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7 Obvious Signs There's A Boss Fight Coming

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Rob presents our list of 7 obvious signs there's a boss fight coming. Big empty rooms. Save points. Can you think of any we've missed? Tell us in the comments! PlayStation Access brings you PS4, PS3 and PSVita news, features and gameplay every week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest titles on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub All music featured courtesy of epidemicsound.com (http://www.epidemicsound.com) One On Onesie jingle created by Pelle Kuipers / http://youtube.com/sketchysong Want more? Rob's Twitter: http://bit.ly/RobPearson Dave's Twitter: http://bit.ly/DavidJackson Nath's Twitter: http://bit.ly/NathanDitum Hollie's Twitter: http://bit.ly/HollieBennett Dan's Twitter: http://twitter.com/dan_wheeler90 Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetAccess
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Text Comments (1201)
john cameron (8 hours ago)
Rob you rock!
Alex Wyle (13 hours ago)
#8 game gives you an abundance of ammo
Will Huey (2 days ago)
when the music suddenly changes or if you see a big ominous door
Quinn O'Grady (5 days ago)
you kind of covered it with the Shopkeeper, but don't forget the Random Room That Happens To Be Full Of Health And Mana Potions
Henry Townshend (5 days ago)
Resident Evil: LOTS OF AMMO AT THE ENTRANCE OF A ROOM OR ARENA There is a boss. White Fog in Dark Souls Long Narrow Hallways
WillowMoonlight555 (8 days ago)
You missed the best example for the sudden save point trope! In one of the Silent Hill games (1 I believe), your save point is basically a red sticky note...right before the final boss battle you find NINE of them on the wall. I think maybe the game is trying to tell me something... :p
Jaded Nerd (9 days ago)
You just happen across a big powerful weapon seemingly out of nowhere.
Aaron C (12 days ago)
When Rob says oh hello I'm a boss that had me in stitches 😂
msfs19941 (12 days ago)
When you are in an abandoned tomb and suddenly find 4 health packs, 500 bullets and 5 grenades 👍
weird gamer (17 days ago)
I like the sound of the on coming boss fight and then the end music
RidinSpinaz04 (18 days ago)
What about...when you're playing a game and then the person you were to fight gets REPLACED by another person...the drop down on the old enemy or the picture of the next fighter pops up out of nowhere.
Jayden (19 days ago)
Cuming?Oh it was *coming*
Gamergirl 445 (20 days ago)
What about giving you items left and right?
Brian Orr (28 days ago)
Haha, perfect.
Turles the lone saiyan (28 days ago)
You forget when the boss room is fill with healing items lol
Weekender Girl (1 month ago)
Also also... Monologue. Very long introspective monologue mostly when it's the final boss.
I like to game all day (1 month ago)
The game gives you a ton of healing items
Jonathan N. (1 month ago)
Al khemi suprised me too And promptly killed my near death party Thanks ni no kuni (i still love you though) Also, that rhyme was strangely creepy
saterdei (1 month ago)
You get a foreboding sense from the next area. Proceed? Yes / No
Vennon Lacy (1 month ago)
This goes without saying but in any Final Fantasy game if you have a huge door and you need some special item to open it up there's definitely going to be a hard boss behind that door most likely a super boss completely optional of course
Brandon Bear (1 month ago)
What game is that at 7:09?
Plague Doctor (1 month ago)
Sign No. 1 the game showers you with healing items
Caleb The Tiger (1 month ago)
Undertale practically has none of those. Save points are often at the start of a new area, rather than before a boss. So undertale doesn’t even care about safety nets.
Dániel Gál (1 month ago)
A bit like the first sign, is when there is a massive, unusually shaped room. Also, you know a boss rush is coming when you fight the first boss again but stronger.
Chaos Controller (1 month ago)
Another possible sign (sometimes good, sometimes bad): Someone or something else kills the apparent "boss" for you. Basically, either it's your lucky day or the game is effectively saying: "Oh, you thought this would be all? Ehehehe, cute. No, HERE's what you're fighting now."
