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MadWorld Meets Duck Boxing - Pato Box on Nintendo Switch

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Text Comments (50)
GreatHero8Bit (8 days ago)
DAMN I can’t tell what has the better jiggle physics on that boss lady, her hair or DEM TIDDIES
July Jaziel (9 days ago)
After watching this, I was already expecting to like the game but after downloading it, I wasn't expecting the *banging* synth soundtrack.
velliamtube (12 days ago)
Why this look very nice?!?!!?! So many games I want to buy this month...
Judas McSwell (16 days ago)
Everytime you said "punch out" I thought you were saying some Chinese dish. Took me a while to understand you
Marius Møller (17 days ago)
Not a great way to sell this game...
😂🤣 this game is so STRANGE HAHAAHAHAH
mathiasmorqubus (18 days ago)
Just like when you want to laid on an app swipe left.
Onyxus (18 days ago)
Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?
Erik Almond (18 days ago)
Pato suck for smash
0Linkah0 (18 days ago)
Brauch Enten means needs ducks in german 😁
Jinzo126 (18 days ago)
A Adventure Game with a Punch-out Fighting System and a Great Art Style and a Strange and Silly Atmosphere... Im a little bit interestet.
AuroranSkitty (18 days ago)
...I want to play MadWorld now. <3
Jun123 (18 days ago)
Madworld: Slightly different tone 😹😹😹
Artem Chalyguine (18 days ago)
Patobox for Smash.
kagatoASUKA (18 days ago)
This looks really good.
Luigi Star (18 days ago)
Anyone get a BatIM vibe from this
Cooper Peacock (18 days ago)
*Why did you do the intro two times?*
Dank Galvatron (17 days ago)
Cooper Peacock *three
ShinobiNintendo (18 days ago)
Yeah punch that woman *IN THE FACE*
Jhon River (18 days ago)
Huh, beast
Love Whales (18 days ago)
the artstyle reminds me of ok soda commercials
Vault Dweller (18 days ago)
3 intros? Very well then
Jose Ruiz (18 days ago)
*Hello there lovely people intensifies*
ElZamo92 (18 days ago)
Just a heads up: PATO is Spanish for DUCK.
piplup2009 (18 days ago)
Ducky 4 if he quacks he quacks
Corey Haynes (18 days ago)
Executer 66 (18 days ago)
If anyone was wondering Pato in Spanish means duck, so the title is literally Duck Box.
TaypioKa (2 days ago)
Executer 66 it was made in mexico, that’s why it’s in spanish
TaypioKa (2 days ago)
Executer 66 (18 days ago)
@Bill Layden Who is this Voldemort you speak of?
Bill Layden (18 days ago)
jee thanks voldemort
Papacito RICO (18 days ago)
Pato means duck in Spanish
MVS 5 (18 days ago)
They really need to bring back madworld on switch
Carlos Jiménez (18 days ago)
I thought it was gonna be Madworld on Switch.
July Jaziel (9 days ago)
Carlos Jiménez I'm expecting Platinum to bring over a Mad World port along with Wonderful 101 eventually.
Here4daTACOS (18 days ago)
Pato is duck in espanol
Devine Timothy (18 days ago)
Slurk (18 days ago)
here you go a reply
Devine Timothy (18 days ago)
Devine Timothy (18 days ago)
If U Already Played it Emm
Devine Timothy (18 days ago)
Can u em Do something i need u to play a game called super smash bros
Zafendo (18 days ago)
Helllooo there.............. HELLLLLOOOOO THERE LOVELY PEOPLE
Micbro (18 days ago)
General Kenobi!
Always Wright (18 days ago)
Just about to comment this but 50 people already have
Jack Messaros (18 days ago)
Zafendo (18 days ago)
Devine Timothy 👍
Devine Timothy (18 days ago)
Zafendo R U doing his Intro
atomicbrain9401 (18 days ago)
Devine Timothy (18 days ago)

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