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8 BIG Reasons You NEED To Be Excited for DAYS GONE (New Open World Survival PS4 Exclusive Game 2018)

1912 ratings | 120595 views
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Text Comments (529)
Dagger Dick (30 days ago)
Man the kind too slow
ThUnDa-KaT sNaRf SnArF (1 month ago)
Has there been a legit release date announced?
ThUnDa-KaT sNaRf SnArF (1 month ago)
+hound122100 thanks for the info. I'm ready for this one.
hound122100 (1 month ago)
February 22 2019 but, I think they may release it sooner.
Jason Arruda (1 month ago)
I’m excited for this game and it looks great, but some of the things look a little cheesy, like the “pick up weapon” button, and the hud in general, they kinda look out of place.
Lord Death (2 months ago)
PS4 is the best place to play every type of games.
Frederick Morgan (4 months ago)
this game may have good graphics but its gonna suck because of mobile zombie games
Frederick Morgan (4 months ago)
a wave
Frederick Morgan (4 months ago)
what about how to survive a way
Frederick Morgan (4 months ago)
what about transgenders
Frederick Morgan (4 months ago)
what about the last of us this game sucks
Blake4966 (4 months ago)
I just can’t wait for this game to come out
Michael Bonds (4 months ago)
When does this game come out
SirMrTyler (5 months ago)
disliked for ps4 only.
StarLord 200 (5 months ago)
Im i the only 1 depressed cuz we dont have state of decay... personally i'll chose state of decay over this...
PARADISE GAMING (5 months ago)
when is the game going to be realesd
LiveLoveLift92 (5 months ago)
If they start adding mutated zombies with freakin super human strength and monster like appearance just for ''variety's sake'' i'm throwing the goddamn game out the window
Colhoun Clan (5 months ago)
lmao so unrealistic 😂 the gun has like 800 bullets! Hahahha! This game wont even be hard... itll be lame...
Don VanB (5 months ago)
Release date was 2018...NOW delayed to 2019. Fucking bullshit. What's next delayed to 2020??? Fuckn stupid waiting for this game
Ryan Terry (6 months ago)
If this goes VR.... bruh
NeonFilms (6 months ago)
Can't wait for this game to come out!!!!!
Solis9975 (6 months ago)
Hope it’s a good game but it does remind me of the last of us
Teh King (6 months ago)
Stupid fucking console exclusives.
Mike jones (6 months ago)
Delayed until 2019
Divaash Gounder (6 months ago)
Anyone have the backround music to this video???
ThatNerdyKid (6 months ago)
Really good looking game, pissed that they might push it to 2019, but it would be totally worth it
Shawn M. (6 months ago)
One big reason you don't need to be excited for Days gone: It got delayed to 2019!
Cloud S (6 months ago)
Game was delayed to 2019
INVICTUS (6 months ago)
I've been incredibly hyped for this ever since it was first announced. I truly hope it'll be brilliant!
Jason Pereira (6 months ago)
I need a release date 06/30/18 won't cut it.
DeenanTheKemon I (6 months ago)
By the time.this is released dude. The mass pop. Of gaming will have way moved on from the zombie craze (its dying fast). There goes the 22 million tweens that WOULDVE bought this when zombies were 'in'. Oh well, us adults will still partake. Exctied.
Demonic Vomit (6 months ago)
It looks fantastic, I hope it plays just like assassins creed origins instead of like last of us though.
3PG Gaming Central (6 months ago)
Is it Online Multiplayer ?
TotallyToonsTV (6 months ago)
I'm still impressed that the devs managed to get so many zombies rushing on screen at once and falling over each other in a fluid way. This puts Left 4 Dead's hordes to shame. THIS is a horde I actually feel inclined to run away from.
Khusain Spiridonov (6 months ago)
It sucks
Anonymous (6 months ago)
Yea they said the last of us was open world to. Ended up being a 4 hour movie allowing you to do one or 2 things in between scenes even though it was a good game. I really hope this game does not play like the last of us. Rather have it feel like fallout 4 gameplay. Where you actually can explore and find the story not 1 direction path.
jon ojar (6 months ago)
Getting this for sure
Bordum Beats (6 months ago)
Can't wait for this, but nothing with be as good as dying light
Andrew Resendiz (7 months ago)
Multiplayer or co op?