DESTROYER 9000 (1 month ago)
Dark souls doesn't let you do the 7th tip
Sarcastic slob (1 month ago)
There is a long corridor with loads of ammo, health and armor pickups right after an autosave? Naah, i Guess the devs just kind
Matthew Best (1 month ago)
Undertale: Hallway with nothing in it all the way up to judgment hall, Judgement hall is a big empty room, and there is a savepoint when you enter. Sans also continuously warns you all the way up to the end if you do the no mercy run. The music also changes when you are about to enter at the end. 5 signs your gonna have a bad time
Kyle Grimm (1 month ago)
Me in doom: Sees every type of ammo and health, looks up and sees 50ft door
Grey Rifter Rellik (1 month ago)
#3 Turtlez in Tales of Zestiria/Berseria. Often in the weirdest places, yet hardly ever a boss nearby
Grey Rifter Rellik (1 month ago)
#2 Some games know this and throw curveballs at you in the form of mid-dungeon save points
Kuschelkrabbe (1 month ago)
game at 7:07 please
Zero The Fallen God (1 month ago)
i want a game where its the opposite or it gives you a gift in a big empty room and then leave the bosses to fight you randomly with no real warning besides SUP DUDE I TAKE 50% of your max HP AWAY from ya and then battle begins it would very cruel yes but also very funny to watch letsplayers just get slaped in le face with a sword or something that does like half your HP bar no matter how strong you are cuz like a certain boss ALWAYS DO your most powerful attack 1st to really say "Your going to enjoy this =)" and if you don't know who that boss is then...… its Sans -w-
MrAlex2go (1 month ago)
What about the Door at the beginning of the Dungen with a man siced lock in it? Yea, I'm sure there is nothing behind it, exept the Only Boss of this freaking Dungen!
Primus Star (1 month ago)
There is also a “bunch of health, ammo and maybe shields before a portal/door to the boss” sign before a boss
OverDeN (1 month ago)
2:07 game?
Odd-Eyes Dani-Kun (1 month ago)
All of this doesnt helps in Dark Souls. Damn!!!
D'andre Gooding (2 months ago)
Final fantasy 15’s volcano has all these signs but when you got to the top there was nothing but a HUGE empty pit, I remember healing up and doing all my gear checks as I entered only to find no boss in a big empty crater. Not even enemies.
Shanda McKinniss (2 months ago)
In Diablo III ultimate evil edition when the horn blares 3xs along w/the controller vibrating w/each blast 2 announce that the Nemesis is coming....
Up And Across (2 months ago)
You forgot one. When an area is filled with lots of ammo, restorative items, and weapons.
Itai Sprachman (2 months ago)
In bloodborne and dark souls the music doesn't change, it starts Which is why that one area in Bloodborne with the bgm really got me on edge
Justin S (2 months ago)
Who is the boss in the thumbnail?
Tim Clark (2 months ago)
In god of war, there's a ton of health stones scattered around.
Gea Force (2 months ago)
And then there is scarmiglione's second pase from FFIV
casbert3000 (2 months ago)
that pretty much spot on
R603 Burakkusuta (2 months ago)
This is why we need surprise bosses.
Nate Carrasco (2 months ago)
I call it "this is too easy" an npc gives you a really easy task, you go do it...and you just say "huh well this is easy
Fatmancheesecake (2 months ago)
the kingdom hearts footage making me so nostalgic right now
hahaha blizzard swords
Terastas (2 months ago)
One thing you missed is that you might encounter an NPC who talks about it. Most often, that will come in one of two variations. 1) Another adventurer who failed to beat the boss and takes a moment to hint why he's now running in the opposite direction and/or in the process of succumbing to item #7 on the list. 2) A plot crucial NPC with some cutscene exposition, most commonly being an antagonist who is going to monologue before instructing one of his/her minions to deal with you.
Proffesor Yaffle (2 months ago)
In Bioshock Infinite where they have those store things, or those tears that Elizabeth can open.
games and glory (1 month ago)
sometimes the tears are simply random
Renex x_x (2 months ago)
Yeah you forgot Nemesis there was no big area😂😂
HARBRINGERZERO (2 months ago)
What’s that game at 3:36 when the character is riding horseback? Please and thanks.
First Cooommment (3 months ago)
2:38 That map reminds me of Monster Rancher.
Dante Panther (3 months ago)
Trying to remember what game a boss literally pulled me out of a hallway and threw me into the boss room surprised the hell put of me
Mike Kay (3 months ago)
Rob Pearson : Its Boss time! Michael Cole : Thats my line
jono walker (3 months ago)
Where's the tally?
Nall Calmer (3 months ago)
The moment you find a very important key item that's crucial to your progress in the game, you know for certain that a boss is coming up soon.
Ake Bjornblad (3 months ago)
playstation couldn't get anyone who speaks English?
MKB 144p (3 months ago)
it's easy,if the games gives you more health packs ammo boxes then get ready,a boss fight is coming
Cameron Morgan (3 months ago)
When you catch rob so off-guard that he doesn't know what you caught him doing.
Ag Silver Radio (3 months ago)
If I were a pre-boss merchent, I would charge a premium, as hazard pay.
