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Minecraft Mineclash Episode 73: Acrostic!?

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In today's episode of Minecraft Mineclash, we do the Acrostic challenge or whatever it's called. Stacy: http://youtube.com/StacyPlays Subscribe: http://subscribe.graser10.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/Graser10 Instagram: http://instagram.com/Graser10 ==Intro Music== Song Name: Sweet Artist Name: I.Y.F.F.E, Au5 & Auratic Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYot9Shfees Album Download Link: http://bit.ly/011iTunes Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/MonstercatMedia
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Text Comments (308)
Nonia Magalona (8 months ago)
Rare Drop Potato Blown Up
Dakota Pink (9 months ago)
IM SORRY BUT STACY SAYING "oh look, yonder, a swamp" was funnier than "swamp ahoy"
Ellie_cat (9 months ago)
Can I just say............I’m 11 and I learn acrostic in ummmm Year 1👻😂😂😂😂😂😜
Ella S. (1 year ago)
Is it just me? Or do I not like how Graser always cuts his video so I have no idea what stuff he ACTUALLY got...
In The Moonlight (1 year ago)
Swamp Ahoy!
GreatFulBlade Axe (2 years ago)
lottie heal (2 years ago)
It was a false win graser hadn't put his last block down
Amaiya Crawford (26 days ago)
he was still faster though
Blondie-chan (2 years ago)
Mineclash is minecraft
Simon Koetsier (2 years ago)
What does the word she said mean? that... accrostic it was??
Simon Koetsier (2 years ago)
Okay nvm tnx for giving word definitions every time :)
XxUnixX XxKittyxX (2 years ago)
not poppy (2 years ago)
whene you zoomd in stacys name said satacysays
Brianna E. Cura (2 years ago)
I hate your graser
Little Monster (10 months ago)
Bet Freddy (1 year ago)
Kimberlyn Leona (2 years ago)
AnimeLoveRadio (2 years ago)
there was a black sheep and they had to get black wool and they just got the white sheep..
Kc Cupcake (2 years ago)
Ha ha ha I love ur vids if I cud I would sub a lott
pea beans (2 years ago)
he dont know what acrostic means im going in fifth grade and i know what it means
Melissa Geurts (2 years ago)
Graser: hmmm... We need iron for shears! Me: looks at silk touch pick and face palms so hard
Madsss :P (2 years ago)
I totally facepalmed when he was getting iron for shears when he had a silk touch pickaxe the WHOLE TIME.
epic fortniter ninja (2 years ago)
1:22 Graser said l for lee xX
Kay💛 (2 years ago)
So many big words Graser!😆😂
Mc Geek (2 years ago)
Adam T Hark (2 years ago)
you pass A emerald
Adam T Hark (2 years ago)
you won good job (:
Ceana Soriano (2 years ago)
staceys evil laught 😂 6:04
Ceana Soriano (2 years ago)
Ceana Soriano (2 years ago)
Owen Watson (2 years ago)
well I give up I'm going to bed time 2:09
Laura Sahyouni (2 years ago)
About 1:00 am and I am still waiting for graser's vid 😒dude you gotta post sometime no one is up at 4 in the morning
Owen Watson (2 years ago)
I now I'm a wake to :-D
Alexa Evri (2 years ago)
Owen Watson (2 years ago)
hey!!!! if u have Twitter tell graser south sid is pranking them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oso (2 years ago)
Whispp_Purr (2 years ago)
*G* oofy *R* idiculous *A* verage *S* tatistical *E* ccentric *R* obot
Cain (2 years ago)
So It's a backronym
Skylar Bryan (2 years ago)
You should do this again but then instead of spelling mine clash you can choose your own word have a time limit and see who can make the biggest word.
Carisse Cabrera (2 years ago)
Grazer that was in a dungeon it was a Sponer
Liv Teh Goldfish (2 years ago)
Bubbly .Sammie (2 years ago)
I know no one watching this cares but today is my birthday!!🤗🙃
P0larize_ (2 years ago)
I was so mad when graser used the sheers instead of the silk touch pick
TBNR Jake (2 years ago)
The south side grieved the food court and the whole spawn
Erica Wong (2 years ago)
They haven't put down gold blocks got wins lately.. Have they stopped doing that?
Whispp_Purr (2 years ago)
They stopped for the meanwhile because it messed with their schedules somehow.
Kawaii_Pink_Animals (2 years ago)
U couldve gotten the leaf by the silk touch pick
Emery Ribordy (2 years ago)
Why did graser upload a day late!!!!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!
