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Top Ten Best Mmorpgs of 2017 | Mmos You Need To Be Playing

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Text Comments (358)
revelation online is shit, I killed more than 2000 monster in open world and got nothing not even exp enough to get 1 level hahaha its pure instanced based and pay to win
Ultimo Guardiao (5 months ago)
gw2 omg boring
Rhodesians Never Die (5 months ago)
BDO is a great game but the UI is enough to turn me off. Quests are really weirdly displayed, Dialogue feels very awkward, And the amount of menus and the lack of space on your screen is awful.
Fafnir Icingdeath (7 months ago)
Your rundown of games is not accurate. Your rundown especially of Elder Scrolls Online make me wonder if you even played it to be honest.
Žabac (7 months ago)
You miss Shaiya -_-
ZekeMagnum (7 months ago)
If BDO just had ''real'' PVE with dungeons and raids..... not just these world bosses that you can zerg
Ayanzoku (7 months ago)
where LOD?
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rub meow (8 months ago)
Fantastic.. This helped all of us..
Orochimaru (8 months ago)
World of Warcraft is my most favorite game ever i started to play it when i was like 4-5 years and im playing it even today ! I were born 22.1.2006 so yes i started playing games really soon :D
a asd (8 months ago)
Got cancer from all of these
Jade MacLeod (9 months ago)
Problem with FFxIV is the leveling
Sahara Gamer (9 months ago)
Tibia The best PvP game
$i+ Download PC Games http://tiny.cc/l09sqy
Xelha Rosas (9 months ago)
I personally think Aion Online should of made this list. It is one of those games that I always go back to.
RoyalGuardEziode (9 months ago)
I wish Revelation Online had better camera effects when flying, more skills that you can actually choose, and better crafting. And I swear to fkcn god if I see World of Warcraft on an MMO list one more time...
Mar Sl (9 months ago)
FFXIV the best
Plahdo (9 months ago)
So is Tera truly worth the boring ass grind to get to end game like everyone says?
Batusay2006 (10 months ago)
Revelation is very bad game. It became a pay to win game and bots are already taking over both the market and the game itself!
konmong łełsuya (10 months ago)
where can i download B&S
Twenty 4 (10 months ago)
How to download blade and soul. I can't find at playstore
Billy Javier (10 months ago)
Boss Meep です (10 months ago)
*I still play BNS it's still doing well*
Commercials Redone (10 months ago)
AO all day
Gabriel (10 months ago)
Wow is great unless u like pvp then dont even bother checking it out
Cayde-6 (11 months ago)
Ffxiv is a really good game but it's not for everyone. I love it though, I've played for 2 years now and it's still my favorite mmo. I've never tried WOW and I know I probably should give it a chance but I'm not into the art style of it.
Byet03 Playz (11 months ago)
wtf why do i need to download it
Byet03 Playz (11 months ago)
give us the links wtf
TheTBodo (11 months ago)
D&D Neverwinter is my favourite MMO! The best combat system! Free to play. Remember nothing is perfect. PS.: The real life is the true pay2win :)
Citizeneye (11 months ago)
anyone heard of riders of icarus ?
MatthiasAI (11 months ago)
despite everything, I say this list was actually stupidly fair and logical... I kept thinking.. WHAT That game is only this rank!?!?! Ohh because that game beat it of course.. WAIT THAT GAME IS ONLY Ranked WHAT!!... Ohh ya of course with that game infront of it. xD hahaha~
abod91lax (11 months ago)
Fuck wow
Jeremy Wright (11 months ago)
How is revelation even on here? A choppy generic mess of a game that is a haphazard mixing of mechanics. Yuck.
JackSpackProductions (1 year ago)
I would really love to get into Black Desert more but the lack of customization past the start of the game bugs me. I really like to make my character look cool in mmos, and you see hardly any progression aesthetically in BDO unless you shell out $40 per outfit.
Trollmen Caster (1 year ago)
I play albion game is pretty intensive and boring and its not for kids cus its cruel , boring part farming resources most used method by people fun things pvp guild vs guild alliance vs alliance you reward is high but you need to know the pvp mechanics , this game is very social and group with people to help .
cXVha2U (1 year ago)
this list is way way better http://yabuilder.com/YIf
Noah K (1 year ago)
WoW is just so bloated, I feel like instead of refining skill i'm constantly having to branch out to do chores and grind. Tried GW2 which is a better game objectively, but I missed the tri-role play style. Any recommendations for a streamlined version of WoW?
