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God of War 2 Game Movie All Cutscenes

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God of War 2 Game Movie All Cutscenes https://youtu.be/w1Fma5kuhes Kratos, the God of War, is still haunted by nightmares about his past and is shunned by the other gods for his destructive ways. Ignoring Athena's warnings, Kratos joins the Spartan army in an attack on Rhodes, during which a giant eagle suddenly drains him of his powers and animates the Colossus of Rhodes. While battling the statue, Zeus offers Kratos the Blade of Olympus in order to defeat it, requiring Kratos to infuse the blade with the remainder of his godly power. Although now human, Kratos defeats the Colossus, but is mortally wounded. The eagle reveals itself to be Zeus, who states he was forced to intervene as Athena refused to do so. Zeus then grants Kratos a final opportunity to be loyal to the gods, but Kratos refuses. Zeus kills him with the blade and destroys the Spartan army. Subscribe for the Latest & Hottest Games News, Game Trailers, Teaser & Games Walkthroughs.
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Text Comments (2035)
lzuniy (3 years ago)
God of War 3 REMASTERED Movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1Fma5kuhes
San Jones (10 months ago)
thank youuu
Luis Calderon (11 months ago)
I subs scribed I subscribed
لوله لوله (14 days ago)
Just imagine if kratos rolled before the hand of the statu crushes him....
Tim Bailey (24 days ago)
The fates could've just cut Kratos's life string since he was mortal.
Adam Tribue (1 month ago)
so mean to tell me him taking the titans in the future not fucking up the time stream
Krabby Kat (1 month ago)
Cronos looks like Bruce Willis.
silver jimenez (2 months ago)
4:29 one of the most badass lines of kratos
Goncalo Martins (2 months ago)
Best ps2 game
GW STREAMS (2 months ago)
Just think god Of War 3 could technically be Ragnarok for the Greek gods
Ali Rafay (2 months ago)
9:10 wtf!?
Katya Katya (2 months ago)
Zeus is a father on kratos!!!!!
Barry Broadnax (2 months ago)
sooooo... why was she naked and being creepy
Jacob Dustub (2 months ago)
48:00 youre welcome
King Pouwea (2 months ago)
59:21 "Zeus your son has return i bring the destruction of Olympus!"
Fredy Fazbear (2 months ago)
For ps2this is very good graphics
SKIT CENTRAL (2 months ago)
Why didn’t kratos go back and save his family and shouldn’t Sparta still be around because he went back and fought Zeus I doubt Zeus would’ve destroyed Sparta after that fight with kratos
emad kamal (3 months ago)
Akhee Abdullah (4 months ago)
Athena: No son should destroy his own father Kratos: No I HAVE NO FATHER Savage
Android Technology (4 months ago)
I'm watching this on 144p
Doppelminds (5 months ago)
Take a moment to realize how Kratos just wanted to kill Zeus, nothing more... but everyone stood on the path, and well...
Jess Tapley (5 months ago)
"No son should destroy his own father". Gee, that lesson might have worked considering Zeus hadn't done the same thing to Chronos, and tried to do to Kratos earlier.
Cedriko Roque (5 months ago)
If he could time travel, why not go back to the night he killed his family?
Abderrezak Hadjahmed (5 months ago)
God of wear un ps4 is best
PowerMining Minecraft (5 months ago)
Just going to complete the game currently in temple of the fates
Pasquale Dorsi (5 months ago)
Ummm... stupid question but how did Cronus have children with a mortal since he was a giant.
TheLatiosnlatias02 (5 months ago)
Whenever an Olympian dies, disaster is wrought upon this world? What's the consequence of Athena's death?
Tyler Barron (5 months ago)
bruh kratos killed icarus and didnt tell his dad in god of war 3 untill he was barely alive too? kratos the worst character ever and yet we wanna play as him lol
Gateless Gate (5 months ago)
The gods are petty and pathetic and your waifu is shit.
Nate Calhoun (5 months ago)
This was THE most INTENSE God of War game of all time! Change my mind!
