOUgH cOugH*
Jdauk04 (16 hours ago)
is this cult of mush?
ActionACTIONJACK (1 day ago)
Bro DAM Xbox Xbox is soo gay so play PlayStation4
Girls Can Game To (1 day ago)
Y'all hating Xbox one s and x I have the Xbox one s and it's wonderful 😂
FunOrb 7 (1 day ago)
You forgot the fact that it’s made by Sony, which fully destroys these reasons because they only care about money. The ironic thing is the slogan is “for the players”
Terrance Walker (2 days ago)
Ilove my Xbox 1
Hector J. Roman P. (3 days ago)
In my 1080p TV I can play games just fine with an XBox One S ($180). Elite: Dangerous + a few other games (some of then openworld and/or replayable) + a lot from the XBox 360 + my day job are more than enough until the next generation of consoles.
marshmallow plays (3 days ago)
If you want more power then ps4 pro you need money and more if you are ps4 player try xbox and comment ps4 is good but xbox one x is much more powerful than the ps4 pro
Wolf Parsnip (3 days ago)
I own a Xbox one x and ps4 Pro and I personally prefer my Xbox one x over ps4 Pro
Ewton GT (3 days ago)
Besides both companies Tried relly hard to make them borh i dont know why you have to make these bad vidios to trick people thinking that xbox is bad.Sony maked good things but the console is 50/50.
Ewton GT (3 days ago)
Xbox players dont worry he's just not an expert he just want the views! 2018-xbox one x is the fastest,best and it doesnt take so much space as ps4 pro!!! Sony payed him to say this shit probably anyways Xbox one x is the 1. consol in 2018 and it propably will be the best beacuz sony has a better job making phones lol😂😂😂 Soryy Sony you got rosted!!!
wst news (4 days ago)
The ps4 won a long time ago that like over
StormyPegasus 12 (4 days ago)
Just whant to say Xbox will stay on 60 fps PS can drop in fps
Walking Totems (4 days ago)
When PS4 and Xbox 1 were just released, ps players say exclusives don't matter, it's the power that counts. PS4 pro and Xbox1x comes out, ps players say games matter more than power,like. See what I mean?
Srex 117 (4 days ago)
Lets be real here without being fanboys ,Xbox One X is much better for your money. You have Gamepass,BC with 2 console generations free Cloud Saves,Play Anywhere and all games look much better on 4k screen then ps4 Pro. Only things Pro have over X is the most important thing for console owners,exclusives. So if you dont care about exclusives then X is for you much better then Pro. On the other hand if you buy consoles for exclusive games then X have nothing to offer since ps4 Pro exclusive line up is much much ,much better.
justin cruz (6 days ago)
If your a ps4 player like my comment I'm not begging for likes
BaseballerBoy 21 (6 days ago)
Clearly a PS4 Fanboy🤣
BaseballerBoy 21 (5 days ago)
PAPER KAKE, I play Xbox and PC. Why?
PAPER KAKE (5 days ago)
What do you game on
Gold London (7 days ago)
They are literally the both the same thing .-.
Oh yea Yea (7 days ago)
Playstation hasn’t upgraded since 1999
THAT_NCR_RANGER (7 days ago)
$20 all he mentions are games
The Thereman (7 days ago)
More like 1000 good reasons to buy a PS4 Pro over an Xbox One X. 😂
Samarth S.Hosamani (8 days ago)
Visuals do matter bro!!!
Nugget Show (8 days ago)
Xbox 1x is way better in performance. Ye they both do 4K but does the PS4 pro do 60 FPS and 6 teraflops. The answer is NO. Most of the PS4 game are bad other than spider man god of war and the last of us. And the Xbox controllers aren’t big it’s just that PS4’s are super small. End of story.
I know graphics isn't everything But i will buy An xbox one x After a month Because of the 4K 60fps (I do have a ps4 pro and a switch BTW)
Foxy (9 days ago)
my fav console is xbox one
Foxy (9 days ago)
and I LOVE IT PLAYSTATION IS good but im a xbox fan but i have a ps3 with gta4 so that keeps me calm while my xbox is getting fixed AND XBOX ONE X IS BETTER
Hyse Second account (9 days ago)
Ps4 and pc are the BEST
rockstoneballs (10 days ago)
This dude sounds like Kyle's Broflovski's cousin
Dotie The Bear (9 days ago)
I love Cuphead 6:29
TakeDa _L (10 days ago)
Xbox one X is the most powerful console. There no doubt put it. The PS4 is better for price and is better then xbox one.
