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TOP 15 New Upcoming SIMULATION Games 2018

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In this video, we take a look at the Top 15 Upcoming Open Word, Build & Craft Simulation Games of 2018. These For PS4, Xbox ONE & PC. Which one you have interest to play? leave Comment and Subscribe! #UGZ 00:00 Bum Simulator (PC) - Oct 6, 2018 01:29 Satisfactory (PC) - TBA 03:24 Junkyard Simulator (PC) - 2018 04:58 Industries of Titan (PC) - 2018 05:44 POLICE SIMULATOR 18 (PC) - TBA 06:36 Tank Mechanic Simulator (PC) - Q3 2018 07:28 Deadstick - Bush Flight Simulator (PC) - Later 2018 07:53 Firefighting Simulator (PC) - Autumn 2018 09:25 IDENTITY (PC) - TBA 10:53 UBOOT (PC) - 2018 14:35 Ann0 1800 (PC) - Q4 2018 16:56 Foundation (PC) - Q4 2018 18:25 Diesel Brothers - The Game (PC) - Q4 2018 18:42 Tropico 6 (PS4, XBO, PC) - 2018 19:40 Two Point Hospital (PC) - Q4 2018 Bonus: 20:33 Jurassic World Evolution (PS4, XBO, PC) - June 12, 2018 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (300)
ZUO (4 days ago)
Kids......Can play this..
prairiechicken (8 days ago)
Where's farming simulator 2019?
waterartists 2 (10 days ago)
So the second one was world pollution simulator
Wolf Pack (17 days ago)
Uboot is uboat
Vertti Silventoinen (18 days ago)
Dont punch me im DRUNK!
Mario Gamer (1 month ago)
Haw is mame off des game
Samuel Maaño (1 month ago)
Can the bum sim get a car
MasLoff (1 month ago)
Bum simulaor is the only one that seems interesting
Darling in the FranXX (1 month ago)
5:17 anyone see the easteregg?
Fah Chanel (1 month ago)
Goldstar2040 HD (1 month ago)
The Bum Simulator is really a handicapped game, developers should be ashamed to portray people like that
MR. PHILLIPINE Gunner (1 month ago)
sonny eli (1 month ago)
Homeless people have more skills and knowledge of surviving
Brandyn Buxton (1 month ago)
firefighter simulator is what ima get
Nagara Banua (1 month ago)
oh shit dovahkiin in the future world
Briant gaming (1 month ago)
That game graphics Cool and look like real life
Crazzy Lock (1 month ago)
C vê Ne os Games de Simulação ta simulando até como é a vida de um Morador de Rua .. Realidade vivenciada num Gamer kkkkk..
emilio esquivel (1 month ago)
OMG THE PC GAMES LOOK FANTASTIC!😁 but are they coming to the ps4😕?
Soul Shadow (1 month ago)
That's cool. I want to try it.
Duc Pham (1 month ago)
Nice 😁
zenyatta main (1 month ago)
Just perfect bum simulator
Jordan HS (1 month ago)
—— —— (1 month ago)
The second one is like a cooler version of Clash of Clans
what did u said?
TheCrowncard (1 month ago)
And he just threw in evrything~ Hey man you got a coin… PEW PEW
Jack Monster (1 month ago)
J I R A Y A (1 month ago)
O primeiro, o mendingo ficava gemendo 24hs
Controller Scasatto (1 month ago)
I want bum simulator NOW AND PC 💻 NOW
Joad Rosario (1 month ago)
l hungry (1 month ago)
I can't wait for the game
Deuces McGee (1 month ago)
Other than the hobo simulator, the rest just look like chores to that you have to play.
J'zargo _ (1 month ago)
1:13 fallout 4 settlement building in a nutshell
Comic Gamer (1 month ago)
Cant wait to be a bum
Pham Hoang (1 month ago)
The police simulator looks even worse than GTA V LSPDFR LMFAO
Bigfoot (1 month ago)
Fus Roh dah !!! 0:35
Im gettin the 2 onr
Captain Price (1 month ago)
Ahh yes tropico 6
Veaser (1 month ago)
Green Hell ?
Anime Lover's (1 month ago)
I Mean Firts Game Good For Me...
Melvin Harris (1 month ago)
Isn't ANNO 1800 more of 1900 stuff? I mean trains, first industries... Not start of 1800
śmieszek tv (1 month ago)
The first gamę is grom Poland studio:^o^
gamer ced (1 month ago)
My internet so slow
Margo Orlov (1 month ago)
Holy shit we need those games NOW!!!!!!!
Bass & Trap Wolf (1 month ago)
60's: _There will be flying cars in the future_ Future: *Game Graphics That is Better Than Real Life*
Neon (1 month ago)
Lol did he throw that man into the garbage!