BIG Tasty (7 months ago)
The last zombie game I played was Dying Light and oh I loved it but I moved on and I saw this was coming out I already knew this game was lit
BIG Tasty (7 months ago)
I’m absolutely buying this
BIG Tasty (7 months ago)
And the weather afecting the game that’s really cool
NGTASSASIN (7 months ago)
Yes yes yes have to get it gotta get it but wait does it have multiplayer modes 🤔
Shin Chan (7 months ago)
I swear to god! If this game comes out, I will buy a PS4 ONLY for this excellent game! Can't wait to see more from Deacons personality and how he deals with his past.
SVVAP (7 months ago)
Jorn Yorn (7 months ago)
Gameplay looked boring af to me
Gavin Romero (7 months ago)
There is nothing to be excited about, this garbage is PS4 exclusive...sorry pc and Xbox gamers
XON3D6IXXGODD (7 months ago)
Does any1 else think the gun mechanic looks off? He holds it weird then shoots it weird... Gun he shoots sounds off too
Divaash Gounder (7 months ago)
Anyone know the name of the backround music?
tizzer65 (7 months ago)
I feel like this game is going to have a really fresh take on the zombie genre. I'm glad they're not focusing on the survival aspects like 7 days to die but more focus on the combat. I'm dying for a release date just so I can take a week off work.
Lewis Rowden (7 months ago)
Game looks great, but will get boring very quick!
Eternal Craze (7 months ago)
Hopefully this will be as awesome as horizon zero dawn, both are high scope games and PS exclusives
The Gam3fr3ak (7 months ago)
Makes me so uncomfortable not to know the release date
Bo-Rad Da Nomad (7 months ago)
Can't we for this game, it's trailer caught my eye.
Shadowcub69 (7 months ago)
Another year and no game
Costakis Caiafas (7 months ago)
Dingus (7 months ago)
Number 1 reason not to be excited... It's a ps4 exclusive.
John Ledyard (7 months ago)
Looks like biker dlc to state of decay
Ankit Shahi (7 months ago)
Excited for this game
Craig Jones (7 months ago)
We’re all excited for it, we just NEED A RELEASE DATE!!!!
Adel HAA (7 months ago)
Can you add lyrics to your videos pleas
Selfox Rebel (7 months ago)
This game is gonna be Lit
David Redding (7 months ago)
will there be more vehicles or just the bike
Orlando Calder (7 months ago)
I am super stoked for this game
flow repins666 (7 months ago)
Still waiting for dead nation 2
breakinggood (7 months ago)
Looks shit to me same old zombie premise no matter what you call them. and feels like a rip off of the last of us to me
Kosmos - 160 (7 months ago)
Can't wait
pilsner_film (7 months ago)
I'm sad that i van't get this on pc.
noct3rn4l (7 months ago)
ayye.. per gamestop website official release date in US is 6/30/18 (source: see bottom of page: https://www.gamestop.com/collection/days-gone)
Noy Morgen (7 months ago)
freakers, clickers, walkers, whatever.. ill keep calling them all zombies lol.
Strassboom (8 months ago)
Open world, crafting survival game? Straight white dude as the protagonist? Able to use any weapon w/o training? Zombie-symptomatic population? Damage to characters is just red paint? Detective Vision? So many new features that I have NEVER seen in any combination in a videogaem!
ozz , (8 months ago)
Some where in June it comes out
Rand Y (8 months ago)
Hmm 🤔 main protagonist looks and sounds like Aidan the vampire from Being Human. This seems like it’s gonna be a good game. It’s a weird mix between sons of anarchy, the last of us, and gta 5.
