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Nintendo Switch eShop UPDATE + UPGRADE! New Sections, More Games!

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Nintendo Switch eShop gets an update and an upgrade out of nowhere! A better eShop is one of the most requested improvements for Switch. Have these changes made the eShop great? Or is there still more to do? Let us know YOUR take in the comments down below! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Text Comments (534)
littlelamp100 (3 days ago)
we need reviews and personal suggestions cool update though
Oliver Lopez (5 days ago)
Omg they added fortnite i have a switch and its free
Abomination101 (5 days ago)
i tried to watch this video, but i think the light theme blinded me
Elliott Pehrson (5 days ago)
When’s Fortnite coming!!!!!!!!!!!!
Annihilasian (6 days ago)
Nigga why you got Parental Controls
Cooleezy YT (6 days ago)
Free To Play Section?🤔
TheMineEmerald (6 days ago)
I want to see an update that makes the eShop more fun like if you click on a certain spot Mario will poke out of the corner
Neonix Playz (6 days ago)
I got astro bears party for 1 cent! I bought it when it was 80% off and then I used some of my coins to reduce the price even more!
boy beatz (7 days ago)
Someone start a petition for Wii shop music on Nintendo switch
boy beatz (7 days ago)
In England it's called discover
›› Zelda. ‹‹ (7 days ago)
Not sure if music will be added since the eshop is just a site
Just a Crab (9 days ago)
Who else got the joy con grip ad
Shadow Gaming (9 days ago)
Ha ha, you’ve got parental controls on! XD
Pink Sylveon (9 days ago)
if they stuck the wii shop music on here i'd be pleased
sasuke65743 (9 days ago)
4 days after the video and i still don't have it...mmm
We really need GameCube VC because GameCube adapters are officially compatible with the switch.
Bobbey bergerson (9 days ago)
In the uk its different instead of featured its discover instead of great deals its current offers and instead of best sellers its charts oh and also instead enter code its reedem code
radiocaf (9 days ago)
Frederic for $0.59?! What a deal, game is epic although I wonder how controls will work on the Switch, touchscreen surely?
Whacha Whach (9 days ago)
Who cares about this crappy update please Nintendo i Need e-shop music
Ronnin X (10 days ago)
Menu music Thats what They Need
Ronnin X (10 days ago)
Diamond Steve (10 days ago)
This is an intelligence test. *Read more*
This vid says posted on the 4th but was uploaded today.
javier resto (10 days ago)
Also change to color and give it a new look and feel of an upgrade. Looks simple just not that inviting IMO. I also like the idea of music in background to get me in the mood to browse and maybe buy a new title.
javier resto (10 days ago)
They need to add a tab for "Add On" games that have skins, expansion packs, etc. They could make alot more money that way. You could browse what games have these extras and pull out that credit card.
Vorx (10 days ago)
we need AAA games,THEMES,and indie games.We don't really need the music,we have the phone
BalloonBoy (10 days ago)
I want to be able to change my own background and a new theme :(
BS Killa (10 days ago)
Music, themes, virtual console? Right now the 3DS eShop is >
Atrium (10 days ago)
You should write down your script before you record a video. You sound like me, in the sense that it appears you have ADD or something. You struggle to articulate and I can only imagine how abrasive it comes off to people in person.
Pwegoable (10 days ago)
They should make an epic AAA title for PC of a new series. Get everyone hooked on it, then make the sequel only for switch.
Martin Valdez (10 days ago)
Fallout New Vegas for Switch!
Ryland Sturm (10 days ago)
They should take an old spin and make a Wii Nintendo é shop remix
stefhendricks (11 days ago)
Thanks for clarifying the changes! PS: Human fall flat is not a digital only game. Not that this is your fault.
DankSir (11 days ago)
No music? No improvement. Period.
David Tuitt (11 days ago)
They need to add a rating system on the games like PSN.
B (11 days ago)
My big thing is buying games that I'm not sure I'll like. This upgrade helps out a lot better. I've spent so much money on titles that look like they'll be fun, only to be disappointed after i break the bank
Unwissende :0 (11 days ago)
Sakkyokuka宝石 (11 days ago)
Good because there is only like 8 games in the eshop
セーレンSeaclean (11 days ago)
The eshop is reminiscent of a cheap flash webpage. It deserves a complete overhaul.
