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The History of the World according to Resident Evil

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The History of the World according to Resident Evil The thorny history of Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy and other fashionable survivors is not easy to grasp after twenty years of games. But we're here to help. This is the history of the world according to Resident Evil. For more from GamesRadar Subscribe: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1 http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.facebook.com/gamesradar http://www.twitter.com/gamesradar http://www.twitch.tv/gamesradar
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Text Comments (542)
CrudeGoons (5 hours ago)
You should've waited till the resident evil 7 dlcs were out, got some extra info in em.
I know the true of RE 6 It wanst simmon simmons made the virus to make an Ada and control The world with it but he didint continue until Carla adas doppleganger took the job made a soldier called j'avo and NEO-U j'vo soldiers. Simmons made the outbrake but he only wanted to kill the president. Then leon blamed simmons. And simmons wanted leon to die cuz leom was in his way to do job to kill all humans in like raccoon city
javo instead of g-yavo to pronouce it Lol
Ian 93 (2 days ago)
I've always been wondering about this, thanks for the info!
Prince chaturvedi (2 days ago)
Where was CIA....
SgtHydra (3 days ago)
Long story short: Very crazy rich people did crazy things with crazy viruses for no good reason whatsoever.
Why'd He Bite Me (3 days ago)
Alexia didn't accidentally kill her "father." She found out about how and why she was created, her and her brother and used him as a test subject. Noting the changes he went through, she was able to conclude that she needed to go into stasis to meld with it. You forgot the T103 and the arms race for the project bio weapon between Umbrella US and Umbrella Europe which led to the creation of Nemesis. Where is Telos? :D Also Brandon Bailey was involved with finding the flower in Africa. Outbreak is canon, where is that? CGI Movies? Some stuff in here isn't really accurate ..
Nicholas Adam (3 days ago)
The live action universe and the game universe are different
Kris Truss (3 days ago)
I miss Sheva
chongokhan (4 days ago)
thank you so much, i played all RE games, but the years are so far apart and ive played so many games in between that i really didn't see a clear flow between the stories and kinda confuse. this video stitch everything up together, tho i have yet to play RE7 so this was kinda a spoiler for me but not that i mind. cool vids keep it up
Batman Batman (7 days ago)
Resident evil 7 doesnt seem to tie together with the rest of the story, that is if "Redfield," is suppost to be Chris.
Brandon Church (8 days ago)
STEROIDS - Chris ValenSteroids
Zamir Rodriguez (9 days ago)
Poorly detailed pal, you made it seem Ada Wong's fault in RE6 as you forgot to say she had a doppelganger, the most relevant issue of that game. Besides you did not include the CGI films which also take part in the original story timeline. And many other details... what a pity.
MUXLIMO (10 days ago)
This is a good video, but.. the narator too much dramatization on his tone.. duh! (_ _ ")
John Kravich (10 days ago)
Love that Resident Evil 1 (movie) intro. Really amazing video though, great job!
Separate Cloud (12 days ago)
Wesker fell into the volcano and you punch the boulder to make a platform to get to wesker
StukaGel (13 days ago)
13:30 tencent ?
Khalid Harbi (14 days ago)
06:18 😂
TheEpyonGundam (14 days ago)
Seriously pass on this people it’s chalked full of erroneous mistakes and flat out lies worst ever history video
SAVATH LUK (15 days ago)
But re4 the only resident evil game With working upgrade
Thom Florio (15 days ago)
Where's Alice? Her character IS Resident Evil! And why can't I stop being sarcastic?
Sarana (16 days ago)
Are the books canon? Like Caliban Cove for example?
