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We've Played Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion on Nintendo Switch - Is It Good?

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Text Comments (811)
Lishanthing (1 day ago)
I didn't find it too difficult and I only had to restart a level a few times
I wanna play dis right nowwwwwwwwwwwww please my wallet is empty (not really but IMAGINEEEEE)
Fiery Gamer (2 days ago)
Agent 8 more like Eightgent
Etta Chan (3 days ago)
Give me
Mogreenjo 15 (4 days ago)
No it’s not!
Inkling_Jed (4 days ago)
I'm assuming this is the 1st comment after the release of the dlc and I just wanna say: I beat that box grind rail test 1st try XD
KarenKK • (4 days ago)
Heya! I sorta have a problem, can’t find an answer anywere tho. So I bought the Octo Expansion and I was looking forward to playing in multiplayer as an Octoling. I do own the single player route, but I can’t seem to find the Octo avatar. I went into single player options and I could not find it whatsoever, what do I do?
TheHybridGryph (4 days ago)
Agent 8? I get the 8 tentacles joke but why?
Libby Armaza (4 days ago)
It’s not working🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👿👿👿👿👿
Lukas Lazer (4 days ago)
The Redstone Miners! (4 days ago)
$30 is worth it for something like this
Cold Rod Studios (4 days ago)
Tell Me How To Get It Now!!!!
Mr Potato (5 days ago)
lone wolf :3 (5 days ago)
I can't get the octo expansion guess why? I don't remember meh password
David Evans (5 days ago)
How do you even enter the Octo Expansion...I downloaded the DLC but can't see where to enter the Mode.
Champion Link (5 days ago)
Hey, looks like we get to actually use our ranked mode knowledge here!
I am Bleach (5 days ago)
It comes out tommorow!!!!
Danisaurus. R3x (5 days ago)
OH I thought that you could become a octoling.....
spicy_meme (5 days ago)
so whos hype for the release tmr?
Agent 7 (6 days ago)
You will likely say that Agent 3 and Captain Cuddlefish can not be evil.Well,you are right!Due to the screenshot of Agent 3 with the cape,I likely think Agent 3 and Cuddlefish were captured.Also,Grizzco seems to have Cuddlefish's signature cap.It was likely stolen from the salmonoids who did trading with the octarians,which is more proof Cuddlefish was captured
Agent 7 (6 days ago)
You could say that both organizations are evil
Agent 7 (6 days ago)
In fact,if you run out of lives and do not have sufficent CQ points,the game over screen will be Agent 8 getting sanitized.
Agent 7 (6 days ago)
This is because both have lost their memories,both have to do certain things to get their memories,Agent 8 has to complete tests to get Mem Cakes,which are pieces of Agent 8s memories and Jason Bourne has to go to many places.Also,in the Jason Bourne series,the organazation called treadstone seems to be grabbing people and taking away all their free will in the exact same way octarians are sanitized.
Agent 7 (6 days ago)
I have found out the octo expansion is comparable to a spy movie series that originated is the 80s called Jason Bourne
Agent 7 (6 days ago)
The Octo Expansion may reference a lot of 1980s things.
Agent 7 (6 days ago)
If you want to hear some info i have related to the octo expansion,remind me.
demon doggiez (6 days ago)
"Yes we've actually played it hehehehe >;)" Ok this made me smile so big help.
Executive Director (6 days ago)
They get all the privileges I tell you
Austin Maxwell (6 days ago)
I can't wait for the DLC to come out, SO MUCH HYPE!!!
Drama Lps (7 days ago)
I have a question, I bought the DLC today and was it just "pre-order"? I can't play it or switch to Octoling, so is it just a pre-order and I have to wait? I'm confused.
Mr Meme (6 days ago)
the game comes out June 30th so you have to wait a couple weeks to play
twiggz (8 days ago)
I've been getting back into splatoon 2 recently so I'll probably get this..
Otaku - chan (8 days ago)
I purchased the extension but did not know how to open it 💔😭
Lennart Heerink (9 days ago)
Hello there lovely peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeople
norfazleen supari (9 days ago)
I like octo
the gamer (9 days ago)
So we are gonna play a traitor now?
瀧上謙太郎 (9 days ago)
Miyazono Sweet (10 days ago)
Ooooooooohhhh my got
michael ladd (10 days ago)
i just want to play as an octoling in multiplayer
F1Z2I3 Games (11 days ago)
Did anyone notice the placeholder is gone
JESS (11 days ago)
I calling it right now the final Enemy boss is Agent 8's origin
Sonia Chacon (10 days ago)
JESS I was thinking the same thing XD
Epic Ninfia (11 days ago)
is that just for the demo or is it in the full game
Epic Ninfia (11 days ago)
i struggled in hero modr
Epic Ninfia (11 days ago)
looks amazeballs
123fireflame (11 days ago)
WHEN IS THE RELEASE DATE PLEASE?!?!? i mean if you know it... 😒
Mr Meme (6 days ago)
June 30th
Amy Jolley (11 days ago)
I want to get that but i cant😣😣😣😣😣
Kaya Moravetz (12 days ago)
mitchel laventure (12 days ago)
If anyone would like to play league battle, private battle or salmon run with me, please join my group.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/903173133195762/
Mabel Lo (12 days ago)
How do u get it
square40 (12 days ago)
I can't wait for this
WOOMY ! (12 days ago)
Can you enter hero mode as an octoling??
