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Fallout 4: 10 Things You Didn't Know You COULD DO

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Fallout 4 is full of secrets. There are things players are discovering even weeks after its release. Here are ten things the internet discovered. Source: twitter, reddit, facebook & tumblr. ★ Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV
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Text Comments (7398)
Slashthekitsune (2 hours ago)
The sighing thing also extends to being drunk or high.
Robot Lobster (17 hours ago)
aliens is my favorite
Haz (18 hours ago)
(b) mad
TrustkillProductionz (2 days ago)
I sprinkle Raid-Away and Raid-X all over my settlements. Keeps them safe.
Dr _ Nomz (3 days ago)
Jynflyn1 - (3 days ago)
It would be nice if you showed a clip of number 3
AlterBridgeSurfa (3 days ago)
That tree at the end was beautiful.
GALEX_BACK (4 days ago)
What about carrying items without stealing?
Subaru Conatoo (5 days ago)
Rade away lmao
Fahad Other M (5 days ago)
Shitty game...
GNSGNY (4 days ago)
Then you're not our *drug.*
katie (6 days ago)
literally knew everything on this list. i hate these videos :(
Lil Gigetty (6 days ago)
Sleeping with WHATever?!? are you saying that they're (cough-sluts-COUGHCOUGHCOUGH)
Grace Balzanelli (6 days ago)
Weird. I was on fallout and miraculously I looked at the date and it was Christmas, but nothing was happening. I just thought that since it was prewar Christmas didn't exists or something. I wonder why it didn't work for me.
wariced (7 days ago)
Is it bad I knew every single one of those?xD
JARedwolf100 (7 days ago)
Um...you can get T-60 Power Armor very ultra early in the game if you follow the river out to the ocean. Once you’re at the ocean just head for the Atomic Cats location and buy/steal your early T-60 power armor. I just go around collection just as I go and often I have enough to buy the parts and so on. Best to have the water perk that nulls radiation and allows you to breath under water. Trick to avoiding the high level monsters is using the water. Just stay away from all Mirlurks.
Content Brony (7 days ago)
1:00 thats so fucking stupid
Vinta Gaming (7 days ago)
The settler selling dogs, was a simple encounter that was my 2nd random encounter without using tips, so i'm pretty sure I knew. how to find him.
jammintoast (7 days ago)
EvilHina (7 days ago)
the narrator sounds like Louis CK
Riggedy Rigged (7 days ago)
My character loudly sad BLAHBLAHBLAH while I was talking to Preston it was hilarious
Andrew Love (7 days ago)
Something especially useful to me was being able to steal power cores from brotherhood of steel power armor. Sometimes the "pilot" will get out and replace it, and you can stock up with some patience and a quicksave. Also feel like you should have mentioned power cores are valuable to sell in the game, and worth the same even if they're almost empty. Always swapped mine out before they died and sold them for caps.
Masked Crusader (8 days ago)
I went through the glowing sea no radaway or radx
Is Good? (8 days ago)
U don’t need a suit or power armour
Sergio Asecas (8 days ago)
the music that appears when number 6 comes up
Tory Knotts (8 days ago)
Was very disappointed that I wasnt able to Brahmin tip like in fallout 3
Ronan Mallaburn (8 days ago)
his voice sounds like louis C.K
I have a mod that gives you options on what kind of skip dialogue you want so that you can call codsworth a “stupid robot” then you can whenever you want
307 Fishing (9 days ago)
You can smoke meth in this game
Gabryel Mason (10 days ago)
Actually the city changes at most holidays (Halloween too)
WindLegendz (10 days ago)
Also, fun fact. If the in game date is October 31st, some Diamond City guards will comment on it being Halloween
ZEB (10 days ago)
Stop trying to be funny, it’s really annoying and wastes a lot of time
Short Sport (11 days ago)
Nakatomi Uk (11 days ago)
Settlers can be assigned beds etc but on PS4 they always reset after so long and go anywhere they want. The settler system is a joke in this game that's why on pc there's mods to actually fix the AI to keep them in jobs beds you've assigned them too
Dalton Le'Roy (11 days ago)
I knew about 8 out of 10 of these. So they aren't very hard to find, are they? And also, RAID AWAY, AND RAID X?? i have NEVER, out of all the people i know who play Fallout, NEVER met anyone who pronounces them RAID AWAY, and RAID X.
