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God of War 4 - Final Boss Fight (God of War 2018) PS4 Pro

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Subscribe ➜ http://bit.ly/2oUkw8n God of War 4 2018 PS4 Pro EPIC Final boss battle vs Baldur & Freya the goddess controlling a giant. Full HD 1080p 60fps Support me/Donate: http://bit.ly/2oVO5GZ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisZanar Become my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ZanarAesthetics
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Text Comments (10408)
Jemell Leonard (3 hours ago)
U trash bruh
Viniccius (1 day ago)
nussa joga muito demorei uns 3 dias ate consegui passa
Yasin Oyunda (2 days ago)
İ am play 3 :(((
Aquiles Castro (3 days ago)
Are this 4k graphics??
man eater (3 days ago)
tatto ALAN WALKER?? 21:10 min
erhe etrherh (4 days ago)
Freya by believing to the prophecy about her son made it come true.
gaming world (4 days ago)
😍😍😍😍 I love God of war all series hit like if you also
Solomon Haokip (5 days ago)
i played it
Jaegar Ultima (5 days ago)
I am anxious for God of War 5 I believe we'll see new characters and allies in the war between the Giants and the Aesir. I don't think all of the giants are dead just those in Jötunnheim. Thor is one of the central gods to worry about but then there's also Vidar the avenger. Atreus will create Fenrir and I want to see how Jormungandr is created in a cutscene. Perhaps God of War 5 will be like 2 but instead of the Titans it will be the Jötunn and how Kratos and Atreus maybe either fight or make a deal with them in the same way Kratos was aided by Gaia but was then betrayed.
Pr1meXL (5 days ago)
Where is God of war 4 for PC, or The last of us PC, or Uncharted PC like what is going on..ah but we have The Witcher 3 😓 I might be getting a PS4 just for gaming...
Pr1meXL (3 days ago)
+Harrison Jaeger Yep, Sony is sort of wrong for that, but hey we can't judge them for trying to make more money.
Harrison Jaeger (3 days ago)
Exclusives are the reason to own a console, Sony knows this...
Alexander Ruiz (6 days ago)
that gril is stopid
Tyler Pendleton (7 days ago)
Is this hard
PixieDusk 101 (7 days ago)
Moo Mooo (7 days ago)
All that fighting and slashing of swords didn’t kill him, but breaking his neck did?
Tre Hall (7 days ago)
to be honest it's the women on the evil stuff in the background. What's wrong with the women in GOW she is another enemy because he saves her from her own son trying to kill her FOH
Ravi Chauhan (7 days ago)
I love God of war game is best game of God of war
CLEX APP (7 days ago)
Muito bom
Nick Li (7 days ago)
this is so sad to watch , even though I don't know the background of this game and what is going on, but still :(
a7med DZ (8 days ago)
she's insane he tried to save her life
Black Tiger1015 (8 days ago)
Hell:"what?! Nope don't come here again."
bruno Maia. (8 days ago)
Fodaa mano
Waganda (8 days ago)
VY360 (5 hours ago)
And 18:45-18:58.
arun Nayak (8 days ago)
Easy for cratos
TheKnightDrag0n (8 days ago)
Nice Wolfe (9 days ago)
What’s with the ad annoying they are
BlurryFace (9 days ago)
This is in no way God of War 4
Blyat Blyatrakov (9 days ago)
Thanks for spoiling it douche
TheRuthlessRed (9 days ago)
Freya channeling her inner Kratos at 2:21
Mihai Moldovan (9 days ago)
what a b*tch
sanoc the hodhog (9 days ago)
Ryne Green (10 days ago)
Freya using the giant turn this battle from awesome to downright epic
Toronto_NDN (10 days ago)
Stopped playing it after 2nd boss...its okay ...loved GOW 1 and 2
DJ313 (11 days ago)
frustrating to see how slow his health bar decreases...
Shadow Dream (11 days ago)
Nemon Cubez (11 days ago)
She just wanted them to stop fighting ;(
Fullmetal Shenron (11 days ago)
16 Million what the he'll how many fans are there
Anime x Chill (11 days ago)
Kratos lowkey calls his son(Loki) BOI. xDDD
Gold Wave (11 days ago)
God of War and His Old Dad 4.
Cecelia Quaye (12 days ago)
The music for Baldur's death gives me the feels
Cecelia Quaye (12 days ago)
Looking at your range and health it looks like your a noob
Cecelia Quaye (12 days ago)
But those runics tho
Cecelia Quaye (12 days ago)
Ki Otsutsuki (12 days ago)
“My dear sweet boy” BITCH
maria fernanda montero (12 days ago)
She has been looking for her son for 100 years, this guy finds him almost instantly and she is like “I can reason with him”.. Woman!! No you can’t not! He doesn’t even like you!!
Elvira Hernandez (12 days ago)
Damn kid arrow
RandomZies WG (12 days ago)
19:05 What's up with Atreus's eyes when he calls the serpent?
