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12 BIG SWITCH Games Confirmed Coming In 2018

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This video is about 12 Big Nintendo Switch Games that are confirmed coming in 2018. And a lot more big triple A games that are still in TBA and still under development. ◆ 2 LATEST MUST WATCH ◆ COMPLETE 44 JANUARY 2018 GAMES - http://youtu.be/O-dLaWYYxwM 16 NEW GAMES ANNOUNCED - http://youtu.be/hbUHKrYrbeE ◆ Follow Us ◆ Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (8 months ago)
↓↓↓↓ Don't Miss Out On ANYTHING! ↓↓↓↓ COMPLETE 44 JANUARY 2018 GAMES - http://youtu.be/O-dLaWYYxwM (LATEST)16 NEW GAMES ANNOUNCED - http://youtu.be/hbUHKrYrbeE
Robert (6 months ago)
SwitchPlanet three ads on a ten minute video? No thank you.
xSkyhawkx (8 months ago)
SwitchPlanet did anyone notice Weiss Schnee in blazblue cross tag battle?
bacho beats (1 month ago)
Rico Nola (1 month ago)
I lost my shit when I saw Travis from No More Heroes
SenseiTan (1 month ago)
Почему заглавие по русски если всё по английски
타노스 (2 months ago)
돈 내야됨??
K1LL3R (3 months ago)
black ops 4?
Adriano142 Blabs (4 months ago)
I think Im getting outlast 2
Spider Gin (4 months ago)
Hyped for Megaman 2 and Wolfenstein 2!
netweed09 (4 months ago)
wow, that Outlast clip was the meaning of grim and grip some of the other 3D space blasters look good too
Scott Sheaves (4 months ago)
i find your channel really reliable when it comes what is coming to switch are there any other reliable channels that you know of
Doreen Surigao (4 months ago)
do you think this game will come to Vita too? I only havt the vita so I hope it will :(
Скрудж (4 months ago)
!Крч для российских ! 1. Более-наименее норм слешер. 2. Pay day 2. 3. Outlast 1-2. 4. Wolfenstein 2. Так же кушать еще превосходный дум где этак же находится мультиплеер и Скайрим, однако подумайте, префикс стоит дохуя, сколько будут стоить эти игры я боюсь представить ! Можно приобрести ps4 за 20к, приобрести на юле либо авито DOOM за 1.5к и резаться для себя расслабленно. Я понимаю, что Нинтендо можно трепать с собой, однако ее зарядки хватит на 3часа игры в дум и нахуя спрашивается ? Что дадут вам эти 3 часа ? Так же не понимаю существование Скайрима, нахуя ? Все его уже прошли по мильён один и никому нахуй он не всрался, темболее !!!! За ту стоимость что он продаётся. Но сколько людей столько и воззрений. Лично мне приглянулся лишь дум, ибо кушать ещё и мультиплеер, а это пиздато, однако решать вам- выплачивать приблизительно 30к чтобы поиграть в него на парах либо в самолете часика 3, либо приобрести пс4 за 20к тот же дум на неё за 1.5к и ебашить сколько влезит. На этом у меня все - я кончил!
sheffield wednesday (5 months ago)
attack on titan 2 fps dropped below 10 quite allot.
Biac Martini (6 months ago)
hankey san (6 months ago)
Hello guys, wat is intro music of switch planet plz ??
legendarypierre (6 months ago)
Fuck switch!
N00B (6 months ago)
빨간빡빡 (6 months ago)
다 필요없으니 메트로이드프라임4나 내줘라
DIESELV45 (6 months ago)
Cod bo4
That Guy (6 months ago)
I think prototype 2 would be good look it up
eskimo joe (6 months ago)
Ugh not lookin too great for 2018.Fire emblem sounds good but that's about it.2018 is the year i will probably get rid of the switch.Ps4 is so much better
Is there going to be a Dragon Ball Fighters on the Switch?