Sarana (4 days ago)
Okay, thanks for the answer
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
The books are their own timeline, like the Anderson films. Characters, like 'Trent' do not appear in the games. Some stuff from the novels has been used in the games though, like Chris and Claire being orphans and Leon being late to work because of partying and breaking up with his girlfriend
John Coleman (16 days ago)
Will you be able to play as a Tofu like the older version
Screw The Net (18 days ago)
Well done. Faved.
jason77584 (20 days ago)
missed the outbreak series that took place before re3 over all great video
Audrey Love (20 days ago)
Don’t forget resident evil outbreak
Mr305miamivice (20 days ago)
Didn't the helos at the end of Res.Evil7 have a blue umbrella logo on I'm confused
Melanie Klausner (13 days ago)
Yes it was a revamped umbrella that is trying to show the world they werent on board with the members that were doing all the experiments your have to play the Chris DLC to understand it. I didn't play it but watched a playthrough of parts of it were chris tells them that if he finds out they are using him for anything bad he gonna take them down
Jerrystolk (20 days ago)
This comically poor storytelling. I'm pretty sure it's Capcom who has the debilitating amnesia. They even forget that Resident Evil are supposed to be horror survival games. (parts one - code veronica did just that) Part 4 wasn't even that but at least it was a fun game. Took them took remaking and porting RE 1 20 times to figure out that people want a horror game. So they finally made Resident Evil 7. (which is great) And now we are getting what looks like to be a fantastic remake and rework of Resident Evil 2. Executives are fucking idiots. Still.............gamers kept buying enough of their laughable games to keep the mess of a series going for so long until middle aged out of touch overpaid fucking imbeciles of executives finally figured to give gamers something they actually wanted.
kagetsuki23 (18 days ago)
Re4 was good,Resident Evil is not about zombies but about BIO ORGANIC WEAPONS.
Rax Savvage (21 days ago)
i feel like you got some events out of order, umbrella holds out for 5 years till of all people, wesker explains everything
the mouth of Sauron (21 days ago)
the resident evil movies are a fucking embarrasment and a disgrace!
Daniel Patrie (22 days ago)
soooo, I didnt register anything ... lol
PH4T JOKER (23 days ago)
Simmons was the easiest boss ever.
Paul Jamilkowski (23 days ago)
U FORGOT THE MOVIES LOL But in all seriousness, good video. Would've liked to hear some mention of smaller side games such as Survivor and Dead Aim. Also, the "e" in Sheva is short, not long. Not pronounced like the Indian 6 armed goddess.
Melanie Klausner (13 days ago)
Paul Jamilkowski which movies you talking about if you mean the CGI one yeah would have been nice to have them in. If your talking about the ones that have the Alice character in them they arms and alone and have nothing to do with the games
Lois. Griffin (23 days ago)
FLiPPiNoise (24 days ago)
man lots of resident evil i havent played!
Anthony Bello (24 days ago)
A Jill sandwich sounds pretty tasty
XxKanekiXx (24 days ago)
I liked revolutions or 6
Tiffany (24 days ago)
"Steve does not make it and he whines about it A LOT." lol I love the voice inflection.. "on a TRAIN!" lol
PowerL1N3 (24 days ago)
(VIRUSES) Progenitor Virus T-Virus T-Veronica G-Virus Las Plagas (The Plague) Uroboros C-Virus The Mold E-Type (BAD GUYS) Umbrella corporation U.B.C.S. H.C.F. Los Illuminados Tricell INC. F.B.C. NEO-Umbrella The Family Tensu The Connections (GOOD GUYS) S.T.A.R.S R.P.D. B.S.A.A. TERRA SAVE BLUE UMBRELLA
kagetsuki23 (18 days ago)
You forgot the A - Virus.
Sol Payne (25 days ago)
What about Resident Evil Dead Aim for PS2? Has anyone played the game? If s, how does that relate ? is it also about the ship that got taken over ?
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
Dead Aim is just some Umbrella lore. The ship it takes place on for most of the game is where Umbrella sold BOWs (The Spencer Rain), Morpheus was one of the people blamed for the Raccoon City Incident and following incidents, and so on
how to tell which characters are pussys well chris jill wesker and barry are because theyre scared of dog but they rather stay in a house full of zombies snakes alot of shit
AmpedRivals (26 days ago)
Hey guys! Please follow my podcast https://thecemetery.podbean.com/
kel246781357 (27 days ago)
After watching this video I'm still confused about the RE timeline. But what confuses me the most is how Chris changed so much. How is that possible?
