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Which Octopath Traveler Are You?

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Octopath Traveler is a Japanese role-playing game with eight characters. Each of them has their own origin story. Each of those origin stories ends with that character deciding to leave their home and travel the world. You start by picking one character. Then you encounter all of the others during your journey. They each have traits that help one another out in different ways. You are free to mix and match party members to accommodate battle situations. However: the character you choose first must always be in your party when you play the rest of the game. Which of the eight characters will you choose? Which *should* you choose? Maybe those are different questions, and maybe both of them are impossible to answer. Well, here's a video dedicated to finding an answer, anyway.
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Text Comments (204)
BennyBoy46 (11 hours ago)
Where's my bonkers?!
Advancer 64 (14 hours ago)
0:34 Uh... They do talk to each other...
Adam Hawks (1 day ago)
That would actually be really cool if in the end it was a person with 8 personalities, obviously there are plenty of plot holes that keep that from working.
Sabatini Trema (1 day ago)
Hahahahaha...very entertaining 😂
Francisco Rodriguez (1 day ago)
TheStanhoff (2 days ago)
Played Therions prologue in the demo and was kinda disappointed, so I was gonna pass on it initially. After watching Tim's video, I preordered it right away and now have over 25 hours logged. This game is incredible. Thanks for not letting me die hungry Tim.
LucenProject (3 days ago)
How Quotable!!
David Alexander (3 days ago)
I actually started as Ophilia without realizing that little OCTOPATH bit.
Rylan Love (3 days ago)
Anyone else see that there are eight hundred and eighty-eight thumbs ups right now? ...never have I so badly not wanted people to like a good video.
promezeus (3 days ago)
Haanit also doesn’t know her parents...........
Sam P (3 days ago)
I'm sorry but I have to correct you. The hateful eight is easily the worst Tarantino movie, not Kill Bill. Continue...
apoQ (4 days ago)
I also did that with the save files!!!! :D
BowmansWorld (4 days ago)
Probably the only worthwhile kotaku video i have ever watched. Narrator was great/hilarious.
BowmansWorld (4 days ago)
Didnt know kotaku had a fellow like you working for em, will def go check out ur other vids man haha!
Kotaku (4 days ago)
by saying this is "the only worthwhile video" on this youtube channel, you are being VERY MEAN!!! to my other 86 (!!!) videos on this youtube channel lmao
Ricardo Bourdet (4 days ago)
idk why but it slightly triggered me the way some of the names were pronounced (Haanit). Also I must suck because I picked Ophilia and had some trouble with the boss fight and fond it the hardest.
Ricardo Bourdet (4 days ago)
Kotaku lol I always heard it more like you would say the ice cream (Haagen daz or whatever)
Kotaku (4 days ago)
hmmm, that's the way they pronounce it in the game, so
Zenrath (5 days ago)
Octopath Traveler traveler, i freakin lost it
PSN PocketsFulOfHope (5 days ago)
I started with therion just because.
Rain Marshal (5 days ago)
I like this guy, he’s a dickhead
When I saw this video is by Tim Rogers I SCREAMED LIKE A FREAK
tasa nova (5 days ago)
Great video! But sad for the hate on Indiana
Kotaku (4 days ago)
man, i went to college in indiana. leaving indiana to literally go to every continent in the world is not hating on indiana any more than staying in indiana is hating the entire world outside of indiana! man, i just went to indianapolis for the 500 like two months ago. i do not hate indiana . . . man
jharris1288 (5 days ago)
This dude tries way too hard
Kotaku (4 days ago)
no, actually typing and then reading the script into a microphone is really really easy. if i wanted a job where i'd have to try i would be working at an investment bank
Jonathan Matos (5 days ago)
Olberic is my OT, but i’m liking everyones story so far.
Jerome Grossley (5 days ago)
Tressa = Best girl
Overwatch I guess (5 days ago)
THERION No excuses
Salty Ambrosia (6 days ago)
Kill Bill is the worst Quintin Tarentino movie? Explain yourself.
Arvin R. (6 days ago)
LOL at Haanit! There's a meme with Chinese folks about it requiring more English knowledge(I think they said College level English) due to the use of too much old English in her own prologue.
King Voxel (6 days ago)
You had me at Infinite Undiscovery! I've been wondering how they generate these modern RPG names for years now.