Dash (5 days ago)
if you unlock it for multiplayer maybe? you can just jump in where you normally would as an octoling
Davedov DD (12 days ago)
WOOMY ! i dont no
Chappy Billy (12 days ago)
It is good if you release it 😭
Nintendo Mac (12 days ago)
Milo Aguilar (12 days ago)
My question is tho do u have to complete every level with every gun just like in hero mode to 100%
i like dan (12 days ago)
Diamond Husky18 (13 days ago)
i got an add for splat 2 on this../
Michael Andrews (13 days ago)
ZeldaFan 37 (13 days ago)
This expansion better be free
JESS (11 days ago)
JESS (11 days ago)
20$, not bad really
Eevee plays (13 days ago)
Is this an event?
SHELLEY POTTER (13 days ago)
Who’s the boss
Captain Asome (14 days ago)
what day does the octo expansion release again?
Aidan Wilson (14 days ago)
If someone had to take control and direct them to a different mission does that prove that they are almost finish with it?
robot puppy 1000 (14 days ago)
Potato The Potato (14 days ago)
I wonder where the entrance is....
Cupheadthe Parrymastr (15 days ago)
Mariem Al-Mukhtar (15 days ago)
Do not click read more Read more
Queen Mary (14 days ago)
Sorry, mine doesn't work cause I'm on tablet. So get dunked on!
AlexhibitionTV (15 days ago)
Can't wait to play it. I like the fact that its much harder and that you have to buy the missions with ingame money. I have over 100k Splatoon Cash piled up already ^^ Also, I've never been a hardcore competitive multiplayer type but oh boy, Splatoon 2 got me hooked up. I just wished the motion controlls where as snappy as in Splatoon 1. Maybe you could make a video about it. #teammotioncontrols
royalscoot (15 days ago)
I don't know... There just doesn''t seem to be anything promising about it. Sure there are 80 levels, but they last two minutes each, that's two hours and forty minutes of new game play. And the only music I've seen that was "good" was the trailer theme, and the level complete theme. (That last one is a bit of a stretch.) The music in the levels is boring as sin. I would rather jump off the empire state building onto the head of a thumbtack than listen to some of these songs. The levels also don't look enticing at all. Surely they could've put 3 more minutes into each level. All the levels would be more enticing if there was more to do. This comment wasn't meant to hate on anybody, I was just stating my opinion.
John Smith (15 days ago)
An oyster card would actually fit in this game
DiamondTheGuardian (15 days ago)
These missions are gonna be *painful.*
Kirito † (15 days ago)
This game is creepy...
Gibus Collector (15 days ago)
Hey bro- let’s finish our project and then release it to the public a month lter
Emeraldmaniac1390 (15 days ago)
t h i c c
Spencer Genovese (15 days ago)
Love the little squash and stretch animation used in her walk cycle
MagmaPlayz (15 days ago)
um for some reason i got a jacksfilms ad before this lol
Phoenix Anderson (15 days ago)
did anybody watch other videos these are recorded from somebody else
Lunar Legends (15 days ago)
i'm both excited and scared.
Kinda like trial of the sword.
Theslashingwarrior8337 (15 days ago)
Did u tell them when is the dlc out to play if so pleas reply
Yustin J. (15 days ago)
using that thumbnail for views lmao
Lucas Brehm (16 days ago)
I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it... I...… d..on'..t… neeeeed…. it.... I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED IT
Theslashingwarrior8337 (15 days ago)
Did u buy da pack yet? If not GET IT NOW!!!!!
ükui 42 (16 days ago)
Have you played all of it?? Or is it not done yet?
Darcy orton (16 days ago)
hmph hurry up and add it
The Chromium Kid (16 days ago)
when is this coming out fam
M a r i e (16 days ago)
knuclear2010 (16 days ago)
Splatoon and Clank: Up your Octopus
Dank Dino (16 days ago)
Looks like it's SWEEPING TIME.
hecc its charlotte (16 days ago)
Wait how can you be an octoling
Le IWOOMYNATI (16 days ago)
it's heccin OCTO Expansion watch the trailer
Pixel Lord (16 days ago)
I got a splatoon ad before the video had started
The super girl Plays (16 days ago)
where is demo :_:
lazysans157 (16 days ago)
I've already beat it
Goldy Sun (16 days ago)
lazysans157 its not even out yet you 5 year old
Steenfan (16 days ago)
"That's making all go Captain America: Civil War." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
sesshomaru chao (16 days ago)
Do we need to finish all 80 to play the character
JESS (11 days ago)
DaniZSuper (16 days ago)
Im still waiting for the octo expansion to be seperate from the game cuz right now if i want to buy it off the eshop i gotta get a SECOND SPLATOON 2 INCLUDED so ye imma just wait till the 30th
Terrocoati Stone (16 days ago)
Crazy Chomper (16 days ago)
This is sponsored by hobo bros. *HELLO YOU LOVELY HOBOS*
The Nintendo Fan Club (16 days ago)
logan rein (16 days ago)
This is extremely racist to the Cuttle minority. We barely get any recognition in any media.
MattehWizard (16 days ago)
Clothesless Splatoon characters? Welp good game nintendo. Incoming porn shitstorm.
TheFlaming Red-Aislyn (16 days ago)
neospace68 (16 days ago)
1:09 theres a game boy in the air

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