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
He changed following CV because Wesker did manage to capture his sister and he failed to save Steve. That, and he nearly died fighting Wesker. This caused him to start hitting the gyms for a few years, and in RE5 he beats Wesker, and saves Jill, meaning all his steroid abuse has paid off.
Tyler Bergen (27 days ago)
Hmm...well, the Arklay mansion incident had little to do with the T-Virus being released in Raccoon City. The reason it got released in Raccoon City is because of the idiocy of Umbrella's UBCS team shooting Birkin to take the G-Virus. After he mutated he smashed all the T-Virus samples under his foot and it contaminated the water/got spread by rats from there. The G-Virus samples he had on him he ate to increase his mutation/strength. T-Virus was the green liquid in that RE2 cut scene, as opposed to the purple vials containing the g-virus.
Why'd He Bite Me (3 days ago)
USS Shot birkin, not the UBCS.
cheese_grits (27 days ago)
They really fucked up Chris Redfields design in 7. Ruined him.
Junior Cudjoe (27 days ago)
what about the Resident Evil CGI films is set in the game universe you know 😑😑😑😑😑😐😐😐😐
Jolly CoOperator (28 days ago)
Did they forget about 50 shades of Umbrella.. the BDSM vr including all our favorites..
Bru21om (28 days ago)
What a dynamic voice narration!!!! Also, Ada Wong ruins everything !
CrunchyNorbert (28 days ago)
Barry looks like Louis ck
Anvar Jamalov (28 days ago)
I search this video for a long time. Great video. Thanks for it
Harley Turner (28 days ago)
The president's daughter is kidnapped, so they send a rookie cop to a foreign country without a translator, instead of a whole army... Makes sense. Good job CAPCOM
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
Leon had been an American Agent for about 6 years following RE2 (see his RE3 Epilogue File for that), and the translators were the guys driving him in. They were also unaware of Las Plagas and were just investigating to see if Ashley was there
DarkE (28 days ago)
Zombies, tyrants , nemesis ...great..alien like creatures gtfo
Roman J (28 days ago)
i was looking for the Russians to be responsible for anything here, but I am now in peace
What about Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City?
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
Not canonical to the series. The only canonical Raccoon City media are -RE2 -RE3 -Outbreak Files 1 and 2 -Raccoon City Radio Drama -BIOHAZARD 4D Executer (Gray Canon)
yo Reaper (29 days ago)
My first game was re4 on ps2. Was still a kid back then and this game just rock. Leon S Kennedy became my favorite character in RE. But wow there are so many other characters(mostly side character) in RE. Leon is so badass in the animated movies.
T GG (29 days ago)
Eugenius Co (29 days ago)
I stopped watching when it came to that South American drug lord
Sable (1 month ago)
it wasn't shanghai, it was Hong Kong
Zman2112 (1 month ago)
Sir I don’t mean to be rude here but in RE5 Chris and sheva shot 2 rpgs into Wesley’s face on the volcano.
Auto Sniper (1 month ago)
Jill sandwich again
Auto Sniper (1 month ago)
Waitt how about the wesker project timeline
Spideog of Highgate (1 month ago)
Uh sextet I think you're forgetting someone .. Ada's umbrella solider in a can(her campaigns player two) 😀
Katastrofe63 (1 month ago)
And we all still want to know where in the fuck is Billy!!! He needs to comeback!
Katastrofe63 (4 days ago)
StrongestManKurosawa not official I also thought the same and still its not been said
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
He got eaten by dogs man
Amit kumar dash (1 month ago)
Need a dose of veronica T viruse to remember all of these timelines.
Pasha Boss (1 month ago)
what a complicated story timeline !! more than fast and furious
Why'd He Bite Me (3 days ago)
This video is inaccurate and left out a lot
James Younger (1 month ago)
I recall this being a great game and, even as a kid, I could sit and watch others play it and be entertained... now that I'm an adult, and can follow the story, I'm so lost and confused.......
blaqpirate (23 days ago)
James Younger welcome to the club man
Devun Daddario (1 month ago)
It doesn't look like Dr. Manhattan. This narrator is dumb.