Jakob Dorof (6 days ago)
i'd love to see you do something on the saga series. i remember you saying cryptic and interesting things about those games on the ic show, and i bought one of them for the playstation when i was ~10 and couldn't figure out what i was supposed to do after about an hour with each character. seemed like a much more interesting take on what octopath's doing
Fred Green (6 days ago)
Sleeping Forest (7 days ago)
I was born in 1993 I don't know any of these game references that he mentioned in the video XD.
Green Bean (7 days ago)
Jesus Christ listening to this with earbuds in was the creepiest 20 minutes of my entire life.
T Mclaughlin (7 days ago)
Anyone Recommend to get this game I'm not sure yet
Listonosh (7 days ago)
Does primrose and Ophelia have the same exact field skills? Seems like they can both recruit people to follow them into battle
Listonosh (5 days ago)
Ah ok, makes sense. I'm up to Primrose now, and so far enjoying the hell out of it. But I will the say the repetitive nature of everyone's chapter 1 is a bit worrying
Kotaku (7 days ago)
Listonosh it is the same skill on paper, yes, though the people it’s possible for them to recruit differ
Anthony Z (7 days ago)
Professional video game expert? Hahah, ok. Go get a real job if you want to call yourself an expert.
chupidog (7 days ago)
I like these videos a lot lol. the delivery is so funny and weird
Bryan Truce (7 days ago)
Tressa is absolutely best girl. "Here player this is free money for dealing with a loading screen"
Kotaku (7 days ago)
Bryan Truce yeah, i totally love it. she makes grinding a lot more, uh, maybe “fun” is the right word: instead of walking in circles, you just walk through entire zones in big long loops
Onyx Oblivion (7 days ago)
Hell yeah I love SaGa Frontier
Mike Totarella (7 days ago)
Please review every game ever, your review style is unlike anything I’ve heard and I love it
Tacomanjaro A (7 days ago)
Each letter in OCTOPATH is the beginning letter of each of the travelers Ophelia Cyrus Tressa Olberic Primrose Alfyn Therion H'aanit Sorry for blowing your mind lol
Kotaku (7 days ago)
Tacomanjaro A hey thanks for the comment though uh if you think you’re blowin MY mind it’s clear you ain’t watched the video you commented on lmao
Mark in Austin (8 days ago)
When you professed your love for Itoken's music it became clear you are my video game spirit animal.
Pigpug Pigpug (8 days ago)
I fucking love your voice XD
Jacky Ha (8 days ago)
woww, didn't bring up star ocean 2 on games done by square enix, i see how it is
Kotaku (7 days ago)
Jacky Ha oh, you mean Star Ocean: The Second Story, published by enix in 1998, three YEARS before square and enix merged . . . ?! lol this game’s staff all worked on legacy squaresoft properties, so i excluded enix from that intro lol you’ll see some enix later in the video, though!! 7th saga yeahhhhh
Dee Dubya (8 days ago)
Crazy Idea- take us unwashed mashes through the majesty of some of these underappreciated JRPGS you mentioned in this video. Whether it be a 10 min rundown or a 1-hour epic, I for one, will watch even second of it. And I will LOVE IT. I also won't die stupid., although I'm very hungry. I always say this - but you, Tim, are the very finest scholar of language and ewntertainment, I just want more.
Dee Dubya (6 days ago)
Wow, a reply - incoming cringe... "Senpai noticed me!". Any one of those JRPGs you flashed on the screen getting their own video would be just gravy. I also do not own a switch and am a little tired of the coverage itr gets but Octopath is a HUGE reason to buy one. Also, I'm still waiting for the next episode of your FFVII series. Just do it live without the editing. The one you did in that format was perfectly fine.
Kotaku (7 days ago)
Dee Dubya i’d LOVE to do an anearth video. i have it running in an emulator over here. i wish there was a fan translation . . . that’d make it easier to make a video for a wide enough audience lol
Ryan Kirby (8 days ago)
I picked Tressa because she’s the most relatable, since I work retail and my life story is the most boring in comparison to my peers
Isaiah Taylor (8 days ago)
God damn you Tim Rogers.
Aira 4.0 (8 days ago)
That ending though I give you props Tim and yes Make it your new catchphrase
wardm4 (8 days ago)
Was this an FFVI ad? If so, it was awesome! I went right out and bought it after watching this.
