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Games That Need To Make A Comeback | Viewpoints

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These are the game series that disappeared into the ether. Maybe it's time for a comeback.
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Tabo Okozube (1 month ago)
Dude...Nintendo's lack of a new F-Zero is the sole reason why I haven't bought a Nintendo product since the Gamecube. I curse Nintendo every time they announce new games, and a new F-Zero isn't amongst them.
LeMoose (2 months ago)
Tim Rogers is the only thing that makes Kotaku worthwhile
parken puff (3 months ago)
Jesus major hipster alert!!! ermmm yeah well its a JRPG from the nineties you would never have heard of it, hmmm dude what about eukalele the fuck is it cool to be obscure about games now I can think of hundreds upon hundreds of much better games that need a comeback.. is it not trendy enough maaaaaaaaannn, how about eternal darkness, JRPG how about alundra, burnout, deathtrap, dungeon, alan wake criminally underrated, la noire enough criinally underrated game but no its the obscure gay ass indie JRPG and so out their games that these hipsters are on acid to play and enjoy them. Oh yeah behoooove does this kid think he is Napoleon Dynamite or something??
Euston John (3 months ago)
Good video, sub'd to Kotaku on YouTube.
Revy (4 months ago)
Bloody Roar!
Strobo (4 months ago)
Bushido Blade
Jarrett R.K. (4 months ago)
I was saying the same thing all month: where the heck is a new F-ZERO? I'd like to see a new Jet Force Gemini, never got to finish it. Nor Conker's Bad Fur Day.
TheKiss (4 months ago)
Oh good, there's Tim. I hadn't seen him in a while...I was starting to worry
Dan Streib (4 months ago)
To what Tim said about Yooka-Laylee: 100% YES!!! Unlike Tim, I love Banjo-Kazooie and Yooka-Laylee, but that's irrelevant to his point. The people -- not the name of what they made -- is what matters. Shoot, if you're open-minded, there's an argument that Yooka and Laylee are better characters than Banjo and Kazooie, but that's also irrelevant to his point. The game matters -- not the name! (and obviously the same thing goes for any game like Bloodstained... I just hadn't gotten that far in the vid before commenting).
pete warwick (4 months ago)
Timesplitters. Nuff Said.
Nic Alt (4 months ago)
Twisted Metal is Overwatch + Dark Souls + Rocket League. Lol
Chicken Inspector (4 months ago)
Plok, Goemon, F-Zero
muchthink (4 months ago)
Really like Tim's thoughts that games can come back in spirit if not in form. I think we tend to get attached to the name of things too much and that makes us pine for that specific iteration. I've been wanting a new Dark Cloud game for a while but then I played the latest Ni No Kuni and felt like that was what Level-5 wanted to do with those concepts now.
Lord LOC (4 months ago)
Tim Rogers - his voice and mannerisms kinda creep me out. Still, I could go for a new F-Zero. Haven't played one since the original came out way back when.
Ban Kotako from Gaming For Life!
Dee Dubya (4 months ago)
Yay more Timmmaaayyyyy!. Need daily Tim videos and weekly streams with Tim and Bennett Foddy. You're the best Tim - I've always enjoyed your writing and your command of the English language, as well as like 6 other languages you glorious polyglot.
Pepito Pite (4 months ago)
Jedi Academy ^^
Von Saunders (4 months ago)
Interstate 76 and Twisted Metal for sure. PS - Why do Kotaku videos have so few views? They're always amazing!
suketodara (4 months ago)
Some franchises people want them back for story, so they need to be the same IP and if possible the same scriptwriters. In those cases you beter be a fanfict fan.
ZodeakUrganomix (4 months ago)
Why don't From Software bring back Dark Souls with a Dark Souls 4? Also, Jedi Knight/Academy games were fucking amazing
RawbThatPunk (4 months ago)
Metal Slug. Backbone Entertainment did concept work on a HD port/emulation but never went beyond that.
Darth Vader (4 months ago)
Nice job on only reporting one side of the story, no wonder why people call you take news. Good journalism guys
Jonathan Kirby (4 months ago)
PSA: Tim is 39 years old.
Cyphor (4 months ago)
Freedom Fighters
kristopher irizarry (4 months ago)
Bullet Witch please!
Prime Technophilia (4 months ago)
Interstate 76 -2! Not that 80s version which was kinda a big flop, just felt wrong somehow and didn't appear to have engine and general car upgrade/swapout options which i76 did if I remember correctly.
Mikey (4 months ago)
Twisted metal, ssx tricky, onimusha, jet grind radio, the warriors and f-zero
crackerjack9311 (4 months ago)
Half-life3 confirmed.
mcrazza (4 months ago)
Off the top of my head I want to see Prince of Persia, Portal and Silent Hill make a comeback. Great franchises with their fair share of ups and downs (excluding Portal). Perhaps start with remakes in the vein of SoTC and RE2. Or, in the case of Portal, pick up where we left off. I think Portal's got a better chance than Half-Life. Also... Tim, get a haircut. Or at least comb your hair, son.
Hendrik Subianto (4 months ago)
Wild arms, suikoden, breath of fire, chip and dale rescue rangers, ducktales, maximo, rygar, street of rage, double dragon, golden axe, pitfall...
Quinn Burner (4 months ago)
thanks tim
Jakob Dorof (4 months ago)
thanks quinn
Nicholas Ebsch (4 months ago)
Blank should see this video and bring back blank!