Sergio Asecas (11 days ago)
whats the background music?
Enrico (12 days ago)
"RAIDAWAY" 😂😂 Come right please *RAD*
Nathan B (12 days ago)
https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2819/ Quieter settlements for FO4, just sayin
Psych11 (12 days ago)
His voice reminds me of Louis CK
Corporal Shephard (12 days ago)
I like on how he say's the people at fallout aren't lazy(yet they couldn't give a fuck less about patching all the bugs and fixing the AI
IncredibleFlyinSquid (12 days ago)
RAID-away or RAID-x? I'm sorry but that pronounciation is wrong.
Zacka Wacka (13 days ago)
I miss a lot of days when it come to holidays and bing Crosby
Caleb Bradham (13 days ago)
This nibba just said “Raidex and Raidaway” 3:21 BOI GET YO PRONUNCIATION UNDER CONTROL
Basil 2.0 (13 days ago)
Stephanie Preston (13 days ago)
1:02 yes, people kept on sleeping in my bed, so I assigned to what everyone else sleeps in, a sleeping bag
Sea Urchin (14 days ago)
LoneFalcon (15 days ago)
4:30 not actually true, it's a game glitch where the dialog hasn't been skipped properly.
Mohamad Shamel (15 days ago)
Damn, voice fry from men is actually a lot worse.
PabloC4 (16 days ago)
You say if it was very hard to miss something in the Bethesda games...
kris loist (16 days ago)
Louis CK must really need work.
bimbore colore (17 days ago)
The ammo settler thing works today?
Knoxx Black (17 days ago)
You sound like Gene!
Final Fantasy (17 days ago)
lol i freaking love these ! thank you so much
Joshiblabla (17 days ago)
Does the ammo one work for companions too? Cuz that would be awesome
You sound like Chris Pratt. (Not a compliment or an insult just think you do)
Cool Guy (17 days ago)
If i new i was watching game dumb ranx would not have a watched this
Daniel Kover (17 days ago)
I'd like to do something about all the rundown houses in Sanctuary. I wish I could just scrap all of them--heaven knows I could use the steel. I've seen videos about exploiting the warehouse I-beams to sink things into the ground that can't normally be sunk and rugs and mats to move walls into walls (so you can "rehab" those Sanctuary houses). Neither of those exploits seem to work on the Xbox, however. *sad panda*
Jordan Garrett (18 days ago)
Did he just pronounce radaway as rade away?
Kalvin Murr (18 days ago)
I always try to hack the terminal first then I'll unlock the door like the one right there where you first meet the Minutemen
Donovan Sims (18 days ago)
Donovan Sims (18 days ago)
well i killing a goul is the same amount of work if not easier than picking a lock and you get like 3 times the amount of xp
Clayton Neely (19 days ago)
3:20 excuse me, but did he just say RAIDaway?
Angela Coleman (20 days ago)
the only lazy people in fallout are those who live in your settlements
Raiden (20 days ago)
Did you know That you can use Dogmeat to get the Cryolator?
Logan Ridgeway (20 days ago)
Wait wouldn’t people run out of bullets in the wasteland. Who’s making ammo
Crash Override (21 days ago)
In Diamond City, the people celebrate Helloween, as well. Even the dialgue with the guards change a little bit, like on xmas.