Sandman Lopez (11 days ago)
Xbox one x powerful console best to play game on
Mobile phone&PC (11 days ago)
Ps4 pro this is best my have ps4 pro and two monts my have pc gaming cost 2300$
Wafaa Abdul raheem (11 days ago)
Of course ps4 is better
dEfAuLtZ g0D (12 days ago)
I like the controllers more
DarkGreenn_ (12 days ago)
We got ROBLOX my guy!jk but xbox is way better I have ps4 pro and xbox one s and why do u bring pc into console war like you couldn’t find anything else and u are really biased and just because u like the games better doesn’t mean others do to sea of thieves is super fun and Spider-Man is super boring plus the better graphics and the controller is way to small the xbox controller is perfect size and the PS4 pro takes up 1/6 of my desk and the fact I have had it since June and it sounds like a jet engine compared to my xbox it’s quite and I’ve had it since November
QF gaming0903 (12 days ago)
If you get ps4 pro or a Xbox one x it doesn’t madder which console you get
SillybroXD (12 days ago)
I am going to send this to all of my friends that say Xbox is better:)
DJ Legend (13 days ago)
I'm just gonna say this is all biased opinions, and honestly, I own both consoles as well, and prefer the xbox, which is an opinion, so dont get too ahead of yourself with these opinions dude
Isaiah Robinson (13 days ago)
PAPER KAKE (5 days ago)
Xbox has no games, controller needs batteries, never does anything new lmao xD
Robert Harvey (13 days ago)
Team XBOX! I'll never go back to gaystation!
julias rouvali (13 days ago)
I completly disagree because Xbox one x IS More powerful and its good thing to games have PC version cus IT Will Make option to play with More friends. And i dont get why PS players are so salty, Xbox IS faster, have better graphics and have all popular games then PS have More games but they arent known by other than PS players there is games what are great: finalfantasy games and Spiderman but most of others are unkonwn by everybody i know over 20 PS players and they all play games what are in Xbox too for example NHL 19, FIFA 19 or fortnite i have Xbox and i love to play pubg😍 what do Playstation have? 40€ More expensive spiderman what you cant play with friends? Wow and i can watch My favorite movie on 4k OMG PS suck
cCcCc CaptainClam (13 days ago)
Xbox one X has 6 teraflops whereas Ps4 Pro has 4.2 *Pffff* There's a small difference.
TomsAnimations (13 days ago)
I have an PS4 and i bought Marvel’s Spider-Man + the DLC’s and i can tell that the game is awesome! Also i like PS4 more then Xbox but everyone has their own opinion.
RiZzy (13 days ago)
Like if xbox is shit
Sean Dring (13 days ago)
I got both Xbox is better just needs more games and less ps4 fan boys.
Roie Sofer (13 days ago)
I am only here to see xbox fans defending their console
Raring_ Joross (14 days ago)
Get a decent pc that can run amazng games and one xbox controller and emulate the controls of xbox one x And Get a ps4 Problem solved
Bauke Mid (14 days ago)
Have the PS4 pro is the Xbox x realy worthy to update for the graphics I keep my ps4 pro for exclusive only and Xbox for good 4k gaming
DoNutKeGMeeR (14 days ago)
Trash I have xbox one x stupid
PAPER KAKE (5 days ago)
Lol you have an Xbox XD
Grey Bar0n (14 days ago)
Took me a long time to get a dedicated game console (October 2018) but I got a PS4 Pro because of the great Sony exclusives.
Carmen Ayala (14 days ago)
no offence ps4 users but the Xbox one x won this year nothing you can do about it plus the Xbox one x has 4k and it runs at 60fbs
Adnan Ibn Ashrafali (14 days ago)
Totally Agree
Misuse 21 (14 days ago)
I hate you Xbox is better ps4 is overrated af
Delirious Army (14 days ago)
FUCK ALL OF YOU GUYS SAYING PS4 PRO IS BETTER, YOU ALL ARE LITTLE CUNTS!!!!!!!!! AND FUCK THE VID!!! I’m just kidding I have both consoles and I just personally like the X box more then the PS4.
