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Top 13 Best Anime PPSSPP Games For Android

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New best psp anime games for android & windows l PPSSPP Emulator My earlier anime list of 2018:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_q1aH17EDPs Some best psp games for anime fans you need ppsspp emulator & these games are offline to play hope you all find some good. How to play:- 1)Download the ppsspp emulator from playstore or http://www.ppsspp.org/ 2)Download games that you want 3)Extract it once go at the bottom you will see a rar file extract it again you get an iso file that's what you need. 4)Load that iso in your emulator and play. Following are games I mentioned in the list:- 1)Kateyoo Hitman Reborn 2).Hack//Link 3)Hunter X Hunter Wonder Adventure 4)Bakugan Battle Brawlers 5)Digimon World Re Digitize 6)God Eater Burst 7)Sword Art Online Infinity Moment 8)Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team 9)Bleach Heat The Soul 7 10)Ikki Tousen 11)One Piece: Romance Dawn 12)Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact 13)Fullmetal Alchemist Ingame Songs:- 1)Paul Garzon- Intrepid:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0DCwu1Z9hw 2)NIVIRO- Flares:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-mP3VU0DCg 3)Laszlo- Fall To Light:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq2UrnDsI_s Intro:- Halvorsen- She Got Me Like アンドロイド用PSPアニメゲーム 안드로이드에 대한 PSP의 애니메이션 게임
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Text Comments (119)
Yeet 69 (2 days ago)
What about soul eater resonance
Eh Bun Sing (3 days ago)
I want Sao
Eren Jaeger (3 days ago)
Harold Lacra (12 days ago)
Is One piece really an offline game?😉
-J- (18 days ago)
Ikki Tousen looks like a flash game
JE PASCUAL_08 (24 days ago)
That BAKUGAN, can you pick another hero or user there or you can only pick Dan?
Mr Empathielos (29 days ago)
it´s more like a "if it is based on a anime" list. xhunterx is so great and the game sucks dick.
ITACHI UCHIHA FD (1 month ago)
Ri Men (1 month ago)
O melhor dessa lista aí é o Dragom Ball Tenkaishi Tag Team, pode confiar
Poe Soul (1 month ago)
Where did you get english path for sao im?
Audacity (1 month ago)
+Poe Soul yeh, that's the engrish one
Poe Soul (1 month ago)
what about .hack/?
Audacity (1 month ago)
That wasn't in English though
illuminati's pet cat (2 months ago)
hisoka orochimaru (2 months ago)
Sipong Choba (2 months ago)
I want to play all of them
Jeriel Peguero (3 months ago)
Fullmetal Alchemist
Eifuyu (3 months ago)
Sync af👌 3:13
Monu Suryawani (3 months ago)
Video bilkul beekar he
Michael Gio Aquino (3 months ago)
Wait your Hunter X Hunter is English patched?
Vonjoshua Apolonio (4 months ago)
my fav. anime game on psp is rurouni kenshin meiji kenkaku romantan kansen
Masked Kunoichi (5 months ago)
Where to download?
* LEGENDARY_GAMING * (4 months ago)
Masked Kunoichi emuparadise
Ken Kaneki (5 months ago)
Theres no Tokyo ghoul 😥😥😥
lijhie 008 (5 months ago)
Where did you get an english version of digimon re:digitize?
DNate (5 months ago)
This doesn't make sense it says for android but in the then if you go down in the description it says iso
Spongebob SUCC (5 months ago)
ISO is the rom name
TOP 9 NINERS (6 months ago)
hey you make really nice videos but if u want to improve then see my videos of top 9 games of psp here #top9niners
KnightHart (6 months ago)
We so need a modern HxH game
Mnirn (6 months ago)
At the moment im using Ppsspp on my android, and having troubles with it. Anyone know a better emulator for these games? Thanks
garbage and more garbage (6 months ago)
Lol where is danganronpa and corpse party?
Daiki San :v (7 months ago)
Hunter x Hunter is in English?
Daiki San :v (7 months ago)
Nope :v
Burning FIRE (7 months ago)
pls sword art online doest work
SteveAnimate (8 months ago)
I have God eaters,naruto ultimate ninja impact and full alchemist it so fun!
Baxter RM (8 months ago)
full metak alchamist always goes slow on my ppsspp
SRCP GT (8 months ago)
Link1565 (8 months ago)
Intro was insufferable. Stopped watching because of it.
TheShovelKing (3 months ago)
Link1565 kys
Fool Arcana (9 months ago)
hey my friend in The part of sword art online... I am so sad because it don't have a full version of english ...just half of it
Ej Laroya (9 months ago)
Dbz shin budokai
Rey (9 months ago)
Try fate extela and ccc ^^
Tetreeda Brother (9 months ago)
First game is katekyoo hitman reborn(mistake)
Joss Pola (9 months ago)
For android only?
* LEGENDARY_GAMING * (4 months ago)
Joss Pola no also on ios but u must first get tweakbox
Mohd Talha (9 months ago)
Erick M (9 months ago)
your bubblegum song selections make your videos shitter, prob better off turning the music down and letting the sound from the games come through instead.
TheShovelKing (3 months ago)
Erick M kys
Lee Andrei (9 months ago)
You just earned a subscribe
MINGGYUU G (9 months ago)
I cant find it on playstore
Samsung2020 J2 (9 months ago)
because the emulator only is the downloadable in play store.. if you want the games download it on freeroms.com then go to the psp section.