Bro i have such a long list for the games i want this year:1) Farcry 5 2) Red dead redemption 2 3) Days gone 4) Last of us ii 5)Vampyr
Taylor Brown (8 months ago)
So done with the zombie, apocalypse, games
DC-GAMER-202 (8 months ago)
Ima definitely get this, ive been wait for the last of us 2, and this is like the last of us in so many ways, definitely looks to be a good game to hold me over till the last of us 2
Nicole Jay (8 months ago)
Long live SAMCRO
Dojoking Jaj (8 months ago)
My list of games for this year: 1) the last of us 2 2) days gone 3) red dead 2 4) a way out Anyone else the same
Erick sanchez (7 months ago)
David cox god of war 4
Alexander Sharpe (8 months ago)
This game looks like a spin-off of the last of us . Just bikes and multiple enemies .it is probably in the same universe
Jeremy Ranelli (8 months ago)
Hell yeah! They need to finish that shit!
Tojo Rakoto Ramanantsoa (8 months ago)
Huge fan of PS4 exclusives here. But I'm really not convinced with this one. At all. I don't see where the fun is, maybe it's because I'm fed up with all this virus / zombie post apocalyptic shit from everywhere. Maybe I hoped for a more diverse lineup from Sony. Everyone makes zombie games, and the Last of Us is more than enough, we don't need more.
CrownShadow (8 months ago)
I bought a ps4 for this game now I got to wait
Irijan Kenway (8 months ago)
I am sold
Huey Blue (8 months ago)
State of decay > Days gone
Huey Blue (8 months ago)
State of decay is basically the walking dead Not for everyone
DrewR420 (8 months ago)
Apollo DA Lol, good one. First SoD put me straight to sleep 😴.
Puppa Jacko (8 months ago)
.Dying light the most fun zombie game .The last of us the of us the best story to a zombie game . Dead island pffft load of shite
Dennis Niedermayer (8 months ago)
I hope it is as good as it looks. I plane to get it. I love the open world, do what you want map. I wonder if it is 3rd person? I much prefer 3rd person to 1st.
PesaoMan (8 months ago)
so basically he's a copy of daryl dickson from TWD.
Ivar Liane (8 months ago)
Can't wait
Daniel Kocjan (8 months ago)
This game is going to b epic Xbox had better take note
Italiasian Gamer (8 months ago)
But will there be zombie tiddies?
Refik Mehmeti (8 months ago)
this will look so good on xbox one x oh waiiiit
jorge junior (8 months ago)
Last of Us wanna be...
PC PastaFace (4 months ago)
jorge junior TLOU is a linear story driven narrative game, this is an open world story, with high emphasis on gameplay, there’s enough difference, they’re not copying it, it just happens to share some traits.
Phil Storey (8 months ago)
I get the feeling that this game is going to turn out well, but go under the radar for a lot of people.
Seby Cora (8 months ago)
1 big reason NOT to be: EXCLUSIVITY
DrewR420 (8 months ago)
Seby Cora Sure, if you don’t own a ps4.
jim jimjim (8 months ago)
The Last of Us meets Left 4 Dead. Still though, State of Decay 2 will be better.
Cro Cop (8 months ago)
Sons of anarchy meets the walking dead
Malte krarup (8 months ago)
More pizza videoes
DarkPhoenix BVB (8 months ago)
Why do the guy you play as look so much like that one guy from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
mikes5637 (8 months ago)
I'm already excited. I just need a release date.
Ryan Mckinney (8 months ago)
I'm so glad I chose the Ps4 a few years ago. Every game that I want to play this year are all exclusives. Lol Except Red Dead 2.....And, State of Decay 2. It looks really cool. :)
Ryan Mckinney (8 months ago)
I hope there is plenty of stuff to do in this..._Im really excited for it.
Topsilog Yum (8 months ago)
As long it doesnt have any hidden bs
B B (8 months ago)
Glad it’s gonna be a single player open world game. All they make is multiplayer games now....sick of multiplayer and micro transactions. Games gonna be fun. Gonna chill on my couch and kill some zombies. Sounds like it has a good story also....
HopOnTheHype (8 months ago)
Dad game.

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