Nicholas Ebsch (4 months ago)
Nintendo, F-Zero? Haha
aceassn716 (4 months ago)
Agree so much about F-Zero! Would buy a switch for an online F-Zero with the quickness.. Streets of Rage 4, Body Harvest, Mega Man Legends 3, Syphon 4ilter, The Getaway 3, Onimusha, Tenchu, Deathrow (action sports game on original xbox) Crimson Skies, Mech Assault 3, Eternal Darkness 2, Brute Force 2, more sports arcade games: Nhl Hitz, Nba Jam/street, Nfl 2k comeback/street, Mlb Bigs/Slugfest, Fifa street.. would love to see Def Jam Fight for NY get HD remaster.
David Murphy (4 months ago)
Socom. Be true to the originals, don't focus on respawns and xp.. keep it skill based. Brave Fencer Musashi. Dino Crisis. Future Cop LAPD. Daytona racing. Panzer Dragoon.
MuTE (4 months ago)
Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8, Prince of Persia, Burnout
Shiny Golisopod (4 months ago)
I miss gotcha force i want capcom to remake it
naps (4 months ago)
I knowwwww, so underrated! Why does no one talk about it? Would make a great Switch game
Brainworm (4 months ago)
God Hand
DJCRZY27 (4 months ago)
I've been saying Twisted Metal for so long now smh
GonzalezJio (4 months ago)
DJCRZY27 twisted metal battle royale free to play
Shaodi Huang (4 months ago)
Star Wars Rogue Squadron with Rogue One tie ins
Box Box Box Gaming (4 months ago)
the other week I was thinking about Jade Cocoon. I'd love a modern Jade Cocoon on PC. It was like Mononoke and Pokemon and Monster Rancher had a baby and I played the ever loving shit out of it when I was 13 years old
Margarito Trevino (4 months ago)
James Gowan (4 months ago)
I miss Prince of Persia, but there are plenty of action/climby/search catacombs type of games so,... whatever. The problem w/old games is that too many of them were geared towards kids/teens & are just too cute for me now (except ZELDA). Knack fills that niche. Spiro looks amazing and I think it will do well when it comes out. Ratchet and Clack: simply beautiful. I’m just not into kid games much anymore. But then,I bought the Genesis when it came out for Sonic: I’m old :-)
KONO DIO DA (4 months ago)
imma get a lot of hate for this but gun needs to come back imo it was better than red dead redemption
Brandon Hoffman (4 months ago)
Metal Arms for Switch!!
Paulo 2079 (4 months ago)
Portal, F-Zero and Wave Race.
Owlbusiness (4 months ago)
burnout paradise remastered what a joke same old stuff but just put the word remastered then it's a brand new game lol onimusha remastered yes pls oh wait ghost of Tsushima can't wait for that Sucker Punch! btw who needs capcom games in this generation.? come on bruh more classic game's rebooted ftw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_VF8Qb_YBA XD
crazyhippo60 (4 months ago)
All the sport street series (NFL, NBA, FIFA). Syphon Filter, GRID, Armored Core, those are the few I can think of.
nights _ (4 months ago)
burnout series pls
Box Box Box Gaming (4 months ago)
old devs of Burnout are working on a new title, it comes out this year or next year, don't remember the name though
spiderman4657 (4 months ago)
NBA street is definitely long overdue. I tried NBA playground but it was awful.
Hundey FuFu (4 months ago)
*GASP* He mentioned "Ridge Racer"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tony bower (4 months ago)
Earthworm Jim!
sheamus (4 months ago)
Front mission 3 was superb, and twisted metal is missed too. And I appreciate the love for Rocket league, my favorite game for 3 years now
VIOSLAVIA KLEIN (4 months ago)
Guardian fucking Heroes
jozef taliga (4 months ago)
I want back proper Silent Hill & Legacy of Kain, Soul reaver series!!! I want them back!!!!!!!!!!
dudeson53 (4 months ago)
a game I really wanted to see at e3 was little big planet
Lil Broccoli (4 months ago)
What is this background music? Amazing!
Cja (4 months ago)
No One Lives Forever. Activision and Warner Bros. need to sort that shit out. Bring back Cate Archer!
9d Four (4 months ago)
Crimson Skies, Project Gothem Racing, GRID, Operation Winback, Dead Space, Turok, and so much more.
9d Four (4 months ago)
Oh and Mech Assault!!!!
Brandon Meador (4 months ago)
How much time are you spending at 7-11 waiting for slurpees?
nauthizzz (4 months ago)
Maybe there's a gourmet hipster 7-11 in new york where you don't get your own slurpee, but instead place an order and wait while a professionally trained slurpee barista mixes you the perfect slushy concoction.
kristopher irizarry (4 months ago)
Brandon Meador I was thinking the exact same thing!😅...free slurpee day maybe (today is 7/11)?
Hi _Jr (4 months ago)
Kirbt air ride HD remake?
Scott Rodgers (4 months ago)
Unreal Tournament, or make the ASMD Shock Rifle a limited time weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale.
Breast Username (4 months ago)
They are making a new Unreal Tournament, infact it's in Alpha and you can play it now.
TheDos132 (4 months ago)
Twisted Metal won't comeback. They abandoned it after their POS PS3 release which was DOA, since the creator said they wouldn't be supporting it after launch.
Steel27Sentinel97Z (4 months ago)
Mercenaries and the saboteur needs to come back. Plus having a good team giving them confidence brings good games, I would like to become a member of that team and share my ideas in a group of friendly people.
boardvision11 (4 months ago)

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