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Gabe Newell discusses Artifact at Valve HQ

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Gabe Newell talks us through the design philosophy and future for Artifact, including esports tournaments, modding, and the card marketplace. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/pcgamesn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (411)
PCGamesN (7 months ago)
Are you excited for Artifact?
Skiller Max (2 months ago)
No! No! No! Never !!
The Last Mohican (3 months ago)
DoctorWeeTodd (3 months ago)
Hell no
SHAMTHE LAM (4 months ago)
OneQuarterLife i am
Mr Hunterf (4 months ago)
CrysisFear (17 days ago)
Companies are so afraid doing original games today. COD is now copying PUBG and Valve tries it with Blizzard...
Kelvinator X (17 days ago)
GabeN is the father of Esports
Opee Ayeff (21 days ago)
Fire dude using camera plz.
Zeroth (24 days ago)
JaYeS (1 month ago)
Not trying to be nit-picky but hearthstone is a Collecting Card Game
Ninjagai (1 month ago)
"We're big fans of Blizzard games." ....well no shit.
Clocky X (1 month ago)
Hey at least its Valve, so this shit is gonna be another masterpiece, im hyped
Legion for we are Many (2 months ago)
Gabe, where is my Portal 3?
pootis bird (2 months ago)
filipowy TV (2 months ago)
where is half life 3
AnthonyBEScott (2 months ago)
So wait, it's not free to play and I still have to buy cards? I mean, man it's 2018. Free to play, pay 4 cosmetics is the way to go. The issue here is they didn't design their cards so they could be changed. They are about as basic as they could possibly be without any room for cosmetics. I'd gladly give you $10 for a really cool skin, but giving you money for packs feels bad when you don't pull anything good. It is the very definition of loot boxes, and it works well in a physical medium, but in a digital card game you don't have to do it that way. Look at League or Fortnite. They make billions a year selling just skins. It's not only a valid business model, it's the best for getting as much people to play as possible. Why would I want to play Artifact when it's clearly a game for people who disposable income? I'm broke as hell. Honestly, it's just a really thick headed move rooted in old way thinking.
Orbital Dew* (2 months ago)
What are you guys thinking ? You can never compete with Hearthstone. The cardgame market is allready full, this will flop
Master (2 months ago)
what an ugly billionaire
chemicalsam (3 months ago)
No one cares tho
Magyar Áron (4 months ago)
8:49 what the fuck is that sound? Like a fucking demon coming out from the left side of my headphone.
Mr.Larry (4 months ago)
15:00 is when he's asked about the CS:GO card game.
Mr.Larry (4 months ago)
What's the time stamp for when the person asked about the CS:GO card game?
Sebastián Salazar (4 months ago)
Where is half life 3?
Simple Biscuit (4 months ago)
next time you film like this dont smash a paper in the mic please
Mr Hunterf (4 months ago)
When you realized this game from Valve wasn't a joke.
Cillen (4 months ago)
It sounds like this was filmed inside of a barrel
ateb3 (4 months ago)
Pleaseeee! dont forget about csgo on source 2! -.-
BerkYenikoylu (4 months ago)
Gabe: Artifact will create new heroes that will later appear in Dota. Thanks GabeN
NOWhERE (5 months ago)
f... you mister money newell
Brandkonto (5 months ago)
Maybe Artifact will actually be revolutionary and in 20 years people will still be asking for Artifact 3....
narrowonflow (5 months ago)
compendium in 2018 LUL
TheGoreforce (5 months ago)
He touched on a very important part of what makes a TCG so great, you've been eyeballing a card that some one else has, you either trade or go to the card shop and buy em. So you can end up using a different deck later in the year. A 100 dollar investment can with trading become awesome. While in our BULLSHIT games like hearth stone, the only option is to craft... and to craft you scrap cards you don't want. No trading just locked down nonsense.
AdmiralZhao007 (5 months ago)
onekool Guy (5 months ago)
couldn't finish watching..... the guy recording was just to much
Matteo C (5 months ago)
Half Life 3
Lord Grubba III (5 months ago)
Doubt it will beat out hearthstone in popularity. This game requires thought, and that's a turn off to a large percentage of the market
Pix Tron (5 months ago)
YOU are a life saver!
Christian Merano (5 months ago)
For people asking why they made Artifact, it's like a business for trading to turn up steam tradings like Dota, CS:GO, TF2, and other games
Chase Juda (5 months ago)
Just expect Valve to abandon the entire development process half way through just like they did with Half-Life and Portal.