Wael Maraach (3 months ago)
2:19 that Randy Orton reference haha
Dread Hunter 335 (3 months ago)
There is another boss fight here sign that wasn't brought up, the conveniently places powerful weapon that makes it all the better to kill the boss with. The two example are as follows, the Bolt Gun at the end of the deep cell level of Warhammer 40k Fire Warrior on PS2 and the BFG 9000 pick up in the reasent Doom game
Digiking1992 (3 months ago)
"Locked Door of Doom!" is how FromSoftware greets you every single time.
Adam Hubbert (3 months ago)
Save point now = autosave.
Adam Hubbert (3 months ago)
The merchants 😂😂😂😂😂
Max (3 months ago)
Rob you bring nostalgia too gaming. I wanna spend 24 hours gaming sesh with you😎
dudefrommt (3 months ago)
The second he mentioned merchants all I could think of is Ratchet & Clank
22gjreyes (3 months ago)
Can you name the games that you used? Asking for a friend
spidlenexor (3 months ago)
You missed "conveniently a small room has healing items, ammo, weapons or armor in uncommon proportions"
Bethgael (4 months ago)
The NPCS in your party start saying things like, "ooh, what was that noise? Sounds like something big's coming" and "I don't think we should go down there." I'm looking at you, Dragon Age: Origins as we come up to a dragon mini-boss who was actually *really easy*, you jerks.
Yato (4 months ago)
In Resident Evil 4, you can find the save point and the merchant before the boss fight. 😂😂and the room may be locked with the locked door of doom, too. 😂 there is also these noises that the dead bodies which have the virus make, it can be considered music but they are not bosses though.
Yato (4 months ago)
We didn't catch Rob playing something this time 😂
Niclas Lehner (4 months ago)
I love these videos.
Alec Benton (4 months ago)
Tmw there's an additional health bar at the bottom of the screen with a name over it as if we're supposed to care about the meter.
Vance Corsey (4 months ago)
Most disappointing boss fight... Borderlands
Mako (4 months ago)
Resident evil 5 did the last one. Dead bodies everywhere around the beginning of the game.
Rudy Hays (4 months ago)
Mgs mention board? Delsin?
Ryu Hayabusa (4 months ago)
there is one big empty room in silent hill 2 (prison), im dissapointed because there is none.
LandT Productions (4 months ago)
I think another one is when games suspiciously start spoonfeeding you health packs, extra ammo, crafting supplies...etc
eclipse (4 months ago)
I love all the MGS
similaritiesendhere (4 months ago)
Save points that heal you before an rpg boss fight have another huge advantage. They let you go back and grind without wasting items.
jeff wolf (4 months ago)
When the games gives you lots of ammo.
Michael Bodam (4 months ago)
You know a boss fight is coming when like a million spiders come falling from the sky and there's one giant ridiculous looking thing in the center of them all and your pants have been freshly soiled. Yeah, screw that boss battle in Bloodborne. My skin had never crawled so much.
Gawani Mateus (4 months ago)
Love the fact that he still managed to get allot of MGS references in. He loves it.
LightAssasin83 (5 months ago)
One other thing to know is if there’s loads of loot like healing items or god of war spartan rage stones are every where
Dante Nephi Vergil (5 months ago)
honestly you guys are hilarious keep up the awesome lol for humanities sake
Henri Timonen (5 months ago)
Summonsings and messages (darksouls)
theamazinggamer -_- (5 months ago)
When u open a boss door in almost every Zelda game XD
Crimson serpent (5 months ago)
Correct me if I’m wrong but final fantasy 15 doesn’t have many bosses in big open areas
Silas Williams (5 months ago)
What about the free item in the middle of s room?
Micuda98 (5 months ago)
Ammunition and med kits. Ammunition and med kits.
McCruncher 4 Ever (5 months ago)
All of these happen before Ludwig the accursed
Justin Palmer (5 months ago)
"Ooh, look at all these healing items on the path! How helpful and not at all a bad omen!"
sad girls club (5 months ago)
Before the video ends let me list what I think will be here: when the music quiets/intensifies, when the game autosaves, (in legend of Zelda, etc.) When the door closes behind you/you get locked in an arena
se7en (5 months ago)
In ark when you walk into a ragnarok cave it says in pink text "boss is available" lol
Blackheart 1146 (6 months ago)
and then the Souls series came along
NinesOwnGoal TouchMe (6 months ago)
i miss my suikoden series
Vidigya Chauhan (6 months ago)
What about when a guy tells you about like a myth of "a spirit"(aka boss) in a specific area like in Witcher 3

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