Pyraxian1 (8 days ago)
You know, before watching this, I didn't really know anything about Octopath Traveler. I don't even own a Switch, though I thought I might get one sometime in the next year for something like BotW. This review/explanation has put this game on my "would buy first" list, and has reignited my desire to purchase a Switch. Awesome work as always, Tim.
Mase (8 days ago)
WHAT. Hateful Eight is easily the worst Tarantino movie. So contrived, so stupid. The """"twist"""" of guns planted under the tables and god damn channing tatum under the floor is the most eye rolling nonsensical bullshit Ive ever seen. Plus the dialog was by far the most masturbatory QT has ever been. It's an awful movie. And this is from a QT fan boy. Here are the true power rankings: 1. Jackie Brown 2. Pulp Fiction (I guess) 3. Inglorious Bastards 4. Reservoir Dogs 5. Kill Bill 2 6. Kill Bill 1 7. Django Unchained 8. Hateful Eight And really rankings 3-7 are extremely tight for me IMO.
Mase (5 days ago)
Kill Bill has more katana's, bruce lee jump suits, and eye plucking of a one-eyed person, therefore it is auto better than H8. I rest my case.
Kotaku (7 days ago)
Mase i’ll admit h8ful hasn’t marinated enough for me, though lordy i watched KB a couple months back and it is really noodly n waffly. if you separate them into two films i can see part 2 escaping from the bottom of the barrel though i choose to take them as one (so does QT, if his numbering is any indication). so for me they sit together beneath . . . hateful eight lol
SM742 (8 days ago)
Shut up Kotaku!! Your review suck ass!
Michael Peterson (8 days ago)
I thought the untouched bonus was for money and the break bonus was for exp. Does that change later?
Kotaku (8 days ago)
no, i just said the wrong thing. i definitely realized the error while editing this video. however, fixing it would have required me to go back into the audio recording booth—or put a subtitle on the screen. i figured, why not LIVE LARGE!!!!!
Rafael Henrique Kroll (7 days ago)
This guy makes the best videos on Youtube.
namename (8 days ago)
Best 20 minutes of my life. Tressa is my octopath traveler traveler.
Kletian999 (8 days ago)
As a catholic. Wanted to let you know protestants have bishops too, and some of them have married priests. Even Catholics used to have families for bishops. Loved the video.
Kotaku (8 days ago)
ah, yes, i knew this, though the bishop in this game mentions a pope. i seriously meant to rewrite that part of the script!!!
John Miller (8 days ago)
Hey, Saga Frontier was great! When I was 12.
Kotaku (7 days ago)
John Miller if you happen to be only 13 now this game will BLOW YOUR MIND, then lol
Andrew Izquierdo (8 days ago)
PSA: Whichever character you choose at the beginning, is going to be your MAIN character, in the sense that he or she can NEVER leave your party. ...You are able to have a party of 4 characters, and can swap out characters as you wish between the other Octopath Travelers (once you have them available), but you CANNOT swap out your starting character. So choose carefully. I chose Cyrus as my starter and i couldn't be happier. He's like a Sherlock Holmes with mage spells. Dope.
Andrew Izquierdo (4 days ago)
Kotaku oh that's interesting, had no idea about that. Thanks for the response!
Kotaku (4 days ago)
Andrew Izquierdo as i pointed out in other comments, you actually CAN swap your main character out, after you complete their main story!! (which is a good way to wind up with four highly leveled characters)
Leisure (8 days ago)
Bad video.
Kotaku (8 days ago)
I'm sorry, I can't quite make out your handwriting there. Did you mean to write "UhhghhghhhhhgHGHHghhHghHGhGHhghHghhGHhGHhHghhhhhhhh"?
Margarito Trevino (8 days ago)
I'm picking this up after work and then I have all weekend to play can't wait.
BadAssMotha4000 (8 days ago)
I appreciate this review of the game. The writer of the text review on the site needs to lighten up. Just because the game wasn't like xenogears or ff6 doesn't mean it can't stand on its own merits! EDIT: Also kenji ito is the best composer!
Jojo Stark (8 days ago)
Kotaku (8 days ago)
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zunken (8 days ago)
This was very entertaining to watch!