Theprophet (6 months ago)
man i can't wait
M. Machine (6 months ago)
Is the cameraman drunk? :|
Kostax (6 months ago)
10k hours in dota 2? Thats like 4 hours a day since dota was released
Ignis Fluxi' (6 months ago)
Valve do not make games anymore. They turned the Steam on and they're done. You're not fooling anybody. This is the same as the bridge constructor portal shit.
M G (6 months ago)
nerds will love this
Oil. (6 months ago)
why have you forsaken us,oh lord gabeN?
Clay Clay (6 months ago)
I will be so surprised if this game gets a good amount of players, they should’ve tried something new, not another card game
NFB (6 months ago)
What I couldn't give a fuck about: Another open ended monetizing card game that's focused on e-sports competition and a marketplace. There's a reason I have hundreds of hours in the DotP games and will have none in this. Valve having a pc monopoly apparently doesn't pay the bills so instead of getting a quality game (with a quality value proposition) in the vein of Half-Life, Portal, L4D2, etc - we get more of the same tiresome structurally homogeneous TF2, CS:GO, Dota2 garbage.
Kage1128 (6 months ago)
STooGE4444 Metal (6 months ago)
I see slides every day at work...I want gameplay shots.
Xtcnyc 23 (6 months ago)
To ask a question about a stupid CSGO Card game? do you even know who your talking to?
AntraX Gaming (6 months ago)
He look more younger (kappa)
Tyler Frazier (6 months ago)
Within 15 seconds of this video I came........ Twice.
Emile (6 months ago)
"Did you think to make a CSGO card game?" How is this person a journalist? Didn't he listen to the presentation?
Flamable (6 months ago)
What the fuck valve...
kamajje (7 months ago)
The point Gabe Newell makes at 9:30 about stagnation of strategies due to price tags is a VERY good point. I am very active in Hearthstone but a wholly F2P player, and that's just all too much a reality in Hearthstone. What ends up happening in Hearthstone is, as a player, you look at a new expansion that's coming out, and you theorycraft what could happen with the existing card sets. The only problem is that getting all these new cards could--literally--take upwards of hundreds of dollars just to get _one. Card._ You see how this could become ruinous when your strategy involves _more_ than one card. Maybe two cards? Five? The terminal effect of this is that you spend what meager resources you have in the game to buy what is tried and true. No one is spending their money on these oddball synergies because everyone is spending their money on cards that first come up in a search result on HearthstoneTopDecks or Icy-Veins. Not that I'm knocking Hearthstone as a game, because clearly that is Blizzard's business model for the game and it works well. And who's to say there won't be eventually be a meta that develops for Artifact as well? But I admire Valve for their vision of the game.
mandokir (7 months ago)
I'd like to know which assclown journalist asked if they considered a CS:GO card game. Probably someone from Kotaku.
Bartosz Zapiór (7 months ago)
Was this recorded illegaly and without Gabe's knowledge? Video's quality makes it seem so...
CloudD (7 months ago)
Artifact looks like hearthstone game and i dont like hearthstone and i dont like dota 2 and i prabably will not like artifact.
Emil Brandwyne (7 months ago)
Gaben has 10000 hours in dota. Betcha one or the other of us played with him.
BlazeDeval (7 months ago)
Gabe N: "We think we're contributing to this (card game genre)" A.k.a. "We think we can make a fuck load of money from this."
kakokapolei123 (7 months ago)
"Artifact to card games is like what Half-Life 2 is to first person shooters" 🤔
Yorozuya (1 month ago)
I think what they mean by that is it creates a new innovation in card games or revolutionize it. If artifact is successful, future card games may follow artifact's game mechanics. More card games with 3 towers/lanes.
Luciano (2 months ago)
Right? He's straight up fucking with us. I think they are being so shamelessly douchey for a reason. They GOT to have something else ready for their fans.
TheHainDit (7 months ago)
He said the Half-Life 2! :D
Hey Sala (7 months ago)
I'm excited that he say we might able to play Dota 2 on mobile in future. Well the performance maybe shit to play, but just to watch people playing sure is fun to do in mobile
Dušan Jovanović (7 months ago)
Couldn't watch because of the noise generated by the person recording this video. So distracting.
GLaDOSCake122 (7 months ago)
You are charged with anti-civil activity, status malignant approved.
El Diablo (7 months ago)
1k camera man. Smh
Farzaan Ali (7 months ago)
Gabe and his signature shirt
Normal people see gayben I see heavy with cosemtics
OMLETDUFROMAGE (7 months ago)
Hearthstone is card collecting game, not a trading one.
Sam Parker (7 months ago)
are we getting the rest of the talk????