Boredfan Gerrude (1 year ago)
You don't work your way to becoming a hero in Skyrim, you are already a legendary hero.
John King (1 year ago)
wildstar is hella dead....can't really considered it a MMO....if it doesn't have a mass player base in my books...
Matthew Goodfriend (1 year ago)
I've tried most of these and find Guild Wars 2 the best made, with the least amount of bad features that make you want to cry. While the combat is pass or fail almost all content GW2 adds stays relevant since they haven't changed the level cap from 80 so you're not going to leave content behind or repeatedly gear up endlessly and end up too OP for 90% of the game. Having more "current" content than any MMO (that I know of) and so few dailies none of which feel mandatory to do like you've lost a day you can never get back that'll haunt you until you find a new MMO to spam dailies in... With plenty to do being raids (oh but there *is* more), fractals, meta events, dungeons, world bosses, player vs player, world vs world, bounties, jumping puzzles, achievement collections, mini games, Legendary (collecting because they are actually worthy of the name but not easy to get, go figure), anomalies, and probably something else I forgot about. While most haters think skin collecting is a horrible thing to do at max level these are usually the same morons that think flawed progression systems like re-gearing are a good reason to do the same thing repeatedly, failing to realize gear are skins too but instead of a RNG-(blow your brains out)-fest GW2 actually lets you get gear by other means, you can also collect gear of other stats to try different builds and play styles.
Milene Sousa (1 year ago)
Where is eso?
Winging It With Bleep (1 year ago)
wildstar is awesome just sucks that nobody plays it
Does anyone of you know Drakensang Online? It is a really awesome game...
Jawn Ho (1 year ago)
Hey wheres Maplestory?
Roman Hamann (1 year ago)
Ragnarok online and city of heroes and villains
Avocatul Poporului (1 year ago)
blade and soul bad optimized for new hardware, old engine
Travis Something (1 year ago)
I dislike that you never touch on pvp when talking about mmorpgs.
AllodsJinjer (1 year ago)
ugh i just want a good grindy mmo bdo is too heavy graphics side runs like shit for me
DutchGreen Gaming (10 months ago)
AllodsJinjer Buy a not shitty PC, problem solved
Koolio Gaming (1 year ago)
+AllodsJinjer have you tried Tree of Savior? Free to play, grind heavy, runs on pretty much anything and great art style :)
Dramatello (1 year ago)
WoW first place on a 2017 list? This is a joke. Not me not agreeing with you but an actual joke. It has zero voice acting and zero effort from blizzards side to actually respect their fans and give actual game upgrades and maybe, just maybe, graphics that don’t resemble a 1990 game. It’s a cash machine that is still around just because it was one of the first of its style back in the days.
TqFinax (8 months ago)
What is your graphics settings set to? The game isn't so pix elated.
Mick Verheij (10 months ago)
Dramatello (11 months ago)
I played it 2 months ago actually which is why I still think my statement is valid. If you think that a game that has the balls to take MONTHLY FEE but won't pay 100$ for a graphics designer to make the loading screens fit a 16:9 display (at least for the first 100 level's maps) or put a little effort by polishing the map view so it won't be pixels like the game was fit for the gameboy is ok - then you sir are the delusional one but more then anything - you are part of the problem.
lawlestest (11 months ago)
Have you even played it/seen footage of it recently? You're delusional as fuck lad.
MTGGeeksGaming (1 year ago)
WoW is still the king.
joe jones (1 year ago)
as of right now..final fantasy is taking over. it's subscriber base is growing and so is the content. it's my favorite and replaces wow by a very large margin.
Terrific Life (1 year ago)
Revelation is pay 2 win, black desert is a single player game( dont even try to contradict me about this ) Guild Wars 2 100% MOST BE OVER ESO . FF14 is first place, only players who never play it FF14 and WoW hard core will make the mistake to put WoW first place.FF14 is 100 % the best mmo on the market.
LEGO KANGAROO (1 year ago)
wow has insane amount of content because its been alive for 15 years
LEGO KANGAROO (1 year ago)
guild wars 2, black desert online and elder scrolls online seems to be the best... only play eso but bdo seems fucking awesome and gw2 aswell
Feroth (1 year ago)
Black desert all the way !!