:da djabe (1 month ago)
Notice that bum simulator bottle is a reference to FUS RO DAH they even write it on the label
irfan dhani (1 month ago)
1:23 is that mr bean voice
A Bcd (1 month ago)
Satisfactory is literally what a combination of factorio and no man's sky looks like. It's literally just that.
Mega Tunes (1 month ago)
No Mans Sky 2 looks great.
:3 (1 month ago)
dat dickbutt
J C (1 month ago)
3# new My Summer Car?
issac perez (1 month ago)
that second game looks like some sequal to subnautica in a way
Dave the Duck (1 month ago)
I’m in love with bum simulator
Davigames 0202 (1 month ago)
Bum simulator this my favorite game
Talmon 216 (1 month ago)
5:54 7:55
TwoBulletz (1 month ago)
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sharki and freinds (1 month ago)
This is gonna be reported
JesseThe2nd (1 month ago)
The first one looks like homless simulator
KaiDoesStuff (1 month ago)
Man the first game im guessing is the new Fortnite
The End of Days (1 month ago)
The first game is better than the new sony's spiderman
DROOID BLOX (1 month ago)
I felt bad about the bum simulator did you guys felt bad to😔😔😔
*_L3z3rd_* (1 month ago)
Tobben_Tobbi cool_man (1 month ago)
Am gonna buy the bun sim
Its Me Again ! (1 month ago)
first game will have bad effect on kids
Nochi (1 month ago)
The Master Tanker (1 month ago)
Oooh junkyard simulator Looks noice
ConejoGamerBravo (1 month ago)
Wow the first one was amazing
сука блять - (1 month ago)
The first game looks too animated
It's clickbait (1 month ago)
I’m excited for factorio 2
Godzilla (1 month ago)
Fus doh bear? I’d say fus ro dah
MarcusofMenace (1 month ago)
The second one just looks like an advanced no man's sky
Maximus (8 days ago)
More like factorio
jgelanyi (18 days ago)
+an 8th dimentional being ya but it's more just a meme that it was so shit to begin with LOL I give it credit though I mean when I played the first few days I had fun it was just repetitive and not at all what they made it seem to be. The game is beautiful and the concept is awesome so I dont really have much hate for it
+jgelanyi, I dunno its gotten a lot better since its release. The only reason it was so terrible at the start was because they had an agreement with PlayStation to have it available at a specific date so when it was released it was unfinished and incomplete. I mean sean Murray hyping the game up to extremely unrealistic levels wasnt helping much but now that they are taking responsibility and are starting to right their wrongs I feel like its kind of wrong to continue hating a game for having a terrible start.
More like a mixture of subnautica and scrap mechanic with a little dash of no mans sky.
Branden Atkins (1 month ago)
MarcusofMenace or a first person factorio
Kartoffel Jeff (1 month ago)
Identity is an MMORPG lol They've even stated themselves, that it's not gonna be a simulation game.
DaEmVeePee Dud (1 month ago)
I thought it was clickbait... but it wasn’t
Boogie Noogie (1 month ago)
10:00 breaking bad
Alpha Gaming (1 month ago)
Jackspedacsy is gonna enjoy BUM Simulator!
From Hell Vids (1 month ago)
Big Link (1 month ago)
That's not a bum simulator that's a veteran simulator. Go Army.
Ralph Martin (1 month ago)
First looks funny
Smart Person (1 month ago)
Police Sim is Inaccurate, the black guy stopped running when the gun was pointed at his back
Nils (2 months ago)
identity is really the best
brandon Ocampo bear (2 months ago)
The first one is like OMG I WANT IT ON MY PHONE
Adt Aji (2 months ago)
j king (2 months ago)
First one is hilarious
ch6ses (2 months ago)
Is there an update for when Satisfactory is coming out?
Johnson Osborne (2 months ago)
I hate how there all for pc
JASHI ARRIETA (2 months ago)
Pobre cito
Dead 456 (2 months ago)
Its ONLY for PC?
hella Republican (2 months ago)
Homeless man simulator
foxyfan 543 (2 months ago)
SatisfEActory $999.99 sure why not
Long Nguyen (2 months ago)
Gâme free
GAMER BOI (2 months ago)
Bum sim looks good but waste of money and time
End This Game (2 months ago)
Please give me a download link Bum simulator
End This Game (1 month ago)
K watching my channel
[] LEGEND 2800[] (1 month ago)
It's not out yet
iLoveCakkee (2 months ago)
The first looks nice
Ray Thompson (2 months ago)
2:07 - симулятор русского леса?
k 4015 (2 months ago)
I Love gamer
Sharo Net (2 months ago)
Hi game bum simulator have ps4 ???
Poteto5383 (2 months ago)
pink guy (2 months ago)
I don't have to play that first game bcuz that's how I am in real life

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