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Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - Boss Battles (Nightmare, No Damage)

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Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (PC - Steam) Boss Battles (Nightmare, No Damage, No Subweapons, Miriam only). Played by ArekTheAbsolute. It is 2018 the 8-bit style Castlevania-like game promised as a stretch goal of the 2015 Kickstarter campaign for "Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night."
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Arek The Dragon (4 months ago)
As promised, here are Nightmare mode boss fights. With only whip and courage.)) The bosses are tougher in this mode and their attacks are either sped up or have more projectiles. The toughest fight both here and among all of the ones I recorded from this game is against Bloodless. It is just too hard to attack her while trying to dodge/hit homing spheres (they appear more frequently here). Not to mention that her final attack requires the most preparation of all bosses in this game.
Pimp Balla (4 months ago)
ArekTheAbsolute yea. She looked tough. No way in HELL i'ma beat her. #FuckThat.
QuakedoomNukem (4 months ago)
Nightmare Mode is basically Julius mode from Sorrow games.
OkieYoshi MD (28 days ago)
The boss fight with Bathin is so intense. It's a damn good thing he telegraphs the quick attacks otherwise that fight would be unfair.
w/e (1 month ago)
Honestly, Valac on Nightmare mode can fuck off forever, what a fucking piece of shit inconsistent fight.
Big Brother (1 month ago)
The ending after the credits is interesting... I wonder if theyre making zangetsu megaman zero. It would make sense.
John I (1 month ago)
Valac was a badass looking boss.
porg (1 month ago)
is this some time of 8 bit game?
Wally Castagnir (2 months ago)
I know i will regret to say this but sanketsus battlelooks way easier then the boss fight against the dragon but respect sseriously
Ninjaananas (1 day ago)
The Dragon is one of the hardest.
OkieYoshi MD (2 months ago)
Glutton Train is a very neat boss to me. Excellent run and kudos to the runner. I think I'm going to have to get this game now for my Switch.
James Latopolski (2 months ago)
I'm impressed and applaud you, especially with the fourth boss (dragon). Here is how I did it (using all three characters): Phase 1: both heads. Used Alfred's freeze subweapon as the lower head's fire is about to begin. Then switch to Miriam, whip the lower head once, and walk to the middle platform. During the part, I never go to the top half of the screen, since that causes the top head to breathe fire. Keep repeating until lower head is taken care of. Phase 2: Top head remaining: Used Gebel, and jumped. The bat that arcs upward takes care of the projectile getting spit out and the head. Phase 3: Start with Gebel and use the Bat weapon attack to stay airborne and avoid the spikes after the fire. When hearts are finished, use Mirian and keep timing my jumps perfectly. Oh, but highly applaud this flawless playthrough!
TheNewDragon91 (2 months ago)
14:50 best boss for me
P. Yoro (2 months ago)
The fourth boss is obviously a reference to Double Dragon. _-...hahahahahahaha because two dragons-_
Selnathorn (4 months ago)
I have some serious trouble with Valac's second phase. I never get the timing right to jump over the teeth that rise from below
clayisahottie (4 months ago)
21:36:In the year 20XX
PolarPhantom (4 months ago)
IT'S THE GIRL THE WAIFU Shadowserg. I expect many thumbnails of Miriam when Ritual of the Night comes out. Do not fail me.
Matthew Hutton (4 months ago)
Good game. Hope the main game is worth it too.
p6mkq (4 months ago)
10:54 Spritzee use Moonblast !
p6mkq (4 months ago)
Andrealphus reminds me of an angry Spritzee/Shushupu from Pokemon.
p6mkq (4 months ago)
Valefor must be a fan of Scarecrow from Batman ! Just look at his outfit !
p6mkq (4 months ago)
Focalor must be a TMNT fan or so it seems...
SuperShadowMarioFan (4 months ago)
6:00 interesting, you don't need to attack the head...just attack the gold it shoves at you but leave enough to jump over the hand.
PolarPhantom (4 months ago)
It's a great gimmick.
Kenshin 811 (4 months ago)
Man, I like Zangetsu fight.
Shadow_ Wing101 (4 months ago)
the game we all have been waiting for
Yozu Z (4 months ago)
Great game
TheBack40 (4 months ago)
Great stuff, thanks for posting this!
King X (4 months ago)
16:42 What is a "Man"?!
Big Brother (1 month ago)
+o PizzaPiZX o its an homage to soma cruz bad secret ending in castlevania aria of sorrow. The line is dracula x
o PizzaPiZX o (4 months ago)
I just now noticed that he throws down a red bowl, which we can all correctly assume was filled with blood.