Nhân Nguyễn (12 days ago)
Game hay quá mấy bác ơi. Bác nào nhà ko có điều kiện sắm máy PS4 để chơi game này thì chơi tạm trên PC nhé mấy bác! Download game full crack tại đây https://taigame.org/#rid=1775992 Có kĩ thuật viên admin sẽ hỗ trợ khi ko tải dc game hoặc thắc mắc về cấu hình máy.
Do not fuck with Kratos
Try blocking sometime. Fuck
The merc with a mouth (13 days ago)
Is there a button to tell freya to shut the fuck up
Melencio Bruno (13 days ago)
2nd time he broked his neck
Inga Weddle (13 days ago)
DASH (14 days ago)
0:30 he look fat
Robell Castillo (14 days ago)
Sad, Freya could've been the next Mom of war
Hossain Wafi (12 days ago)
maybe she could marry kratos lel
Thabani Innocent (14 days ago)
wow God of war 4 and GTA 6 are the lit Games ever
Kira Owens (15 days ago)
In reality he wasn't suppose to kill him.. That was a fatal mistake
EJ Mardell (15 days ago)
American accents. What.
سباق السرعة بين العمالقة PS4 Pro و XBOX ONE X مين اللى هيتفوق؟؟؟ https://youtu.be/hnze6VX5nao
r0ckoman (15 days ago)
18:45 my meat after finding a bomb-ass hentai and she grows a dick
Fox Palenkova (17 days ago)
Sihzoy Qertikn (17 days ago)
TwistDour Seer (17 days ago)
God Of Pros 4 XD
IWantLoot (18 days ago)
if balcom cant feel pain then why is he angry like mental illness counts as pain right?
the jarl of gaming (18 days ago)
Darwin Malau (18 days ago)
Amazing Fight Father And Soon Nice Ending I like That :)
ikhsan dwi kw (18 days ago)
tambah yang bagus god of war
HT T (18 days ago)
A reasonable and even... *merciful* Kratos? Wow, I’m impressed.
TACO (18 days ago)
This game is so dumb. More like God of Boring.
Crona Gorgon (6 days ago)
Apparently the games you play are the ones that are retarded. Have some taste you dumb cunt
M Irfan advocate (19 days ago)
Loki is my BOI
cooler cold (19 days ago)
Love how BOI just sits at the ending
Lookv (19 days ago)
Baldr is my fav, he's such a badass
DanDLion (19 days ago)
16:20 it's just mistletoe literally a botanist could do it
DanDLion (19 days ago)
Freya : "DON'T KILL MY SON!!!!!" Baldur : "I'LL KILL YOU MOTHER!!!!" Kratos & Atreus : "DON'T DO IT!!!!" Giant : "ayy fam tf is happening"
Kendall Sullivan (19 days ago)
15:33-16:44. His son raw asl too
TrueHolyRune (19 days ago)
Worst mother ever.
kissing (20 days ago)
<h> Wow
Kauã Duarte Da silva (20 days ago)
Super epic
Yolo Swag (20 days ago)
pe0pleforpeace (20 days ago)
am I missing something in here? isn’t “god of 4” is “god of war ascension”?? cuz im pretty sure that’s the fourth game right came after “god of war 3” and that shit even had multiplayer. so
i am jellyfush (20 days ago)
Thanos vs kratos
Pi3c3Of Sh1t (21 days ago)
Claps* They should make a movie Like if agree :3
Mnqobi Lukhele (21 days ago)
ending is kinda harsh we he snaps his neck
Beqa Dvalishvili (21 days ago)
better fighting scene than in steven seagal movies
Axile Cardinal (21 days ago)
15:55 hands down best part
Itriyum (22 days ago)
And killing Baldur unleashed the beggining of raganarok
Cat fart (22 days ago)
Fucking sprigons😂
jub8891 (22 days ago)
can this "boss fight "be any less inspiring?
jnagtube (22 days ago)
well.. could you even call it a fight if there wasn't a shrieking woman somewhere nearby?
BigTime A (22 days ago)
This was a great short film
Thangliana # (22 days ago)
19:20 a fathet calls his son..
Thangliana # (22 days ago)
16:55 like he would die...
85% movie, 12% dad, 3% gameplay.
Elijah Sinclair (22 days ago)
This amazing
The Two (23 days ago)
Tyr's gonna be pissed. You all know how the malformed and cripples go in gaming, they are super over powered. He gave his arm. Probably his fapping one.
jérôme lebourg (23 days ago)
Atreus: ''Oh damn, he really wants to kill his mother...'' 14:37 *"OH DAMN, HE REALLY WANTS TO KILL HIS MOTHER !!!!!!!!"*
Geometry Funx (23 days ago)
Freya: and robbed me of everything Maybe ya shoulda raised him better HA
Chronicles of Success (23 days ago)
Reminds me of courtney's crazy ass boyfriend on Floribama shore
Willingson Syad (23 days ago)
My favourite game
Kevin De La Cruz (23 days ago)
So, did anyone else notice his eyes change color to what looks like pure white when he spoke to the Serpent at 19:08? I didnt notice it before but now for some reason it caught my eye.
Naynansh Katare (23 days ago)
Bro why Kratos kills All 9 valkaries in god of war 4

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