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10 BEST GAME TRAILERS 2018 (September)

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TOP 10 BEST GAME TRAILERS 2018: League of Legends "Rise", Project Awakening, Square Enix, Death Stranding, Anthem, Devil My Cry 5, Dead By Daylight, The Witcher Tales Say "Hello!" to my friend on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSerWhnoNT9zIthaJOH4qag List of trailers: 0:00 League of Legends "Rise" 3:26 Square Enix - Visual Work Character Prototype 7:54 Project Awakening 9:33 Death Stranding 10:43 Anthem 13:03 Monkey King: Hero is Back 14:13 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 16:49 Devil My Cry 5 19:35 The Witcher Tales 19:59 Dead By Daylight
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Text Comments (179)
Eleeth Tahgra (26 minutes ago)
20:29 That...black guy...he has smaller eyes than Asians. You cant even see his eyelids at all when he closes his eyes.
Thomas Schubert (6 hours ago)
WarziKage (21 hours ago)
At this rate, Death Stranding may become a PS5 Launch title XD
Karma (1 day ago)
Rooting for Death Stranding.
M.A.Z.I 1.3.8. (1 day ago)
...WOW amazing...
Pix (2 days ago)
league's video is a music video not a game trailer lmao.
W4r10ckm4n (2 days ago)
Yo that Project Awakening is giving me HEAVY Soulsborne vibes and I love it. P U N I S H M E
George Jetson (2 days ago)
league of legends man, yep i agree great trailers, game sucks cause all there is to do is kill each other. to bad it's a game designed for people with no more than 13 seconds of attention span.
IMJK bri (4 days ago)
Hipe for devil may cry 5😍
Sid R (4 days ago)
I have to say, when a game trailer looks absolutely nothing like the actual gameplay, it is NOT a good game trailer.
Taco chan animationz* (4 days ago)
The League of leguends was my favorite
с чем то согласен с чем то дудки
+GAMEOST перечень игр известен,
GAMEOST (1 day ago)
наша мишень, чтоб вы отыскали игру, которая понравится вам и вы не слышали о ней ранее
Zescaflowne (6 days ago)
that vision work trailer, legit af
Azzury Yarangga (6 days ago)
There's i think Lesley from Mobile Legends
MoonEyes2k (6 days ago)
3:26 onwards....pretty. Impressive. But not a game trailer.
Adrian Bungau (7 days ago)
OMG, Devil May Cry 5!!!!
Dayana Cambrige (7 days ago)
Como se llama el juego q va después de league of legends y me pueden decir si es para Android o pc?
Nick Holmes (5 days ago)
Haiti manifestattion
Matheus Kalil (7 days ago)
Great! But... check this out https://youtu.be/VppjX4to9s4
битва, битва и ещё битва.... скучновато, когда ж вы перестанете нас приучивать к убийству
PsyGnosiS (8 days ago)
5:48 lightnings return 2
emptyindorill (8 days ago)
Bullshit, totally bullshit. All trailers, all games. Stupid. Asians are crazy.
first trailer is a shit
triet ta (9 days ago)
the first one is not a game trailer
Onchi (6 days ago)
It's a trailer for a character (?) of a game, I'd say that counts. The second one definitely isn't a game trailer though! :p
hayakatsu (9 days ago)
am i an idiot or does dante sound so wrong??? why is his voice like that? did he always sound like that in the old games? i don't think so man.
Onchi (6 days ago)
He's gettin' old, man!
david tumanishvili (10 days ago)
i was rooting for ice lady in 2nd trailer :(
王光偉 (10 days ago)
what this song 20:36??
Brinto Paul (10 days ago)
this game feels like a netflix anime movie
cloud adam (10 days ago)
what this song 0:15
FlySpyGuy (11 days ago)
Anthem seems to be a knockoff of Destiny.
dang, the first one looked cool but its just league of legends :l i was actually excited :(
Chris Fuentes (11 days ago)
Project Awakening is going to end up being another Deep Down. It'll never see the light of day.
Onchi (6 days ago)
omg I forgot all about Deep Down lol, absolutely zero news on that!
stickginge (12 days ago)
That monkey king is a movie is it not.
Gabriele (12 days ago)
Oh thank you for the new trailer for "Death Stranding", now we can understand what the game is about! (can we?)