TheSushiandme (1 year ago)
I paid $100 for BDO on release. Was okay... only liked to fish. Now I play ff14. :D
Scott Davis (1 year ago)
dude, wow is not declining. has over 7 to 8mil subs. dont bring that bias crap
Ancient (1 year ago)
lets be real guys MapleStory is the MMO with the most content THERE IS NO SINGLE GAME that have more content than Maplestory so yh its a side scrolling MMO but its been around at least 12 years now
Desto C (1 year ago)
Revelation Online is the shittiest MMO i ever played.
mastermill79 (1 year ago)
Irritating little popup on the bottom left. Fuck that noise.
Irrisus (1 year ago)
Why is the playeramount so important? More than ~200 players you dont need to get dungeons, PvP or raids Rollin, or? The question is which housing, combat system, monetization, pve content is the best...
Jonah Marx (1 year ago)
Woah, someone actually placed eso in an appropriate spot. Wow might be on the decline, but it’s still sitting at several million players, ffxiv is probably sitting around 1million. And with blizzcon just around the corner and the speculation of a new coach announcement, wow is sure to see a huge boost in players. Love it or hate it, it’s hard to say wow isn’t the king of all mmos and probably will be for a very long time.
paz morad (1 year ago)
Gw2 is so underated i wish more will know how epic this game is right now . By far the best mmo (i played wow for 7 years and almost every mmo both top pvp and pve)
I rly don t know what mmo to start I never ever played this type of games any suggestion?
Aomine Daike (1 year ago)
You serious with WoW being number 1? How much did Blizzard pay you for that? WTF, I can't even say that WoW has this "MMMORPG" feels, you're like playing a single player RPG game in your console. I'm a WoW player since it's release (WoW Classic), coming from a WoW veteran, I'm telling you Blizzard had butchered WoW after they released it's 3rd expansion, Cataclysm.
D I O (1 year ago)
anyone wants to buy a Black Desert account? Its a very good accountm 200€ onlx
Falkoun Ntemprim (1 year ago)
i think wow have Game boy graphics xD idu why you play that old and bad poor game... xD
Falkoun Ntemprim (10 months ago)
nah but never mine its just ( "you have spen alot time and money" and try to find excuses ) for me this game its a bad game :P friendly anser :D ) WOW its not game for 2017-2018 the technology have goin other level...!!! you like wow? idc xD play it :P its ok game but me i dont like it :P
Sinkor22 (1 year ago)
Because it's the only MMORPG with a competitive raiding scene.
Kohlman Jones (1 year ago)
Im so unsure about Black Dessert, I here so many bad things on it but as I continue to look at it its seems ok. But its hard to decide
Unknowngamer 224 (1 year ago)
1)Runes of magic used to be good, now dead. 2)Wildstar is fun, now less players. 3)Wow was awesome, now less players and getting more expensive. 4)ESO great game for console, but hard to get friends. 5)GW2 is fun and awesome, but get boring and hard to get friends. 6)Ffxiv look interesting, but I don't like monthly payment. I feel most games (fps, jrpg, mmorpg, fighting, etc.) are getting worse and boring within a week.
Leonardo Vasquez (1 year ago)
Didn't see EVE online here. Even if it is a bit older than WOW and still giving new content, now free to play with the option to subscribe for Omega (payable with ingame currency also).
Sovilace (1 year ago)
No such thing as need to be, you simply want to play. In your description you do not have the games listed with the time frames.
BMONEY666 GT (1 year ago)
Hey dude Albion is F2P
Silvyr (1 year ago)
I got to love ffxiv though!! Oh, and I thought I might do this to make it easier for others who are as interested in this list as me XD 10. Wildstar 0:45 9. Revelation Online 1:21 8. Blade and soul 2:05 7. Tera 2:47 6. Albion Online 3:27 5. Black Desert Online 4:03 4. Guild Wars 2 4:51 3. Elder Scrolls online (ESO) 5:42 2. Final Fantasy XIV 6:30 1. World of Warcraft (WOW) 7:25
PsychoRabit (1 year ago)
Pretty much the same list ever since the last 5 years with a hint of grind
Demoth (1 year ago)
Half of those game r pretty mediocre. But then again there's not much going on right now in the mmo community.....sad year.