Zunken (7 days ago)
Kotaku Oh there's a playlist with just you??? *Metaphorically runs over to the playlist section*
Kotaku (7 days ago)
Zunken thanks!!!!!! watch more of my playlist, if you want . . . they’re all at least this, uh, densely packed
Dr Double C (8 days ago)
Choice isn‘t hard for me. My name is Cyrus and for once I can choose a character with my name :D
Oswald Hurlem (8 days ago)
"Where's my bonkers" -- a new classic catchphrase
ZodeakUrganomix (8 days ago)
I'm a myrmecologist and there's an ant enemy at 10:36 ! How rad is that?! And MORE at 18:35! RADDER!
jmt1000 (8 days ago)
I freakin love this Tim keep it up. I have one bit of criticism though. I think mentioning that every old timey thing with medieval fantasy overtones is somehow a reference to Game of Thrones is a bit like the comparing hard games to Dark Souls. I'm sure there is a lot of inspiration seeing that it's a popular series, but I find it more likely that Final Fantasy 6 was more worthy of that many mentions than Game of Thrones. This is no disrespect to Kotaku as a whole, but anytime a Kotaku video posts I always wonder, "Is Tim "the man" Rogers in this one?" and if you are I immediately click on it. Have a good one Tim! Your biggest fan Jmt1000 aka Asudake :)
jmt1000 (8 days ago)
Haha! Fair enough. I would have liked to hear that in the video for better context. You keep being you man! A lot of your viewers appreciate it! :) Have the best day!
Kotaku (8 days ago)
i see what you're saying, though as a big dumb romancing saga / bravely default fan, i am facebook "friends" with almost everyone who worked on this game and yeah dude . . . they love game of thrones lol they love game of thrones the way an american teenager loves dragon ball z
kristopher irizarry (8 days ago)
This dude is awesome! Also, does anyone know if this coming out on PC?
Taylor Whitaker (7 days ago)
There is an almost zero chance it will come to other platforms.
Kotaku (8 days ago)
well thanks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . also, nintendo is the publisher, so probably not!!
Ikelos (8 days ago)
The thing that blows my mind the most is that Kotaku hasn't published a single article sperging about the game's lack of ethnic diversity.
Ikelos (7 days ago)
Well, this is the Kotaku youtube channel, is it not? How is Kotaku's usual demeanor not related to a video published by Kotaku? I understand that racebaiting was not part of this particular video, and that's exactly what I said, that Kotaku hasn't race-baited even once about this game so far.
Kotaku (7 days ago)
Ikelos no i was simply demonstrating what it’s like when someone replies to something you said with a topic that is not in any way related to or covered in your original comment
Ikelos (8 days ago)
No, it is not fine. It is not fine to threaten every creator out there with bullying and possibly calls for boycotts if they don't comply with shoehorning a whole list of vapid and meaningless tokens in their creation. It is morally reprehensible, it stifles art and free expression. I do not care if it is "Current Year", or if you believe your cause to be absolutely righteous or "on the right side of history", you cannot force your political agenda onto other people, who often don't even care one way or another. Art in general is not your hunting ground for free propaganda. (And please let's not even try to pretend there isn't a political agenda behind it. We all know. The writers are pretty open about it.) "That's just me but I wouldn't sweat Kotaku's stance unless something about diversity in games bothers you for some reason..." I'm bothered by the constant bullying and shaming of creators who might disagree or even not care at all. That phrase is you attempting to do to me what Kotaku writers often do to creators. "Are you bothered by diversity?" - "Are you a bigot?" - "Are you a racist?" I am not in the least ashamed to say that I dislike and oppose tokenry and shoehorning. I liked that KCD had only Czechs and Cumans, and I would like if a similar game about medieval Uganda comes out to see one with only Ugandans and their enemies. And I like that Octopath Traveller keeps coherent with its fantasy medieval Europe theme by having characters that look like the people who lived in Europe at the time. "It's fantasy, they could have added them anyway!" *They did not want to.* That's all. But at the very least you're willing to lay your thoughts out instead of attempting some disconnected and incomprehensible sad excuse for a joke, so good on you. Might wanna revise your priorities though.