Asura Azoth (6 months ago)
That's Strange (6 months ago)
I want borderlands 3 on the switch when and if it comes out
Ben- Dover (7 months ago)
Nintendo previews always have someone who knows how to play the game unlike ign
TheGrayWolf (7 months ago)
Just imagine that Nintendo's releases a Switch Pro, it would be on par with the XBOX ONE S
Oisin Osborne (7 months ago)
Nintendo said they are interested in the latest graphics but that could change when they make a profit from the switch so who knows Nintendo are hard to read.
Sekyleky (7 months ago)
CAN it run Crysis tho?
Michael Gagnon (7 months ago)
Wolfenstein?! Yeahhhhhh dude!
kukingina (7 months ago)
What outlast on switch?
zwizzy89 (7 months ago)
Before I watch.. calling atleast 4 ports. Edit. Nintendo = lazy
Lorenzo Limas (7 months ago)
I heard fortnite battle royal is coming to switch?
Mr. Saturn (7 months ago)
Bayonetta 3?
Ethan McGlone (7 months ago)
LittleKlas AS (7 months ago)
and here I am hoping for mario party game.... it was a very popular game for family
Fortnite on the switch plz
BladeFury (7 months ago)
Recently got the news Bendy and the Ink Machine is coming to the switch! Super hyped! :D
Litdude21 (7 months ago)
Call of duty on switch would be lit
Samukael 17 (7 months ago)
Outlast 1 and 2; PAYDAY 2. Is really?
MysterionTM (7 months ago)
Have fun playing wolfenstein locked at 30fps with graphics shittier than PCs lowest settings
Oisin Osborne (7 months ago)
Gretchen Weiners yeah but it's Wolfenstein on the go, I own everything modern video game device so I am set.
ComradeAlpha (7 months ago)
Outlast 1 AND 2?!?!?!
yo -Pillow- (7 months ago)
Now were in 2018 where are them?
ArchCancer (7 months ago)
I want Illusion Schoolmate 2
Matt Browne (7 months ago)
we want mortal kombat x!
BSfunk44 (7 months ago)
Does Nintendo think we are all 9 year old Japanese kids? What the fuck.....why did I buy a switch...
Burkinater 48 (7 months ago)
I know this sounds absolutely crazy but just stick with me on this.. Smash4? Come on!
Rak Soska (7 months ago)
Where is DOOM?!
Oisin Osborne (7 months ago)
its been out on the switch for ages now.
imohsowrong (7 months ago)
Lily Nunez (7 months ago)
I’m excited for Valkyrie Chronicles and Fire emblem
HotNews 24 (7 months ago)
Your video is great, support my channel. Thank you very much.
Ramones Teleki (7 months ago)
Anime anime anime anime . STOPIT !
Ruuni (8 months ago)
Outlast!? What a time to be alive
Sean Homar (8 months ago)
Downside to switch being released so much later than other platforms is the games im interested in are and have been out for some time now, unless you have been living in a cave you will most likely already have these games and i personally wont buy them a second time especially not at nintendo prices. Not many of the nintendo exclusives interest me either 😔
R Klooster (2 months ago)
Sean Homar nintendo games keep their value. unlike pc xbox or ps4, when you walk out of the gamestore with your new game, the value drops with 30%. thats with every product of nintendo. when you finished the game, you can almost sell it for full price even after a year if you own firstparty nintendo games. i even sold my second hand wii-u, played on it for 11 months and sold it with profit. just because i had mario 3d world and pikmin 3 in my collection.
Jack o' Lantern (8 months ago)
Want fortnite on switch! I think it's pretty likely too because that game is EXPLODING right now! See what I did there? No? Oh, never mind.
red stain (8 months ago)
Wolfenstein made me drool! 😂😲
Andrea ilsanto (8 months ago)
Many of these games are already on PC, and I play also The Legend of Zelda on my PC with CEMU at 3440x1440p 60 fps better than Switch version, so why buy a Switch?
R Klooster (2 months ago)
well your 1800 dollar pc isn't hybrid.