Boss tonek (14 days ago)
Y would u Buy a ps4 pro if u can buy an Xbox one x (rated the most powerful console)
Gamerking 360 (14 days ago)
This video is fricking trash never buy any of PlayStations products and anyone who buys a PlayStation is stupid
Hadi Does Gaming (15 days ago)
Oh no Ps4 and Xbox are fighting WIIU WIIU WIIU WIIU
Herman Van Schoor (15 days ago)
Xbox does have an VR
Figueroa 2408 (15 days ago)
The ps4 is the hell at the real life
Poorinat Rittipa (15 days ago)
Xbox is better because you able to play a game on your Xbox account on your Windows 10 ps4 can't not play on pc
Braulio Marcial (15 days ago)
Sony Ps4 Forever 😀
JooA (16 days ago)
Xbox one x is for rich people Stfu poor ppl get a job!!
Ahmed Mohmmed (16 days ago)
I like the xbox one interface and i am a forza motor sport 7 and forza horizon fan but the we got a problem thats a months old where i live and they dont look like they want to fix maybe i will sell my xbox and get a ps4 pro
Travis Story (16 days ago)
How much did Sony pay you to do this
Greatleao (16 days ago)
There shit reasons and I can say that cuz I have both consoles and in the over run I use the Xbox more
Adam Hoch (16 days ago)
Gay station sucks
Darcy Hay (16 days ago)
I use both consoles and I like the both the only thing is I like battery life better on Xbox one if you get battery pack it last me 9 hours of gaming
Roi Melkman (17 days ago)
I heavily disagree with you the xbox is no longer more expensive and the ps4 exclusives aren't good inough to make you buy a different console
jaap 0162 (17 days ago)
I have a ps4 but an Xbox 1 x is way better than a ps pro
Fodbold Retards (17 days ago)
xbox one x can play 120hz on 1080p so... well i do have both but i like my xbox more.
Taylor Hawtin (17 days ago)
at the end of the day, it makes more sense to get a ps4 and also have a PC. you get all the exclusives for ps, get the modding and whatnot from PC and the games that you can play on xbox, you can play on PC. I bought a ps4 pro and built a PC, definitely dont care to get an xbox
Kiwi - (17 days ago)
Honestly gaming is all multiplayer these days and ps4 only has single player exclusives (Spider-Man, uncharted and all of those other games) and Xbox on the other hand has halo (multiplayer), gears of war (multiplayer), sea of thieves (multiplayer) speedrunners (multiplayer), forza motorsport (mostly multiplayer) and forza horizon (mostly multiplayer). Besides you say PlayStation costs less and how much of a biggie it is that Xbox cost more and then straight after you go on about the psvr even though that thing (and all the accessories)costs the same price as a Xbox one x. And I also think that the interface for Xbox is way more simpler as it is navigated with presses of the bumpers and also when you press the menu button while in a game it still shows the game in the background but on ps it completely brings you to the first menu. I have a ps4 and a Xbox one and i know the differences
Grieving Odin 84 (17 days ago)
man u crazy one x is still better that why its expensive man
Kiwi - (17 days ago)
I love how Sony had to put PlayStation plus games on because they copy Microsoft because they can’t think of any ideas
Sujan Tamang (17 days ago)
Xbox is best than song PlayStation 4 ... Xbox has better interface Best exclusive game Better gaming experience And plus point is 4k game n Utlra blur ray player
Coolfox 559 (17 days ago)
Buy any of them. Xbox is better but more expensive. PS4 is cheaper but not as good
StormDruid (17 days ago)
Its funny how ps4 users are now "graphics don't matter that much! i prefer games!" when they were bashin nintendo for having shit graphics since the dawn of times LOL so much hypocrisy.
