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TOP 50 Amazing Games PC With 512 MB / 1024 MB VRAM Graphic Card - Low Spec | Laptop

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Text Comments (366)
Daniel Soares (1 day ago)
GTA IV, really ?
BU𐍂AGØ (1 day ago)
5:52...this is a joke?Right?
Bee Well (3 days ago)
command and conquer 3 and red allert 3... ALSO THE SAME VIDEO
Bee Well (3 days ago)
sometimes games are too weak for my gpu 1gb
Sandman91199 (4 days ago)
boi, TF2 is 20GB ;-;
WorisonTV (8 days ago)
My graphic card gtx 670 2 gb Died so I'm just working with an intel HD 4000 Graphics sadly :( that's why I am here...
In 2018 call of duty 4MW is 2.04gb
PhelypeXZ (13 days ago)
Is Enemy Territory Quake Wars some kind of early Battle Royale genre!?
FraG eXecutor (15 days ago)
i can run gta 5 at max settings in my toaster
1anakin 20 (17 days ago)
This dude is just so wrong.
shruti gupta (20 days ago)
gta iv 2 gb ram ka hai
лел кек (21 days ago)
Top 50 amazing games with free world pleaaase
4:27 you showed Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
Könnig Wagner (26 days ago)
mw3? really nigga?
Abdullah KUTLUK (26 days ago)
I have a 311 mb garbic card sdgjhaesf
RED MΛXIMUS (29 days ago)
these games are for 512 mb PCs. *shows GTA IV and COD MW Remastered*
Death Note (29 days ago)
Lol, x1000 obr/min? maybe x1000 rpm? 21:49
EAZURY (1 month ago)
With 1024gb i can play fortnite x)
Конфуций (1 month ago)
512 MB / 1024 MB VRAM can run most games until 2013.
elackpucko123 (1 month ago)
7:10 that's not PC gameplay. The PC version is first-person only... for some reason.
super zero b (1 month ago)
bhai koi shooting games bta do 4 gb ram k lie without graphic card
Tóni 10 (1 month ago)
+Serious Sam
Simplex (1 month ago)
COD: World at War I. That's not low spec.
Sascha Pürner (1 month ago)
Max Payne 2, Serios Sam, World in Conflict, Spell Force,
Mario Mendoza (1 month ago)
no mames yo tenia 2gb de ram y 2gb de video y no me jalaba el gta iv
Mikael Laurila (1 month ago)
Conflict: Denied Ops..."amazing games" Like cmon the game was propably around the top worst games in the year it was released, I had it on my xbox 360 back then and instantly tried to sell it
Herr Kinhaken (1 month ago)
Agus NaCl (1 month ago)
TF2 512mb??? Lol
GåbrięlØZ ;U (18 days ago)
I have 128mb and look's nice
ŁukiGamming njnz (1 month ago)
i realy want to play cod mw 2 but i don't have money :(
Elmahfoud 90 (1 month ago)
I have 4G in ram and 500g in hard drive and 1.5ghz cpu do you guys think half life 2 would work for me
Razvan Rogoz (1 month ago)
I remember when low specs meant 32 MB of RAM and 1024 VRAM was unheard of, maybe on professional cards like Quadro. Oh and basically all games before 2010 will run on a 1024 VRAM card.
Thiago Nedel (1 month ago)
Game 12:49 ???
Admin Team (1 month ago)
5:57 srsly
Bruno Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Half Life 2 é foda
:Terel Forge (1 month ago)
Шталкер топ
MatriCes_ (1 month ago)
CoD MW is impossible without good grapich card and 8 GB Ram boy
MatriCes_ (1 month ago)
+DMS AF yea you need 8 GB Ram and atleas AMD Radeon Grapich Card
DMS AF (1 month ago)
Selpak Fili (1 month ago)
outro name pls
B G (1 month ago)
Love your videos.
Dennis M (1 month ago)
is he saying "Gucci Gang" at 6:13 ?
Slava Muhhin (1 month ago)
Colin McRae Rally 1-5 Far Cry 1 Gta III,VC,SA... Call of Duty 1-2 Heroes of Might and Magic
Mr. Zenith (1 month ago)
What is it name ??? 13:02
SpikeRus777SpikeUs (1 month ago)
Call of Duty: World at War
shadow of chernobyl <3
Game Explorer (1 month ago)
some game not running in 512 MB of ram.you have no idea about windows game requrements.
Vennila Jothi (1 month ago)
thank you you are the real
Ultra Dragon (1 month ago)
You can run Gta iv,left 4 Dead,Cod 4,Cod waw,Bio shock,Far Cry 2 in 128 mb vram at low settings
Ultra Dragon (1 month ago)
Guys I had an Intel Gma x3100 before and these games run perfectly on it. Gta sa Fifa 09 Circket 07 Half life 2 Freedom fighters House of dead 2 etc
Loner Joe (1 month ago)
Those are good games also to add some Left 4 dead 1&2, Land of the dead, no more room in hell, killing floor, Resident evil 4, Gothic series (except Arcania/gothic 4) and the list goes on
Suvam Chakraborty (1 month ago)
Where is PROJECT IGI??
حجر 7GRII (1 month ago)
Ethan Panganibxz (1 month ago)
lol team fortress stfu hahaha
Ben Snyder (2 months ago)
12:50 what game is that
Vicious Knight (2 months ago)
Far Cry 2's not meant for Low End PC's and neither is Call of Duty World at War
Vicious Knight (2 months ago)
Left 4 Dead 1 and 2's not meant for low end PCs, your dumb.