Edac (2 years ago)
amyone notice a 5:08 he placed a nether brick on a red nether brick? the new 1.10 block
Jxcelyn Jimenez (2 years ago)
Grazer,you could have used your silk touch pickaxe to get the leaves
Chyanne Wagner (2 years ago)
graser, can you please do a Minecraft challenge. You would need to get the following for the minecraft things: 1:An apple for the Mojang symbol 2:You need to find a dirt block and let it grow into a Grass Block=The Minecraft app 3:(do not apply furnaces and crafting tables) You will need a crafting table and a furnace=starter blocks 4:A wooden set of tools=starter set (not starter tools for challenge) 5:you will need a bed (do not spawn sheep, find them naturally) 6:You will need to kill a cow and have 10 raw beef (no spawning cows either)=the basic food please do this challenge
MelonPeach (2 years ago)
Graser you can mine leaves with silk touch
Sienna Williams (2 years ago)
this thumbnail is freakin adorable i love it lol xD
Madelineysdfg (2 years ago)
You can get leaves by using anything with silk touch btw
Red Panda (2 years ago)
They could have just sik touched the leaves...
oli (2 years ago)
+Anne From Holland \-| Clique?
Gugudan Stans (2 years ago)
Penelope (2 years ago)
M should have been mycelium
Crucialtooth 7 (2 years ago)
Wait, has your vocab been updated recently?
igniculus (2 years ago)
The Acrostic Challenge, duh
Kent Pang (2 years ago)
You didn't go to the scoring place to score it
Stacey's name tag said stacysays
FuzzyHearts 23 (2 years ago)
In Minecraft her player name is StacySays. She's only called StacyPlays in YouTube and Twitter.
Fardeen (2 years ago)
Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are in a plane that is about to crash. Who survives? America
BabySivan (2 years ago)
Makes no sense...oh wait nvm I get it ok..
Autumn Dooley (2 years ago)
Ewww default but I luv u graser ;-;
clark the shark (2 years ago)
JustImpactz (2 years ago)
Not as echoey as Jellys mic
erik ortiz (2 years ago)
erik ortiz (2 years ago)
+PhanWhiiskers GRAZER ups
BabySivan (2 years ago)
Graser or Grase*
prais3 sports (2 years ago)
Graser I miss watching u and will play build battle could y'all bring that series back plz? <3
Juhi Ali (2 years ago)
Holy cow your channel was created when i was 1 year old :o
Endie Taiga (2 years ago)
+Ender Pearlz8000 * That's *
Venomous GamerZzZ (2 years ago)
His channel was made on April 25, 2007
BaileyK Beauty (2 years ago)
I hate you
BabySivan (2 years ago)
ariyon morgan (2 years ago)
You cheated graser
taylor blevins (2 years ago)
my fair lady is a movie, genius
mlgpro_Hayden (2 years ago)
graser for the Nether Brick i saw it was nether wart bricks
Maylin Tinal (2 years ago)
The L is actually SPRUCE leaf
carrie elizabeth (2 years ago)
Swamp ahoy
Jenny Qiu (2 years ago)
Lol you took all the emerald you could find lol
HipposAreDeadly (2 years ago)
All the mineclash thumbnails are so cute
Literally Nevaeh (2 years ago)
Swamp Ahoy - Graser10 2016!!!!
Josie Bee (2 years ago)
grazer it's called acrostic
BabySivan (2 years ago)
Cupcake Lover (2 years ago)
Slimes spawn spawn in day 2
Brayden Cachia (2 years ago)
Who saw that troll face at 11:06
Minecraft Table (2 years ago)
+Jessica Rivera no I dont get it what is there to get
diane h. (2 years ago)
+Minecraft Table yeah he just trolled u, but who cares because it was a lame joke
annoyed ' (2 years ago)
+Minecraft Table you don't get it..
Minecraft Table (2 years ago)
it doesn't even go to 11:06 dude -.-
Sanaa The Great (2 years ago)
What happened to your single player world?
Jacquetta Williams (2 years ago)
The Me Challenge: you get blocks that spell your name out.
Jacquetta Williams (2 years ago)
+Kaz “TheVegeterian” Kangaroo I was thinking of that
Katie Zobus (2 years ago)
or blocks that represent you in mc. you could also do it as your favorite blocks in minecraft too.