Noly CS (12 days ago)
i'm not a LoL fan but i have to admit their animations make you tingle, Jesus Christ
PotatoRage 3454 (12 days ago)
In the fortnite 2 game trailer why does ninja have 4 asses?
Asaju Enitan (12 days ago)
You just made my day with the RISE video you played first
Atlasnods (12 days ago)
I've lost track of how many times I've seen a trailer that looked like an amazing new game only to find out it's just another League of Legends trailer.
raretrick (13 days ago)
can you imagine how good that LoL video would have been if they had put music to it?
catherine j (13 days ago)
omllll visual works character prototype is gonna be SO BOMB
WD. Liblyx (8 days ago)
It is not a trailer for a game, it's a presentation of the character. However Visual Works said that they were looking for partenerships to make something with this character, so maybe there will be a game, but nothing official yet as far as I know..!
Kestrel Huxley (13 days ago)
fuck league.
Andres Di Martino (13 days ago)
the Leaving of Legends, the Leave of Legends, Legends are Leaving, so many names at mind now, honestly a bad game, I dont see any different brightness in it, maybe no brightness at all, better I am going to kill some critters or some pigs in World of Warcraft.....Emmmmmm....XDDDD!!!! Bless you all.
OmegaFire (13 days ago)
My new nightmare is freakish Asian crawling mannequins.
intotheEnd (14 days ago)
That LoL trailer is out of this world, so good
MR. R (14 days ago)
monkey king is not a game, its a film of China.
MR. R (13 days ago)
ohh!!! thanks
James Brice (13 days ago)
Game of the movie.
Lucy Nigro (14 days ago)
Why is it that all the league of legend trailers look cool as shit but the game itself is shit
Atcera (14 days ago)
6:38 , Me : Kiss ! KISS ! KISS! Project Awakening = Monster Hunter World - Cool Weapons
Dark Sama (15 days ago)
3:26 Square Enix - Visual Work Character Prototype is not a game if i'm correct
Chris Fuentes (11 days ago)
It's exactly what it states it is. A visual character prototype.
xBlackTigress (12 days ago)
idd, its a project or something.
les_ 316 (15 days ago)
the only game that i would be inserted in buying is Anthem and Death Stranding
Shu witzA (15 days ago)
game trailers....shitty lol cinematic that has nothing to do with the game....im not with this video at min 2. ty. dislike.
btaylor ggang (15 days ago)
gave me chills , this LOL Trailer
Fox LeFox (15 days ago)
Sadly, the Visual Works Trailer is something that will end up on Square Enix' huge pile of never-gonna-happen.
but they surely did a badass work right there
Onchi (6 days ago)
Please be excited!
It's a visual work prototype.... not a game trailer. Expect great things from square enix.
WD. Liblyx (8 days ago)
+stickginge Egg Nog is right at least for Square Enix it's a way to showcase the engine's capacities. But Visual Works wants to make something with the character and is looking for parternerships, so anything can happend technicaly. I doubt it will end up being a game tho, just like Agny's Philosophy, fans wanted to become Final Fantasy 16 but it didn't happen ^^'
stickginge (8 days ago)
Egg Nog wouldn’t be the first time a demo got a game made of it
kisatwe (15 days ago)
League isn't a game trailer. It's more world tournament cinematic music for 2018, like every year.
Night Stick (15 days ago)
League of Legends man, they make such damn good cinematics.
Macdealerx (8 days ago)
I think they're stupid and horrible.
Augure Zera (8 days ago)
For such a crap loser game.
Pynirotic (10 days ago)
in contrast to such a poor game :|
Otaku lord (13 days ago)
I think it would make a great anime
Zx Tek (15 days ago)
league still exist 😒.
Leysenk (15 days ago)
6:33 ok I dont know who they are but I already ship it
Leysenk (13 days ago)
+Eliude Santos I wanna read 😚😋
Eliude Santos (13 days ago)
+jackhammertwo1 Well. That surely won't stop me from writting kinky fanfictions and drawing sexy fanart about them...
jackhammertwo1 (13 days ago)
Nobody, this was Square Enix showing off a new graphic engine, ship case closed.
Eliude Santos (13 days ago)
+Mia England Fucking same here, man!