Jason Marshall (17 days ago)
This is so true I have a xbox one x and for games like gta v and wd2 to things one gta v less grass more jags bad aa and for wet it runs like 900 p or something now what I have seen on the base ps4 for gta v is better aa less jags more grass wd2 full 1080 p full HD way way better now the ps4 pro is out gta v and wd2 have way less jags and with the pro you get boost mode and in newer games that are vary optimized boost mode help the fps stay up there not that you need it but why not so my xbox going back to game stop with games only getting 250 or so big lost I no but payday soon a few months without a game console but hay I will save but I'm waiting to see if a new ps4 or what it may be comes out no point in buying now if something better comes out my well save and get a new tv before hand I no 4k TVs are getting so much bett a friend of mine got a 2018 Samsung 100 inch 4k hdr for his xbox one x 1200 dollars that's vary cheap was 4000 dollars so for a 2018 4 k with hdr aled that's a grab it huge but that size is a grab like the video this is helpful and the price is a grab for sure with Christmas coming up they may go down more
Afroza Begum (18 days ago)
Xbox one x is better than ps4 pro
Noob Gaming (18 days ago)
Xbox 60 fps with not exclusives
James Smith (18 days ago)
Immortal Ace (18 days ago)
Wouldn't call these major tho...
Mrboywond3 r (18 days ago)
Very true #Ps4isbetter
crazyrebl (18 days ago)
My XB1X is all dusty. Im tyipng this on a ps4 i bought at release. Will be getting the RDR2 PS4PRO. And getting RDR2 for free. Was planning on spending 400$ on a PS4PRO anyway. Its a good time to be alive!!
Minnal Ju (18 days ago)
I just bought a xbox one x. Even though i'm having a 1080p tv at dorm, i think one x is a future proof console. Its microsoft and its more flexible than sony. I admit the fact that sony have more good games than xbox. I love games like Fifa, Gta and forza. These games are available on PC but i dont want to hurt my lap, i keep it for other purposes. And I spend a lot of time on these games and having enough fun. Now the fh4 is coming this october, thats a masterpiece of gaming. So both are good, its according to the choices of games and what use they have.
Is there any great games that the Ps dont? Just asking, so I can buy one of the two
Julius Savrouan (18 days ago)
Kids stup fighting over a Black BOX I REPEIT BLACK BOX!!!!!!!!
Aaron-Phillip Morgan (19 days ago)
Both consoles have good and bad sides so stop fighting
cahir swift (19 days ago)
The thing is the only reason ps4 pro is cheaper cuz the xbox one x is far more powerful than the pro
Razultiliz TM (14 days ago)
They have the same power also stfu
Uganda Nano (19 days ago)
I got ps4 and Xbox one s and PC for gaming so idc this topic is dead
Dietz One (19 days ago)
Xbox is the best
Melted Wogs (20 days ago)
PS4 pro sucks @$$ btw why the Xbox x is 500 because it is strong as a pc retard
Gooner Of Titan (20 days ago)
hyden coyle (20 days ago)
Oh my god you ps4 fan boy shut the fuck up it says (xbox the most powerful console
Mathew Marsh (21 days ago)
You think the ps4 interface is Easier bullshit.
Mathew Marsh (21 days ago)
The ps4 pro is old
Mathew Marsh (21 days ago)
I 100% disagree
The guy who actually uploaded this video is a idiot . Needs to grow up .... got over 300k subs on YouTube and starting console wars . It’s not about ps being better . I’m 22 . I’ve owned ps1 , ps2 and ps3 and PS4 , Xbox , Xbox 360 and Xbox one . The thing is yes ps was around first , people say Xbox copied ... well , if that’s the case then ps copied sega .... Nintendo ..... they were around first. The other thing is , saying comments like “ Xbox is shit no games .. they have game pass and huge growing library of games . Ps don’t have that , their controller also dies after 8 hours if that .... they rent their servers they don’t own them .... Xbox servers are their own and dedicated . Ps have their ads as “ 4 the players “ but it’s not , you still can’t Change your Gamertag after all these years , they took party chat from Xbox , they’ve made controllers like Xbox ... so you can’t sit there and tell me PS4 is better when it’s not better .... . They have their ups and downs the same as Xbox . People need to grow up . Console wars is trash and that’s why people in this world are so fucking selfish . People don’t Appreciate anything these days . End of the day ... we’re all playing games ... yes ... “ playing games “ ..... grow up !!! I’m a proud Xbox owner and I don’t give a fuck what any Sony fan boys have to say . #allthegearnoidea.
Catipult Good (21 days ago)
This guy is obviously a PS fan and an Xbox hater lol all of his videos are PS4 games
Andrew Job (21 days ago)
Still going to play Xbox one no matter what

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