Nina Harkin (11 days ago)
Still waiting for H A L L O W K N I G H T
Tomvids21 (11 days ago)
Didn’t realise how many other people want music in the eshop
Andrew Borowski (11 days ago)
“Download only” lists several retail games...🧐
Four Hand Studios (11 days ago)
N++?!? My favorite game!!! (Besides fortnite obviously)
minecrafterke (11 days ago)
They finaly added dutch to the belgian eshop
The Geek Gourmet Show (11 days ago)
I miss the music...and also Miiverse...and also the UI with all the Miis and what my friends were playing/posting/drawing on the Wii U, such cool features!
TheMarioKart777 (11 days ago)
Retro Gamer 64 (11 days ago)
Great deals? Wtf mine just says "deals" I guess that's why the deals suck vs PS4 ones.
zerogeassuseralt (11 days ago)
Stupid question: Does this require me to dl an update?
Abtin Barzin (11 days ago)
Wait they didn't already have a Featured tab? The fuq? Uh... aside from this, I guess a user-based rating system. And the only way you can rate is if you purchase the title, so spoofers can't just hop online whenever. And maybe a separate rating system for people who played the demo only
Jardex22 (11 days ago)
One thing that worries me a bit is the verbage in Great Deals. This implies that the game doesn't need to be on discount to make that list. You just need to get more enjoyment per dollar spent. It's only a small detail, and I doubt it'll be too much of a problem, but it's still worth noting.
gamertyler (11 days ago)
The shop needs a signed in outomatiyly so I don’t need to sign in every time I go to the shop
Diamondsheep19 (11 days ago)
music please
ironshadow89 (11 days ago)
Ya deadass spent money on the Labo?
Does anyone know when smash 5, or everspace come out?
RED entertainment (11 days ago)
It's a good start.
Alan (11 days ago)
I seriously want a 1st party filter so bad on the eshop, I have hundreds of games already on steam, I don’t want to buy it again on the shop. It just sucks I have to search up each game to double check if there 3rd or 1st party titles
LeonRes (11 days ago)
Decent step, but we still need reviews (at least up/down voting), tools to report games that don't meet expectations or shouldn't be on the store, options to mark games as Not Interested, a recommendation queue, some kind of notification when wishlisted games go on sale, a section for free games and software (NETFLIX WHERE) and eshop music.
mckinlao (11 days ago)
I honestly couldn't even tell until you pointed it out.
Scott Sharak Vlogs (12 days ago)
I was looking in my eshop on switch and saw something that no one said anything about it. Go into your eshop account page and I saw a subscription tab for I would think for when the online service comes out.
CHASE IS GAME (12 days ago)
"Best Sellers" games mean just what it says. They are the best selling games on the eshop. It's not games they are trying to feature or put in a spotlight. They are games that have sold the most so the games on here actually do have the oomph and power to be there.
DanteRevoX (12 days ago)
Far too minor honestly... They should seriously take some parts/notes from the 3DS e-shop, it's so pleasant to navigate it every time I turn it on because of the music, the visuals, the way they separate Nintendo titles from others etc. Honestly this looks just WAY to bland, needs more colour to it, some funky animations per say, and 100% some music. They could also incorporate themes, one of the things I expected to see day 1 when they launched the platform. Disappointing update, but thanks for trying at least :)
Monkeyking (12 days ago)
i would like a feature where i can connect my account to someone elses wallet, my bank account would love a feature like that :P
Nura BinTTrax (12 days ago)
I think they did a good job and your video highlighted the changes well. What I would like to see is: 1. A notification system implemented for games on our individual wish-list that would send a notification informing the user when there has been a price change or when the game gones on sale. The notification could be send to the Switch's main screen or, preferably, to a registered cell phone number or email address. 2. As the Eshop continues to grow regarding DLC, add-on, map-packs, and so forth, implment a way to sort just for that content Perhaps create a heading along the left-hand side of the margins (where the other headings are) called "Download/Add-Ins" 3. A notification system that sends an announcement to the Switch, cell phone, or via email, when a game that is on our individual wish-list has been released. The notification could be something as simple, "Woohoo! A game that was on your wish-list has now available for purchase!"
Cedric D. Flash (12 days ago)
Dude did you buy every game that came out on the switch. As you were scrolling down all I could see is purchased, purchased....
IPokeEyesOut (12 days ago)
It needs to update and get rid of the shit indie games.
JayJayAG (12 days ago)
An actual theme song?
Prostate Protection (12 days ago)
I think it's a good step, but really what we need is the internet browser, or at least YouTube.
