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The Death of Superman - Exclusive Trailer Debut

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The all-star cast is led by Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn and Rainn Wilson as the voices of Superman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, respectively. Sam Liu co-directs with Jake Castorena. Coming to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital summer 2018. SUICIDE SQUAD: Hell to Pay - Trailer Debut (2018) Tara Strong, Christian Slater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPZZvk-wbGE Batman Ninja - Anime Trailer #1 (2018): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwPFxcefpdU Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (1021)
Antonio Luevano (1 month ago)
Ant (1 month ago)
Seen the movie its awesome!
Anthony Thompson (2 months ago)
Anyone else think some of the voices sound weird?
Gon Freecess (2 months ago)
The one thing I'll give American animation is the punches and hits look like they hurt lmao
applepitz (2 months ago)
*just watched this garbage... please... give me my old Superman back.... this is NOT Kal-El.... it is some multi-verse story... ugh... why are they ruining the character.... if it ain't broke... DON'T FIX IT... please save yourself and pass over it... you will be sorry you watched it...*
leninx66x (2 months ago)
Ok, Just finished watching this one. Anyone know who is the character after the post credits??
Alfredo_ 2_TimeZ (3 months ago)
Wait so are Superman and wonder woman still dating or is it Superman and Louis lane?
Ant (1 month ago)
Alfredo_ 2_TimeZ Lois
lonewolfpup87 (3 months ago)
Wait didn't they do this already with Superman Doomsday why are they doing this again when they should be just making a brand new movie
Marcos Ramirez (3 months ago)
Hell yeah! I like these movies.
DOMINOSMOFO (3 months ago)
What's the difference between wounded or near death?
Joe Kaho (3 months ago)
I would rather they make these movies resemble the original art style that the comics used like those two Batman movies. I get why they’re doing this art style but I’d prefer it to not be like this
Gabe Robledo (3 months ago)
I wonder what happens at the end
kylewinder (3 months ago)
If we don’t get hank henshaw/ cyborg Superman wtf is the point
AceSpace (3 months ago)
What's the release date?
HDCLAN H (3 months ago)
“Three leaguers down and we only just got here” Didn’t that happen in the comics except the roster was different?
Dream - Baku (3 months ago)
Hm...I guess they retconned that Clark/Diana fire that was kindling real quick...
SP Inc. (4 months ago)
Why can't no one get Doomsday right? He doesn't have that many bones coming out everywhere, just check the original comic.
Eddie Browne (4 months ago)
So just saying DC, this is the movie we all wanted instead of Batman V Superman. You just rushed to play catch up instead of building a universe. But w.e i guess.
Dharmendra Chawda (4 months ago)
Don't hold back That line make me watch this movie 😋😋
marc g drevich (4 months ago)
dooms day all over again, just packaged a bit differently. i had the comic this came from back in the 80's, just sold it recently . . .
JAY OH (4 months ago)
looks good ill keep my fingers crossed though
Romnys Gonzalez (4 months ago)
I love this animation
Core Wavefunction (4 months ago)
As usual with these features, short on quality scripts, large on city destructions.
DragONheart27X (4 months ago)
Huh I've seen this before. Was it Superman Doomsday?
Bladedge Vamphog (4 months ago)
Containment Suit
The Elder Scroll (4 months ago)
This is more Batman v Superman than Superman: Doomsday
BrickArts295 (4 months ago)
WB really likes to kill Superman.
Priyanker Rao (4 months ago)
is that Dwight Schrute???
LightYagami210 (4 months ago)
Thanks we all saw Superman: Doomsday
Mr. badenglishspeaker (4 months ago)
We all know that superman will return after this
King (4 months ago)
This looks great,but I'm sorry.. Doomsday is not a JL Villain. He's too single-minded & The JL's member are too versatile and smart.
Slow Vacation (4 months ago)
A Superman story and you still find a way to crowbar Batman in.
TrentonAndTimmyPlays! (4 months ago)
Where the hell is Green Lantern and shazam?
The Último Knight (4 months ago)
Superman: Doomsday (2007) *cough* *cough* Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) *cough* *cough*
bigmanolo26 (4 months ago)
When is this coming out?
chai zaeng (4 months ago)
I hope he gets revived with a mustache in the next movie
ya Boy Jonez (4 months ago)
First animation movie in a while that I'm actually excited to see.
December 2617 (4 months ago)
ok this trailer is from may 2018 yet they already made this movie 2 times wtf stop makin the same movie make NEW movies
Bryan 456 (4 months ago)
Cyclonus (4 months ago)
I guess DC has ran out ideas for animated movies. They already did this movie.
Okay Alright (4 months ago)
I guess goku finally got to him
magical bleach (4 months ago)
Should've called Captain Marvel
Matthew Kraning (4 months ago)
The new 52 animation looks like garbage. They should go the route of Batman under the red hood or just go back to the 90s/early 2000s animated universe animation
peter rock (4 months ago)
Joel Castro (4 months ago)
These movies are the best!!!
Common Logic (4 months ago)
The animated movies haven’t been good since 2013 last good one was flashpoint paradox
Alpha Kryptonian (4 months ago)
When release date
Shauqat Bakht (4 months ago)
This is bullshit, Shazam will handle this! And I don’t see why green lantern can’t either
SpartanRockman 4 (4 months ago)
El titulo ya espoileo toda la película :v
ElijahPw (4 months ago)
"Death" of Superman
Atamantay UZUN (4 months ago)
Eskisi daha gzl
Go Paolo (4 months ago)
Justice Lord Superman just lobotomized him lol
Rashida Bradshaw (4 months ago)
My question is this; is already released on DVD and Blu-ray? I ask as I didn't see it say that it was now selling on would go on sale in a day, week, month, year?