Seamus McMahon (6 months ago)
Adrian Rodriguez You’re a retard
Adrian Rodriguez (7 months ago)
Andrea ilsanto The fact that you're blatantly pirating such a new game, and bragging about it at that, is horrible
Nekro Bun (8 months ago)
PORTS>INDIES most of the time
Nintelligent Podcast (8 months ago)
Still waiting for DragonQuest X to come to the US
flyguy061 (8 months ago)
None of these games seem that interesting. Where's kirby and yoshi
Marcus Langston (8 months ago)
Dragon Quest. OMG
Stefan logan (8 months ago)
And people pay money for this lineup 🙈 games which you can play now on other consoles in far better quality^^...and when DQ and other come out, ps4 version will destroy them^^. And yes I own a switch but Iam fucking scared about 2018. the lineup is really shit
Vinicius Madeira (8 months ago)
Stefan logan Just get worse and worse... My friend, Kirby always did sell well. The last Metroid too. And No More Heroes is a franchise that some people love, so it Will sell well too
Vinicius Madeira (8 months ago)
Stefan logan Well.. That's because they don't need it
Stefan logan (8 months ago)
Vinicius Madeira all title are extrem weak on sale numbers and Metroid is 100% 2019 thats for sure. The rest is nonsense and not important or something new. Imho Nintendos best LineUp was 2017 and it will be worse and worse from year to year. They dont make new singleplayer Ips with the level of a mario or zelda.
Vinicius Madeira (8 months ago)
Stefan logan Kirby No More Heroes Fire Emblem Bayonetta Metroid Please, stop bitching
Daeris (8 months ago)
TBA = ?
Daeris (8 months ago)
崔东贤 thx buddy !
崔东贤 (8 months ago)
Daeris turn based action game
Dee Luo (8 months ago)
I'll get the megaman
MySplatterhouse (8 months ago)
I'd dig a Gun Brothers port or Gangstar New Orleans on the Switch. C'mon Glu mobile and Gameloft, get on the bandwagon!!!
Gu!do (8 months ago)
Fire emblemmmmm
MORTEGA_ 15 (8 months ago)
I want Wolfenstein II
saif 11223 (8 months ago)
We need a new wario game
Kevin McCallister (8 months ago)
I'd love to play Hotline Miami on the go. And I wish Bethesda would port Classic Doom.
killersheaven82 (8 months ago)
Damn you fanboys, just fuck off. True gamers are dead, there are only a few true gamers left (me included). I play video games since 1987. And i can say, gamers who started playing video games, in the 80´s and 90´s are the last true gamers outthere. And i own every Nintendo console, plus the 2 mini´s. And the only upcoming games, which are interesting for the Switch right now are: Metroid Prime 4 and Travis Strikes Again The rest are ports (Bayonetta 1 & 2 already have it on my Wii U), or multiplats. True gamers, will point stuff they don´t like out. Fanboys will cheer, for every game the announce.
SilverRain (8 months ago)
4:43 this is the ps4 gameplay,not the switch tho
nintendians (8 months ago)
2. heard the the 3rd one's coming to it too.
Veniks (8 months ago)
I'm missing: Octopath Traveler Yoshi Ace Attorney Kirby Star Allies
anime4everjapan (8 months ago)
O.o fire emblem!! Going to sell very well because it has phone games
Naveek Darkroom (8 months ago)
Octopath Traveler and Bayonetta 1, 2 and possibly 3 are the ones I'm looking forward to in 2018.
Gecko In Jordans (8 months ago)
So I’ve owned payday 2 on Xbox 360, ps4, and PC. Time to buy it again
SLOVENSKI TROLL (8 months ago)
Weichuan Xu (8 months ago)
Too many game titles converted to RPG
Doflamingo / Doffy (8 months ago)
Were is Dragonball Fighter Z
Todos queremos un Smash Bros para la switch,seguro que nintendo lo sacara tarde o temprano :v pacman por que si :v #SDLG HAIL GRASA
Salvador Suarez (8 months ago)
There is practicly nothing new :(
Chacha Lotte (8 months ago)
Whaou only originals games never seen before!!!! This switch is insane! So love it!