Sheila Rushfield (9 months ago)
Bleach is The best
iDarkling (9 months ago)
dragon ball tenkaichi tag team keeps fucking freezing
iDarkling (9 months ago)
dragon ball tenkaichi tag team keeps fun king freezing
Fry (9 months ago)
The eletronic music is kind of anoying... But is a ok video.
AvengedikA (10 months ago)
why the fuck the notif just come out now
Satonica (10 months ago)
What phone did you use.... Such a strong one
dip Patil (10 months ago)
i think now we need ps2 emulator for mobile now.
Qaddor Assad (10 months ago)
Alfanizer (10 months ago)
Nice video bro, please watch my channel for setting ppsspp emulator thanks for support :)
IOS Gaming YT (10 months ago)
Vinls I bet u $90 u aren't going to pin this comment :)
Saafwan Bin Masood (10 months ago)
okay i wanna download every single game in this list
Doragon Smash (10 months ago)
TheShovelKing (3 months ago)
Doragon Smash it's android tf .
Shai Viloria (10 months ago)
how to download .hack//link english patched
Faiq Dani (9 months ago)
Eljhon Famorcan (10 months ago)
Can't download one piece where can I download it?
Yahiko Amv (2 months ago)
Download happy chick emulator app
Ilhan Öztürk (4 months ago)
Activision Radicals (8 months ago)
Samsung2020 J2 ..we're the same I always download there too
Samsung2020 J2 (9 months ago)
Toxic (10 months ago)
PPSSPP is awesome
* LEGENDARY_GAMING * (4 months ago)
1. Go to settings 2. Go to tools 3. Go to developers tools 4.change cpu core to ir interpreter
Toxic (9 months ago)
fLightDuTT Reacts Check the ppsspp forums for help. Some games require you to change the settings of the emulator i think
Moth Lamp? (9 months ago)
TerminatedAccountxD My Dbz ttt mods keep crashing aswell as the regular game it crashes before i can even fight 😣
X2OPsycho ! (10 months ago)
Nice but you made a mistake at bakugan its core defenders not battle brawlers
ĐØSHKA (10 months ago)
My bro i want to talk to you about something can you give me any way to connect with you (Your facebook page. Your email)
Khidd Herbo (10 months ago)
Amazing list...but can you post the best settings for the emulator?
Fox Let's Play (10 months ago)
zombiepigz 07 (10 months ago)
Why is Naruto. Kiling geria
Smike 10 (5 months ago)
zombiepigz 07 dumb its a game
Vin Tolentino (10 months ago)
Im vin too
LEGENDARYNH Gaming (10 months ago)
Where s Persona 3? You do not know da wae
Serlyn Neset (18 days ago)
LEGENDARYNH Gaming you dont know da way to spell
warrick74 (3 months ago)
Mela persona 3 has an anime art style tho
LEGENDARYNH Gaming (7 months ago)
Mela also I mentioned nothing about the p3 anime, I merely talked about the fact that p3 portable was not on this list.
LEGENDARYNH Gaming (7 months ago)
Mela I posted this when 'do you know da wae' was actually popular and everyone was talking/making videos about it if you didn't notice.
Mela (7 months ago)
Persona 3 isn’t based on the anime, the movies came after the game. And stop using dead memes
Samko (10 months ago)
yo Vin wanted to ask whats your phone how strong is it etc
Ahmed Rasheed (10 months ago)
Are you sure it doesnt lag
Kaizer _ (7 months ago)
Ahmed Rasheed if you have the right phone it won't.
Angela Reski (10 months ago)
Favorite channel gaming.... Your awesome
Uchiha - Zone (10 months ago)
Amzing video broo ur channel is so cool
Toya (10 months ago)
WM Tube (10 months ago)
Nice list my friend 👍
VinIsHere (10 months ago)
+WM Tube Thanks!
Kian M. (10 months ago)
Nice work dude. My only favorite here is God Eater Burst since I'm Action RPG fanatic but I'm really want to try .//hack Link game but IDK where's English translated. Ehhh anyway nice list and as everyone said u deserve more subscribers and let me know if Tencent's Player Unknown Battlegrounds is released. Peace out man
Dong Dong (9 months ago)
Stuck in mhfu when mhw is out. Well, poor gamers gonna be poor gamers haha
Kian M. (9 months ago)
andrew inciong eheh im also a mh player. Been so long playing MHP3rd and MHFU also it is yep more thrill
Dong Dong (9 months ago)
If you like god eater, try monster hunter. It's kind of the same thing but harder.
VinIsHere (10 months ago)
+Kian Magbuhat Thanks eng patch I got from here https://nicoblog.org/psp/dot-hac-link-english-patched/ & yeah I'm keeping an eye on that I'll let you all know when it gets out
Legado Gamer (10 months ago)
Games Legend (10 months ago)
First game is 4D
Melted Thunder (10 months ago)
You miss one anime game GUNDAM ^O^>>>>
lenny lacrosil OFISIELE (10 months ago)
Super vidéo 👍😘🤗
M Iuzef (10 months ago)
ppsspp is greate but android is better
Raj Rajpurohit (10 months ago)
I like your videos very much
kirito SB (10 months ago)
I love you ❤
Sparta Lee (10 months ago)
👉🔥🔥 Best, Always the best. You deserve more Subscribers Vinlshere
VinIsHere (10 months ago)
+Melo15 sylvester Thanks for support :)
Gta moder (10 months ago)
Uchiha Patrick (10 months ago)
Randy The_Games (10 months ago)

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