Pringle Hunter (4 months ago)
Just when you think it couldn't get any better.
Mugo Urth (4 months ago)
Is it wrong that I've absolutely no interest in this game? I want a game with new, unique protagonists, and the protagonists are just typical modern day human-sues. I am just begging for non-human protagonists at this point.
Leonardo Farias (2 months ago)
When the actual game comes out we how "flawless" they are
Mugo Urth (2 months ago)
Dynamite Namco because because because of the wonderful things he does. I don't need a reason.
D. Namco (2 months ago)
Then why the fuck are you here
Leonardo Farias (4 months ago)
Mugo Urth"Sues"
Leonardo Farias (4 months ago)
Mugo Urth"Sues"
Gilchaos28Games (4 months ago)
Nathan Nguyen (1 month ago)
Nothing more but a pile of secrets! But enough talk, HAVE AT THEE!!!
Virgo Maquiavelico (3 months ago)
i understand that reference.
Castlevania Curse of the Moon Played by: ArekTheAbsolute
Meme Me (4 months ago)
11:18 this part bring back painful memories from the first castlevania game....
Ragnar Ahlman (4 months ago)
Specifically the final corridor in Level 5
Sun-Extinguisher (4 months ago)
Splendid game but 30 years too late
Sun-Extinguisher (2 months ago)
Dynamite Namco will do sir,waiting on your mom she's putting her clothes back on
D. Namco (2 months ago)
Then leave
Ragnar Ahlman (2 months ago)
It's never too late for 8-bit indie games that take 2 hours to beat!!!11!!!!11
Sakda Akaravorarak (4 months ago)
Wow!! Thk. A one more ultimate mode. Thk.
Marivel Armitage (4 months ago)
That final battle is awesome
Douglas Goldbach (4 months ago)
Look's like in this gameplay, Zangetsu were Soma'ed.
otakon17 (4 months ago)
I like how in the final battle your other two characters still helped out.
FinalHunter (4 months ago)
What is the fourth boss even supposed to be?
Niu_0Pz (1 month ago)
it's supposed to be valac's mount, a two-headed dragon
Sylvie Rose (4 months ago)
FinalHunter97 search "goetia valac" on Google
Ragnar Ahlman (4 months ago)
Some sort of combination between Chinese+European dragons and a hydra
Kang Jae-Mo (4 months ago)
i don't know, a dragon? maybe...
Julia Riant (4 months ago)
Will zangetsu become the new dracula?
This is a message for religious people like a call for an uprising. Stop hating and shut the fuck up
Kaju (4 months ago)
Hey, Miriam! The Belmonts asks to return their whip!
Kaju (4 months ago)
Oh, shit, haha, you're right.
Dante Sparda (4 months ago)
Kaju. belmonts has a new hobby and its called pachinko hahaha
o PizzaPiZX o (4 months ago)
Kaju - Naw, that's just the leather whip. They won't be missing that old thing.
John Ryan Parman (4 months ago)
nah they're not using it anyway. :p
Orange Slug (4 months ago)
Jarock316 (4 months ago)
+Orange Slug Because this is not a canon game.
Silpher The Dragon Angel (4 months ago)
Because the evil still exists...
Rei Okinawa (4 months ago)
21:40 Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 Confirmed lol
Namy Far (4 months ago)
good game but I do not like that the bosses do not have energy bar, it seems more like a megaman for the way of attacking the bosses
Fausto De Luna (4 months ago)
And in the end, Zangetsu traveled in time to the year 21XX where he became the new Megaman **FIN**
Big Brother (1 month ago)
Its cuz the company that made megaman zero made this game all of you.
Oliver Cook (4 months ago)
o PizzaPiZX o (4 months ago)
TheAdventGamer - wait wut? "Luminous Avenger iX?" Why haven't I heard about this yet?!
TheAdventGamer (4 months ago)
Huh so I wonder if Zangetsu will be a secret boss in the upcoming "Luminous Avenger iX" which looks to be a spin off of Azure Striker Gunvolt starring Copen as the main protagonist.
ppinillas (4 months ago)
While it's clearly a MM reference, that background is Sumeragi from Azure Striker Gunvolt.
Pimp Balla (4 months ago)
Wow... I'm very, VERY impressed! I dunno how y'all do these thangs, but gad-damnit, I LUV IT!! KEEP DOIN YO THANG, HOMMIE! #Brrr!!
