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Teaching English the Fun Way: The Game

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This game style of teaching grammar allows all students to be active and participate equally in the class. All students, no matter their level of English can master the game and have success. Students self-correct, help their teammates and analyze the work of their classmates. Writing fast and accurately also develops other areas of the brain. Students also follow the rules, apply the rules, and resolve any conflicts. Students cheer on their classmates and learn to be good sports. And most of all they have fun learning grammar.
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A good game. But i have 50 students crammed in a classroom - can't see how it will work in my situation? But can see how it works in very small groups of enthusiastic children. And I can see these are good students - good learners and have a high level of English Grammar. If you spoke like you do here to my students - they would not understand anything you say! But a good game for a high level of English learners.
Marshal Haynes (6 months ago)
If you really want to learn English, pick up a copy of Mark's English Grammar Shortcuts - head and shoulders above the rest.
KingDSnowman has been changed to Teaching English the Fun Way because I can't remember the password for my KingD channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVLwsvDfH1URRhT-WkqVpNg
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBdcW4rnGuM How to teach the English Language. I have trained students from around the world, including doctors, engineers, graphic designers, accountants, marketing managers, business owners etc. I have also trained many Native Speakers in becoming TEFL Teachers. First lesson free, please contact me at mawlaanaa1924@gmail.com if you want help or guidance on any aspect of the English Language.
Sabah Khan (1 year ago)
I didn't want to search this up but my sister. Told me to even though she's 11 and I'm 8 I have to play teacher teacher in this age
DeadRudy (1 year ago)
Nice fun game!
Dayen Luhukay (1 year ago)
what we call this game? thank you.
Lakshmi Narayana (1 year ago)
Nice Technique
ottorocks10 gameplays (1 year ago)
That teacher does not sound any friendly, furthermore annoying. But, the activity is OK.
Aldrin Auwardy (1 year ago)
is it adventist school ?because i see one of the students wearing Pathfinder t-shirt
Elham Moazzeni (1 year ago)
Hi there. Could u plz explain the game? seems fun☺
That is in Thailand
Hello, Thanks for the interest in my video and please subscribe to my new channel - Teaching English the Fun Way. I am going to start uploading hundreds of these videos that I have been making ever since I made these original videos. I had to start a new channel because I can't access my original channel KingDSnowman. I will also reply to comments.
Don Snow (1 year ago)
Hello everybody. I am the teacher and haven't managed this channel since I uploaded these videos. I appreciate all of the positive feedback. I plan to restart this channel and add many new videos. I will also respond to comments. The problem has been that I don't remember my user name or password and can't access my own channel. Anyone have any ideas? I may just start a new channel with the same videos and many new ones.
Miss Babe 404 (2 years ago)
this is a great activity! it is in Thailand?
Yes, please subscribe to my new channel - Teaching English the Fun Way. I am going to start uploading hundreds of these videos that I have been making ever since I made these original videos. I had to start a new channel because I can't access my original channel KingDSnowman.
Loan Lê Thị Hồng (2 years ago)
Could you please transcipt at 1:32? I can't hear clearly what he said.
Abderrahim Fatmi (1 year ago)
Teaching English the Fun Way
Hello,Thanks for the interest in my video and please subscribe to my new channel - Teaching English the Fun Way. I am going to start uploading hundreds of these videos that I have been making ever since I made these original videos. I had to start a new channel because I can't access my original channel KingDSnowman.
Loan Lê Thị Hồng (1 year ago)
Thank u for spending ur time to transcript and explain. You're so kind. I can understand what his mean, but he said so fast.
DC (1 year ago)
He said: "Mya (student's name) I guess you guys have to move off to the side. We cannot see." He is making a video and the students were blocking the view, so he told them to move out of the way.
Cristian Dominguez (2 years ago)
Sapatos Sapatero (2 years ago)
I hope I can do this to my 54 students....
Sapatos Sapatero (2 years ago)
Awang Budiman (2 years ago)
Haha I feel you bro. Most of the activities shown on YouTube were done in classrooms with 20 students max. Meanwhile I have more than 30 kids. x)
Prudent Student (2 years ago)
You must be getting paid a whole lot of money.
ANIL KUMAR (2 years ago)
|||||||||||>] |||||[]||||||| |||||||||||>]
ANIL KUMAR (2 years ago)
I hope the boys win.
SEEMA PATEL (2 years ago)
i like it :)
SEEMA PATEL (2 years ago)
wow wow wow very good way..........................................
Jonnhy0989 (2 years ago)
Nice! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!
Jellie Mae Bolo (2 years ago)
I will try this in my class. Thank u for sharing.