BabySivan (2 years ago)
BrentPlayzYT (2 years ago)
Eric Zheng (2 years ago)
Don't they ever keep score anymore
Michelle DeVault (2 years ago)
+Kitten Plays I don't know, I just know he said he stopped it
Kiitten (2 years ago)
+Michelle DeVault why
Michelle DeVault (2 years ago)
+Michelle DeVault that*
Michelle DeVault (2 years ago)
He said he stopped tnat
Jacquetta Williams (2 years ago)
Carol DG (2 years ago)
Rip headphone users 8D
Lance Pery (2 years ago)
y didn't u use a slick touch to get the leaves
Elliephant 014 (2 years ago)
Lindsay Arnold (2 years ago)
back at it again with the 1 am upload lol
Lizbeth (2 years ago)
Tiger lily Kinz (2 years ago)
# Swamp ahoy!!!!
m b (2 years ago)
10:05 stacyscreams
Sonia Lol (2 years ago)
Its a ACROSTIC challenge A:andesite C:clay R:race O:ores S:silk touch T:team I:iron C:crafting
angela (2 years ago)
Kait T (2 years ago)
+VeloxPvP _ yes that would definitely be harder than a torch
Sonia Lol (2 years ago)
idk i horrible at making up arostic xd
spooky_jims_ (2 years ago)
Grase im am on my way to Canada East Side
Aysha Salameh (2 years ago)
This uploaded at 6 am and it's 8 am now doe I guess I'm on time
Joostagram (2 years ago)
Swamp ahoy
Ken Eichmann (2 years ago)
Fireball The Cringe (2 years ago)
Darin Quach (2 years ago)
He said giraffe before he was done. He didn't even make his slime block
BabySivan (2 years ago)
But he was going to win anyways
Lud Zeva (2 years ago)
Graser needs to read more books. Just saying no hate evry1.
Fireball The Cringe (2 years ago)
+Sheepy 7 thank you for your time!
Fireball The Cringe (2 years ago)
can you plz subscribe to me.
Mikayla Potatah (2 years ago)
"this was filmed a while ago so it might sound a 'tad' 'bit' echoey " I can see why Stace is the walking dictionary. ^-^ &-& - #-# $-$
melissa phillips (2 years ago)
Swamp Ahoy- Graser10 2016 😂😂😂
KingTinee (2 years ago)
lol you edited your comments! xD
Fireball The Cringe (2 years ago)
Whispp_Purr (2 years ago)
Why does it matter to you if you have a bunch of subscribers?
Fireball The Cringe (2 years ago)
Brianna V (2 years ago)
I mean respond
Brianna V (2 years ago)
hey graser lol he won't respobd
Skiddle Whiffers (2 years ago)
Omg I love how they scream and yell. It's so funny rotfl
ámbèr (2 years ago)
Can't you mine a leaf block with a silk touch pic?
awkwardpanda (2 years ago)
+The Bestiez Lol it's all good.
awkwardpanda (2 years ago)
+The Bestiez ...No, you started with a silk touch pick, and there was a spruce tree right there near spawn. So it would be very easy to just get the spruce leaf as soon as you start.
The Bestiez (2 years ago)
Easiest way would be with a shear.
Villi xоx (2 years ago)
why are you not doing the trophy part anymore
Angelina Light (2 years ago)
you can see it at 3:15
e w (2 years ago)
see what?
Angelina Light (2 years ago)
it was polished andesite not andesite
Diaben0u0 (2 years ago)
+Pikalux it'll actually be mineclpsh
Diaben0u0 (2 years ago)
It was normal antisite on the showcase thing (you know what I'm saying)
Katie Tran (2 years ago)
You guys could've used the silked touch pickaxe to get the spruce leaves!
AmandaWilkie (2 years ago)
+Chocolate Rolls We all have our moments 👌 lol
GardevoirLover 1980 (2 years ago)
+Wilkie oh I'm dumb.......I guess ur right
AmandaWilkie (2 years ago)
+Chocolate Rolls No it's not, they had to go mine the iron, but they already had the silk touch pickaxe
GardevoirLover 1980 (2 years ago)
But it's easier to make shears
Nadia M (2 years ago)
U don't comprehendo much vocab now do u Graser??????????
Whispp_Purr (2 years ago)
No comprendo. Pero el si sabe algunas cosas. He notado que le gusta mucho los estatisticas demasiadmente.
Te Mahara Tamehana (2 years ago)
Forest Life (2 years ago)
+Kimberlyn Leona we'll he's only trying to get him back he did call him a fucking dumb ass
Kimberlyn Leona (2 years ago)
+desu Chan not nice
Kimberlyn Leona (2 years ago)
+Zathen that's not nice
Zathen (2 years ago)
+DEMON BOY go back to hell where you came from :)
Maxine Fernandes (2 years ago)
the thumbnail is gold
BabySivan (2 years ago)

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