DillyBird BK (12 days ago)
catchy music would be cool in the eShop as well
Fabian (12 days ago)
Why th I the WiiU E shop on the thumbnail?
White Emerald_ (12 days ago)
Can you stop click baiting? (thumbnail) Just because others do it doesn't mean you should. Your video becomes misleading and your credibility goes out the window. In the end, you are just hurting your channel. My advice is to stop. Now here is my thought about the video topic. I like the white and orange creamsicle look. It is a classy look. But I prefer the look of the Wii U. The Switch eshop needs music and maybe that is why I'm not really feeling the e shop. There is one thing I realize that the Nintendo Switch E shop don't have that the Wii and the Wii U e shop did have. And it is the adventure. The E shop for the Switch is just a library but it isn't an adventurous one. What I like about the Wii U and the Wii E shop is that it made you want to navigate the shop whereas the Nintendo Switch doesn't. Maybe this because of the lack of music. Music is engaging and that is what made me wanna stay more on the Wii U e shop. Nintendo Switch E shop has a lot of neo geo fighting games that isn't appealing to me. But if they had a button that said "Neo Geo fighting games Power House", it would make me wanna click on it. They need to make engaging buttons like that to make me click on it.
Shanayde Walker (12 days ago)
Lovely accounts lol. UK, Aussie, Japan......😂😂 Using the different prices well I see👀🤣🤣
KuroiTCG (12 days ago)
i feel that for me they are completely useless and didnt change anything tbh, just two more sections i will never open since i only look the "great deals" and "coming soon"
Sweezy (12 days ago)
Fr? Still no genre/category tabs? Nintendo it’s 2018 please....
Cardboardguy 14 (11 days ago)
Sweezy it's coming in September with the big update
Samtander (12 days ago)
We need music
Lvl UpStacks (12 days ago)
Only came to see if they had music. 😩👎
F.D.R (12 days ago)
59¢ game on switch hell yeah I can finally use my 60 gold coins I got redeemed from Mario kart.... And when I got my breath of the wild new IT SAID IT WAS OUTDATED AND GAVE ME NO COINS 😭
TheFlatbiscuit (12 days ago)
Good next add a better party option for when playing with friends
ShadowGaming57 (12 days ago)
Needs more...
Deric Gregory (12 days ago)
They need to bring back user ratings and also ADD THEMES
ImmaZarbon (12 days ago)
Parental controls? How old are you exactly?
Legendary Link (12 days ago)
how about a chat app so we can finally talk to people with other switches!
Ace Condor (12 days ago)
Nintendo plz bring music to this e shop and I will be happy but this update is a step in the right direction
Nate Ford (12 days ago)
Thank you for not stretching this out to 10+ minutes
ReignPlaysGames (12 days ago)
i would still like to see some sort of review system from verified purchasers.
ToonReel001 (12 days ago)
Wii Shopping Channel always had the easiest navigation. By Publisher, by console, by genre. Simple buttons.
KamidakeRed (12 days ago)
Come on Nintendo, I wish the would make a new F-ZERO hell if not a new one at least put the old ones on the Switch.
Idiot9000 (12 days ago)
Lego city Undercover is still the best LEGO game imo
barry bee benson (12 days ago)
there is a discovery tab on mine
Silver & Gold (12 days ago)
They Need To Bring Back The Last Wii U E-Shop Music To The Wii U I Hate Hearing The New One
Noah Davis (12 days ago)
can they just make it like the wii u one that eshop was fun to look around for a while and it always play the music from the recent released game
Da King (12 days ago)
Still a boring shop. I like Sony's many more categories and ways to search through games
Justin Walker (12 days ago)
So no cart still? What if I want to buy more than 1 Great Deal?
Patryk Lebiecki (12 days ago)
are achievments available on switch?
jambo productions (12 days ago)
which is ur favorite switch game
MEGAiron Dragon25 (12 days ago)
Was Nintendo finally using there Brain
Rachael Augustyn (12 days ago)
I think they should have a recommended for you tab based off your past purchases, so like you could see what other games that are similar in style or genre that they think you might like. They also need to add the most important thing of all THEMES! Other than that i think it's a pretty good upgrade, they still have work to do but this was a nice development instead of more firmware updates.
DeeDee 9 (12 days ago)
I didn’t feel there needed to be any changes, because whenever I go into the eShop I know which game I’m to going to buy and I just search for it.
HyruleMaster022 (12 days ago)
-Retro/Classics Tab -Menu Music -Home themes -Free to Start tab -DLC tab

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