The Winged Apollyon (4 months ago)
Does dark Zangetsu not have a head in his boss fight or is his head just small
otakon17 (4 months ago)
The Winged Apollyon he is wearing a hood and cloak.
Alex Baluh (4 months ago)
Black hair + black background so it's hard to see.
layzboi 00 (4 months ago)
Exactly how much practice, is required for you to be this skillful? 👏👏👏
John Ryan Parman (4 months ago)
for me, about a day at least for this game. its all about memorizing everything and getting the timing right.
layzboi 00 (4 months ago)
Yup, Still find Valac to be scary.
Guroga Marduk (4 months ago)
It's the human hands that make it scary.
shinobixa4 (4 months ago)
I hope all of the bosses will return in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.
Ninjaananas (1 day ago)
+w/e Gremory is a main character in RotN.
w/e (1 month ago)
Aaron Weddington So is Gremory I believe.
shinobixa4 (4 months ago)
Aaron Weddington thanks
Aaron Weddington (4 months ago)
Bloodless in is ROTN. She was shown off in a E3 trailer last year I think.
Smooge Shiroganeechan (4 months ago)
Demon Striker Getsuvolt confirmed?
knightmare (4 months ago)
the bosses animations remember me the shovel knight bosses animations
Shinesparker11 (4 months ago)
3rd boss should've been the 1st boss because he is the easiest in the game.
Mimic Box (4 months ago)
go soloo zangetsu ultemate mod run!
will jace (4 months ago)
"Sorry for the wait,time to keep the promise I made to you." -Julius Belmont 1 more love letter to Castlevania series.
El Birri (2 months ago)
the sad part in that castlevania is, when julius get the final blow he say "yurushite" which means "forgive me"
Barlowe (4 months ago)
The game's quality is on par with Shovel Knight. I pray Ritual of the Night will be that good as well.
Okaii Desu (4 months ago)
yeah that sub game will make me buy day1 the actual true game x) PS: nice pseudo u old creepy madman
frankie mcmillan (4 months ago)
Thank god I thought I was the only person who felt that way
will jace (4 months ago)
Prayers are all we have when we want games to be great and fun. Yet I wholeheartedly agree with you.
ShadowAimai (4 months ago)
How can you be this good? Your skill is unreal.
Matthew Rhodes (4 months ago)
It's like megaman... All it takes is memory.
ShadowAimai (4 months ago)
I know, but so quickly? Shadowserg is damn dedicated.
Sun-Extinguisher (4 months ago)
Actually the bosses run off a program meaning once you memorize what they do then it becomes childs play
will jace (4 months ago)
I bought Gal Gunvolt Burst and was crazy enough it out,I might tempted to try this out next to see how I fare with this game.(and then more action platformers next.)
Natezul (4 months ago)
i bet you had more fun with this one since you could play as Miriam
Ninjaananas (1 day ago)
+zhaoyun255 His sub-weapons still suck and Miriam can make more use of her range. I think, Miriam is overall the best at fighting.
Ninjaananas (1 day ago)
+Silpher The Dragon Angel You can get some upgrades with Ultimate Zangetsu. But the absolutly hardest run is normal mode when you ignore everyone in veteran mode.
Ninjaananas (1 day ago)
+Natezul Plus superior sub-weapons.
Natezul (4 months ago)
Oh that's neat.
zhaoyun255 (4 months ago)
Normal Zangetsu was regulated to be a tank to take hit while Miriam and Gebel became the most useful in a group run. That was change until Ultimate mode. Not only you get ALL of the Zangetsu upgrade but you gain a new ability called Charge Blade (Think of Megaman Zero charge blade). This is the BEST melee range with a second highest damage in the game behind Miriam axe. Charge Blade cost nothing so 2 charge blade = one axe in term of damage. Ultimate Zangetsu ultimately makes other looks bad.
Игорь Чернов (4 months ago)
гидра на превью = эпик, от местной музыки атмосферы, и шефов башка идет повсюду в особенности мадам в ванной, повеселила d vampire hunter bloodlust узнается без слов
Shadowserg (4 months ago)
Boss list: 00:18 Boss 01 Glutton Train 02:38 Boss 02 Focalor 04:29 Boss 03 Valefor 06:29 Boss 04 Valac 09:25 Boss 05 Andrealphus 11:18 Boss 06 Bloodless 14:21 Boss 07 Bathin 16:32 Final Boss - Zangetsu 18:43 Ending
GM Steelhaven (2 months ago)
RIP Zangetsu.

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