Aimwork in (21 days ago)
unlocking and locking doors gives you relation with Piper and many others. exploit guys
mMMM SNIpPERCLIPs (21 days ago)
Bitch the glowing sea is literally past of the main storyline
Vandalier Beoulve (23 days ago)
Build a set of wooden stairs from the floor section, if you want to go higher, add more stairs to the top step from the same menu. When you’re high enough, add a wooden floor to the top step. Place anything you like on it. Generators are usually what I go for, and then delete the floor and steps. Whatever you’ve put on the wooden floor will remain and float there. Handy when you wanna use a few generators but don’t want to crowd the area with them. If you get savvy enough with this method, you can essentially build a floating city
AgentZCZ007 .2 (23 days ago)
I knew all of it
smurfing kids (25 days ago)
Fallout 4 is my fav game
tom Clayton (25 days ago)
Why does this guy want to be Louis C.K so bad ?
sta te briga (26 days ago)
song at 3:20
sirenia (27 days ago)
3:27 or if you are a vampire and you get rad 1 all the time instead of rad 10-20 or 40.
Preston Garvey (28 days ago)
One thing you can do is help this settlement, I'll mark it on your map.
John Kurkowski (28 days ago)
Worst voice ever.
William Lazenby (29 days ago)
Did I know these? 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. Yes 7. Yes 8. Yes 9. Yes 10. Yes Also, it's Rad as in Radical, not Raid as in the wasp killer.
DeenanTheKemon I (29 days ago)
this has GOTTA be about the most liked game video u guys have out there. 93k? I'm buying this, is it too late? am I too close to 76? plz. input appreciated.
spine4you (1 month ago)
I just saw this Christmas bologna in Fenway, and thought it was odd or different.
shinninsword (1 month ago)
this is retarded lmao......down voted..... all this stuff is common knowledge for anyone who put any decent amount of time into it....
LittleOdd1 (1 month ago)
Change your goddamn title
404 Error (1 month ago)
Loved the video. But seriously, "Raid" Away or "Raid" X? Come on.
Torlesse Liddell (1 month ago)
Already got the dog ☺
Ben Battlers (1 month ago)
I love raidx but hated radx
Jayson (1 month ago)
raid away and raid x
Tim P (1 month ago)
Is this Luis ck?
DOSsector (1 month ago)
fuckin clickbait
Shinigami Sama (1 month ago)
I found one of my old t-45 power armors and i just left it with the lights
Hijiku Brynjar (1 month ago)
im playing this on headphones and I can hear people in the background of the recording
Kalle Anka (1 month ago)
Is it sad I knew all of them
Starfish Prime (1 month ago)
B1ack1nfern0 (1 month ago)
I built a house at sanctuary and it says nothing more can be built does anybody know a mod where I can build as much as I want and not have to worry about that .? On console thank you
B CH (1 month ago)
Gene wondered into my Red Rocket settlement and my defenses killed him.
Jason Milne (1 month ago)
If you pick a lock door and lock it again...you can lock doors in fallout 4? :o
Biker Dash (1 month ago)
Hey, you can be like normal redneck people and keep your personal Christmas decorations up all year round!
Han Park (1 month ago)
make it rain (1 month ago)
I played fallout 4 for a long time then I bought skyrim and I played that for a long time then 2 days ago skyrim broke and I was almost level 32 so now I back playing fallout 4 and Im level 21
Nicholas Bumgardner (1 month ago)
Huh...I've player Fallout 4 a ton and I've never come across Gene the dog seller.
MrCaptain (1 month ago)
I've come across him quite often, but then again I also just found a settler asking for some water on the road yesterday for the first time ever. So it really boils down to bad luck I guess.
Friendship Is A Myth (1 month ago)
Goodneighbor does something similar as Diamond City’s Christmas decorations, except on October 31st. Halloween! I found out when gathering weapons from KLEO and one of the Goodneighbor watchers said, “Happy Halloween! Ya scared yet?” Then I noticed the really sh**ty decorations.
Cryo 329 (1 month ago)
New Vegas Fan Boys: **heavy triggering**
zeebomba (1 month ago)

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