Nate Calhoun (5 months ago)
Stephtastic! Lol at least he can do shit other than threes
Kevin (5 months ago)
A lot of chain sounds
hysterical Laughter (5 months ago)
When he killed Athena I almost cried 😭😭😭
Patriot Man (6 months ago)
This is your purpose, die with honor.
Don't Subscribe (6 months ago)
kratos has a creepy daughter.
Leaked Ideias what makes you say that?
khurram sa (6 months ago)
Aries and athina are dead and I can not hold my dick.come with me gaya.... On the bed then slaughter you in the name of my dick and not Olympus
DividedBy (6 months ago)
How come Kronos' wife was so small ? I mean his penis would be longer than his wife !
Julian Pope (6 months ago)
PS2 capture? weak
Alberto Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Man I really wish you could play as Kratos when he is fully the God of War and you can make choices that will alter the course of history and become a giant ass kicking god any time you wish and participate in awesome wars as a god
Android Technology (4 months ago)
In that case you will use just 👣👣👣
Nick Gaming (6 months ago)
What is a cutscene?
Slim Chain (6 months ago)
Why didn't he travel back in time to save his family??
Slim Chain (6 months ago)
Trying to understand how Kronos fucked Zeuses mother who is but an ant to him 🤔😂😂
Katyusha Degurechaff (6 months ago)
Tbh this is all Athena's fault, kratos wanted to kill himself but no Athena prevents kratos's death and now he killed all of the greek gods xD
Game of War (6 months ago)
Plenus (6 months ago)
"You. Will. Die" proceeds to kill instantly the being that controls fate. SAVAGE.
tmaz85 (6 months ago)
Of the 3 God of War's I thought GOW2 was the best.
sacredbeastzenon (6 months ago)
I don't remember Athena having a british accent.
Order of Coagula (6 months ago)
so the destruction of olympus was herbs?
Rasun FrmQns (6 months ago)
Look back what i dont get was how was Kratos annointed to be a god when he was already a son of Zeus? Did that make him double god or did it remove the mortal half of him. Or was it cus of things and plots and stuffs?
Katyusha Degurechaff (6 months ago)
Rasun FrmQns he was born a demi god because Zeus had intercorse with a spartan woman and Kratos was born while Zeus spectates Kratos as he ravaged the land Zeus thought it was Aries's fault that chaos reigned but then it was Kratos who was gonna kill him in the end.
Mr Voorhees (6 months ago)
That is show us: Zeus is a coward old stupid.
ASAP Hayez (6 months ago)
to all of you thinking it's a time loop here a fact when Kratos first got betrayed we did not see another version of kratos and zeus killed all the spartans it is not a Loop because when Kratos changes his fate to the point when zeus betrayed him as we can see we never saw another version of Kratos and zeus never kills the spartans that Past kratos fate is completely different from the one we are playing as now
john martinez (6 months ago)
When kratos killed athena , Zeus is like im out of here
Princess Audrey (6 months ago)
Lee Jeferson (6 months ago)
What if kratos had actually just pledged his loyalty to zeus
Chicken Draws Dogs (6 months ago)
Kratos' usual vocab: - God of War: ARES! - God of War 2: ZEUS! - God of War 3: AAARGGHH! (and more ZEUS!) - God of War 4: "Boy."
لوله لوله (14 days ago)
Kadirhan Bayar (1 month ago)
God Of War 2~Sisters Of Fate
Alejandro Olivas. (4 months ago)
Chicken Draws Dogs BOI*
Zzoo GD (6 months ago)
Oh my God....of war !
wyatt roetcisoender (6 months ago)
56:40 Should I save Athena? The one god I liked?...nah, just let it go
Katyusha Degurechaff (6 months ago)
Tbh he never really liked Athena it's just that Athena liked Kratos so its the other way around
Angello! R. (6 months ago)
I don’t know who has a bigger temper kratos or eren? Literally, they don’t talk about anything else only about how are they going to murder their enemy while shouting it 😂! Like dude, we could hear you just calm down a little.
