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Top 10 Comic Book Anti-Villains

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Top 10 Comic Book Anti-Villains Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest There’s more to these villains that pure evil. For this list, we’re looking at comic book characters traditionally labeled as villains, but who may have more humanizing qualities or goals. To be clear, in the case of villains, their characterization can vary depending on the writer, so they may be full-on villains in some instances, but show a bit more humanity in others. Check out these other videos about villains: Top 10 Film Villains Who Had Justifiable Motives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iosbgSqbInk Top 10 Most Violent Super Villains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFfoPm9R8qU List Rank and Entries 10: Ozymandias 9: Lizard 8: Black Adam 7: Ocean Master 6: Harley Quinn 5: Doctor Doom 4: Ra’s al Ghul 3, 2, 1: ? Check out MyMojo to vote on this future video! https://www.watchmojo.com/suggest/Top+10+Most+Disturbing+Moments+In+DC+Comics For more great content: http://watchmojo.com/ #Comics #Supervillains #Venom Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (349)
Louis Pollitt (4 days ago)
What about Lex Luthor?
Aron Gebremedhin (4 days ago)
Where’s the Punisher?
Water Kid (4 days ago)
Anti villains anti hero hero’s with edge all the same
Billy Benton (4 days ago)
Rip Stan Lee
Ta’Ron Jordan (5 days ago)
RIP Stan Lee
Raven of the night (5 days ago)
What about Lex Luther.
Mody Osman (5 days ago)
Sorry but Venom is a pure hero and will never be a villain in my eyes. Try changing my mind and you will fail awfully.
curious george (5 days ago)
Rip stan lee😥
Isaac Newborn (5 days ago)
Stan Lee pass away
Nerd News CZ (5 days ago)
Dr. Doom is number one for me!
Saajid Ibn mohummed (6 days ago)
Why isn’t ghost rider in this list he the most invincible,invulnerable and badass of all anti-heroes
mabos555 (6 days ago)
Still didn't understand what is anti hero or anti villan and the difference between then
Nagy Péter (6 days ago)
Sean Bullamore (6 days ago)
Doom should be 2nd lmao
Jason Gantz (6 days ago)
Red hood? Does he count?
Big SlongMong (6 days ago)
We are venom!!!
ohyehbaby 3o5 (6 days ago)
The suicide squad?
Joe D (6 days ago)
No punisher?
Wolfghost729 (7 days ago)
Red Hood and Deathstroke should’ve at least been an honorable mention
Kingaro234 (7 days ago)
Différence between a Anti-Villian and a Anti-Hero.
Crispy Wafflez (7 days ago)
Wouldent an anti-villain be a hero? Or a more villainous anti-hero? I’m confused
Blue Blue (7 days ago)
What about Red Hood?
Mateusz Świst (7 days ago)
No Lex Luthor? He belongs on that list, definitely more than Harley.
Tony Montana (7 days ago)
Venom should be 1! Also where the fuck is Mr Freeze and Deathstroke
Shadow Ninja (7 days ago)
Ras al ghul, mr freeze, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, are all Batman villains
Tim the Collector (7 days ago)
Love me some MOJO!!!
Ps2 Gamer (7 days ago)
Armin Tabari (7 days ago)
Why red hood isn't there?
Rj Gonzalez (7 days ago)
Excuse me what is the fine line difference of being anti villain from anti hero? Thank you
Crimson Maker (7 days ago)
Pretty sure it’s called antihero
Skeleton Crew (7 days ago)
Anti heros are more like guys like ghost Rider or the punisher But anti villains are guys like Mr.freeze or poison ivy
Brian Achim (7 days ago)
Venom! He's my favorite antihero/villian and one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time.
Cyril Moore (7 days ago)
Harley Quinn and catwoman are awesome
John Tumahab (7 days ago)
Sometimes I wonder if the reason Catwoman is an Anti-Villain at all is because every other villain in Gotham City is a deranged, psychopathic killer. Catwoman...is ultimately just a really good thief. Theft generally doesn't involve killing people.
Jojo 1961 (7 days ago)
Oh hey watchmojo milking venom thumbnuals after anti hero crap fail on venom and now make him anti villian for a thumbnail click bait.
I'll be honest. This narrator lacks energy.
Josh Alan (7 days ago)
This may be the first time I've actually agreed with all of WatchMojo's picks, lol.
Connor Steele (7 days ago)
Skeleton Crew (7 days ago)
He's an antihero now
Carter Morrison (7 days ago)
What about Captain Cold I think he should replace Black Adam on this list.
Do Top 10 Comic book villains who qualify as Jedi. Villains who seek balance in their world/universe at personal cost. Ex. Thanos (MCU), Ra's all Ghul, etc.
Deathmare (7 days ago)
Deadpool isn't as complex of an anti hero as the other people on this list but he's still a really good anti hero
Skeleton Crew (7 days ago)
But this is a list of antivillains
Gnarwhal (8 days ago)
I'm confused. Are anti-hero and anti-villain the same thing?
Skeleton Crew (7 days ago)
+Gnarwhal my bad it's something like that not exactly like that
Gnarwhal (7 days ago)
Skeleton Crew Interesting.....Thank you for clarifying
Skeleton Crew (7 days ago)
Think of it like this The punisher is like a darker hero But magneto has a (good) justifiable reason for his villainisntic ways
Kid Comic (8 days ago)
Excuse me sir, but where is Mr. Freeze?