Squeeezy (1 year ago)
Frankly, Wildstar and Revelation shouldn't be on this list ... wildstar is dead and barely struggling to keep online while Revelation Online saw almost all of its founders asking for a refund on their purchases after My.Com screwed the game because of their greed. RO good point over other games was its community but Forum Mods don't give a shit about players anymore and those players that knew a few things and were willing to share have left the game.
MisterMorbol (1 year ago)
Wait so ff14 is number 2 yet its entire gameplay demands you use a tank or a healer to skip waiting times.
Prome (1 year ago)
this video was better than mmobytes love ya
facepalm015 (1 year ago)
Revalation is absolute shite
EverSoSailor (1 year ago)
"yer guyzez" Unsub
Nopez20 (1 year ago)
Black Desert ...best combat system ....that comment made all your opinions worthless and down right stupid, an iframe determined game, where active exploitation is encouraged by the producer, to make yourself invulnerable, come on now.... what do you know about mmorpgs runt haha
Neo X105 (1 year ago)
Which of these games have SEA servers except for Tera and wildstar?
Matthew Liddard (1 year ago)
Warcraft was number 1 but its stale as hell and the "story" is terrible
SilverKobold (1 year ago)
Honestly, the only MMO I think is worth playing in this list is Final Fantasy XIV, however, the best free to play MMO I've ever played has to be Everquest II, which was originally pay to play. Sadly, Everquest II is going downhill because Sony was bought out by a greedy company so it's slowly turning into those crappy MMOs that spam "BUY THIS OR YOU'LL DIE".
Grandtoren (1 year ago)
Final Fantasy XIV is my favorite MMO, it took me away from wow
Michael that doesn't make it a bad game lmao
Michael (10 months ago)
Bad game zero pvp...This game is only for PVE players
juan321654 (1 year ago)
waaaaoooo. really... WoW #1 ?? garbage
JohnnyOmm (1 year ago)
this list is super bleh just clickbait
ZPanic0 (1 year ago)
I just dropped FFXIV. As much as I enjoy it, the connection has been awful since the servers moved.
Darkcelestrian (1 year ago)
Top 10 best mmorpg's 2017: The same garbage you've been told in the five other top mmo vids you fuckin dolt. Either get with the program or play a non-mmorpg.
Bane BlackGuard (1 year ago)
if black desert online was free to play I'd check it out. but I'm done dishing out money to see if an mmorpg is worth it. burned too many times. I know some people can't stand microtransactions, but it's the only way I'll try a game now. Impress me, then I'll vote for it with my time and my money. Otherwise I have to assume there is a reason the dev is demanding money first. can't believe WoW is even on the list much less #1. Makes me wonder if this whole video wasn't an advertisement.
Sinkor22 (1 year ago)
How does WoW not deserve a spot on the top 10 list lmao. It has like 4 times the playerbase of the rests of the list combined, plus it's the only MMORPG that has a competitive raiding scene, never mind the fact that it's objectively the most polished MMORPG as well.
Serena Nocte (1 year ago)
Bane BlackGuard bdo is worth a try. There are so many things to do, if you like grind you can go grind and make money, if you like cooking, alchemy, gathering etc. you can make money only doing those. It also have afk options (fishing). The classes are just beautiful, the world is just HUGE uh, i can talk a lot about this game.
amedaius (1 year ago)
Yeah, but at the same time it's 10$ I mean it's not free but that's really inexpensive for the amount of content you get. Don't forget, it's not free to create, distribute, and maintain a game, especially an MMO. I actually have trouble believing they can get much of a profit at that price.
HJGaming (1 year ago)
fuck WoW you guys keeping this old school on the list, TERA-B&S-BDO
OP Spartan (1 year ago)
Jacob Smite (1 year ago)
you ever played albion? ,you summed that shit up so bad lool
Anilea Noriel (1 year ago)
..World of Warcraft? it's not dead yet?
Mick Verheij (10 months ago)
unfortunetly not:P
Sinkor22 (1 year ago)
WoW has at least 4 times as many active players as the rest of the list combined. It's one of the most popular games in the world.
Lawrence Randall (1 year ago)
I started playing revelation today. I'm only about two hours in to it. At some point I'm expecting to see what everyone was saying it was so bad for. Isn't it still early access too?