Jamaican Lifestyle (2 years ago)
It is a revision activity on pronouns. Students are writing sentences from a sheet and they have been asked to underline the pronoun (s) in the sentence they write. Then the student who finishes writing the sentence first has to say whether the pronoun is singular or plural, what person it is (first, second or third person), and whether the pronoun is masculine, feminine or neutral... Thank you for posting. Love it! :)
Ranjan Perera (1 year ago)
Jamaican Lifestyle I'm BBM
Haibo Zhang (2 years ago)
The first girl is really a miss Sunshine. (Very good training center. Is there any one want to teach in China? I am a teacher here, we need high trained and qualities teacher.)
Hello, I am the teacher in the video and I may want to teach in China
earlysda (2 years ago)
4:00"Do you all" is perfectly OK". Cool Pathfinders!
Great game!!! thanks for sharing it!
Southocean (3 years ago)
Some of them are frustrated sir, sadly :(
Karin N (2 years ago)
+Nam Nguyen I don't see that, at all.
Dien Hoang (3 years ago)
Ngô Quỳnh Vân (3 years ago)
It is useful for me , thank you !
sichuevos (3 years ago)
For all of the people responding, "Can you explain the activity?" etc... If you can't extrapolate the assignment - both the specific pronoun assignment in this video as well as how to "plug in" other assignments - based on the video, perhaps you're not fit to be teaching in the first place. I'm a classroom teacher as well (English, even) and "got" it almost immediately. The sentences being written are what is on the papers the students are holding. He knows in advance which questions he's going to ask for which sentences. The follow-up questions that he asks the "winner" of each sentence writing/underlining competition are the DoK questions (CCSS) or leveled questions (PASS) that are required to gauge mastery. After an hour or two of this, a mastery test could pretty much be accomplished with an exit ticket. Nice work, KingDSnowman.
Safa Amoudi (3 years ago)
What kind of activity is this?? what is written on the strips of papers the students are holding? you should have had an introduction to clarify this ....Anyway, thank you.....
Native British English (3 years ago)
this looks good but can someone explain the activity so that i can make a lesson plan for this?
穆利根 (4 years ago)
Great self governance in the class.
Wahll Paige (4 years ago)
You dont teach Pathfinders to collect containers on Saturdays. 
Klint Hart (9 days ago)
Wahll Paige Amal sex
Radwa Salah (4 years ago)
Adorable students : ) 
Wenzi Zhang (4 years ago)
but how to teach students "what is first person,second person, single,plural.." and make Ss to memorize the grammar clearly???
Jonathan Pichinte (4 years ago)
hey i know that simbol of that guys !! are pathpinders club..ADVENTIS CHURCH
MY ENGLISH FAQ (4 years ago)
Nice teacher! ) Clever students! )
makijirou ura (4 years ago)
I heard they were speaking Korean? How wonderful teaching in class! It gave me inspireing!
Agen Bioterra Dot Com (4 years ago)
Odong Nga Lami (4 years ago)
ohh Pathfinders :D
Livia warty (4 years ago)
i saw the Pathfinder logo.. which school is this?
Cloak (4 years ago)
This is Trinity Internation School
Philip Spencer (4 years ago)
"Do you all..." is very common in the southern part of the U.S. and is neither incorrect nor substandard. We usually use the contracted form "y'all". This game doesn't look fun at all.
Brett Phillips (3 years ago)
+Philip Spencer must be full of great ideas. Let's check his YouTube channel and watch all his amazing clips with better ways to teach ESL. I say thank you for sharing the video KingDSnowman.
Cloak (4 years ago)
Compared to how normal class goes, it was more entertaining than most classes. I was in one of the classes this teacher taught and I'll tell you that competing with your friends and laughing and some of their mistakes is pretty fun especially when this was when we were in 8th grade
Scandy Doyle (5 years ago)
Girl on 3:33 is super confident already but wrong answer :-D hahaha
Cloak (5 years ago)
Its an international school in thailand
Cloak (5 years ago)
Thailand, its an international school. We have a variety of ethnicities
genericbotface (5 years ago)
This is awesome!
Joe Karim (5 years ago)
Good game,student centered and allows pupils to be active in class,am sure your students like English through such activities.
Rashawn Williams (5 years ago)
Great way to make grammar fun. Thanks for sharing this!
Michelle Larking (5 years ago)
This is great! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to try it in my classroom!
alkaris ali ali (5 years ago)
I've never seen a class more ineteresting and more inetersted , but we need to know the procedure in details ,please! many thanks
Kim Vu (5 years ago)
very useful for me. Thank you very much!
maha shuhba (5 years ago)
I've tried this game with my students and it worked very well grammar exercises aren't boring any more thanks a lot
daisy sanchez (5 years ago)
hi I like this activity but can you explain me the procedure. I am waiting the answer. thank you.
인직만숙덩실 (6 years ago)
like like

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