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Ori and the Will of the Wisps - E3 2018 - Gameplay Trailer

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From the creators of the multi-award winning "Ori and the Blind Forest" comes the highly anticipated sequel: "Ori and the Will of the Wisps.” Embark on an adventure with all new combat and customization options while exploring a vast, exotic world encountering larger than life enemies and challenging puzzles. Seek help from discoverable allies on your path to unravel Ori's true destiny. Discover more at www.xbox.com/ori. Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a 4K UHD, Xbox One X Enhanced, Xbox Play Anywhere title. Audio Description: https://youtu.be/2od7I2gYpvk
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Text Comments (2358)
Bismarck Laplace (4 hours ago)
shut up, and take my money!
J C (7 hours ago)
Honestly, it thanks to this that I’m not salty anymore about not getting Spider-Man
Tofuru아 (2 days ago)
2019... Be there already..
sasindu madhushanka (4 days ago)
I can't wait anymore.please release new trailer or promo.I can't wait
엉망진창 (5 days ago)
god game
Bunny Boi (6 days ago)
E1ite Z (6 days ago)
looks awesome!
Eike Gabriel (6 days ago)
Vou comprar, de certeza
marban family (7 days ago)
Anrafel Felipe (8 days ago)
WTF ❤💓
Dragon EX (9 days ago)
Xbox (6 days ago)
MultiLyNaTik (9 days ago)
Ждем не дождемся!
dafuq guy (9 days ago)
Thanks to E3, I found out about FIFA 19 and I was sad, but then, I saw this, and I was immediately grateful
GamingWithHybrid (9 days ago)
Train of feels incoming !
TTW - The Trap World (9 days ago)
Ryann Henderson (10 days ago)
I am shooketh
Jerry Saranen (11 days ago)
Any idea what will this game cost when it releases?
jerome cristobal (11 days ago)
pc version pls
굼마리오 (11 days ago)
" W I N D O W S 1 0 E X C L U S I V E "
Angela Dominguez (12 days ago)
Me muerooooooooo
HCR Mann (12 days ago)
Maxim Max (14 days ago)
That's wonderful!
Kirill Playツ (15 days ago)
Superkoolguy 13 (15 days ago)
if anybody says game aren't art show them this
Harper Harry (16 days ago)
I will pay all the money I could to get this game on Windows 10 😍😍😍
vaschmir (17 days ago)
omg I'm crying already @_@
Diana The Flying Cat (18 days ago)
Yass!! I cant wait
Wolfeschreit (19 days ago)
also... good luck beating what hollow knight did. they totally blew what you guys did out of the water, and i just don't see any metroidvania game being able to top hollow knight anytime soon.
Mateo (21 days ago)
Cries in Tears...
Thchification (21 days ago)
nipa 101 (22 days ago)
Please give in this!
Cristiano Xavier (22 days ago)
very good, one of the best games I ever played!!
MLG Duck (22 days ago)
He’s BACK! 😍😍😍
Elder (23 days ago)
Ну ля, снова плакац буду будто тупая деффка
Ария Девис (24 days ago)
silent moon (24 days ago)
Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme
띵 띵 (26 days ago)
아름다운 브금과 새롭고 귀여운 오리의 모습을 볼수 있게 됬군요ㅠㅠ 개발자님 진짜 사랑해요!!
Rhino Prime (27 days ago)
Music please
ManiacKitty Kat (27 days ago)
Moon studios never makes me cry. LOL😏
DeepBlaDes (27 days ago)
0:52 what are you buying?
ogre589 (27 days ago)
Xbox (27 days ago)
If you insist... ;)
Daan Amelink (28 days ago)
Im ready.
Sammy Alzaharna (29 days ago)
It looks beautiful.
Gattsu Brando (29 days ago)
Creator of AM2R will work with the team.
Shorty (1 month ago)
Every fiber of my body wants this game.
Xbox (1 month ago)
We know that feeling!
Skele Fuzz (1 month ago)
gchatzi (1 month ago)
Wonderful game , reminds me of Rayman Games ❤
Bred Wud (1 month ago)
надеюсь на моём конченном компудахтере пойдёт этот шедевр
TheArtGun (1 month ago)
Xbox (1 month ago)
We can't wait to play!
sieg mostang (1 month ago)
I want this game on all platforms like if u agree
S0n1k Speeder (1 month ago)
More Ori!!
WolfKing GodKing (1 month ago)
Happy to know ori was not die!