Murat Kazdal (1 year ago)
rhing about terra you cannot play it from certain countrys thats kinda of bad i think plus the did say if cannot play in the eu servers if you one of those banned countrys you can play in na lol i did try coudent even download the game for unkown reasons :(. and gw2 played it like 4 years but its too pasive dont say its a bad game its great and all do but after some years it can get extremly borring if you dont heave any thing to do left do. but i hope i gonna try ff online out some does look very good in my op
Gerardo Peña Pérez (1 year ago)
World of Warcraft... in 2017
Jeff Mcfarlane (1 year ago)
As much as people love FFxiv I could never really get into it. I own all the expansions, but the lvling is just so boring before you hit the first expansion that i just play for a week and then burn out and go play something else. The combat is slow with limited offensive abilities you can use in a rotation for most of the early game before lvl cap (especially compared to games like WoW, and INSANELY SLOW compared to games like Blade & Soul or Black Desert). The story is fun but like all final fantasy games, you as your player character will never EVER have armor as cool as any of the story NPCs. see that cool Garlean armor? yeah dream on, you can go wear a rough wool robe. (though to be fair black desert is probably the worst offender for that, there is like 5 armor sets for any class and they all look pretty similar, nothing is unique unless you pay for it through the shop). Edit: added some clarification to a few of my points.
amedaius (1 year ago)
That's not what I was referring to. Role actions (as they are now called) did away with that anyways, so that's no longer a concern. Simply leveling dragoon to 70 will unlock everything you need. Saying that a large portion of your abilities are stuns and debuffs likewise isn't the case. Almost every ability is a direct attack that serves some purpose other than being simply a direct attack. The 2.5 base gcd certainly makes the game pace feel slow at first, but as you level you gain multiple off-gcd abilities that you have to weave in between your rotation that makes it much more interesting.
Jeff Mcfarlane (1 year ago)
amedaius true. But that was sort of my point. There are lots of cross class abilities you can get, but if all you ever played was Glad or Lancer you would be missing most of those abilities, and a large chunk of the abilities you do have are things like stuns, debuffs, etc (from just the base class) Not direct attacks. You get more by the time of lvl cap but I'm not going to play through boring combat for weeks to get to what people think is much better combat end game. Not worth it when I can go play a game that is fun all the time, not just in specific times. Sure the subclasses/specializations add much more to the combat but I still can't shake the feeling of being super slooow. It doesn't even have to be that way, it's just the global cool down timer before the next ability makes It feel slow. Everything has some wait time or long AF cast time on spells. More instant casts come later but again my point that early lvls (1-35) make the game a slog to get through.
amedaius (1 year ago)
"Limited offensive abilities to use in your rotation" is really inaccurate. FFXIV has some of the most complex ability rotations of any game I've ever played, and I've played tera, wow, BnS, wildstar, etc etc. Please please get to 70 with a class before judging it, my only gripe with it is that you spend a good amount of the game not capped (leveling or synched) and don't have access to your full kit.
Jeff Mcfarlane (1 year ago)
scuba Moore I'm sure I'll give it another chance I the future. I did get a lvl 36 dragoon by the time I quit. The class quests were always fun because the story content was always solid.
scuba Moore (1 year ago)
Combats slow and tedious in the beginning but it gets a lot better. Up to level 30 is practically tutorial and after that it only gets more and more diverse and fast. I'll always agree starting out to 30 is sluggish but if you keep pushing past 30. You feel is speeding up and becoming complex the farther you go past 30.....well unless ur a pally which takes aloooot longer to become interesting. It's not for everyone but until later levels you can't really know if it's for you.
nepali choro (1 year ago)
Albion online is not available on iOS yet . Stop telling wrong info .
maniacal1 (1 year ago)
I wanted to like Revelations, a lot of the gameplay looks interesting, but I cannot get past the opening. Just nonstop cutscenes, cringe-y dialogue and jokes that just fall flat, and that sensation of constant hand-holding from quest to quest. An absolute snooze-fest.
Dragon Nest is my fav
Eddy Senpai (1 year ago)
Play Kritika Online, very similar to it lol
slytha11 (1 year ago)
Hugo Leonardo Mijares-Bracho 1 of the best pvp
No Thanks (1 year ago)
how does anyone put wildstar in a top ten list?   SWTOR makes much more money, has vastly more players and is a better game... but you put wildstar on your list and not SWTOR?  there are MANY more better games that are both more fun and have more players than wildstar that didn't make your list.  how much does carbine pay you to push that dead and boring game?

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