Nipps Welmactt (1 month ago)
"Sunglasses enthusiast, Albert Wesker..." This needs to be a comercial with Wesker showing off the product glasses XD
88Stomper88 (1 month ago)
Good video few details left out but got the overall story I approve lol
Sebastian Sukamto (1 month ago)
Natalia reminds me of Eveline, I played 7 before Revelation 2
Suffering Succotash (1 month ago)
Never understood why resident evil 7 was called resident evil if it had nothing to do with the original series or didn’t have any zombies. But okay.
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
RE isn't about zombies though. Even in the first game they said zombies were an accident. What RE is really about is BOWs, such as the Tyrant series (t-001, 002, 073, 103), Hunter types, G-type creations, etc. And RE4 had already ditched zombies
GoingWithTheFlow TM (18 days ago)
Suffering Succotash it’s because BOWs
Joshua Galvan VO (1 month ago)
You forgot Not a hero dlc
Ression (1 month ago)
So many lettered viruses. It's like they made a virus for every letter in the alphabet
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
That isn't true yet. Give it another decade. There's A-Virus C-Virus E-Type G-Virus t-Virus t+G-Virus t-Veronica Virus t-Abyss (Revelations) t-Phobos (REv2) Las Plagas Urorborus J'avo
KevinEatsAll (1 month ago)
Tl;dw. Basically people trying to control something they didnt fully understand. Lost control and fked up the world. Lol
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
No, they knew what they were doing. One of the founders, Ozwell Spencer, wanted a virus that could infect 100% of people administered it, in a bid to create a virus that would make him a God among men and make him immortal, which Albert Wesker eventually creates with Uroroborus. And the world doesn't get fucked up, just a Bioterror incident every other year.
Lorenzo Guerrero (1 month ago)
Where does the Harvardville incident fit into this? A
MrYuckForever (1 month ago)
What's more complex the history of RE or picking the right gift on Jill Valentine's day?
Mike R. (1 month ago)
Its also the same storyline of people disappearing and someone else being sent to find them in the middle of a zombie outbreak only to have to fight the ceo of the company that started it and infects 5hemselves for some odd reason
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
That's not how RE1 works. It starts the same, yeah, but the original explanation was that staff were overworked and the leak was accidental. Later on, it's retconned that Wesker did infect himself, but it was with a specialized virus that would activate shortly after he dies, so he could fake his death. In RE2, Birkin infects himself because he was dying and wanted to get revenge and save his G-Virus, and didn't expect to lose control. RE3's big bad is a BOW, and the human big bad escapes having won. CODE:Veronica's villain infected herself years before Claire showed up, and her virus made her superhuman (as intended). And the past 3 games have nothing to do with people disappearing, and RE2/3's cast were unaware of the outbreak till it was too late. And in CV, Claire was there when the outbreak started.
Great at condensing the events but butchered a crap ton of the names
Albert Wisker (1 month ago)
Can someone answer this for me? If the T-virus was created for making super people and (eventually tyrants), then does that mean that the zombies are just some sort of byproduct of infection if it is left unmanaged?
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
Yes. I think the number mentioned in Wesker's Report for t-Virus compatibility was 1 in 1000, and you needed to be of a certain level of intelligence or else your brain would die. Zombies were a byproduct of someone who was infected and wasn't the right fit for the virus.
Wait who did Albert fuck to get his son
Tbh no gay shit. But Billy gets bitches
Fred Dukeduong (1 month ago)
Wth happened to Chris Redfield in RE7? Looks like he got off the Roids. They need to bring back the RE5/6 Chris.
Clint Eastwood (1 month ago)
GewoonYorick Man (1 month ago)
How many fucking viruses do they need
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
REmake and 0 don't require any story. 4 doesn't really either, but Leon is the main character so REmake 2 would help. RE5 is a buildup from the entire series and is the most lore heavy one, but you can get away with just REmake and CV (and listen to Wesker's Report as well) Revelations requires no real background other than 'The BSAA exists' Revelations 2 requires you having played RE5 Lost in Nightmares and having read the files about Wesker in it 6 requires knowledge of 4 and 5.