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Ori and the Will of the wisps E3 game trailer 2018 is very incredible one.I think game developers will be released new trailer coming soon.we are waiting..... Don't remember
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
What are the new features? Fans like know it. Release new features about ori and the Will of the wisps.I think ,you will be seen this
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Seems awesome
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Please I'm requesting you give me a comment Xbox
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Please tell yes or no Xbox
NewPowerGames (1 month ago)
seems awesome
NewPowerGames (1 month ago)
yes <3
Xbox (1 month ago)
That's probably because it IS awesome! <3
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Give me a reply Xbox
hebele hübele (1 month ago)
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Please release new trailer Xbox
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Oh God please give me a replyXbox. Do you release new trailer? I think answer is Yes
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Please give me a reply Xbox. Do you release new trailer?
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Please release new trailer
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Ori and the Will of the wisps is so beautiful I can't believe this game developers very talanted persons please release trailer 3 please I beg you I think you see this
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
I play first game ori and the blind forest those puzzles very hard I like it I believe ori and the Will of the wisps game developers will include hard puzzles too. I can't believe.Please release new trailer I mean trailer 3. You can create new trailer soon. I think game developers will be full fill fans hope
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Please release new trailer this month please I beg you pleeeeeeeeee..........aseptic
Pohatu Nuva (1 month ago)
Gumo the mvp
Isabela Alves (1 month ago)
Man is another spirit tree in the end and the creature stole the energy of the tree like Kuro did with Sein?So because of the missing light of the tree the other owl like Kuro is dying?Creating theorys now.....
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
You are right I am think so I'm Sri Lankan
Lotos Fm (1 month ago)
Nice soundtrack nice
snake (1 month ago)
Ava (1 month ago)
I've never been more exited for any other game.
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
You're right man please tell give us new trailer
Wowzzer (1 month ago)
That intro made me tear up after just finishing the first qq. Plus with all these new mechanics its like Ori has grown up a bit and learned how to control his power more
Toki E. (1 month ago)
why does the baby owl have a bad wing? i need to know! i need to play this game! what about the owl graveyard? nnneeeeddd to plaaay.
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Me too
SalvadorProductions (1 month ago)
Anonymous Em (1 month ago)
I Hope they Dont kill Ori Like Minecraft
Java is Awesome (1 month ago)
This game is so inspiring!
Dark Nerd (1 month ago)
I Love this trailler
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Please please give new trailer please
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Please give new trailer
sasindu madhushanka (1 month ago)
Please tell give new trailer
Xbox (1 month ago)
Glad to hear it.
Rocket Raccoon (1 month ago)
I can’t wait
Don't call me Nathan! (1 month ago)
arjohn velasco (1 month ago)
бокса у меня как досадно бы это не звучало нема, однако трейлер этот ахренительный, будто и музыка в нем!
Owen Wertzberger (1 month ago)
That last line feels so out of place.
와리・ワリ (1 month ago)
I'm so glad to coming out. This game is so amazing, and i can't wait anymore!! :D
Xbox (1 month ago)
It's looking great! Stay strong, it'll be here before you know it!
Kabriah Parks (1 month ago)
Looks beautiful. I can wait. ;) :)
Maik S. (1 month ago)
I cried so much at the end of the first part, when Kuro sacrifices herself. And now, they adopted the baby :((((((( OMG. Thank you so much Moon Studios and Gareth, for making one of the best games ever made! I hope there will be a third and fourth part too, I hope this series will never end!!!! Thank you so much!!!
Ash B (1 month ago)
Reminds me of Brother bear! Thanks!
Viktor Maier (1 month ago)
Ori and the feels
Soumojit Bhattacharjee (1 month ago)
*welcome to the Ori game series where every frame of gameplay is a wallpaper*
So many screenshots....
о чем выговор пойдёт в игре ? она очень сложна ?
Antonio R. (1 month ago)
I need the soundtrack!! 😭
Gökhan Demir (1 month ago)
I just finished the first game and now saw this 😭😭😭😭 I’m crying, cant wait!!!
David Wilson (1 month ago)
we still haven't got the little owl's name, haven't we?
Holly EDGINGTON (1 month ago)
What age is this
Yeeksquilack (1 month ago)
I liked the look of the first one though I didn't care for the platform-puzzle gameplay, just not my thing. This one looks like it has more combat, it might be something I'd be interested in playing. The look and art are gorgeous, certainly.
PseudOni (1 month ago)
Who else is intentionally avoiding any gameplay videos of the game?
Jenny Maracujaroses (1 month ago)
The Little sparkling guy looks like „Stitch“ from Lilo & Stitch 😂
Nefertenia (1 month ago)
i cried... and i don't feel bad about it.... i loved the first game so much and i can't wait to enjoy the continue
Xbox (1 month ago)
We can't wait to go through roller coasters of emotions again! :)
De Mangle (1 month ago)
Spotty Sprocky (1 month ago)
DFCZ (1 month ago)
D1 buy of course.

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