îlyes morsli (8 months ago)
Donkey kong
david brookes (8 months ago)
Outlast wolfenstien doom and la noire ,this ain't no longer just a kids machine
Francesco Guerresi (8 months ago)
Only decently was wolfeinstein II 😰
Puellos _ (8 months ago)
Muuccchhh better than indies...
Cena Girl (8 months ago)
Am I the only person not agreeing with those "Big" games?
Samurai Marcos (8 months ago)
Honestly get Dragon ball xenoverse 2, and it dont matter if you dont watch the show and theres alot of reasons that game is good, like there a lot of content and a bunch of dlc's ($10 each),and a game mode and there's 3 story modes you can play. Also, you can customize your character, buy a lot of things like power moves, clothes and others. There's also tournament, so you can test your skill. There's a lot of reason why Dragon ball xenoverse 2 and why you should get it.
ยังมีเกมอย่าง Pokemon RPG (รอประกาศชื่อเกม), Shin Megami Tensei V และ Bayonetta 3 ด้วยครับ
Brad peters (8 months ago)
None of these except bayonetta is coming to the switch
One less lonely memer (8 months ago)
Dank memes bitch is a female dog I'm not a female dog .-.
Brad peters (8 months ago)
One less lonely memer I am real your the one with name bitch
One less lonely memer (8 months ago)
Your name tells us you are a troll
InFiddle _ (8 months ago)
I know it's not really Nintendo thing and they'd probably stray away out of fear of breaking up the splatoon player base but I'd love to see a more realistic competitive fps on the switch like rainbow six siege or something.... That's not to say I'm not loving my switch though... Got the thing on launch day with botw.. Now have odassy skyrim splatoon 2 and Mario kart... Fuckin thing is amazing... The fact that I'll be able to play skyrim on plane rides is a god send... 6 hour flights will be gone in an instant with skyrim to play... I'd barely finish an entire quest line before the plane lands lol.
Jeeses99 (5 months ago)
We already have DOOM, getting Morphies Law, Wolfenstein 2, have Resident Evil Revelations 1&2, getting RICO, getting Black Ops 4 (cod is garbage but it's getting it), and many more in the future.
Jeeses99 (5 months ago)
the ghost I played it for about 5 hrs with good battery to spare. Fucking idiot if you don't have a switch don't say bullshit. I swear I'm sick of these retards who know absolutely nothing about the system.
the ghost (5 months ago)
Yeah a switch is going to be able to play Skyrim for 6 hours straight on one charge LOL.
Jeeses99 (7 months ago)
InFiddle _ I was trolling lol. It's one of the few good shooter games.
InFiddle _ (7 months ago)
Jeeses99 whats your issue with siege? Out of curiosity.
Henry Chavez (8 months ago)
muramasa hd remake on switch yoooo (and more atlus games!)
HeliosVenomMage64 (8 months ago)
What? No Kirby? Not even Prime 4?
JRizzoc13 (8 months ago)
At 7:40 are they remaking radiant Dawn for the switch?
JRizzoc13 (8 months ago)
Aw ok
_crispito_ 1 (8 months ago)
JRizzoc 13 No, it was just a clip from Radiant Dawn.
julen vadillo (8 months ago)
28 de diciembre... XD XD XD
JayZtunning (8 months ago)
valkyria chronicles 4!!!!!
Hunam (8 months ago)
Skyrim out?
One less lonely memer (8 months ago)
Fernando Olivera (8 months ago)
Ofcorse Dqxi and bayoneta
Goose Mc (8 months ago)
I just really want a new Wii Sports or at the very least a bowling game similar to Wii Bowling
Lucidity (8 months ago)
Havent played DQ since iX on DS
sam_i_am 1993 (8 months ago)
getting outlast and wolfenstein for sure 😎
Itax Tube (8 months ago)
Whats na pal jk? In payday2

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