Daniel Medjedovic (4 months ago)
Really? With Batman, Wonder Woman and Lex Lythor? Its just animated version of BvS
Seriously though DC what's the point of rebooting the Death of Superman if you're not gonna get the original heroes that were with Superman when he was fighting Doomsday. I was also expecting Alexander Luthor Jr.
Hahahaha nice DC. Now whenever I hear Lex Luthor I'll always be reminded of Dwight Schrute
ohyehbaby 3o5 (4 months ago)
Where is shazam? If he was there him and superman would kill doomsday easily. As strong as doomsday is he can't handle full powered superman and the power of gods
Michael Song (4 months ago)
And after this movie, I want to see Hunter Prey. That'll really put Doomsday on everyone's mind (and erase Snyder's Doomsday).
The Master of War (4 months ago)
We can only hope that this will be better then batman vs superman cuz sadly the animated DC movie are better then the live action one's that's not saying much but
sid assassin (4 months ago)
King (4 months ago)
That armor feeds off his metabolism & it didn't really do much.
sid assassin (4 months ago)
Happy Face Ace (4 months ago)
We have this...... and then there's Teen Titans Go To The Movies, someone in your department needs to be fired! Immediately! Just stick to this animation
MG 1984 (4 months ago)
Poor Superman, DC won't let him live, they won't let him even die.
Faizan Max (4 months ago)
Gemnist (4 months ago)
Thanks for the spoilers.
Nicholas Leon (4 months ago)
I'm hype for this I actually the new 52 inspired animated movies
Sean Tran (4 months ago)
doomsday, finally
VINAY MEDAPATI (4 months ago)
Kill him once and for all.. no revivals please
Pk Ari (4 months ago)
Cada vez más pedorra hacen la animación.
amazo88 (4 months ago)
already better than most of mcu. but watch marvel fuckboys getting triggered n deny this. lol
CAPTAIN JUSTICE (4 months ago)
Funny it's been 11 years since the last one
Zabeasto (4 months ago)
But did he die???
El Aquapimp (4 months ago)
It's gonna be better than Batman vs Superman guaranteed.
Warner Bros. , why can't you do a faithful adaptation to this iconic story like Dark Knight Returns?! Sure its in two parts, that I can give applause, but does it HAVE to be in the New 52 Universe?! Cmon!!! at least bring all the voice actors from JL unlimited to be in this movie! Unfortunately as a Superman fan, I won't feel anything for this superman when he dies because I BARELY know him! -_-
Hypestyle (4 months ago)
Captain America could defeat this creature with a minimal loss of life.
michael gonzalez (4 months ago)
This what JL should've been
Andrew Dull (4 months ago)
That moment when the title spoils the big twist ending
JC Gregory (4 months ago)
Can we all STOP complaining about the New 52 aspect. I understand that not a lot of people like that era from Dc. But we’re in an era where we need to except the fact that the old aesthetic is in the past, this is now. Personally I love the New 52 attire and will continue to support because imo it’s mostly better than the attire they wore and fits perfectly within this generation. The New 52 isn’t that bad people. You may not like it but it’s not gonna ruin this movie. This looks very faithful to the original comic. And the animation is fine so I think there’s no need for any dislikes.
Jamontea Robinson (4 months ago)
Again really ? 🚶🏾‍♂️
Chrysanthemum Chérie (4 months ago)
Oh boy, here comes the obligatory “dc is better at animation and marvel is better at live action” comments that everyone knows and yet we still see them and is frankly just annoying at this point
Powers3rg (4 months ago)
I hope Superman ends up doing okay.
Manu Bal (4 months ago)
how many times did superman die no longer
I feel like I just watched the whole movie.
SJW 4LIFE (4 months ago)
Lex would never be happy that someone else got to kill Supes. I'm calling shananigans on that last line.
Andre Bailey (4 months ago)
Animation reminds me of boondocks.
Xan Beerboy (4 months ago)
They did this before but I can't say I care, can't wait for the movie!
kingstar1023 (4 months ago)
This looks like it’ll be better then Justice League
TheInternetLegend _420 (4 months ago)
Wait, Wasn’t this already made?
l1laj608 (4 months ago)
man, DC getting desperate after the Justice League flop and infinity war
Isuaro Molina (4 months ago)
even though this already happened...I still want to watch it! because they can do at least the animated movies great!...right???😉
Rat for Ryan Ross (4 months ago)
I’m so excited!
S J (4 months ago)
Now that's what I wanted 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
DEATHxTHExKIDx1 (4 months ago)
When are we gonna get DC Rebirth designs tho?
MarsupialMike (4 months ago)
😱Oh no Superman can die😱that’s never happened before.... oh wait 😐
FRISHR (4 months ago)
The Death of *New 52 Hello Rebirth!
Beerus The destroyer (4 months ago)
This movie has all the justice league members in it other one had just Superman
Dgripper (4 months ago)
Awesome, and it's the same Superman and other heroes from the other movies
RKD Ram (4 months ago)
How many times does this guy have to die lmaoo
Random-person (4 months ago)
No one lives forever huh? Well he’ll probably get resurrected.
Jason smith (4 months ago)
The name is a spoiler

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