Joey idc (6 months ago)
Sisters of fate you can't beat us loses in next part
Werley Wayne (6 months ago)
TexasHangunLawJoke (6 months ago)
This game is made by aspies for the aspies
Comethakid (6 months ago)
As a kid who else thought that that guy kratos was talking to thru the portal was going to be kratos new opponent
seva809 (6 months ago)
Good God Kratos. Someone calls him for help and he does arrive to help.
Mark Perez (6 months ago)
17:25-17:49 dang Zeus so ungrateful
Draco Safarius (6 months ago)
It's always nice to come back and watch this, but it pains me to see how good Cronos looks in this compared to 3, he gets done dirty in 3 and gets all those horrible wounds and creatures living under his skin eugh. Athena still looking 10/10 as always though ;)
AZURE (6 months ago)
"Let us see who is the greatest warrior" proceeds to get head bashed
Shadow Intertainment (6 months ago)
how did freya take chronos big d
Katyusha Degurechaff (6 months ago)
Gods can *Enlarge* themselves but tbh why would a beautiful ass girl have intercourse with a Thanos lookin ass nigga like wth why not date a god and not a titan lol
Sand Nigger (6 months ago)
27:31 Yes. Your name is N-Gin
XExciting Channel (6 months ago)
Kartos is bigger villain than Zeus
Nosferatu (6 months ago)
so kratos kill zeus in the past? Not the current zeus?
suhail abc (7 months ago)
naruto amv (7 months ago)
a quiq math question : how many times kratos died
any1 else watching in 2018 so that way when you buy the new God Of War you won't be lost?
Joshua Ngerng (7 months ago)
How chronos actually have sex with ria
gricelda Perez (7 months ago)
Krados ls my favorit
gricelda Perez (7 months ago)
I dont like when krados dies and krados ls asome and krados le strong😎
theincredibledouche (7 months ago)
lol african propaganda
theincredibledouche (7 months ago)
i believe they call that cultural appropriation
siti rokima (7 months ago)
I love you kratos
Yin Zhong (7 months ago)
WOW, 18k likes! 😀Keep going !!!❤️❤️❤️🤗
Theodore Grammatikas (7 months ago)
Athena is propably the biggest bitch in the world
Movies onlinestreaming (8 months ago)
Movies onlinestreaming (8 months ago)
kronos needs some eye sight fix
Макс Макс (8 months ago)
51:14 my favorite ))
michael sheehan (8 months ago)
God of war 2 was the first god of war game i played and it is my favourite
Ernesto Perez (8 months ago)
Such a beautiful game i love the God Of War Series
The M7 Omega (8 months ago)
Zeus: it did not have to be this way my son// Kratos: go fuck yourself// Zeus: come on man, I'm being sympathetic and you use your last breath to curse me. You know what, go to hell.
Andrew Correa (8 months ago)
cutscenes no! game.
alonzo weaver (8 months ago)
If all on Olympus will deny me my vengeance...Then all on Olympus will DIE
JhonRey Abre (8 months ago)
pele nora (8 months ago)
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pele nora (8 months ago)
Matheus Coutinho (9 months ago)
Muito bom ps2
Shakeria Telecia Jordan (9 months ago)
OMG he got hoes with him
Smokeup (9 months ago)
favorite part "READ IT" I LOVE KRATOS
How To (9 months ago)
Gow 2 : Zous Gow 3 : Zieus
Burak Pls (9 months ago)
Dera Slankers (9 months ago)
Gan cara nurunin tangan patung cewe y gimna shy gw gx ngerti
Karuro Kise (9 months ago)
reasons for his revenge 1. his past (GOW 1) 2. his brother and mother killed (GOW ghost of sparta) am i correct?
Darsi Padilla (9 months ago)
Anas Mev (9 months ago)
*power to control time* ?huh.. why didn't he kill *zeus* when he was borned
An Atom (7 months ago)
The Black Swordsman (7 months ago)
Anas Mev paradox
MICHAEL MAHER (9 months ago)
NWLR. TV (10 months ago)
That four armed titan dying was SAD AF Never mind he's still alive
Ralph Fernandez (10 months ago)
ali xvsx (10 months ago)

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