Mia England (14 days ago)
Leysenk I was thinking the same thing
CharlesLeeRay (15 days ago)
0:00 League Of Ladyboys: A Sequel for ladyboys who always cry in DOTA. 3:26 Square Enix: We have useless games, let's do only game trailers. 7:54 Project Medieval Monster Hunter World. 9:33 Silent Hill 79: Sci-Fi Obsessed. 10:43 Mass Effect 4: Destiny 13:03 Monkey King: Please Turn Back Hero! 14:13 Assasin's Creed: Naruto vs. Sasuke 16:49 Darksiders 3 May Cry 5 19:35 Elder Scrolls: Witcherstone Legends. 19:59 Dead By Same Old Cliche
TheLegend27 (11 days ago)
Corwin of Amber, Negative? It isn’t negative...
CharlesLeeRay (14 days ago)
Corwin Of Amber : Survival: Not Evolved.
Corwin of Amber (14 days ago)
CharlesLeeRay: Mr. Negativity
doode0712 (15 days ago)
16:24 yasuo's voice so damn good <3
Notaforumguy007 (15 days ago)
Honestly that character prototype was lit, kind of gave a ghost in the shell vibe but pretty different look and setting, I 'd be interested to see them actually make a game I was blown away at the pan out to it being some bio dome in space I was like what the heeelll. Project awakening kinda doesn't show anything outside of that 1 fight between the beast so really theres 0 to go on. Never played devil may cry but it looks pretty awesome. Anthem well its made by EA so I'm on a boat of "wait and see" cause they haven't been doing hot with giving a actual solid game thats not riddled with micro-transactions that border pay to win. Sekiro seems legit (sounds like a next installment of a series) not my speed normally but if i got nothing else no reason to not check it out. LoL always there with their amazing videos but haven't played it in years now, other two not really caring for.
Mars Macchi (16 days ago)
When Software Houses spend more in trailers than in game quality ...
awe ohyeh (16 days ago)
Hwan Gaeul (16 days ago)
The first one is edgelord "This is so cool" super cringe. :(
Wesley Wisdom (16 days ago)
God I was so hoping the second trailer was a teaser for another Parasite Eve game.
Rahardi Tri Ardiyanto (16 days ago)
Hold up hold up..... Whhhaaaaattttt..... SKT? Faker? No wayyyy....
r4nddon (16 days ago)
Really? Sekiro, and DMC will release at the same month? Thats sad, who will buy DMC instead of Sekiro? :D
jom mana (16 days ago)
r4nddon ill get both😂
sebatrox238 gallardox (16 days ago)
Sc3ro CZ (16 days ago)
Project awekening wow nice another Dark Souls game? :D
gliath888 (16 days ago)
More like Monster Hunter then DS.
Evyn Coker (17 days ago)
What’s the song in the League of Legend trailer
gliath888 (16 days ago)
RISE (ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive) | Worlds 2018 - League of Legends
yu fiz (17 days ago)
Dude... When God of war come back....??
G1gg!L3s (16 days ago)
+yu fiz Ah of course. I don't know if it'll come out as DLC expansion or new game. Plus, GoW has done its part for 2018. This time is for the future 2019. But if you wanna enjoy a game a bit similar to it I suggest you start with Devil May Cry 5.
yu fiz (16 days ago)
+G1gg!L3s I don't know... But the ending Zeus come back....
G1gg!L3s (16 days ago)
It already came out??
Aimless Nine (17 days ago)
Why is destiny 3 called anthem?
CharlesLeeRay (15 days ago)
It is Mass Effect 4: Destiny. Change it please.
Hung Nguyen (15 days ago)
Because destiny 2 is garbage :)
Shogo (16 days ago)
Because Bungie has the trademark and Bioware can't use it.
Mark Mullins (17 days ago)
Awesome league of legends trailer. Still don't intend to play it.
Yu Tub (17 days ago)
yep don't fck with the Korean dude who have spent over 20k hours playing League of Legends
Tien Pham (17 days ago)
Best square enix. But i dont think that be game.
gliath888 (16 days ago)
Its just a test sample of their new engine.
Wouter de vries (18 days ago)
League Worlds video isn't a trailer. And it represents last year's worlds as well xD
Andrea Rush (17 days ago)
Its a trailer of worlds it tells the story of last year promoting this year's. ,^^ a type of trailer
Korgass (18 days ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue, I came for the thumbnail and so did you.