Bridget Cru (8 days ago)
It's fine to want poc in games even if they aren't relevant to the plot or time period etc. You don't NEED a reason. It should just be there because otherwise it's dated looking and because poc play games so just do it. You don't need a reason to exist or to be including. Like you wouldn't go up to me on the street and ask me wtf I'm doing there and what's the point of my existence being there. I'd just exist. POC in games can just exist and should just be there cause it's 2018 man. I don't think Kotaku is in the wrong either. I still don't get what your deal is. So what if Kotaku demands representation regardless of reasoning? It's just a modern thing in games now and it's just options which modern games have more of. It's just a part of the times. It's fine to be annoyed at games that don't have them. I get annoyed when games don't always have things I like either so I either buy them or don't. I just don't see where you're coming from. Like gamers are allowed to criticize the color of sonics eyes, a new Dante character design, various game mechanics, whether there are too many indies, cross platform play, loot boxes, etc etc but character diversity and that's where some gamers draw the line? The game critics have gone too far!? I dunno. I just feel like that's a fine stance to have. I feel similarly. It's w/e. I feel like there's more annoying things to be bothered by that people criticize like folks who whine too much pixel aesthetics in indie games or if console versions of games deserved to be purchased at all because "PC/PS4 version is better LOL so why but this version". That's just me but I wouldn't sweat Kotaku's stance unless something about diversity in games bothers you for some reason...
Ikelos (8 days ago)
The way Kotaku and other media outlets treat their inclusion is just as tokens. It doesn't matter if it's thoughtful, relevant, intended, if it fits or not, to them it just matters that it is there, because when they need a free pass to berate someone they do not like they can just check what box hasn't been checked on their impossible list.
Kenny Noun (8 days ago)
Kotaku is Fake News
IRyZaah (8 days ago)
Rémi Warin (8 days ago)
I’ll lose my bonkers if “ I’ll lose my bonkers” doesn’t catch on
Victor Nup (9 days ago)
Can you rename the characters? I don't know, to like, uhh, Gau, Cyan, Locke, Celes, Terra, Setzer, Gogo and WASTREL?
Quinn Burner (9 days ago)
thanks tim
The Fight Scout (9 days ago)
LOL says he's a professional game expert then says he played the the game wrong by starting 8 files
Kotaku (8 days ago)
have you ever developed a video game? heck, have you ever play-tested a game? playing it wrong is The Professional Way. The Professional Code is "break it hard, and break it fast. break it early, and make it last"
Dee Dubya (9 days ago)
Lose those bonkers, Tim. You're the greatest. By the way - #TRUCKHECK
NBMTX (9 days ago)
I remember waking up on time on Saturdays when I was in middle school to watch The Vision of Escaflowne on Fox (Kids), and catching Outlaw Star after school on Toonami, (and Pokemon before school on WB). It made me who I am today. (Probably not a good thing. Debatable at best).
Maria Rodriguez (9 days ago)
Nice to see more people had noticed what I knew from the start . This game looks and plays very similar to the SaGa series . Specially the SaGa Frontier and romancing ones . This is why some people are frustrating now to see all stories are not connected as they thought . But more of 8 individual stories that converge into  a Final Big Boss at the end .
David Bernard Houck (9 days ago)
Can I shout you out in the comments if I want to see the lost 33 minutes of verb conjugation discussion
Kotaku (8 days ago)
RT-55J (9 days ago)
hi tim
I (9 days ago)
Ok, that jab at cockney rhyming slang at the end was good.
I (9 days ago)
The worst Quentin Tarantino movie is actually Jackie Brown
I (8 days ago)
Every other movie Tarantino has directed is better than Jackie Brown.
Kotaku (8 days ago)
ok . . . close the tab before you hurt yourself
Hi _Jr (9 days ago)
never change Tim. Never change.
Jarrett R.K. (9 days ago)
Kotaku does ASMR now?!?!??? (I haven't heard mention of many of these jRPGs in over a decade. Perhaps nearly two. That's how old I am and how old-school Mr. Rogers is). ((I am calling him Mr. Rogers because of that mellifluous voice)).
PotmosHetoimos (9 days ago)
I've been falling asleep to Tim's FF7 translation vids and/or Persona 5 playthroughs for months
Kotaku (9 days ago)
fun fact: mister rogers is actually my second cousin. i know that sounds ridiculous, and, well, it is, though its ridiculousness doesn't stop it from being true. also i am probably as old as you lol
Jose Antonio (9 days ago)
Lol what did I just watch. I didn't like the video at first but it grew on me.
ddnnqq (9 days ago)
Jorge Arcienega (9 days ago)
Nice joke Tim
I highly approve of the usage of "bonkers", hope it catches on! (Also, great video, has me excited about playing the game even though the stories aren't necessarily connected)
AJtheAggravated (9 days ago)
Solomon Kim (9 days ago)
I feel like "Where ARE my bonkers" would be more mechanically correct.
