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HALO WARS 2 - Full Live Action Trailer

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Text Comments (184)
Shrekticles (10 days ago)
"I can do 599......9" 😂
The Wasted Wanderer (14 days ago)
Calls in Sammy to crush his will to live... Lmao!
Bel Fast (21 days ago)
From now on this is how 343 should market halo lol at least the marketing wont be deceptive with the plot in a crappy way
I have ADHD (25 days ago)
1:52 to 1:56 .... *THE FUCK* is he saying???
Billy Bob Joe (1 month ago)
Funny stuff
MV Master (1 month ago)
remeber when halo had proper trailers? I miss that
Revolutionary Gaming69 (1 month ago)
Is that an ODST breast plate piece on Atriox's belt?
Big Franku (2 months ago)
He still got the car for 3k
Brian Ludwig (2 months ago)
Dang. Atriox looks good in a tie.
Josh (2 months ago)
When he spits out that warranty at the end lmao
TheSirvladimr (3 months ago)
This is not halo animore...
jiāngshī huō (1 month ago)
tu ortografia
jiāngshī huō (1 month ago)
TheSirvladimr hay que triste...
Gavin Duke (3 months ago)
This is how you advertise a game.
William Durham (3 months ago)
Crushing your will to live.
Ezra Something (4 months ago)
Why didnt you just spam troops on him
Mateo Camara Gallegos (4 months ago)
Pure strategy.
Alejandro Guzman (4 months ago)
1:38 😂😂😂
Nerodius (4 months ago)
This reminds me of captain America civil war the last doughnut
Saeid Radder (4 months ago)
Man the banished look like a hard enemy
BEAST WOLF (4 months ago)
i will pass this test tomorrow and this is how
Dio the FBI agent (4 months ago)
These things are what make me think Atriox and Cutter should be allies in halo 6 while looking like long time friends fooling around.
HydranoidCreations (4 months ago)
This is fucking quality. How have I only just seen this!?
jennifer crawford (4 months ago)
Son True
SPARTAN LUNA (4 months ago)
xdxdxdxdxddx muy bueno
chace lee (4 months ago)
Nova Nation (4 months ago)
0:16 this is for anyone who played COD Advanced Warfare (I still prefer halo) Doesn't he sound like Gideon when he asks if Atriox is listening to music?
Mario Bernal (4 months ago)
How did I miss this!? Best trailer of 2017 seen in 2018!
Josue' Tapia (4 months ago)
Jordan Caoile (5 months ago)
this is so funny
Hyperius Gamer (5 months ago)
1:16 A brute with a tie, looks like a real cars salesman 😂😂😂😂
Kenzie (4 months ago)
im crying
emiliano gamer (5 months ago)
Toda la noche
Haden Goforth (5 months ago)
0:17 how are those ear buds are on his head?
Amrica ball (5 months ago)
This was cancerous
Billy Bob Joe (1 month ago)
No it wasn’t. Get a sense of humor.
jiāngshī huō (1 month ago)
Amrica ball shut up dogfucker.
Juas Juas (5 months ago)
This publicity has more humor than the entire halo 5 game
TGW 47 (5 months ago)
That *Last part* tho 😂
The Grammar Police (5 months ago)
Which planet is that?
Saeid Radder (4 months ago)
The Phantom Menace beats me maby it's in halo 6
LONE WIKF (5 months ago)
I'd love that forge uniform
SalmonPlays (5 months ago)
XD this is kinda funny
Jonathan Roman (5 months ago)
Watching s year later and this shit still makes me laugh
HaywireEagle (5 months ago)
I never saw these..
IV Sky (5 months ago)
The Crusading Slav (5 months ago)
0:55 Hey look! it's wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man
kuglefang (5 months ago)
Is that Gideon Emery?
Arc 48 (5 months ago)
kuglefang Yep. He’s Captain Cutter.
Captain Sovereign (5 months ago)
only for 399???
Admiral Gial Ackbar (5 months ago)
AlexSDU (5 months ago)
So... does this mean what ever genius strategy we use against the enemy, he still have the last laugh?
META 19991 (5 months ago)
Hahahaah we need more trailers like this!!
Zorc (5 months ago)
Anyone noticed the lumia 950?
Eric Williamson (5 months ago)
Flying over Cleveland, in Palmdale, CA. Locations in the coordinates
Helder Martins (5 months ago)
This is pure gold!
Jeffrey Samson (5 months ago)
zedravenfeather (5 months ago)
not bad wheres' the pc version?
Master Chief (5 months ago)
That is actually pretty good
Jimmy Rustles (5 months ago)
No lie, this shit was funny as fuck
Sai Dest (6 months ago)
Know ur ENEMY
Pacific Bobcat9er (6 months ago)
Was this the reason why they changed Captain Cutter’s appearance in game?
pugs for the win (7 months ago)
Wait dose atrox have a piece of ODST gear on his chest
lol Ho (5 months ago)
pugs for the win the banished barely had anything so they have to salvage what ever they used UNSC or covenant
Cam 3155 (7 months ago)
But thats an ad
Dev Jensen (7 months ago)
warranties are for suckers
Jeremy Nolen (7 months ago)
Oh. This is wonderful
AwCaptain (8 months ago)
Three. ....sixxxxx
cooper green (8 months ago)
No one wanted this game
RJcruzzer (8 months ago)
1:52 what the hell he saying.