Andy love (18 days ago)
Devil My Cry 5 ? fantastic!
Fongbeer :P (17 days ago)
Death stranding exclusive PlayStation 4 no Pc
Catharsis (17 days ago)
It's death stranding.
marius medes (18 days ago)
nice one ...the song at the end please ?
marius medes (18 days ago)
+GAMEOST Thank you
GAMEOST (18 days ago)
Far Cry 5 - Resistance Theme
rafael pozo (18 days ago)
God give us anthem already😭😭❤️❤️
rafael pozo (11 days ago)
+Chris Fuentes the best video game its the one you like most
Chris Fuentes (11 days ago)
+rafael pozo I doubt it's going to be the best rpg game considering its multiplayer. I'm just hoping it's an awesome Ironman simulator.
rafael pozo (14 days ago)
+Jason Crews I know, I'm not rushing them, in fact I want them to take their time to make it better and better, I just wish this to be the best rpg game I've been waiting for, specially because it's shooter
Jason Crews (14 days ago)
do not rush them. That is what happened with Andromeda remember.
Andrew (18 days ago)
Rule of thumb: if there's no actual game footage in the trailer, really good chance it sucks
PlagueRunner (19 days ago)
Anthem is gonna suck
alex ananiadis (19 days ago)
What is the second game after the league of legends?
Crimson Ahri (5 days ago)
not a game and yet this is "game trailer video" still love the video tho
James Brice (13 days ago)
Just a concept by SquareEnix.
bolastube (19 days ago)
When EA advertises something as "reinvented" you know it will be shitty.
Trieu Duong (20 days ago)
Dante's devil trigger is still badass
Blacky valentine (20 days ago)
Dmc 5 motha fucka he is back! And the wicher? My god the badasses albinos are back!!
사이코 - EuPH (20 days ago)
You put League at the biggining? hmm... *Wise choice.*
Wouter de vries (18 days ago)
nah he put it at the smallining.
GAMEOST (20 days ago)
Wise Gameost
eblo zlo (20 days ago)
dmc winner
Tarkus (20 days ago)
the only good thing LoL has going for them is their trailers. #topnotch
Bryn Feneley (20 days ago)
Anthem looks like just destiny with jet packs
Blacky valentine (20 days ago)
And destiny looks like halo with magic power....
Joshua Cradic (20 days ago)
the first one is one of my personal favorite league music video, although its not really a game trailer. Its just advertising 2018 worlds.
Tymoteusz Gancarz (20 days ago)
Solitary (20 days ago)
The Square Enix one isn’t a game
Millonakk Cyrun (5 days ago)
+Nuadin True :D
Nuadin (5 days ago)
It ruins the joke if you have to explain it. :\
Millonakk Cyrun (5 days ago)
+Solitary LOL
Solitary (5 days ago)
Onchi I said this. You late
Onchi (6 days ago)
It's a trailer made by a games maker designed to show a visual engine for games. It's a long shot but I'd say it counts. Let's let this one pass :)
BeniYeni ! (20 days ago)
Dude did you guys like the vid. Im looking for love button😂 I really found it nice
ExpertEdy (20 days ago)
The last one is a joke right ?
Onchi (6 days ago)
Yeah, League of Legends is super old by comparison. Both had awesome trailers though!
jom mana (16 days ago)
i think its because its an old old game. its a trailer for the new characters in game tho.
Alec Lucero (18 days ago)
GAMEOST (20 days ago)
0:00 League of Legends "Rise" 3:26 Square Enix - Visual Work Character Prototype 7:54 Project Awakening 9:33 Death Stranding 10:43 Anthem 13:03 Monkey King: Hero is Back 14:13 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 16:49 Devil My Cry 5 19:35 The Witcher Tales 19:59 Dead By Daylight
Ashley Almajane (4 days ago)
Aw man I really thought it was a game coming out that would have been awesome! Would definitely buy too!
Loler Tarek (5 days ago)
the second one isn't a game its just Square Enix showing how good they can be thats all
Kuba Socha (9 days ago)
just write rise leaguee of legends
longlovelive77 (9 days ago)
And the song till 3:21? "This is your moment..."??
GRIZLIMEN ДОБРЫЙ (20 days ago)
я 9-й

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