GewoonYorick Man (4 days ago)
StrongestManKurosawa ok thanks for the info I’ll try to find them online or in stores
GewoonYorick Man (4 days ago)
StrongestManKurosawa and one question is there any game in the series I can play without having to worry about missing story since 7 did not really focus on the main story and more of an new story so you did not have to play a re game to understand the entire story (except from Chris redfield)
StrongestManKurosawa (4 days ago)
GewoonYorick Man Alright, here’s the order for you then RE Origins Collection (contains REmake and 0, 0 is a bit of an iffy game, the collection is$20) CODE:Veronica X (on PSN as a PS2 Classic) Then you follow the rest of the guide starting from 4. If you have the money and a computer, you can buy a PSP (they’re like $40) and hack it to play RE1-3
GewoonYorick Man (4 days ago)
StrongestManKurosawa I’ll try to get my hands on some re games since I love the franchise and the whole idea behind it
SHOOTER 57 (1 month ago)
You've missed only events of 4D Executer, BSAA raid on project T.A.L.O.S,Operation Javier ,Marhawa Desire, Heavenly Island and The Experiment from Umbrella Corps and Not a Hero+End of Zoe, and you dare to say it's COMPLETE?
Jordan Holm (1 month ago)
I cannot begin to tell you how many times you miss pronounced the characters names. If you’re going to do a video on something like a movie, game,book at least know how to say the names properly
Sir Straus (1 month ago)
The movies make it seem like the world went down hill immediately after raccoon city
Zachary Everett (1 month ago)
I wish you had included the events that had unfolded in the cgi films, Resident Evil: Survivor, and Resident Evil: Dead Aim as they are all considered as part of the canon. Plus the events of Resident Evil 2 & 3 took place in the Fall not the Summer.
KING - (1 month ago)
I don’t like how resident evil 7 isn’t connected like the other games are
Dillon Fortner (1 month ago)
I'd say it's a little incomplete. You also forgot the side story but briefly mentioned them while telling the story about Leon, Clair and jill. 2 other factions were there umbrellas secret security service and the special ops was also there in raccoon city
Slim Arkane (1 month ago)
How did they not mention Chris in the opening scene with Jill & Leon? #HowToDetectAHater
Ther7 (1 month ago)
Geez, RE story is dumb as fuck. The games are gun though.
Ryuko Gaming (1 month ago)
*alphabet viruses*
Mardon NaLou (1 month ago)
What can you say? Fighting and surviving multiple zombie outbreaks keep you fit.
naruto chick (1 month ago)
Ada wong is a double agent. She works with Wesker but I wouldn't be surprised if she was running her own corporation or something. There's way more to her than meets the eye. She's been a double agent since re2. Doing her own crap behind the scenes. No one even knows her true motive. I mean come on, faking her own death. Suddenly returning in re4 to help wesker (though she did her own thing anyway and spared Leon on many occasions.) She probably kept the sample for herself for all we know. It never went into it. People assumed she gave it to Wesker. Then all of a sudden: Whoa she meets leon in re6 again and shes with another group. Not to mention her own mother clones Ada and is reincarnated as another version of her!
David Ramirez (1 month ago)
That first title year background looks like Nuggs pothead view
Mezmerizer 9 (1 month ago)
Jill sandwich is the best thing that happened to RE.
TheSwineofGod (1 month ago)
This is amazing. Thank you for this.
th3c00ki3m0n5t3r (1 month ago)
Okay. A few annoyances: Sheva is pronounced 'sheh-va' Helena is pronounced 'Helaina' Figure it out dude And why would you use cutscenes from newer games to explain the old games its really messy and confusing
Rey Montalvo (1 month ago)
Damn dude u did ur homework good job.... I play almost games accept for Veronica but u explain everything perfectly

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