RJcruzzer It’s a joke, like in those pill commercials where they list all the side effects really fast so you buy it with no consideration.
RJcruzzer (8 months ago)
The Minuteman thank you 😊
The Minuteman (8 months ago)
“All sales are final: we accept no take-backs; no substitutions; no trades”.
Borka Dump (9 months ago)
Funny how these light-hearted advertisements are more fun and thoughtful than the actual game.
Just a random Doge (3 months ago)
Funny how you have few replies/upvotes.
TheDraconianViking (10 months ago)
10/10 we need a whole spy vs spy style show about these two
zaher shamly (10 months ago)
They remind me of Winston and Soldier 76 from Overwatch
Super Captain Lyall Man (5 months ago)
well the covenant do have alien species based off animals like the grunts being like tortoises, the jackals being like raptors, the elites being like komodo dragon's and the hunters are literal worms. Brutes are pretty much gorillas so yea, I get what you mean
Pacific Bobcat9er (6 months ago)
Ah, I remember when live action trailers were cool and serious... do I sound like an angry old man?
Mateo Camara Gallegos (4 months ago)
Pacific Bobcat9er well, there are cool and serious CGI trailers. These are just jokes.
SirQuiffKuffs of marsbars (11 months ago)
This should be halo wars 3...not wars just those two trying to win petty arguments
Acidpond (11 months ago)
That cas from supernatural
Vladimir Makarov (11 months ago)
I will get this kebab and this is how I'll call my Indian store to deliver it You'll counter with a 'sorry no ones home' trick Then I'll challenge you to halo wars 2
Grandpa Dreadnought (11 months ago)
Error Sans BRILLIANT! ... ... ... Wait what?
Steven D. (11 months ago)
I feel that Halo commercials like these better personify the game.
vX pig9954 Xv (11 months ago)
I will get this car for 3k and this is how
BlueX XDragon (11 months ago)
Why is Gideon in halo all of a sudden
Andrew Middlebrook (1 month ago)
Cause advanced warfare wasn't working for him
Sean nt (3 months ago)
gideon aint got white hair
Master chiefs71 (1 year ago)
F BB (1 year ago)
lmao funniest game trailer ive seen
Nick Wiora (1 year ago)
a 1993 diahatsu charade for 6k or even 3k? both sides lost that battle
videojunkie01ify (1 year ago)
I would have bought the car for 6000 without bargaining. Someone with such a nice tie must necessarily be a trustworthy person...
Meat tenderiser (1 year ago)
i like trailers like these
B.J M.F (1 year ago)
lol sherlock holmes comic style
Fake Account (1 year ago)
why is Captain Cutter using a 21st Century phone?
Luke Pavitt (1 year ago)
with that kind of props and make up to create a brute, why isn't there a halo movie yet?
P1XEL CUBED (1 year ago)
Luke Pavitt there is
C2HGaming (1 year ago)
This is more character we got from Atriox than from the full game...
Asome Prod (4 months ago)
C2HGaming atriox is getting a dlc campaign
Sebastien Jovovich (1 year ago)
Gods this is so good. The lines, special effects, everything! They should make more commercials like this
Bit Scorpion03 (1 year ago)
war of wits as the ad
yoyo the yoyo (1 year ago)
do you like this game? I love it
SoSolaris (1 year ago)
Gideon Emery is such a babe
The Brain (1 year ago)
It just so happens that the first commercial takes place in Cleveland Ohio according to the LATITUDE LONGITUDE COORDINATES.
Irubbbz (1 year ago)
TheTimon64 (1 year ago)
lol good stuff
Calvin Coates (1 year ago)
"What are you listening too? Music? Huh? Is it music? :D" honestly I'm dead when he says that 😂😂😂
Dev Jensen (7 months ago)
i love the end of the last one
Ydoc Awaganak (1 year ago)
lol count olaf
EliteDeltaTeam (1 year ago)
1:52 Best implementation of a rapid "Ya can't sue me" announcement.
Just Jay (1 year ago)
Atroix is wearing a nicktie, how addorable is that 😂
BrazenBullXXX (1 year ago)
Good fucking marketing at work.
Violette Summer (1 year ago)
Funny as fuck it's like Deadpool game trailers
Death X Dreams (1 year ago)
Wtf I got the trailer as a ad then then the trailer
bitt555 (1 year ago)
"Great news, he said we can do 5-9-9 ... 9." Hahahaha
Steven D. (11 months ago)
Master chiefs71 (1 year ago)
You might throw in the 99 cents like this $5,999.99
Darth Sidious (1 year ago)
Then I'll bait you with Psychological Warfare. " Let me talk to him, he seems more Flexible."
Andrew Rodriguez (1 year ago)
You moved
Nestor Gonzalez (1 year ago)

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