Ever Hernandez (8 days ago)
thank you for this great video ☺
Divyansh Malviya (8 days ago)
Deadpool ???
Mallie G (8 days ago)
No Deathstroke? No Deadshot? Punisher?
Freddie Mercury (8 days ago)
imascout fromtf2 (8 days ago)
ReD hOoD
The Power of Zen (8 days ago)
Although not comic book, itachi and Vegeta I think are anti villains.
Skeleton Crew (7 days ago)
+The Power of Zen nah I remember DBZ but mid freezia arc he turned good
The Power of Zen (7 days ago)
Skeleton Crew yes because Vegeta has been a changed person for so long you probably only know him as a good person but if you have seen dbz Vegeta literally comes to earth to kill everyone. Also does the same on namek, tries to kill everyone for the dragon balls.
Skeleton Crew (7 days ago)
+The Power of Zen I think itachi counts but Vegeta became an antihero because he his fighting on the good side but in a non heroic sort of way
The Power of Zen (7 days ago)
Skeleton Crew isn’t an anti villain someone that turns out not to be a villain as such? Itachi and Vegeta both started off as villains then turned out not to be. If not then I’m really confused!
Skeleton Crew (7 days ago)
Aren't they both antihero
Jim Moody (8 days ago)
No deathstroke or deadshot?
Jarrett Nelson (8 days ago)
MaddestMike (8 days ago)
With how countries treat each other and even their own people, it's no wonder Magneto hates humanity.
I suck at Video games (8 days ago)
today is my birthday
THE GR8 GAMING (8 days ago)
Shylova Nataliya (8 days ago)
Sabretooth is now a good guy
The Scarecrow (8 days ago)
About time they brought up Anti villains. They kept calling them Anti heroes for some reason.
Adolfo Pena (8 days ago)
You're still exploiting Venom?
Ozymandias and Doom are not heros or villains. They are simply men with a vision.
I LOVE Anti-Villains and Anti-Heroes !! They are the best
Qwyatt Storm (8 days ago)
Giving this a thumbs down because u keep mispronouncing these characters names.
carlos blanco (8 days ago)
Anti-villains? What are they?
jadimich (8 days ago)
No. "Anti-villain" isn't an actual thing. A villain is a villain. Period.
fas.h (8 days ago)
rage al ghul? is he saying that correctly?
lkgrave (8 days ago)
Ra's al-Ghul: I want to wipe out half of Earth's population. Thanos: I want to wipe out half of the Universe's population. Ra's al-Ghul: Did we just become friends?
Adonis Humphrey (8 days ago)
No Slade Wilson
-UKS- R3ap3r (8 days ago)
Jason todd?
JonnySuite13 (8 days ago)
Finally somebody pronounces Ra's Al Gual's name right!!!!
Victoria3243 (8 days ago)
I'd add Enchantress (DC)
Vyper (8 days ago)
Title should read - "Top 10 Comic Book Anti-Villains in Marvel and DC"
irina1296 (8 days ago)
Catwoman and Venom are really amazing characters
Gamer_Commando21 (8 days ago)
No one cares
rafael cisneros (8 days ago)
Pavel Cucicea (8 days ago)
Where the fuck is spawn
Ali Alojaimi (8 days ago)
Skeleton Crew (7 days ago)
Isn't he an antihero
lurkzie (8 days ago)
I thought Loki would be the most obvious
Daisy Solica (8 days ago)
No redhood?
Make top 10 markiplier videos
Where's DEATHSTROKE!!!!!
Drew Schuley (8 days ago)
We are *VENOM*
Joseph Gregor (8 days ago)
TheOneTwoThree (8 days ago)
Where the hell is Thanos?
captainstrike141 (8 days ago)
When you get introduced to communism WE ARE VENOM
Jamal Vargas (8 days ago)
Where's Blaine from izombie
ThatBlindGuy247 (8 days ago)
You know there are other comic publishers besides DC and Marvel. Where's 2000AD?
omer amitai (8 days ago)
Where’s Deadpool?
Theyn Smith (8 days ago)
Batman no1?
You have Victor von doom, but where tf is deathstroke?!
The watchmen=most underrated movie ever made
Arpit Ray (9 days ago)
Deathstroke did you just forget him ????
ninjammer726 (9 days ago)
good list mojo now do top ten anti-villains anime!!!!!!!!!!
BMV The Movie Fanatic (9 days ago)
I feel like this stretching definition of anti-hero to being a villain who occasionally does good.
AgentNero (9 days ago)
aj oliva (9 days ago)
venom is anti hero not anti villain
Mora UTD (9 days ago)
You think deadpool would have been good without ryan Reynolds cause i dont think so he was a prefect deadpool
Ayup_Its_Barry (9 days ago)
*seeing this video* if venom isn’t number one then I’m jumping off a building *watching it* Shit
Wolf Boy (9 days ago)
what are anti villains?
Miss_Kisa94 (9 days ago)
I really think catwoman has always been more of an anti-hero rather than anti-villian, but whatever I don't really like her that much anyway. Personally I'm more upset that Lobo didn't make the list or even get an honorable mention.
Matthew Wood (9 days ago)
isn't venom an anti-hero? not an anti-villain
Crash Gaming (9 days ago)
AVA Always (9 days ago)
where is alaskan bull worm ?
GTPlayz 84 (9 days ago)
Deathstroke ??????
zepphead0110x (9 days ago)
Punisher?!.... LOBO?!?!

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