DudeSwedish (7 months ago)
"Moves away from pay-to-win" and then says below, "Rewards investment ... [bargain] hunting on marketplace", then why would you wanna "invest" in bargain hunting on the marketplace?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Azez Nassar (7 months ago)
Never played dota2, hyped for a new valve game though!
misomiso (7 months ago)
What do we know about the game mechanics so far? Why is it so innovative?
h1ghst0r3y (7 months ago)
But does it have physics?
Cheesus Crust (7 months ago)
Да я в школе лучше презентации делаю
Mister Bones (7 months ago)
It's sort of weird that he's subtly implying that Hearthstone is pay-to-win, or that rarity equals power in it. It's true that having access to every legendary gives you more deck options, but the most powerful cards tend to be the common cards.
Matthew Nickles (7 months ago)
Woag, Gabe is actually a really good speaker. I guess I was quick to judge from his somewhat sloppy announcements of the Dota 2 TIs
Chao (7 months ago)
I could listen to GabeN talk for hours. That man has a heavenly voice.
MaxV0ltage (7 months ago)
An interesting presentation, if not for all the noise made by the person recording. Also, Hearthstone isn't a TCG, so I hope Artifact doesn't follow its model too closely.
Thomas Shannon (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video but the audio made me want to punch someone in the face.
Cruzty PC (7 months ago)
Magic has become so disappointing and this announcement came at the perfect time. I think I know what my next big hobby is going to be.
Haiku Warrior (7 months ago)
One question. does Valve have enough man-power to set up one lousy camera to record the presentation of their CEO?
FellTheSky (7 months ago)
i need to download this, when its gonna be out!?
Hamoude Homsi (7 months ago)
I believe the entire internet wants to slap the person recoding this . Right at the back of the head.
Chris Ivie (7 months ago)
half life 3 confirmed
Vlad Kostin (7 months ago)
So looking forward to this game. So far none of the TCG satisfied me, but I am looking for one that will be what I want.
Peter Walker (7 months ago)
I could have used more camera shake, people moving in front of the camera, and related noise. Throw in another squeak, or paper flip. That would have really made this video something special.
lilsnoopie (7 months ago)
Its amazing how Steam, a multi million company, has videos like this with Gabe. Here is Gabe... explaining stuff to you like a teacher would in a school room and making dollars every minute. No offense, I respect Gabe but I hope Valve starts using money to reassure their players that they are serious and not money hungry. They are making insane amounts of money and not sharing any of it with their buyers. They can continue to milk the Steam platform because there is nothing else. I lost a huge amount of respect for Valve when they stopped making games. Now they see an opportunity to make even more money so they release something similar. When is enough a enough Gabe?
Paul Atreides (6 months ago)
lilsnoopie sharing money with buyers? What is this, communism? Valve is a corporation, and like any other corporation-- its primary purpose is to make money. If you are dissapoonted with them-- do not associate with them. Your money = your vote.
Chad (7 months ago)
Gaben has 10,000 hours on Dota 2. You guys have trashed talk him at some point you just don't know lmao goodthing he didn't perma banned anyone
Paul Atreides (6 months ago)
Chad I bet he would be the one doing the trash talking, the savage
KordanIDX (7 months ago)
No pay to win for a card game? Intriguing...
BlackBelt Gaming (7 months ago)
Half-Life 3 is on that laptop.
recc (7 months ago)
Thank the person who recorded this
RedPillBlues (7 months ago)
Of all the games valve could make, they decide to make a shitty card game. gg
Fábio Souza (7 months ago)
it's "understandable" that sometimes the entire Valve remain in silence about projects, a lot of people don't get yet the significance of Artifact and the idea of Mr. Newell. It was a terrible demonstration of how goofy the general press and sometimes the gamers itself, still is. One example of my opinion, was the guy who asks about "CS:GO cardgame".
Random Task (7 months ago)
Valve was the worst gaming company to begin with, this just makes them even worse.
Stipan Lisica (7 months ago)
Yeeeah... to bad I dont have any money to play a card game
Derp! (7 months ago)
I summon "Dark Magician" wrong game. My Ace card for Artifact will be LION I WILL FINGER EVERY ONE! 👆
Rexy azuraa (7 months ago)
i hope dota make mmorpg like wow
Pollo DiGomma (7 months ago)
can't wait to see implemented amazing things like hats
dantelo88 (7 months ago)
It's practically hearstone on dota 2 wallpaper.. with initial hype by casters and analyst,really didn't see this coming...
Riesyeti (7 months ago)
fake valve doesn't make video games
ScumbagNinja (7 months ago)
My right ear really enjoyed this video
GGs (7 months ago)
Are these pictures real or just fan art theory stuff?
Andromeda Chain (7 months ago)
GGs art from the game
khairul azhar (7 months ago)
I just want to know half life 3

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