Vicious Knight (2 months ago)
10:21 Nice job, dipsh!t, you either didn't use your own footage or your too lazy to play anything you show on the PC.
Vicious Knight (2 months ago)
Crysis is not meant for low end PCs, and Half Life 2 6GB ya autist. And neither is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. A low end PC game. 99% of your showing is mostly stuff not meant for low end PCs. I reccomend you get buy a brain.
Mammasi Yasi (2 months ago)
Where is prince of Persia, assassin's creed, total overdose,igi
Paul Dodd (2 months ago)
These r basically ps3 games
Paul Dodd (2 months ago)
Soldier of Fortune payback is a blast if not a little unfinished. Moh airborne is awsome
General Eisa (2 months ago)
I think someone need to make a disc collection called Poor mans game or 500mb
LOW END GAMER (2 months ago)
i have commandline to run gta iv smoothly in 512mb-256mb graphics card
张辽 (2 months ago)
孤岛惊魂2的重复流程累死我了,不想玩第二回 I was exhausted by the lengthy and repetitive process of playing Far Cry 2
AJAY lock (2 months ago)
MeJrA CZE (2 months ago)
&Retro User& (2 months ago)
BIoshock{!!!! you are fucking crazu
Umer Khan (2 months ago)
i have: 1 gb graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6450 bus width 64 bit RAM 4 gb Hard disk space 500 gb free 256 gb processor: quad core processor 2.93ghz and i can run minecraft at fancy graphics at a solid 60fps :D also CS:GO at very high shadow quality and medium everything and still get a good 50-60 fps except i lag a little bit in shoots
Umer Khan (2 months ago)
you already reached 100k now you need to reach 200k :D
Ricardo Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Call of duty four is not for low
Bilim ve Hayat (2 months ago)
Good Channel Good Video ;)
Sadecu Ukelele (2 months ago)
You are pro Youtuber. 5 Stars in my book buddy.
Cringe Fest (2 months ago)
This video is very misleading. You cant play Crysis on a GT 210 which has 1 gb of vram while a 8800 GTX which has 768 mb of vram will play Crysis without a problem. Just saying that vram does not determine whether you can run a gome or not, it depends on the graphics chip itself.
WhatTHEDEUCElod (2 months ago)
bioshock 2 is not that demanding game and Bioshock Infinite ran perfectly on my 1Gb Radeon HD6950
WhatTHEDEUCElod (2 months ago)
painkiller 1 and Painkiller HD, Max Payne 2, Soldier of Fortune Payback...
WhatTHEDEUCElod (2 months ago)
if you mention call of duty modern warfare 1 and 3 you could include 2nd aswell, it was a darn good chapter
GamerCLIPS (2 months ago)
Farcry 3 blood dragon {best for low end users}in my openion.
GamerCLIPS (1 month ago)
Yes but perfomance not garenteed,try ur luck.
Praveen Rajendran (1 month ago)
Bro my PC 4gb ram and 512 mb amd r4 graphics can i play farcry 3?
Can i get a link for Sega rally? I cant find it.
Soviet Bear (2 months ago)
why is there no intel core duo in processors
Dank Memes (2 months ago)
Links brro
vadim negru (2 months ago)
5:53 ROFL
VillainousCreator (2 months ago)
shows cod mwr gameplay even though he said it was cod 4.
Most of this games can run 128-256 VRAM graphic card
Franco Pesce (2 months ago)
why you use MW4Remasted and not the original 2007 game?
TheRabbit 7u7r (2 months ago)
almost the majority of games that are in the top require more ram and memory. stop lying to people
SillenZ (2 months ago)
dal bych si hovno
Hayes (3 months ago)
Red alert 3 is the same game as command and conquer?
14:10 Yo XD
Paras Jain (3 months ago)
Hey can i speed up my downloading speed ??
Milos Djeric (3 months ago)
Someone writed titles of games in comments?
LT mantukas (3 months ago)
good video bro
Ckaptain 61 (3 months ago)
crysis at the list wth .... maybe u didnt see crysis in MAX settings . it looks better than 2018 games
i can play gta iv with 4gb ram ?
Swat 4
Zaqq (3 months ago)
1:10 I'm pretty sure it's CoD MW Remastered
Zero001 LP (3 months ago)
I can't run most of these...
Ulises acuña bianchi (3 months ago)
Michael_vx (3 months ago)
1:11 i remember that game my computer have 1GB VRAM and it did not run it
Michael_vx (3 months ago)
im talking about a single game almost all the rest of the games my PC can run it its call of duty MW4 i tried it before it was running at 8 FPS max rate in the lowest possible options
Adzani Juliatmajaya (3 months ago)
I have 128 mb vram and my can run it!!!
I.M.F (3 months ago)
Orange box, shows only Tf2 and showing it twice
claudiana monteiro (3 months ago)
Scorpion Dawnstar (3 months ago)
A like... for all obvious reasons. Good work!
Phenom Gamer (3 months ago)
Im having 20 fps on Crysis 1 with 2.6GhZ Dual Core and 2Gb ram with 512 mb gpu and i was playing it on low
Hanzala Hassan (3 months ago)
Third person action game plz
Hanzala Hassan (3 months ago)
Games for core 2 due

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