Robert Penner (7 days ago)
Kotaku Exactly, now where is my pants?
Solomon Kim (9 days ago)
Fair enough. I guess that stands to reason because if they can't be singular, they would be that much more likely to be lost.
Kotaku (9 days ago)
no bonkers come in a set . . . bonkers cannot by nature ever be singular
Jason Brower (9 days ago)
Wow! Tim for the WIN! Loved this!
Nicholas Hildenbrand (9 days ago)
I picked Tressa as well and amazingly I left her for last when I was replaying the demo a million times.
Oran Moten (9 days ago)
Tim is my favorite octopath babbler.
Marco Cammarota (9 days ago)
Tim, how do you create your script? You poetic mad scientist. Nice Bach during Ophelia...just me? Cool...
Marco Cammarota (8 days ago)
thank you, thank you, many thank yous. Also: I slid into your DMs on the gram - yes. Needy.
Kotaku (8 days ago)
1. play the game (while capturing it) 2. play the game a LOT (while capturing it) 3. play the game TOO MUCH (you have stopped capturing at this point) 4. take notes during this process 5. arrange notes into categories while scrubbing through / marking your footage in adobe premiere 6. treat the categories like an outline 7. rearrange the notes within the categories so that they flow like paragraphs 8. rewrite the notes as sentences 9. leave it on your desktop for about two days while you scrub through the footage you captured and continue marking / separating footage into roughly the categories that begat your outline 10. tell yourself, "i'm going to record this at NOON TOMORROW [or whatever time works]." give yourself a couple hours in the morning to look at the script. 11. polish and punch up any sentences where the fruit hangs low. shorten every sentence to the shortest version of itself possible so it can be recorded in a single breath. 12. if a line feels stiff while recording, improvise a little bit to smooth it out. there you go!! now that i've filled my quota of "one helpful, sincere youtube comment per day" i can go back to replying "lol" to haters before deleting their comments
Bill Goodell (9 days ago)
You didn't want to arrange your save files so that they spelled OCTOPATH?
Avantime (9 days ago)
Initially I read it as "Osteopath Traveller"
F. M. (9 days ago)
For the record, I would watch Ling 101 w/Tim.
John Rohrer (9 days ago)
Best heist movie; Inside Man!! thoughts?
Kotaku (9 days ago)
it's ok; the masterpiece of the genre is david mamet's "HEIST", imo
FireHawk (9 days ago)
Ophelia Cyrus Tressa Olberic Primrose Alfyn Therion H'aanit It tells you the "correct" order to play the game? Anyway, it spells OCTOPATH. Cool tidbit.
TheDayveion (8 days ago)
I actually made a makeshift diagram that showed the "path" if not done clockwise. It looks more fun that way. I will definitely "switch" the O's and T's.
paul slade (9 days ago)
FireHawk ahhhh. Its a pity the stories arent connected much and the order doesnt matter though.
FireHawk (9 days ago)
paul slade (9 days ago)
FireHawk Oh you mean on the map?
FireHawk (9 days ago)
Because it's clockwise and if you switched them the order wouldn't go around like a circle
Chan0 (9 days ago)
Where the H*CK is my bonkers!?!?
David Tisdale (9 days ago)
"I speed dialed Google dot com to see if anyone out there hates this. A lot of people sure do." It's not just the words, but the delivery that really sells that entire exchange, and I am going to steal it.
Bowl of Lentils (9 days ago)
Oh crap, there is an Anearth call-out in this video... This makes me want to see Tim do a video series on obscure JRPGs that are only available in Japan.
Bowl of Lentils (9 days ago)
I've only played a little bit of the game years ago and didn't get very far due to the language barrier. But I always thought it looked really cool. Hopefully a fan translation is released some day, I know a group was talking about working on it but they are currently finishing a patch for Legend of Xanadu I & II at the moment.
Kotaku (9 days ago)
i love that game . . . so much . . .

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